Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

18 October 2008
Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris ‘Intro’
Cut Copy ‘Hearts On Fire (Calvin Harris Remix)’
DJ Dan and Donald Glaude ‘Stick Em (TJD Remix)’
Dave Lee ‘Mucho Mucho (Joey Negro Remix)’
Pryda ‘Rafunk (Cosmonauts DJ Edit)’
Etienne De Crecy ‘France’
Santagold ‘L.E.S. Artistes (Switch Remix)’
La Roux ‘Quicksand (Autokratz Remix)’
Artist Unknown ‘Troopers’
Hustlin ‘Jugs’
Deadmau5 ‘The Reward is Cheese’
Autokratz ‘Just Keep Walking’ (KItsune)
Bag Raiders ‘Nil By Mouth (Knightlife Remix)’
Filthy Dukes ‘TupacRobotClubRock (Oliver$ Remix)’
Puzique ‘Don't Go (Original Mix)’
Izza Kizza ‘Everywhere (Calvin Harris Remix)’
Dizzee Rascal Feat Calvin Harris and Chrome ‘Dance Wiv Me (Calvin Harris Mash up)’
Spank Rock ‘Bump (Switch Remix)’
Riva Starr ‘I Jack U (Original Mix)’
DJ Assault ‘Ass N Titties (Calvin Harris Edit)’
Ting Tings ‘Great DJ (Calvin Harris Remix)’
Jonathan Landossa ‘Hard Trip (Original Mix)’
Deadmau5 ‘Ghosts N Stuff’
The Chemical Brothers ’Hey Boy Hey Girl (Soulwax Remix)’
The Cosmonauts ‘Goodnight’

Your reviews of the mix

Bangin mix. Calvin: looking forward to the new album. Lates.
Devon, New York City, USA

awesome, electronic nu disco sounds and some real pumping pieces in there, can't wait for his new album!
The Rave Cow

Good but just alright mixing skills. Waiting till one record is done then bring in the next. Very safe. i prefer to go from break to break and wish he would have... little borin. MORE FIDGET !!
James Dean -- Boise USA

Why does all these so called INVENTORS of MUSIC play all the SAME SONGS everyone else makes and plays????where is Sven Vath? Ricardo Villalobos? BRING ON MAGDA!!!!!!! or RadioSlave, Matthew Dear as Audionall this so called electro and disco sounds the same....laptop DJs ARE BORINGDONT GET ME started on sasha & digweed cuz they started out on turntablenov1. should be nice LUCIANObut seriously PETE, WHEN is MAGDA gonna be on the EM?
Felipe, Santa Monica, California

Pleasantly surprised, played tracks i wouldnt think he would play...pryda, deadmau5
Greg, Scotland

Poor excuse of an essential mix, want cutting edge underground sounds. This was bad..
Chris, Glasgow

oO nice, was impressed thought it wud be trash, lovleee little sonic journey ))))
locket - bedford

These are amazing OMGWhere can you find any of these songsI really want them.Such good mixes.I love his work, so muchAmazingI love him
Darcy , Portsmouth

Good EM. Radio 1-can we please have the EM available as a Podcast?!!!
Chris, Edinburgh

Ampslave DJs

loved it
Andy, Great Mongeham, England

i fort dis mix was rather gud, well done to my personal freind calvinlove david & posh xx
David & posh

Crap!The man makes bad pop records and even worse Essential mixes!Doesn't even deserve the stamp 'Essential'!Poor, poor and a bloody bore!
DPN, Merstham - Surrey, UK

Big upssss -Looooveeeeee the set! (:
Grace Alexandra, Perth, Western Australia

Only heard the first half hour so far, but really impressed. Some wicked tunes in there.
Jim - Perth, WA

bang bang, love the izza kizza remix whens it coming out?best essential mix this year by far \:)-
Stephen in Warwickshire

Tepster - Houston, TX

I'm feelin this mix...sweet!!nice goin Calvin!!

Exellent set!!! is not my kind of music, but was good.please give us a session with non comercial music some week, djs like tiefschwartz, babicz, bodzin, etc... please!!!tanxs!!!
Dj Dorje - Venezuela

Rockin' best Emix for some time Calvin you have raised the bar!
Peedge, Milton Keynes

average at best,pretty crap if it was done on a laptop.peace
ray ayr

It's definatly a great sound and the "harmoic" mixing helps it. You just get the feeling that at no point he's pushing the boundaries. While the essential mix possibly once tried to balance the comerically viable and the cuting edge. It seems to have slipped into the middle of the road obscurity. YOU need to push things FORWARD!!!
Jim Eccosse

Loving this mix! Especially that track that samples what sounds like Britney. Good work, long live your DJ career (in case you run out of pop ideas:)!
Charlie B, Putney, London

come on radio 1 this mix was rubbishdone on a laptop just boring tunes whatsgoin on mr.harris iz not a d.j.!!!!!
mark woods edinburgh

Not a bad installment of the world famous Essential Mix. Some good tracks and pretty good mixing nice and smooth and pretty much faultless throughout. Looking forward to London Elektricity essential mix.
Craig H - London

Very good Essential Mix indeed! For me, its up there as one of the best ever (the others being from Soulwax and David Holmes in my book).I got so hyper when "Mucho Mucho" came on as I immediately recognised the sample of Italian disco classic - "I'm A Man" by Macho.If I ever do well with DJing and be half as good as this, I'll die happy.
David Campbell, Linwood, Scotland


mostly quality tunes, as pete said an eclectic set :)
james in farnborough

TBH i expected this to be really cheesey , buh was great , i never saw him as a DJ buh was briiliant and classs intro , congrats calvin;)
Ciaran IRELAND:)

pretty bangin mix for a chart topper ;)
Simon Cowell

Nothing wrong with that, look forward to the new album and seeing you play. Good work Calvin!
Alan Smith, Salisbury

nice beats sha, i love a bit of plum sauce
chunky - glasgow

This is a brilliant example of harmonic mixing. Nice job!
Yakov [Mixed In Key]

not all that bad. wor lass loves him, so might catch him next month in digital, newcastle. but as the essential mix goes, decent tune selection. really i haven't got a clue what i'm on about, but just thought i'd share my thoughts.
jonny lowes, formerly of newcastle and currently r

This is just wicked......Top stuff with the man of moment
William Tubbs, London.

That is by far my favorite Essential Mix of recent times (/ever?). :)A lot of tunes that are new/unique yet just the sort of sound I like - kind of like an uplifting discoey sci-fi-ish feel!? (I offer these new words up for consideration by the Oxford Dictionary! lol) Although I'd heard some of his music before, I'd never noticed his name.. I would definitely make effort to see him now - I'm going Warehouse Project soon & wish it was him I was seeing! :(P.S. I've been searching internet to try and figure which are my fave tunes from the set - to download - but having real difficulty working out which is which: no lyrics & prob very new material...??
Peter, Huddersfield

this is purely amazn only george fleeton could create better
gareth in belfast

If only all of these Radio1 Essential Mix shows were available as downloads......
Matthias--San Jose, California, USA

Jason Brick, NJ USA

This mix sounds like Calvin making hodgepodge for two consecutive hours. Crazy! But not my cup of tea. You'll be needing it after listening to this mix, though.Tnx radio1 Holland loves you
Hutspot, Eindhoven

Fabulous mix, can't wait to hear his new album
Chris Preston, Liverpool, U.K

how ironicthe man who disses DJS now DJing (the on the mic comments about carl cox at loch lomond last year playing 'other' peoples records, moaning he was an artist and carl was not) average mix done on a laptop come on essential mix you can do better
james scotland

Calvin keeps stacking up the hits!!
Niceguyleadie! Great Yarmouth

ouch !!! nice selection , thanks for sharing PETE x
Panty Inspector / uk


Great essential mix !! !! !!
Tony - Edinburgh

Sitting in work trying to write a report, jumping about to much! quality!
Alan from Croydon

Banging I have to say Mr Harris, very pleasantly surprised! Loving the Boys Noize drop - you stop it!
Jay May, Leicester

It's no bad...)))
Leo Martines,Russia,Ekaterinburg

banging like my head against the floor.
thebigo - ATL, USA


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