Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

11 October 2008
Deadmau5 + Pete Tong live at The Warehouse Project

0300 Deadmau5

Deadmau5 - Intro
Deadmau5 - Ghosts n Stuff (Mau5trap)
Deadmau5 ft MC Flipside- Hi Friend (Mau5trap)
Deadmau5 vs Jelo - Reward Is Cheese (Rising Trax)
Deadmau5 - This Noise (White Label)
Fat Boy Slim - Star 69 (Skint)
Unknown - Unkown
Deadmau5 - Bye Friend (Mau5trap)
Daniele Papini - Church of Nonsense - (Alchemy)
Deadmau5 - Sometimes Things Get, Whatever (Mau5trap)
Andre Kraml - Safari [James Holden Mix] (White Label)
BSOD - Milton (XFER)

0400 Pete Tong (track listing to follow)

Your reviews of the mix

deadmau5 is sick, whats everyones problem?! Absolute bangers!
stu, oxford

Great line up ... love the titles and the tunes aren't that bad either ...

Looked absoulutly bouncing there, seen him in Edinburgh... whata performance !!!
Tony Carrigan, Glasgow

Came up for Angello and Tongy mainly, never been a massive fan of Deadmau5 but must admit he rocked it and now starting to get in to his album! When he dropped "Reward is Cheese" the crowd went wild! great stuff keep it up!
Steve - Bath

I really felt like I was in the Warehouse. The sound is so alive. Great presentation, but not so sure about where the music is going.
Pammy G

Absolutely electric is the only way to describe this. Having stood in the crowd during the live broadcast and listening back. Essential mix live is unbeatable (((d[-__-]b)))
Shane - Carlisle

i was there on friday and the people who are asking why did deadmau5 do another ess/mix are chatting doo doo, he was sick the place was rammed to the rafters, the guy is a producer so he is an artist this is why he plays most of his own stuff, would you go to an oasis concert and expect them to do other peoples stuff ?my ownly gripe of the evening was tong he was just to progressive for me i think he should have smashed it at the end, but he only dropped 3 tracks that interested me !!!! never mind i just hope deadmau5 comes back to manchester ASAP!!!
mike newton manchester

good sets.. but shame Deadmau5 keeps playing all the same tunes in his sets.. he could defo do with mixing up a bit now.... Tong normal stuff nothing amazing...
Tim - London

Sorry..Deadmau5's set was pretty damn boring..sounding all the same and pretty much put me to sleep..went in no direction whatsoever..He may fade as quick as he blew up..Pete's set was great..A set to rock out and party to..Keep it up Pete..Cant wait for Luciano and Lavelle
Todd - san diego

Deadmau5 was superb what a night!!! pete - you need to step it up a bit that was pretty lame in comparison
ian - chorley, lancs

Fair dooo's PETE you neva let us down, another s**t hot set!! Roll on next week hey!!
Steve Smart - Mid Wales

electro rocks- hell yeah deadmau5 can work a crowd talk bad all you want but anybody would have been dancing at this show

I was lucky enough to be at the warehouse project that night - simply awesome!
James - Manchester

Love it, enough said!
Brendy Belfast

quality beats from start to finish, wished i was there for the carnage

u lot r chatttin rubbish deadmau5 set was insance i was there it was raw he is god petes set was pritty nice to. end of story the end

what a greasy night! Best i've been to in along time!!!!!!!!
jack birmingham

ok i guess, but the 'sometimes things get, whatever' was 10 mins long... jeez, you could just hear the crowd noise gradually disappearing. i would have defo gone and got a drink during that.not really 'world class' dj skills.
david - edinburgh

Not the best set from deadmau5 but that's only because of how good his last essential mix was. The point of him playing a lot of his own work is to make his mixes unique so the criticism he recieves for that is totally unjust. It takes bottle to play so much of your own work and not rely on obvious crowd pleasing anthems.
Wayne Leeds

oh! danny howells played for 6 hours and we got a re-run of deadmau5' set a few months back?? maybe there was too much whiskey in room 2...
josh, norwich

Deadmau5 is god... plain and simple! Amazing set!!
James House, Sarnia Canada

Big up Deadmau5! big up Pete Tong! Big up San Diego
Francis San Diego, CA

Deadmau5 is a real artist!!! Quality set and great programming. He really set the mode for the entire set!
Justin Anderson Belleville Ontario Canada

yes,now theres the best comment ive heard.please deadmau5 go to mexico,with any luck youll really like it and not come back.poor mexicans.
ray ayr

good mix, but deadmau5 was an absolute trainwreck into star 69. It is an odd beat, but i had to cringe
rob, lexington, KY

Hi, I was there at the Warehouse Project on Friday night, the atmosphere was electric and I think that comes across in the essential mix. Deadmau5 was solid and Pete was too, remember this is a live EM and you have to work the crowd! Well done sirs!
Nathan, Manchester

deadmaus intros rock.for all the doubters out there,what do you think he plays?!hmm dark progressive house.hate it then dont listen! hes a talent no matter how you look at it!bbc1? why dont you podcast? the best play on podcasts elsewhere too.wouldnt you want them to hear it worldwide?adjust to future,give in and let the world enjoy at work, school, jogging, or wherever!
sean cambridge canada

Deadmau5 is amazing im looking forward to see you in mexico city dec 6 hope u have a new set lol
Gualberto --- Mexico City


Deadmou5 was fine, Pete Tong also but a little flat in places, a few more key changes would have made the mix more interesting and Tong needs a bit more compression on some of his tracks,the pitch variation and build up was limited but overall I enjoyed it some great tracks respect to deadmou5 and Tongy
Geoff - Hereford

firstly, it was billed as a live show so if he wants to play all of his own tracks then surely he can!?secondly, he's just released the album and propbably wants to promote it!enjoyed both hours!! sweet!
Liam - Sunderland

Pete Tong - you are a legend, Deadmau5 your awesome too, come back to Manchester soon
Bizzy - Manchester

Deadmau5 is killing it at the moment. Little similar to his previous EM but nice to hear him live. Bring on Deamau5 in Tripod this friday!
Moners, Dublin

I was there. Deadmau5 was pure class. Destroyed the dancefloor. Dont think pete tong knew what to do after that coz he was doin some rubbish effects for about 20 mins at the start of his set and droped it into the worst tune ever. Just wish Deadmau5 was on for longer. We salute the Mau5
Ryan H - Manchester

Totally spoilt by some idiot whistling all the way through it!
Ian Manchester

Great stuff from Deadmau5, very individual. I think you need to get Above & Beyond back to do a new mix since EM of the year in 2004. They just keep getting better and better, now they have a few more years under there belt. Quality trance is still out there!
Ian, Nottingham, UK

Enjoyed this for a bit but then just got a headache. Deadmau5 is a good Producer but this just relies too much on gimmicks and noise for noise's sake ('electro' in other words) Pleeeeeeeeeeease sort out the broken link to Dennis Ferrer's tracklistings
D, London

Deadmau5 rocked it again. The guy is inspirational. Loved his new tunes and I'm lovin his live sets. Taking DJing to the next level. So many critics out there and on these boards. Don't see them changing the face of electronic music.
Roy Antonio, Liverpool

All I can say is this man saved trance otherwise I'd be done with it. I'm very proud he's representing Canada!! Let the haters hate :D and let the beats come naturally :D
Dj Horny-Lorny, SK, Canada

i was there, whole night was immense angello, deadmau5 and tong all played quality sets each one was different but night flowed perfectley was the 3rd time seen deadmau5 live and rocked it every time and looking back reviews 4 deadmau5 1st mix danny you seem to be the only person to slate it x
Andy Grimsby

I well enjoyed Deadmau5 set, was gutted as my mates went to hear him play at the warehouse project.. Roll on the 25th.. Deadmau5 at the victoria works in Leeds
Marc Wilkie - Leeds

I was in the Warehouse project on Friday. Both sets were spot on. Epic atmosphere ! Definatly will go see the Mau5 again next time hes in the U.k.
Jay Liverpool

Remember its Pete's fault!!! Great set...therefor I blame Pete for my lack of sleep friday night/saturday morning
Ed Kenny, Kingston Upon Thames

Hold on a sec guys... haven't we heard this mix already this year? Yeah Deadmau5 is a great producer but his sets seem to be pretty boring. You'd think he'd have played maybe a few different songs song considering its his 2nd Em in about 3 months x
Jamie, Leamington

Naughty! the music by Deadmau5 just took me back to Ibiza, its just naughty horrible music n i love it!
Big Dunc, Manchester!

It's supreme sound and mix! It's a pleasure for my mind and my soul! Are u dancing universe? I hope so!
DJ RCALLMANN - From Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

now then, what a difficult one! deadmau5 is a production hero, and his EM is definitely 2 hours of the best house music of the year...however, i agree it is starting to sound a bit samey live!!! not enough progressive sounding stuff either, where are tracks like arguru :(
gez, lancaster

Pete should have played first, his set was very cool, lots of bouncy tunes in it. Then The crowd would be fired up and Deadmau5 would of had the crowd absolutly rockin! Deadmau5 coming to my home town this thurs:) Keep up the good work Pete.
Damien , Ireland

Deamau5 was amazing! Progressive electronica at it's best! Absolutely blew me away! I've been listening again all week! Please sir can I have some more!
Martin, Manchester

Deadmau5 is the best dj of 2008, i saw him satday night in sheffield was CLASSSSS!!!
dave- sheffield

One Word ........... ROCKING !
Oliver. Swansea

Deadmau5 is coming to Mexico City on 6th of December im looking forward to see him cheers
Gualas/ Chilangolandia

Whats everybody hating on the mau5 for???? He rips it up when you see him live thats all there is to it.. And he is always into his sets, and what he is playing...
Nicasio - Melbourne, Florida

First time and definately not the last time at Warehouse! Scene set and standards all of a high calaber, superb mix and night! Altho Deadmau5 mayb spent to long in some tracks! Gud times tho, keep her lit
Matt / Beflast n.ireland

This might work to dance to but listening to something that ON SEVERAL OCCASSIONS Sounds like The Record / CD is Stuck repeating AGAIN and AGAIN and - 'BIG YAWN' - AGAIN is Mind Numbing. Thanks You BBC for the iPlayer so I can skip this stuff !
Dazzer - Brum

Another awesome set by Deadmau5 and way to wrap it up Pete, classics all the way! Always a good show, but please! stop dropping Hi Friend every weekend! It's a slamin track, but it loses its flair when you hear it every week!
Forrest Yockey - Lansing, Michigan

How can anyone say that Deadmau5's set was anything apart from fantastic ... I pity the fool
munkee, UK

Utter repetitive crap all round from Deadmua5, he'll still be playing the same sound and same sets in 10years time. I am amazed why people think just cos he's produced a few decent tracks he can all of a sudden claim to be an amazing DJ, the 2 are completely different skills, the latter of which he definately hasn't As for Pete, expected more from someone as experienced. However on the whole, from both guys, I wasn''t let down as I had totally anticipated this.
Phithy Chit Manchester

Think this mix is so good cause i was there in person! i understand how deadmau5's set can sound the same sometimes but they are still amazin and he seriously knows how to rock a room! petes set was really good to especially the hour that never good aired on the radio!
Robyn - Liverpool

I was there on friday, great music, great location, GREAT atmosphere. What a night!
Olly - London

The mauS is not Dead! Awesome !Let's go DeadmauS !Come to Montreal dude! We are waiting for you! In new music we trust! Enjoy!
Henry - Montreal Canada

my props to Deadmau5 & Tongy2 different sets, 2 great djs/producers, that's the party success formula.Talking about mau5' set, that was a good one, groundshaking electro-house tracks, set that was made for a crowd. Joel, don't pay attention to the haters, just do what you're doin man, we love U.Tong's set is dope, a true techno set with some tribal vibes
Nurken (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

I was there! This was a mental set and the atmosphere was amazing!
Tom, Manchester

what a great set, i cant wait to see deadmau5 in dublin.
robbie dublin

Was an amazing set. There's no one better around than deadmau5 at the minute. For anyone who wasnt at warehouse project, you missed out.
John in Manchester

Deadmau5 is the best DJ/producer around this year he rocks the place and works the crowd in any club.
Ross Birmingham

Good job on the second hour Pete, come back to San Diego...minus the rain :) Overall I can see how Deadmau5 can work a crowd, but I can only take so much electro anything of a sound.
Raymond Enrique, San Diego

Pete Tong just doesn't listen, does he? The Essential Mix from Deadmau5 earlier this year got slated all over the net, and what does he do? Asks him to do another one! Two hours of absolute rubbish.
Danny, Manchester

Deadmau5's set wasn't too bad, Pete's was pretty uninspiring :-(I'm a huge fan of deadmau5, and have read criticism about him only playing his own music/remixes, and I'm starting to think he needs to mix it up a bit, purely for variety as all his live sets are starting to sound all too familiar.
Heath, London

I Thought Both Essential Mixes Were Smart Live At The Warehouse Project Manchester On The 11/10/2008
Timothy Wright Cheshire

wat an amzin set
Ryan Hallett

Is there really anyone better than this man right now?Truly awesome, unique sound, one of the best Essential mixes ever, gotta love his intro's too ;)
Tom, Guildford

only got to hear the first hour of this seemingly excellent set at a library as my computer is on the blink, wish BBC would sort it out so I can listen again using my iPhone! Come on guys, let's have an option to stream MP4 audio using BBC mobile, which is a great site only lacking this one crucial feature!
Keith De Lucci, Portadown N.I

bit 50/50 this one, absolutely class in places, bit sketchy elsewhere - mix into 88 wasn't amazing, and some of the tunes weren't amazing - however, dahlback's own productions are so sick it's unreal, bring on kaiki's release!
gez, lancaster

Man, how au5ome was Friday! Deadmau5 was definitely the most electric performance of the year for me, savage is an understatement !!
Nick - Manchester

Keep up for Manc...lots of good news last few years...Warehouse project is one of it...
ZentaXX from The Hague

Where's Deadmau5's tracklisting disappeared to?!?!?Can't wait to see the mau5 man in Leeds soon!!!
Claire - Bradford

Awsome...wish I'd been there in person
chrissie bournemouth

brilliant chooooons!!!
Mark, Sydney, Australia!!

Absolutely smashing set!!! Couldnt stop dancing..."Sometimes things DO get complicated."
Phade, Cd. Juarez Mexico

Absolutly sublime 5*Keep up the good vibes :)
Francisco London

that is power i dance and jump all nigth long please deadmau5 come to mexico
maurcio ledesma mexico city

Deadmau5 Proved Again That He IS the Producer/DJ of the Year. Amazing! His Essential Mix Earlier This Year is The Essential Mix of 2008 on Radio 1! Hands In The Air!
Tim Martin Palm Beach Gardens Florida

Deadmau5 is amazing, easily EM of the year for his studio mix earlier in the year, and the intro to his live set tonight was awesome. Pete Tong..........AGAIN! This is like his 8th set this year, enough already Pete, stop hogging the airwaves. We all know your good etc but a little bit of variety would have been nice. (3*** show)
Nick - Preston

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