Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

20 September 2008

Riton - Ritontime Intro [Riton Edit]
2 Men, A Drum Machine And A Trumpet - Tired Of Getting Pushed Around
A Trak & Laidback Luke - Shake It Down
East Side Of Detriot [Accapella]
Joey Beltram - Energy Flash
DJ Funk - DJ Funks Gonna Hurt Somebody
Alter Ego - F***ingham Palace [Modselektor Mix]
Unknown – Brondinski [Yuksek Remix]
Vamp - Outlander
Bart B More - So It Goes
Head Bob - Yankee Zulu [Worthy's Header Remix]
Modselector - Black Block
Housemeister - In Order To Dance
DJ Godfather - Bang The Box
The Micronauts - High Rise
Laidbackluke Feat Romanthony - Show [Bart Bmore Remix]
Justice - Dior Fashion Show Track
Photonz - Our Fable [Mickey Moonlight Remix]
Deee Lite - What Is Love
Mickey Moonlight - Interplanetary Music [Riton Rerub]
Alex Tepper - Grains [TG Mix]
Daniel Papini - Church Of Nonsence
Rodriguez Jr. - Pina Colada
Style Of Eye - Ona
Berghiem - Hollow
Chemical Youth - The Dolphins
Steve Mac & Mark Brown - Bells Of Brighton [Popof Remix]
Daso - Numb
Surkin - J-Hood
The Streets - Lets Push Things Forward [Bootleg Mix]
Sonny J - Enfant [Riton Rerub]
Unknown - Hyperactive [Riva Starr Remix]
Unknown - Domintator [Red Foxx Remix]
Marshall Jefferson - Video Clash
Highpowered Boys - Hoes Get Down
The Touch - Le Night Dominator [DJ Assault Mix]
Hercules And The Love Affair - You Belong [Riton Rerub]
Crookers - Big Fat Club Ass [Just For Riton Edit]
Roman Flugal - Ghets Nocht
Unknown - So Let It Be House [Dance Mania Version]
Bango - Acid
Unknown - Trax Acid
DJ Funk - Aint It Funky
LNR - House
Housemasterboyz - Housenation [Accapella]
CLS - Can You Feel It
Underwater - Harry Thurman
Unknown - Yellow Botsch
Mu - Lets Get Sick
Traxmen - Fire Alarm
Daft Punk - Rock N Roll
Daft Punk - Oh Yeah
808 State – Pacific State [Flow Coma AFX Remix]
Symbolone - Everything Louder Than Everything Else
La Serrenissma - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
DJ Harvey - On The Nest
Smith And Hack - To Our Disco Friends
Talking Heads - Roots [Ron Hardy Remix]
Senor Coconut - Behind The Mask [Villalobos Remix]
Duke Dumont - When I Hear Mu'sik
Inflagranti - Business Accumen
Fear - Easy Going
Quando Quango – Love Tempo [Remix]
Fleetwood Mac - World Turning [Riton Reedit]
Feuerprobe - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Your reviews of the mix

hey, that new rap version of timbalands 'the way i are' beat...who's it by??

Not bad

"ELECTRO RUBBISH IS NOT FOR ME IT DOESN'T HAVE THE SAME UNDERGROUND EDGE LIKE HAPPY HARDCORE John Blaen,GLASGOW,"i hope this is a wind up!!!!!!!can't wait to see you when im in pickking up my Y-3s on sat!!!!p.s the essential mix was electro rocking :D
Steven, Glasgow

it's f....g meat,but i heared more meater...
max italy,napoli

John Blaen,GLASGOW,Aspecto

in the kitchen, can hardly cook straight, yeah!
archie orlando

Its well 'avin it electro!
Gaspard, Paris.

very good great party dj lyk!!
owen browne wexford

Pretty good uplifting frapping electro! Get Josh Gabriel on for a tough dark techno essential mix tongy!

defo best essential mix of the year seen him on saturday nite at SK in belfast and boy this boy blow my world apart5 have been going to this club for 3 years and this was by far the best night i,ve ever had in this club! riton= LEGEND
Phil, Belfast

Great 1 Mr-R, i still listen to it useing a playtv for playstation-3 then i port it over to its HDD, & now i listening to it Driveing Fast down the road doing STUNT runs, races, & Road Rage on Burnout-P games just got even Better with Custom soundtracks.
Alistair, Cumbria

It's rock taste sound!!

Aye nice 1 Riton. ye done well. good mix mate.
Stef fae Nelson, Canada/Hamilton, Scotland

I stumbled across this guy at a festival bout year and a half ago and have been following him since... this EM was well over due! ... that is some of the best music i have heard all year... alot of the times these EMs are only good in patches, this was great right the way through... excellent work RITON!!

EEEEEEEE!! what a booomer! is Riton slang for AWESOME!!? absolutely every track a killer and mixed to perfection. YES! in agreement with others i petition this essential mix of the year! well done riton!!
Prawn Shawl, Jamaica

Wow, what a blast - that blew some cobwebs away and have just discovered "Underwater" too!Thanks for this one, hard funky & acidic, just hope your servers can deal with the demand...
Ski - Falmouth

garbage sorry. get some deep house funk on please
phil, liverpool

This Mix is definitely FTMTW!!!! Fantastic Mix!
Patrick - Detroit, MI

Pretty good. Varied it up well, kept the energy high throughout. Splendid
James, Edinburgh

Amazing!! I love this mix : just incredible!!Riton is The One��♫
Dam's - France

crap sorry what a racket
ron don southport

Saw Riton at Bloom Festival this year and was lucky enough to share a schmoke with him in the middle of his set!!Wasnt an easy task warming up for Elite Force + Meat Katie but Riton absolutely smashed it! This Essential Mix is pretty damn sick as well! :-)
Phill, Newbury

awesome,talent by the bucket load,more than be said of the guy who designed the new look website,wtf mate,you need to start looking for new employment.peace
ray ayr

not enough crookers in it.
Iain Bogg skegness

Nyce 1 bruva~! (",)
freddy popper, Kuala Lumpur

Utterly fantastic. Best EM in a while.
Dom Terrace, Minneapolis, MN

diverse, cool, rock on , hope everyone starts gettin more diverse in there tastes, remember its all house.
Craig in Falkirk

Steffen, Berlin, Germany

Nice eclectic mix - and a track by quando quango?! Big up manchester!
Aidee, Manchester

Great mix! :)
Rich UK

Magical - Riton is the master. Keeps you guessing everytime. Thank you Henry, you are a genius. Classic
Charlie, London

Really cool mix... definate contender for mix of the year.BBC - When are we going to see these mixes as a podcast???
Mark B

excellent tunes.....great mix
chrissie quin

Quality, loved it from start to finish !
Stu Boro

kev lincoln

just awesome, cured my Mondayitis.thanks
Sanji, Melbourne

Riton, I think the name says it all - right on it banging !!!!
P, Milton Keynes

Riton exellent , we liked your Essential Mix , its for to dance the 2 hours........... BBC RADIO 1 , THE BETTER IN THE UNIVERSE .............LIVE FOREVER ESSENTIAL MIX
Karlos and Girish from , Palmares. Costa Rica

Excellent show. Much thnx!!
Irving, Cracow Poland

Loved it!Better than the normal boring minimal tripe going round at the min.
Dwayne Pipe Nottingham

RITON, is probably the best live DJ I have ever seen, and it was high time he was let loose on radio 1, my highlight was the un-official Serbian national anthem-Roman Flugal - Ghets Nocht, TAPS AFF!!!
Sandy 'Old' McDonald, Sunglasses hut

This guy is a true talent. Great mix!
Antonio, Bergamo, Italy

that was ok (understatement!) That absolutely ROCKED!!!!!!!
Justin from South Wales

Definitely njoyed this mix. Some classy old house / techno stuff in there which is a pleasure to hear again...Drunk and well entertained at this end..Thanks and respect from Ireland.
Doc, Derry NI

ugh.....not my thing.But its good i guess?Just not my style
Aaron - Indianapolis, IN

Love it. Love to hear the Noman Jay and Larry Heard legends.
Pau, Spain

busy - love it

got a good playlist gonna be interesting
mitch milton keynes

One word. Disgusting!
Alex Baltimore, MD USA

Casper C, Romford

Oh and one more thing - Essential Mix of the Year so far!! Not enough DJs are brave enough to go into deep disco tunes and play them out on mix shows. Superb!!!!
David Campbell, Linwood, Scotland

Fresh , Exciting & Awesome!!!
Andy , Edinburgh

top notch essential mix "everyone should clean there kitchen to a RITON mix"
morry in glasgow

Unknown � Brondinski [Yuksek Remix] is Detect - Dance Division (Yuksek Remix)

Carl Finn, Birmingham

excellent stuff - loved every second!
falko frankfurt

"Underwater" is a disco classic, I was in heaven when I heard it on-air this morning :) Hmm.. maybe someone should do a disco Essential Mix... just a thought.
David Campbell, Linwood, Scotland

Riton is definitely one of my favourite DJs. He plays amazing tune after amazing tune, keeping the energy high and mixing classic house and techno with contemporary sounds in a way that's always totally fresh. Thanks for playing!
Hey Joe, London


superb, wish i had seen him at the sub club, more of this tongy, a party dj plus a bit of betram in there for good measure, great tight mixing.The vibe is still very much alive!!!!
Craig in Falkirk

sensational stuff mr riton
el chimpo, chester zoo

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