Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

23 August 2008
Vintage Essential Mix - Creamfields 1998

Pete Tong
David Morales Presents The Face - "Needing U" (White Label)
Stardust - "Music Sounds Better With You" (Roule)
Richard F - "Good Love" (Subliminal)
Pianoheadz - "Distorition" (Subliminal)
BLD - "Untitled" (White Label)
El Magnifico - "Tha Nu Style" (White Label)
Jungle Brothers - "I'll House U" (ffrr)

Energy 52 - "Cafe Del Mar '98" (Hooj Choons)
Morgan King - "I'm Free" (White Label)
Artist Unknown - "Untitled" (Steel Yard)
Pablo Gargano - "Chemistry Of Soul" (Eve)
Elevate - "Next Life" (Platoon)
Dollshead - "It's Ove It's Under" (MCA)
Madonna - "Ray Of Light" (Maverick)

Paul Oakenfold
Westbam Vs Red Jerry - "Wizards Of The Sonic" (White Label)
Transa - "Enervate" (Perfecto)
Man With No Name - "Own The World" (Perfecto Fluro)
Greece 2000 - "3 Drives" (Hooj Choons)
Shrink - "Nervous Breakdown" (Neo)

Your reviews of the mix

sasha is a legend!!!!
Shaun. End of the Earth

hard to believe its been 10 years ! it brought back very personal goosebumps........very excited about the music's future !......
Brian and Ana , Tampa Bay, USA

What a mix- I wanted to laugh, smile and cry. Such massive memories! Amazing!
Simon In Southampton

something unbelievable GO GUYS
martin, lester

Exellent should do some more archive mixes!!
Chris, Staffs

relaxing to some vintage tunes via you all at radio1 and 1998 at creamfields,beautiful
reuben in summerzet

I LOOOOOVE trance pete and my man is crazy about techno and trance. Pete your a awsome radio dj so yes I think the 1998 Creamfields mix is sweeeeeeet. :) Well comment me back man.
Jenny (from minnesota)

A lot of tunes i havent heard in a long time, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING
Jordan from Torquay

I WAS THERE!!!!!!!
Emlyn Busby

loved every minute of it....brought all ta memories back,just wish were there this year..creamfields"the best dance festival in the world"Av-It!
cragga n wendy

I remember listening to this on the Essential mix first time round. It was awesome then and still is now!!!
Wils, Whitehaven UK

Now this is more like it. I have never commented before, probably because I stopped listening the the EM years ago because of the declining standard. Radio 1 should revisit classic EMs more often (particularly the years ‘93 – ‘99).
Paul, West Mids

Excellent memories, back when Oakie was good!
Craig, Birmingham

Its so nice to hear the old Progressive House and Trance...If only things didnt change...This new music aint a patch on it..Im sorry to say this but the likes of Eric Prydz/Axwell and the Electro geezers CANNOT make decent music...Sorry to be so abrupt,but its true.
Andy - Stoke on Trent

This was a classic mix, it was the first proper Radio One essential mix I ever listened to! Brings back some great memories, bring on this years event, cmon!!
John, Bath

Oh how the great Oakey has fallen
Kevvy Kev, Logan Utah

Great classic mix, but its a shame the whole of the mix couldn't be aired.
MWNN, West Midz

I was there for this memorable sasha mix, morgan king Free..awesome

The Sasha mix is immemnse - 10 years on and every tune still roxx! Go on Sasha!
Michael, Heaven!

Those were the days!!!! when trance DJ's played trance not stupid electro and Oakenfold was a GOD. how things change!! haha
Dave, Birmingham

Soooooo many happy memories! Needin U....Classic, still love it today!Quality.....from a time before dance music got too serious!
Nathan - Maidstone

The third track. the unknown one is Origin,accusla,[dave wood remix]steelyard

man what a night this was, that sasha mix was unreal,one of the best sets he ever played better than his shelleys sets,wish clubbing was this good today,you don't know what your missing today

So glad you brought this back to us.... Man I wish I had been there for this one!!!!!!! Had to be unrealllllllllllll
Aaron Muchnik, Okinawa Japan

Hot mix by Pete Tong Loved It
Jake Barker - UK 15 Years Old

This essen Mix Has really made me remember why i love Dance Music !

One of the highlights of 1998, still rocks !!!
Jakub, Prague

Pete, I cannot believe 10 years have passed... a classic example of the your endurance! For the ages!
Matt, Washington DC

loved the set, most of the songs sound just as good today. but what's up with the train wreck on Oakenfold's first transition? I bet he's sad you chose to relive that memory...
Ryan in Denver

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