Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

02 August 2008
Steve Aoki

Larry Tee 'Carmina Burana' Vs. I Love U (Bart B More Remix)' (White Label)
Les Petit Pilous 'Wake Up' (Boys Noize Records)
MSTRKRFT 'Bounce (Bloody Beetroots 90's Remix)' (Dim Mak Records)
MSTRKRFT 'Bounce (A Trak Remix)' (Dim Mak Records)
Herve 'Cheap Thrills (Armand Van Helden Remix)' (Cheap Thrills Records)
Fake Blood 'Mars' (Cheap Thrills Records)
Weird Science 'Haus of Cards' (Dim Mak Records)
Machines Don't Care 'Afro Jacker' (Cheap Thrills Records/Dim Mak
Busy P 'To Protect and Entertain (Crookers Dub 'N' Vocalz Remix)' (Ed
Banger Records)
Basement Jaxx 'Hey U (Switch and Sinden Remix)' (XL Records)
Proxy 'Raven' (Turbo Records)
Junkie Xl & Steve Aoki '1967 Poem (Club Mix)' (Nettwerk)
Steve Aoki 'Dead Meat' (Dim Mak Records)
The Fashion 'Solo Impala' (Weird Science Remix)' (Epic Records)
Duran Duran 'Skin Dive featuring Timbaland (Steve Aoki Keyboard Club
Dub Remix)' (Epic Records)
Metro Station 'Control (Weird Science Remix)' (Columbia Records)
Shitdisco 'Ok (Yuksek Remix)' (Fierce Panda/Dim Mak Records)
The Bloody Beetroots 'Dimmakmmunication' (Dim Mak Records)
MSTRKRFT 'VU VU VU' (Dim Mak Records)
Lazaro Casanova 'Venganza Felix Cartal Remix)' (Classanova Records)
Don Rimini 'Let Me Back Up (Crookers Remix)' (Mental Groove Records)
Bugo 'La Mano Mia (Cecile and The Bloody Beetroots Remix)' (Universal
Eric Prydz 'Pjanoo' (Data)
The Presets 'My People (D.I.M. Remix)' (Modular Records)
Felix Cartal 'Montreal Dreams (Aoki Edit)' (Felix Cartal)
S.P.A. 'Pets Dance (Aoki Edit)' (Dim Mak Records)
Debonaire Samir 'Samir's Theme (Instrumental)' (Milk Crate Records)
Daft Punk 'One More Time (Aoki Edit)' (Virgin Records)
Daft Punk 'One More Time (House Moguls JFK Edit)' (White Label)
Jean Elan (Where's Your Head At (Klaas Remix)' (Big and Dirty Records)
The Who 'Baba O'Reily (Sebastien Remix)' (White Label)
MGMT 'Kids (Aoki Intro Edit)' (Columbia Records)

Your reviews of the mix

I listen to all the dance shows each week, and love most if not all the Essential mixes. But dear oh dear, the 5hr one was dull as dull can be. Not sure whos mixing in the 2nd hour but shoot him! The tracks where boring and not uplifting at all, the mixing sucked big time, I would have walked off the dancefloor. Thank god my iPod has past ones I can listen to today. What was up with the sound quality too, usualy live shows are a good mix of audience and the mix. This was bad production all round.
Simon, London

Cliche + tacky = Steve Aoki ... commercial filth! But then again, Radio 1 has been about attracting the masses...bring on some damn quality music!!!
Falling Asleep, Florida

the essential mix is awsome but i was wondering if its possible to purchase the hervey and sindens essential mix do you guys have it on a cd in stores.. is it avail able in canada?
Azam Merza

Steve Aoki, Guau!!!!!, this man Move Any Mountain!!! (like The Shamen!!!), Excellent. He Got The Power! (like Snap!), He He...
Adrián, Buenos Aires, Argentina

nice one all off it 5 hr ok with me

this man rocks!! absolutly stormin' from start to finish!
david, scotland

Aoki is seriously ill!!!
Sniquepeek, NYC

Very very good and very special

Was wrecked and this mix woke me up, mad me wanna go out for a mad one. Stick er out
Brendy Belfast

When you getting the Twocker lads on??!
James, Doncaster

C'mon, where's the support for Mr Tong??? A cracking selection of dancing tunes, as always, and the reason why we all went to decent nightclubs in the first place, innit! God bless you Tongy, when the hell r u getting yr self out here ? For Pete's sake, when are we gonna start realising that this man is second only to Peel in his stewardship of the altar at which we bounce!
JS, Fukuoka, Deep Fishing Southern Fried Japan

Wicked set from Steve!Can't wait till he's in belgium.France and Italy are well represented in his mix!Party on,Mich, Bazel

Steve, you are unbelievable; this essential mix is amazing....
Darío Echeverry, Bolívar- Valle-Colombia

I agree with Nick from Oxford comments. diggers set not long enough. tong wasn't explosive self. but all in very good and so pleased radio1 do these mixes. i guess its hard to please everyone, last year oakey didn't go down that well. personally didn't like the rock in zanes set :(
ben london

I have been saying this for around 2 years now, TONG HAS TO RETIRE!!

Steve Aoki's EM was fantastic my favorite of the year!!! listen to some of the 5 hour Ibiza set and thought it was a bit shit Zane Lowe didn't impress and tongy's mix was a snooze fest
Daniel Rush Huddersfield

Aoki Rulles !
rafael. Brazil

are you serious?this guy's father owns beni-hana and his sister is a supermodel..

can some1 tell me wich song is at 40min. thanks
nicky amsterdam

To protect and entertain and party we trust, them other DJs aint "bhaa bhaa ba ba"... great EM by one of LA's finest.
DJ BRAP aka British Rockstar, Los Angeles

First off L.A. don't know squat when it comes to House or Dance Music! People here just jump on whatever is the trend at the moment. And thats the truth! What KID is doing isn't bad but it aint great either. Sounds like he's trying to be Erol Alkan and failing miserably at it.

essential? come on now

digweed was awesome so was the night. should of aired his 1st hour as well. bangin.
mik b, manchester

was there and loved it. radio1 and amnesia, an inceredible combination.
Ed in Ibiza

Didn like it from any point.Not of the quality radio 1 has spoiled us with.

what an awsum mix !!! wish i waz in ibiza naw partyin up!
Christian Sandry

Nice mixing from Zane... or maybe not!
Sam, Burton on Trent

My mother always told me if you ain't got anything nice to say say nothing...........................
Nay, Dublin

Very good set, Got me dancing around alot!
Walshy, N.Ireland

man this mix rocksso so so funky! steve aoki rocks!
jonathan in shrewsbury

A great mix all in all, lots of variety & lots of highlights! thx Radio 1 for introducing me to this DJ! Did i hear a Timbaland track remixed not stated in the t/listing?
Russell Alderton, Derby UK

Effing class! Listened to it the other night n' thought it was amazing - some good old thumping house tunes. Must admit though, wasn't too keen on Zane's set... it was a bit all over the place/mashed-up and didn't flow well. Laters, Al
Alan from Glasgow

Chris, Chicago, USA

A bangin' set, great tracklisting. Dig it.
Jill Salt Lake City, UT USA

i'm j-j-j-jammin! always good tunes from this man! awesome!
may-new york

Pretty dull and uninspiring. If thats essential then God help us all!!!!!!
Rob, Yorkshire

Thats exactly what i'm talking about...Awesome mix!
Craig - Milton Keynes

Digweed's mix gave me the goose bumps. he's a genius!
e - london

Amazing ES as alwaysWhy oh why won't bbc release every essential mix onto CD. They would make a fortune.
Lee Birmingham

Big ups to Mr. Aoki for representing Los Angeles with a BANGING Essential Mix! That's how we do it!
Steve, Los Angeles

I've been to every Radio1 in Ibiza since 2001 and 2008 has to be the best so far. Kicking off on Friday 1st Aug at Ibiza Rocks Hotel and ending at Amnesia for the Radio1 Ibiza party. Radio1 Rocks Ibiza!!!!See ya next year
Adrian - Barry(Wales)

A solid addition to the EM series!!! Really enjoying this one. Gotta love Aoki's selections.. BANG'N!!! THX! D
Dave Surber from Tempe, Arizona. USA.

Man i must say steve aoki has done it againwell played man, well played
Mr. Smith, California

hello all djs was best of all the year those mixing best music in the best disc worldwide, and transmitted luckily in radio 1 of bbc, exelente for the lovers of electronic music, follows ahead ................. live forever Pete Tong and your Essential Mix ............Pura Vida, Costa Rica
karlos alberto from palmares , costa rica

Yes Yes YesAoki Aoki Aoki
JT Stevenson

Utter filth, awesome!!

Too much noise without a reason
Andreas - Russell Square, London

Insane, simply Insane!!!
Aaron Okinawa Japan

IBIZA2005*****2006*****2007*** (Way too short, but at least there were 2 hours sets)2008** John Digweed was incredible but 1 hour wasn't enough, he should have had Eddie's slot as well. Eddie had no reason to have an EM slot when he could just broadcast his set on his own show, and also cos he got air time in Ibiza last year as well. Not impressed with that decision. Justice were also great and as for Zane Lowe, was that a sound clash, mash up guestmix, mini mix or even a glorified freshers week set. Either way i loved it, was very refreshing to hear Oasis on the EM, lol. Tong = snooze fest, dunno maybe it was me but i couldnt get into his set, almost seemed as tho he didnt want to be there, very little crowd interation unlike Zane who was really going for it. Lastly can we stop these pettie 5 hour shows and bring back some real special extended shows. Especially stop 1 hours sets, they're so annoying, 1.30 mins at the least (like 2004).
Nick -Oxford

Lots of these tracks were things I was listening to at the moment, so plenty of head nodding. Some interesting selections, but a nice and bouncy EM!
Callum, Manchester/Vienna


Aoki has come a long way since the mid 90's when he called himself the first superstar DJ. He really wasn't and still isn't. I tried to like this mix but I can only recommend the intro and the last 20 mins. I was hoping for more.
Antonio/SP4WN, Los Angeles

great mix, a-tracks new remix is sick

absolute rubbish!
jesse from otown

ugh! steve aoki!
new yawk new yawk

I aint heard the mix yet....... but that listing sounds fantastic! Thru cheap thrills via proxy and duran duran to The Who and MGMT? phew..
LongI. Crook/

Is he Japanese?
Supermax Australia

this mix is so predictable my mum could have made it, another erol alkan copycat just with cheesy electro house, the em should be about the music not technical ability, its gone bloody pete tong......
dj bum hole london

a bit boring to much old cheese deadmau5 to much new chesse self made cheeseionaire
Jon Doe

Just what i needed to kickstart my saturday night. Good to hear a house set that sounds so fresh
George Steward, Brighton

Lovin this mix!! Rockin it at our party in sunny spain!! Will be tuning in for the live in Ibiza mix, cant wait!!
Dave, Spain

Steve is one of the best DJ performers around. Those who havent seen him must! He is not one of those DJs that sit turning dials all night, but one who can actually be a true performer!
Paul, Bangkok

This mix has just knocked Deadmau5 off the top spot for Essential Mix of the year.Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matt , Wellingborough, UK.

this is amazing, highly recommended!
soundboymike, uk&pl

Lovin' it .Big ups cali.
Kindro , Denver

Amazing... Thank you...

Great Mix, Very Nice Tunes!
Ed, Bs As, Argentina


Steve Aoki Got Me Dancing In My Bedroom Tonight In My Socks And Pants Which Was Great I Enjoyed It A Lot.
Timothy Wright, Chesire

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