Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

17 May 2008
Alex Kidd


Alex Kidd ‘Authentic Life Of The Kidd’ (CDR)
DJ Zany ‘Inflator’ (Fusion)
Trentemoller Feat Anne Trolle ‘Moan’ (Poker Flat)
Format B ‘Knarzer Roller’ (Oposum Recordings)
Adam Beyer ‘China Girl’ (Mad Eye)
Claude Vonstroke ‘Deep Throat’ (Go Deeva)
Domino ‘Let Me Love You For Tonight’ (CDR)
Deadmau5 V Jelo ‘The Reward Is Cheese’ (Rising Trax)
Dj Preach ‘Broken Inside (2008 Remix)’ (FBI)
Sander Van Doorn ‘Grasshopper’ (Oxygen Recordings)
Joop ‘Prominent (Leon Boiler Remix)’ (High Contrast)
Booka Shade ‘ In White Rooms’ (Get Physical)
Emma Townshend ‘Five A-Side Football (Ak47 Efx Chop Edit)’ (CDR)
Leftfield ‘Phat Planet (Dave Clark Remix)’ (Hardhands)
Chris Liebing ‘Banglepop’ (CLR)
Starlights (CDR)
Black Russian ‘Unknown’ (Fakt)
John Dahlback ‘Blink (Ak47 Live Efx Edit)’ (Pickadoll)
Re-Ward ‘Show My Shuffle’
Sander Van Doorn ‘Riff’ (Nebula)
Unknown ‘The Partys Gonna Be On’ (CDR)
John Askew ‘The Advent Of Us’ (Discover Dark)
Frank Biazzi ‘Turbulence’ (Lupp)
Motor ‘Sweatbox (Chris Liebing Remix)’ (Novamute)
Alex Kidd & BK ‘Bass Loverz Part 1’ (Kiddfectious)
Richard Durrand ‘Submerge’ (Terminal 4)
Joris Voorn ‘Mpx309’ (Clr)
Spiros Kaloumenos ‘Faz (Ak47 Live Efx Edit)’ (Patterns)
Len Faki ‘Just Dance Part 2’ (Figure Figure)
Glen Kob ‘Unknown’ (CDR)
Tobias Luke Aka Obi ‘Soulkeeper’ (Compressed)
Chris Liebing ‘Too Much Talk (Henrik B Remix)’ (CLR)
Aly Us ‘Follow Me (Ak47 Efx Chop Edit)’ (Strictly Rhythm)
Dark By Design & Dr Willis ‘God Of Abraham (Dave Forbes Changhi Remix) (Life Of The Kidd Re-Edit)’ (Cdr)
Sander Van Doorn ‘The Bass’ (Nebula)
Kamui ‘Electro Slut’ (Fe Records)
Nick Larsson ‘Barock‘ (2play)
Ralph Novell Vs Bas & Ram ‘Powerstroke’ (Nightvision Records)


Alex Kidd ‘Kiddfectious Radio’ (Cdr)
Mojado ‘Kactus (Ak47 Live Efx Edit)’ (Majik Muzik)
Mojado ‘Kactus (John O Callaghan Remix)’ (Cdr)
Mr Sam ‘Dominator’ (Black Hole)
Lenny Dee ‘Express Yourself’ (Ist Records)
Bk & Garbo ‘Damage’ (Riot)
Kidd Kaos ‘Sector 614’ (Kiddfectious)
Signum ‘Coming On Strong (Alex Kidd Remix)’ (Tidy)
Dark By Design vs Symtal ‘Tekno Terror’ (Dbd Recordings)
Alex Kidd & Kidd Kaos ‘Bass Loverz Ep Part 2’ (Kiddfectious)
Tori Amos V Electro Slut ‘Professional Kiddo (Alex Kidds Set Edit)’ (Cdr)
Kidd Kaos ‘Logical Contrast’ (Trancefuzion)
Asys V Chemical Brothers ‘Do It In Acid (Alex Kidds Set Edit)’ (Cdr)
Bk & Alex Kidd ‘Suicide’ (Riot)
Db Shreddaz ‘Escape’
Noise Controllers ‘Rushroom’ (Superplastik)
Organ Donors ‘Made In 2 Days’ (Cdr)
Walt ‘Let The Music Play’ (Carnal)
Hardstyle Masterz Feat. Max Enforcer ‘Light Of The Dark (The Blackout Mix)’ (Titanic Records)
Citizen ‘1980 (Alex Kidd Status Tribute Edit)’ (Blq Records)
BK & Alex Kidd ‘Poison’ (Riot)
Dutch Masters ‘Get Up’ (Dmw)
Organ Donors & Alex Kidd ‘Fantasy’ (Cdr)
Showtek ‘Fts’ (Dmw)
Headhunterz ‘Reloaded Part2’ (Scantraxx)
Organ Donors & Alex Kidd ‘Boot It Up’ (Dark By Design Recordings)

Your reviews of the mix

I was expecting 2 hours of hard house - one track after another - but this was brilliant and skillfully put together. I can see why he's won awards recently. Bangin!
Paul, London

absolutely mighty mix
Sven, Prague, Czech Republic

Am i getting old or what, but i never heard such rubbish in 15 years of dance music. JUNK JUNK JUNK !
Stuart Leicester

Really nice mixture of harder styles!!! I hope he´s this year again at "Time Tunnel - Hamburg"... Greetz
Micha (Hamburg / Germany)

stonkin, stompin, filthy tunes :)
Joss, Bedford

Stupidly beaut!!!!pure class
Stevie G in Bangor

This is one of the best Essential Mixes ever.Awesome.
Felix from Landau, Germany

Brilliant mix, builds & builds into kaos at the end. Keep it up alex
colin, glasgow

just keep it up....... leathel.....
wayne waterford

Tom, Poland


I'm sad to say, but this is one the worst EM's i have ever heard. If this is what we have to look forward to then i am concerned about the future of the music i love so much.
Soul House Production - Orlando

Wow... now that was fast and awesome! Man, I cleaned my whole house in like 30 minutes... Unbelievable, truly unbelievable. Way to go Kidd!!! Thanks Radio 1
Aaron from Okinawa Japan

absolutley amazing! first class mix from the no.1 dj. get in!
ric manchester

This is awsome.
Peter, Belfast

How dare radio 1 try to test dj alex kidd!!! Mayb now ppl will no his skills!! Kiddstock 08!!! Forget bout planet luv lol!!
Sloan, NI

Nice, been waiting for this essential mix for a while....thank goodness for listen again.Can't wait until next weekend to see Alex Kidd at the Warehouse Project.
Rajiv, Manchester

such a mix as always from the kidd banging loved it laura xo
laura belfast

Absoluty rockin. Love the way he goes into the housey side of things.. Pure genius with the edits/acapellas too. I wouldnt normally listen to 'The Kidd' but seen the TL and i went for it. Top notch! Keep 'er lit man!
Jon, Derry

thank god at last some hard style on rd1 not soft floaty mixin with madonna droped in nice very nice try a bit of chris dingo if u like this and i do ;)
drlongpants mansfield

It's always good when a mix reveals a bit about what the DJ is like as a person. It's clear from this mix that Alex Kidd is an insane lunatic with no mind.Great stuff.
Donny C

shocking!! Duno how you got where you are as you cant mix 4 toffee and you have a rubbish selection of tunes. You are proof that it aint what you no its who you know!!!
paul tutill from middlesbrough

banging!well didnt expect anything less.really interestig mix though.good to see the kidd playing a slightly different style.just hope he doesnt go all halliewell on us and forgets his bosh dare they try to test dj alex kidd!
adam gallacher SCOTLAND

he played outstanding never lets us downOBEY THE KIDD
Holmesy Belfast

One word...awful...the Kidd is a talented DJ, but I will look forward to his maturation to a better genre...I remember when harddance/hardcore was relegated to the 5:30 a.m. slot at every party...
Ryan, Arizona, USA

Top mix from the kidd as ever!!! was surprised to hear some minimal from him but was impressed all the same, absolute banging mix! OBEY THE KIDD!!
Jimmy, Derby

Some decent tracks but that type of mixing doesn't do music like 'moan' and 'china girl' any justice. 'In white rooms' was never meant to be played at that speed, it's a near enough perfect piece of music, it doesn't need everything else going off over the top. There's just way too much going off in this mix, it's hard for the ears to concentrate on what they're supposed to be listening to. I appreciate the DJ is trying something different and for a self proclaimed hard dance DJ that's pretty commendable I just didn't think it worked.
Daniel, North

1 word UNBELIEVABLE you have definetly gained a new fan an nxt time your at the arches in glasgow ill be there to watch you tear it up
gaz from glasgow

this was good. i've always been of the house persuasion, but liking the hardstyle! i've been listening to kutski also and seem to be getting more and more into hardstyle. the mixing wasn't the best, but there's a "live" feel to it which i like. good stuff.
Mr Big, Peterbra

AAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!Been away from the dance scene for a couple of years. What the ferrets has happened to hard dance? Stop, start, stop, start, bit of chainsaw noise, stop a bit, start again. Hell's teeth. They should re-name this "hard stand in the middle of the dancefloor with your hands on your hips looking a bit confused". Grumble over - you kids enjoy yourselves!
Martin - London

Finally, some good ol' hardstyle! Congrats to Alex Kidd!
Mohamad Taufiq, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

pretty damm good something new seen him loads of times real good bloke and mint at what he does such a show man keep up the good work mate
sean in accrington

I Thought Alex Kidd Essentail Mix Was Smart & I Liked It When He Did A Three Deck Essential Mix On 17TH May 2008 & Like He Music
Timothy Wright Cheshire

That was outstandin!!! Some of them mixes ya jus cudn't believe wat he was doing!!! 10/10!!! Get Alex bac again!!!
Allan Belfast

what a mix!!! been waitin so long for a hard house essential mix and here it is! deffo a contender for essential mix of the year. OBEY THE KIDD!!!
David, East Kilbride

Awesome mix, much preferred the harder stuff to the techier though! We need more hard dance essential mixes! :D
Jake, UK

holy beeswax! what a track list! this is going to blow me up ooooft. thats what im talking about but!!! it's everything!!! woo hoo get in there son! definitly obeying that lol (",)
christopher craig, glasgow

Gavin morton donny

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