Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

10 May 2008
Sebastien Leger

Programme Intro
Sebastien Leger 'Bad Clock' (Intec)
Sebastien Leger 'Hit Girl' (Black Jack)
Sebastien Leger 'Mars' (Mistakes Music)

Sebastien Leger 'Intro' (Mistakes Music)
Terry Toner 'Eat The Positive (Smash TV Remix)' (CDR)
Funkwerkstatt 'Komet' (Superfancy Recordings)
DK7 'Instone (Llorca FTB Dub)' (Process Recordings)
Daft Punk 'Around The World (Sebastien Leger's Booty)' (White)
Sebastien Leger 'Bounty' (Mistakes Music)
Sebastien Leger 'Bambou' (Mistakes Music)
Sebastien Leger 'Cylo' (Mistakes Music)
John Dahlback 'Mastaban' (White)
Oliver Klein & Peter Jürgens 'Scoville' (Kling Klong)
Guido Schneider & Andre Galluzzi 'Albertino' (Cadenza)
Rodriguez Jr 'Soledad' (Leena)
Funkagenda & Exacta 'Mad Money V1.1'[ (White)
SLG 'Nine Hours' (Trapez)
Mory Kante 'Yeke Yeke (The Afro Acid Mix / Sebastien Leger's Re-edit)' (White)
G. Riedatz 'Mode (Daley Padley's Re-Vox Mix)' (Timbee)
Luxima 'The Groove Was Brie' (Mistakes Music)
Luxima 'Maxilu' (Mistakes Music)
Sebastien Leger 'Terra (Sebastien Leger's Exclusive 2008 Mix)' (Mistakes Music)
Laurent Garnier 'Crispy Bacon' (F Comm)
Luxima 'Angry Random' (Mistakes Music)
Thomas Bangalter 'What to do? (Luxima's Bootleg)' (White)
Who's Who 'Stack' (Size)
Sebastien Leger 'History' (Mistakes Music)
Smith & Selway 'Total Departure' (Drum Code)
Steve Mac 'Roller Coaster (Adam Shaw Remix)' (PHzero)

Your reviews of the mix

Even my Girl Friend loves this one!
Dan, Barcelona

kool az mix loved the variaty,gud old fashon techno blended wiv the new,keep the faith,still rockin since 89
kg waiheke island nz

what a great mix!!!
XR stgo.chile

Yeah Seb, great mix! Do not forget to release Terra someday.
Matt from Vienna

nothing new..
ingo düsseldorf

great job Sebs!
johnny vancouver

That's why this guy is fully booked until August, and don't be surprised if he's in the top 20 of DJMAG next year. Can't wait to hear him Live :)
Partin, Kosovo

Killer mix.....It's good to see more dj's break out of the single genre stereotype (shell). Monotony must be broken to let true creativity blossom. A real dj is like a chameleon she or he should adapt and evolve without conforming.
dj Pablo Zaldivar New Orleans underground USA

Great stuff, quality mixing however wtf i can see that josh wink has been take off the upcoming shows list??????????????
Nick - Oxford

cool mix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

unreal leger ur sound is proper had it rite off tar
toby bournemouth

respectable set Sebastian.I love this music keep on moving ))))
michael Ukraine

GORGEOUS .....I recorded immediately set mix by Léger on Radio1 essential mix. Its amanzing I heared set more than five times and i´m not tired. GO
DJ RCALLMANN - Renan Callmann - Rio de Janeiro

Brandon Fox chicago

probably my favourite mix of the year. up there with laidback luke!
Rosh, Melbourne

Great Mix! Bounty was amazing!
Nimkja, Greece

Classy mix setting up the summer perfectly
james, Leeds

Now this was fresh. Very nice mix, I hope they book him for EXIT festival!!!
Nenad, Serbia

What a nice mix. Very sly and kept a good flow. Love his style of music.

matt wood, stafford

I love that mix. Esecially the Mory Kante 'Yeke Yeke remix... pff This is my favorite track.Congratulation Seb! ;)
.:FunCore:. (Hungary -

Classical sound )) particularly liked his own tracks
Buz, Kazakhstan

Uhhhh- yeah, what a set! Some of that oooo funks!
Brad- America

I love this guy!! He's great!
Dj Empty / Poland

This set banged from start to finish! Sebastien has definitely come a long way from the old disco house gems on blackjack...and good on him too!!!
Jer Crowle, Cornwall

Love Sebastien's work!!This playlist has some awesome tracks...Thanks for having him on Essential Mix...keep the great DJ's coming..
Emre from Istanbul, Turkey

Great Essential Mix as always! Did something change that there needs to be an announcement over almost every song now? It kind of ruins the "mix" aspect of it...
Chris, USA

Really Liked It !!!

This Guy IS AmAzing. Great Producer. At The Top Of His game... This Set Rocked. I think he is a Top 5 Producer Right NOW. Amazing Set!
Mehrbod (Tustin)

sublime!!!abSolutEly amazing!! proBAbly the moST talented producer In francE aNd one of the best in europe with eric prydz!i hope you'd pLay somEday toGethER
Younes, Aix

gr8 set just hit the spot at the time
Chris, Nothern Ireland

nice one, love a lot
pawel lublin

zen trinidad

Amazing stuff! Leger is the master of Tech House and super wet sounds. Keep those good beats comin
Igor (Philadelphia, USA)

Wonderfuleger !

The best. I know that the Leger´s production is amazing. Also his older tracks are wonderful. We are looking forward to seeing him on Creamfields Central Europe!!!
Lopaka, Czech Republic

I feel almost sorry to admit that I was largely disappointed by this EM by Sebastien Leger. Sure there were some nice tunes in there, but overall pretty uninspiring.. Please bring the techno ala Chris Liebing..
Thijs, the Netherlands

excellent , one of the best mixes of the year by far !!
stevo glasgow

Awesome! I've just listened to the whole set at work and guess what - I didn't manage to complete any of the tasks given to me by the boss, so now he hates me. But who cares anyway, eh?
Lenka, Czech Republic

Great mix. I love it.
Uroš - Slovenia

How good was that!
Matt - Sydney

This mix was straight fire!
Hunter (South Korea)

Love the summer sounds... this set from Leger kicks off the season nicely! cheers
Mike in Canada

this is the sickness!
firestrm, nottingham

I'm a massive fan of Sebastien Leger and his production work. His sets are amazing and I was pleased to hear you guys have recognised his talent and got him on here, this set was awesome! Off to hunt for the tracklist now!
Zoe Beesley, Surrey

Tasty set this one, 2hrs of good wonky House Tuneage. Certainly gets you movin' - Leger is on the ball! Tres Bien Radio 1!
Ellison, Manchester (UK)

sebastien is living here in amsterdam and i think it `s better that he moves otherwise he``s not getting old, you can hear it in the mix.......
martijn Amsterdam

it's hugeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
siler, mexico city!!!!

Shane, Belfast

Listening to the show on the net.Great mix from a class DJ, BUT I was disapointed with the remix of Yeke Yeke even though Mory Kante's singing was nicely bought out.I reckon you can't ever beat the Harfloor Mix (and maybe shouldn't even try) anyway - guess I'm a bit traditional when it comes to this tune!
Pete, Bangkok Thailand

bad tunes but can't it be non stop dance the chattin is 2 long!!!!!!!!!!!!11
stacey south harow

great sounds from leger as usual. specially loved the intro and Terry Toner 'Eat The Positive track. Simply amazing. Keep em coming sebastian!
Jun, Sweden

saw this guy a couple of years ago at dance valley. he played early (before eric prydz i think)same sort of vibe. really involving without being anal. cant wait for the new tracks all sounds very proggy! just the ticket for a wet wednesday in bath....
simon bath

miles better than last 2 ems....phatt

AWESOME!!!! As always. Seb fench DJ ever!! huge mix incredible sounds and we are already looking forward to hear another essential mix! should definitely be more often on the best show ever!Aix en Provence te dit : Merci Seb!
Samir, Aix En Provence

I like Seb Leger but this was really uninspiring!
Paul, Hull

its a great tunes in a finest selection ! good!
Daniel Rahme, LINCOLN, Buenos Aires

OMG!!! this is the best mix yet!!!! Sebastien Leger is awesome. Pure bliss!
Francis Singapore

Fantastic set, the new Terra edit made me cry!
Alexander, Holland

very good..............
jesus araujo, maracay venezuela

I don't have a word to say, great, impressive, magnificent is not enought.
David M, Poland

Intro the the mix was fat as all getout! noooiiiicee!
Chris in Berkeley, CA

A decent mix, however no match for Messrs Faccuilli & Garnier from the big weekend. Garnier is something else when it comes to pulling it off live!
Dave, Ayr, Scotland

excellent show this week seb leger one of the best around , great mix
Ged Monaghan, Liverpool

Awesome Mix! Can't wait to get Bounty and Bambou!
Florian, Guetersloh in Germany

superb mix!exam revision was never so much fun!
jonathan manchester

Dang, mad good!

sick sick sick. cylo will be on everyones ibiza playlist. long live leger.
jez, lancaster

Less 'SUGAR',too many 'DOM CHIAK,DOM CHIAK'around the set...can be better Seb.
Yeo's from Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

leger is a absolute genious.

Sébastien Léger r000000xbest producer and DJ for these past few years (and ever?) ;-)thankswe love you Sébastien!
Gaetan (Belgium)

Beatiful essential mix this time.Lovely mix Mr. Leger.
Daniel - Buenos Aires

Sébastien Léger ROCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSAmazing tracks!
Junior, São Paulo

This EM was incredible! One of the best of 2008 for sure.
Joseph (Puerto Rico)

Loved it from start to finish!
Raymondo Denzayo

pure class
michael, leeds

When i hear that, i'm just proud to be french ! Brilliant mix and his new songs are superb ! Our best french dj/producer !!
Stef, Paris

sounded phat in the car on the way home from maidstone last night :-)

Can't wait.
myspace /djinertia

Nice Groove, I like a lot
ZXC - Portugal

I think Sebastien Leger should stick to his production...!!!
Mike, Sweden

this is quite possibly one of the finest mixes ive heard in a long time. im now a big big fan!!!
joe cardiff

get some more dnb essential mix's both liquid and jump up. dj hazard, sub focus, shy fx, high contrast, andy c, hype etc
charlie from bristol

Oh my oh my oh my.. French men are back...
Koki Bezri - Sweden

Amazing mix! Going to be looking out for more mistakes music label records, thanks seb for 2 hours of top class music, you're an electro genius.
Liam , Amsterdam

Seb leger Rocksssssssssss love his sound
Saxo from Holland

probably the best mix ive heard this year..possibly ever, just a great mix of everything!!!
neil, lincoln

Sébastien Léger is an absolute legend, production skills that continue to amaze me with every release.Can't wait to see him at ministry this Saturday!!Nice one Radio 1
Benjamin PIgg, Reading

Ad Japan


I have always been a fan of Seb and I loved this mix! Great track selection and very well put together! Keep up the good work Radio 1/Pete. The last few EM's have been awesome!
DomSamba, London

tight, very tight... would love to see Sébastien live some day
aaron from okinawa japan

I Thought Sebastian Leger Essential Was Good I Liked Some of His Music What He Played On This Week's Essential Mix
Timothy Wright Cheshire

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