Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

29 March 2008
Deep Dish and Cedric Gervais in Miami

Programme Intro
Eric Prydz 'Pjanoo' (Pryda)

Deep Dish
Sharam 'Be The Change (Dub)' (Yoshitoshi)
Simi 'Errore De Systeme' (CDR)
George Morel 'Let's Take... (Matt Tolfrey Remix)' (Yoshitoshi)
Sultan & Ned 'Jeopardy' (Shinichi)
Sharam 'Get Wild' (CDR)
Shonky 'Time Zero (Paul Ritch Remix)' (Freak N' Chic)
Sharam 'Kill' (CDR)
UNKLE 'Hold My Hand (Dubfire Remix)' (No Surrender)

Cedric Gervais
Stephane Luke 'Pressure' (CDR)
Boza 'Twisted Mind (Alex Celler Dub)' (Rawthentic Music)
Who's Who 'The Moon' (CDR)
George Morel And SPJ 'Lets Take... (Cedric Gervais Remix)' (Yoshotoshi)
Tocadisco 'Morumbi' (Superstar Recordings)
Jinkzilla ft Zodiac 'Man Up (Tiger Stripes Dub)' (Jinks Inc)
Delacy (Hideaway (Cedric Gervais 2008 WMC Mix)' (CDR)
Steve Lawler '21 Century Ketchup' (Sci Tek)
Dubfire and DJ Simi 'Angels Over Napoli' (CDR)

Your reviews of the mix

Kostya (Kharkov, Ukraine)
Awesome sets and great atmosphere. I want more......

Christian caruana - malta
always nice to hear something from wmc!!

Ahh That's Nice Laaadddd!

Ian, Manchester
Both mixes were absolutely out of this world, this is what EM's are all about.

Jamie, Belfast.
Outstanding essential mix - Deep Dish rocked it - glad to hear them playing more of the Dubfire style stuff - crowd in the background made it just that wee bit better too i think - cant wait to next weeks one now !

Matty p brighton uk
Top class stuff from deep dish and mr gervais. Real nice to see deep dish bk as one. I have seen both spin as a solo dj and was smashed away by both at ministry in London and by the way what a club now back to its exterme best. Yet to grace miami but will be their next yr for sure.

Steve, Edinburgh
Just sat on bus going to wrok listening to Deep Dish. Only one word to describe how belting good that was....BELTING

jaykay vic aus
yep nice real nice

what mo could you ask for. the beat is rockin! love the mix!!!!

mikey 9 new york
insane loved the show deep dish are amazig and cedric was great

Joe Bennett 18 Bristol
Wow, both Cedric Gervais and Deepdish were amazing! i agree that Get wild is a hell of a tune!

Rick, Melbourne
Cedric Gervais, what a talent, first time hearing him and I'm well impressed. Love his tunes, can't wait to get the listings, Superb!

Craig Torquay UK
Amazing mix.....Just what the show needed.You cant go wrong with Deep Dish.

Robert (NL)
Just finished listining to the Deep Dish set...dang what a piece of work. Was wondering if since their "break-up" they still got their touch...hell yeah! Looking forward to the tracklist.


Boris, Belgrade (Serbia)
Absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Keep on rocking BBC radio 1

Adam, Chicago
Best Deep Dish set I've heard in awhile.That Cedric Gervais portion was EXCELLENT and stole the show for me.Tracklisting please!

Sam Longdon From Derby
Deep Dish the set the set was awesome!! Loving the Groovy bouncy electronic beats. Can’t wait to view the track listing Keep up the good work mate.

Jay, Leeds
Deep dish are soooo bloody impressive!!!!

haz from sydney oz
deep dish ...crankin....huge set....luv ur work

Danny Cambridge
nice comments from Marc in Stuttgart!

Ra in Kazakhstan
Good quality mix's again. Great to hear. Brighten up my sunday afternoon.

OLI, Germany
What an awesome set!!!That tune at starting at approx. 22 minutes is absolutely mindblowing...Wicked!

Pseudo Society / Washington DC
This mix was the hotness. We booked Ali/Dubfire a couple of weeks ago for 6 hours and it was a ridiculously awesome show. This mix was almost as good ;)

Funk US
Deep Dish it out! Where have you been! W.M.C. Tong is there.... Out there mix. Good to hear. What more is to come?

Magnus K Swe
I loved the Deep Dish intro. I will,for sure get tinnitus this time,,with a smile on my face =D

Spinninfrog - Milwaukee, WI US
I wish I was there. Thanks for keeping me updated Radio 1.

mat reading
deep dish, awesome mix followed by a master in track selection and mixing cedric gervais, the best mix of this year so far, big up gervais!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deep Dish is the best. They are always different then other Dj's!!! I can't wait to see them on ''Exit'' festival (Serbia) this summer!!! See you there soon!!!

Souheil, Miami
One Word..... Amazing!!!! i was there and wished it would never end!!!!!!!

Cameron Daniels // Uruguay
OMGGreat DJ'S It's Gorgeous.

Stavros crazy GREECE
Hi miami mixes are the best!!!! i enjoy them all the time!!! I can't stop hearing them....

Harry..........Bathgate, Scoland Uk
WoW What a gooooooooood set by deep dish woooooooooooooow

Cedric Gervais...Deep Dish...Pete Tong...BBC1...MWC2008...---------------------------------------LOS INCREÍBLES...--------------------------------LOS GIGANTES...--------------

Chef De Party, Edinburgh
Not generally a huge fan of Deep Dish these days so i was surprised how much i enjoyed this fidgety set.rather good actually!!!

audiobuzz sunderland
deepdish exellent nice 1 radio 1.

andy, glasgow
wooooooooowwwwwwwwwww!!! spankin mixes!! bring on the summer!!

Gunter, Freiburg -Germany-
it`s a light deep @ dish =;-)keep on rockin` ....deep....

chuckybaby miami beach
WOW the best show i have seen in years thank you so much made our day this was the best pool party ever all my friends from all over came too the and radio 1 is the best !!!!! thanks to Pete tong and Cedric from all of us keep in up !!!!

AMAZING - couldn't get enough of this mix it's absolutely brilliant!-deep, dirty, intelligent.. absolutely amazing! Clap Clap Clap :)CHAO -Radio one keep up the good essential mixes. Peace

Mark, N.Ireland
Cedric - Amazing mix, rockin from start to endDeep Dish - Gods!!!!Cheers Pete for bringing us the Essential mix!!

tSot^,leVadeia gReece
definetely the best esSential mix 4 2008

hital dhokia leicester uk
Yes Yes boys i dont think miami knows what hit them. this is what you call top class stuff perfection say no more. enjoy.

good job pete! good job deep dish!
Manu , Romania

Ob , London
uve got bodyyy uve got styleeee, lets get willddd..huge EM, what a set from Cedric Gervais, huge lets wait for the tracklist!!

Ravelizard Norway
sick!! love how they just kicked the set off with that fat bass!!

Vasil, Bulgaria
FREAKIN' Good episode of Essential Mix Deep Dish PWNS keep up yo !

Apaulo Greene! Letterkenny, IRL
OH MY GOD. Deep Dish : the definition of perfection!!!!!! We love you Sharam and Dubfire! (youve got body,youve got style) Big love for Cedric too, of course, wat an atmosphere. God Bless Petes Pool Parties. Long live Radsio1. Miami WMC here I come 2009. NICE!

Timothy Wright Cheshire
I Thought Both Live Essential Mix'es Was Exellent Live At Miami Winter Conference 2008

Jake 14 U.K
Hi the W.M.C was good i loved the mixes and all the new tunes Keep it up tongy

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