Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

16 February 2008
Hernan Cattaneo

(Programme Intro Music) Hernan Cattaneo & John Tinks ‘Anime (Sequential Remix)’ (Urbantorque)

(Mix Intro) Kraftwerk ‘La Forme (King Of The Mountains Mix By Hot Chip)’ (EMI)
Kimouts ‘Down To Earth’ (Buzzin Fly)
Martin Buttrich ‘Stoned Autopilot’ (Planet E)
Code Talkers ‘Its Amazing’ (Fade Records)
Ralph Falcon ‘The Dig (Radio Slave Remix)’ (Renaissance)
The Jinks ‘Man Up (Tiger Stripes Dub)’ (Jinks Inc Records)
Kenny Hawkes & David Parr ‘The Boobytrap’ (Arcobaleno)
Mario Zar & Marco Berto ‘Infrared (Presslaboys Mix)’ (Viva Music)
Thomas Schwartz ‘Jupiter Caliing’ (The Clubbers)
Mos ‘Zero’ (CDR)
Chymera ‘The Pillar In My Heart’ (Tishomingo)
Kosmas Epsilon ‘Wild Beach’ (Soul Glow)
Hernan Cattaneo & John Tonks ‘Anime (Rocco Dub Remix)’ (Urbantorque)
Hernan Cattaneo & John Tonks ‘Anime (Rocco Main Remix)’ (Urbantorque)
Torro Remote ‘Prog100’ (CDR)
Julien Parise ‘A5b’ (Imprime Records)
Gel Abril ‘Your Face Is A Mess (Deetron Remix)’ (Be As One)
Underworld ‘Beautiful Burnout (Julio Torres Mix)’ (CDR)
Chemical Brothers ‘The Test (Daneel Bootleg Remix)’ (CDR)
Applescal ‘Joey's Mouse’ (Groovecollection Records)

Your reviews of the mix

Alex, NYC
Immense. More of this please. Be cool to see Hernan get more airplay here.Would also like to see Neil Quigley & The Timewriter do nice showcases too.

Mike Calgary Canada
I give this mix a 4/5. Good mixing, alright track selection.

Andy B - London
Very early in the year but you will be hard pushed for any DJ to beat this mix no matter what genre. Truely amazing from Mr Cattaneo, much more if this please

Marcos from Cordoba Argentina
Emotive Introspective Intriguing Inspiration Hopefullness Moving and Empower set by Hernan Cattaneothanks

Manuel Cedeno
Hernan is the man. Nuff said.

Haziel - Los Angeles
A masterpiece the 2 hours of the whole mix where marvelous , I've been waiting for a mix like this all year long so far the best mix ive heard , 20 amazing tracks that just blow your mind , thanks maestro!!!!

it has been a while since skol beats and I got really happy when I knew that for the first time he was going to have an essential mix only for him and i also knew he wouldnt let me down and i wasnt wronglistening to cattaneo is always a pleasure....amazing mix

Guido J, buenos aires
Kimouts "Down to Earth", the king of moonpark!!

Louis, Paris France
Frais, c'est très très frais... enfin

Great mix from Hernan, enjoyed it!!

nm, leicester
Hernan is one of the few guys left that is still playing as tongy described "lush" house music (nick warren is another that comes to mind). the stuff that send tingles up your spine and brings a smile to your face! i have stayed away from essential mixes for ages cause they arent as good as the legendary sets by diggers, sasha et al.however, this mix had me looking forward in great anticipation and hernan sure as hell didnt fail to deliver. true classic prog style. beautiful!the only drawback being that he has slipped in small doses of the (in my opinion) awful minimal electro hash here and there! guess ill just have to live with it!Well done Hernan for reminding us of what progressive house music is all about! i wish sasha and digweed would go back to playing stuff like this!

Woody, Chester le St
Belta - best mix this year

J, Northern Virginia, USA
Looks like Jim Morrison, sounds like Heaven.

Stro, Manassas, VA, USA
An excellent journey with a killer finale.

Solo.... GRACIAS !!!!

Famazing thats all i have to say just Famazing :)

John, manchester
fantastic remix from the living legend hernan great deep house fanks radio1

damian, distrito federal
A very good mix from the latin king.Hernan's new track is amazing and the Chemical brothers and Underworld remixes are grrrreat!!!Thanks Cattaneo and Radio 1 for this two hours of sonical pleasure.Damian

It's the 3th time that I hear this essential mix ... HERNAN CATTANEO IS EXCELLENT!!!!! His work always make me dream ;) ...Thanks for this GREAT MIX!!!!!!!!!!!! =)) friendly greetings BBC!

oh my God is great a mix, you are the best Hernan Cattaneo

Diogo Simon Ramos, Santa Catarina, Brazil
like Pete Tong says in occasions like thatLEGENDARY ESSENTIAL MIXMASTER Hernan, Far Beyond...

a nomad monk, anguilla, west indies

wayne leeds
this guy just keeps getting better.saw him at creamfields in 1999 and he was fantastic.keep up the good work

Sam, Northampton
Sexy. Top marks!

Neil from Bath
very impressive, more please

tr uk
great mix! good job hernan! ;)

Marco V. Bologna Italy
fantastic mix:):):):)):): wow

Tokyoite, Oslo
the man has yet to deliver a poor mix!excellent tracks too. nice one.

A superb mix from a superb DJ!!

Marius, Kaunas, Lithuania
Thats what i'm talking about!!!!!!!!

Mario, Germany
As always Hernan delivered another amazing mix,for me he is one of the best DJs out there..... thank you radio 1 for giving him a 2 hour slot this time!!!

just keep rocking... best music, best dj-hernan

Diego -Costa Rica
Increible , the best!!

Mr. Hernan is, as always, top notch. Excellent progressive. The energy never stops in this mix. I can't wait 'til he gets back out to the Rockie Mountains for one more set. It's only been once before. Keep 'em comin' Hernan.

@stral, Bulgaria
Very emotional with tons of real music.Once again Hernan made first class mix.

Di Keller Melbourne Australia
Absolutely amazingly good. I can't see anyone doing any better this year. It was so worth the wait. Beautifully constructed , meticulously played with than wonderful Hernan sound. A joy.!!

matias from mar del plata, argentina
i am proud of hernan he is 100% argentinian like the hand of god!!!!!!viva cattaneo

Steve, Los Angeles CA
Great mix. Kept me in it throughout...this will be my soundtrack for work this week...

Astranaut man - Orbiting the earth
This mix will take you to the nether regions of your imagination. Incredible from start 2 finish !Julien parise 'A5b' the icing on the cake ! whos da man hernan :-)


AO Melb
Another well controlled and groovy mix from hernan, very enjoyable. It made my weekend :)

Ariel, Buenos Aires
Great DJ & Producer. Amazing set... GO HERNAN!!!!!!

Drew TO CA
Awesome mix, good to see the chemical brothers gettin high-end playtime ;D

mariano - argentina
amazing, like old times, a big sensation.-

Matt, San Francisco
I always look forward to a Cattaneo set! Good blend of tracks, not sure I would label the set as deep house, but close enough I guess.

Laurent, Biarritz
Hernan never dissapoints...he's still one of the best dj's around

John O'keeffe Lincoln
Another fantastic mix by (in my eyes)the finest progressive DJ in the world. Nice one Hernan!

Emanuel B
SIIII groso HERNAN!!!desde ARGENTINA!! WOW!!!A really great mix!!! =)

johnny vancouver
Only recently have I been introduced to hernan's music. LOVE love love it, thankyou!

Hernan, Buenos Aires, Argentina
The best of the best!Great mixing as always, thank you Pete for giving me such a present.

Amazing mix, hernan at his best, thanks bbc for inviting him, and lets hope his next show will come sooner

Uncle Jeff, Northampton
this mix is rockin'!!!!!

Fer, Cordoba, Argentina
Armin Van Who????? Hernan shows once again he is a living legend in electronic history, Digweed N1, Hernan N2, Sasha N3, anything else is just in another category. Gracias Hernan!


gaz dundee
been looking forward to this mix for a while, if its anything like his sets on metro dance radio we are in for a treat!!!

Axpam SPB Russia
Good, fun and little housy...

Diego (Buenos Aires)

calypso, oxford
What can I say about this? Music for the grown-ups. Teens beware!

Speka - Buenos Aires, ARG
this is magic, this is life, this is progressive

Pete - London
He`s a blooming legend. Delivers everytime Ive heard him, best mix in a long time.

Richard.E - Manchester (UK)
Hernan comes out all guns blazin'... Just immense progressive House. Nothin' more, nothin' less. R1 you made me a very happy teddy indeed with this Essential Mix. Reeeeeeeeeeeespect!

Awesome mix from one of the great DJs of our time. Loved it.

Milo, Melbourne AU
Loved this mix. Hernan's track selection, timing and patience put him into the elite category of DJ's. He finds music and builds masterpieces. It is his art. Great get Radio 1.

sorin from romania
great mix once again from hernan

Guido, Buenos Aires, Argentina
I was completyely stunned by this mix, an incredible flow, amazing mixes and one of the best quality of music Ive heard in a long time, GRACIAS HERNAN!

jd istanbul
wicked wicked wicked deep house served up south american style large portions

Peter, Slovenia
wooow nice set

Andy - Stoke on Trent
At last,Radio 1 get the best Progreesive Housedj,Thanks guys,Best Essential Mix of the year.It was awesome....

djfoxy - ibiza...
deep & chunky... Wicked 2 hrs!

Rasha Adelaide - Australia

the great essential mix ever!!!!!

Mark Ostheimer, Kent
Oh my word this man is a genius!! Perfect every single time!! Pure brilliance!!

spencer: Cincinnati, OHIO
smooth, nice rise, then head nod. transitions as always are elite, the next level is in sight, looking for Hernan to return to Chicago soon!

Sven, Slovakia
Hernan Cattaneo is one of my favourite djs. The essential was mighty!

carlos madeiro, mexico city
Superb mix from CattaneoOne of the best from him

Rob, Shanghai
I've been looking forward to this mix for a while and it didnt disappoint. Well impressed!!

BlUe MoOnShInE miami
This is why he is a master .....hope to see him here in miami for the w.m.c.2008 see ya

Alicia, USA
I can't wait to hear Hernan's set! We are highly anticipating his Essential Mix tonight (tomorrow here in the west coast US) and tracklist. We love you Hernan! Thank you BBC for bringing him back. Cheerio.

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