Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

9th February 2008
Mark Brown

Hour 1 - A Journey Through Classics
Cevin Fisher ‘The Freaks Comes Out (Acapella) (Subversive)
Ubu ‘Pixels (Acapella)’ (Shaboom)
Stardust ‘Music Sounds Better With You (Acapella)’ (Roule)
Ministers De Le Funk ‘Believe (Acapella)’ (Subliminal)
HCCR Feat Jessica Eve ‘What Happened (Acapella)’ (Bambossa)
Ruffneck Feat Yavani ‘Everybody (Wants To Be Somebody) (Acapella)’ (MAW)
Black Science Orchestra ‘New Jersey Deep’ (JBO)
S Man ‘Time To Stop (Re-Edit)’(Hardtimes)
Ken Lou (What A Sensation) (MAW)
Josh One ‘Contemplation (King Britt Remix)’ (Electromatrix)
Aztec Mystic ‘Knights Of The Jaguar (Leon Roberts Edits) (UR)
Harry & Alex ‘So Lonely (Exclusive Demo Mix)’ (Bambossa)
Thomas Bangalter ‘Spinal Scratch’ (Roule)
Scott Grooves ‘Mothership Re-Connection (Daft Punk Remix)‘ (Virgin)
Alan Braxe & Fred Falke ‘Intro’ (Roule)
Thick Dick ‘Insatiable’ (Sondos)
Nu Yourican Soul ‘Runaway (Mongaloids In Space Remix)’ (Talkin Loud)
X-Press 2 ‘Muzzik’ (JBO)
Alcatraz ‘Gimmme Love’ (Yoshitoshi)
Eric Prydz ‘Slammin’ (Credence)

Hour 2 – The Journey Continues
Spencer Parker ‘Romantic’ (Re-Kids)
Down Seq ‘Down Seq’ (Down Seq 001)
Steve Mac & Mark Brown ‘Bells Of Brighton (Popoff Remix)’ (Cr2)
Harry ‘Choo Choo’ Romero & Jose Nunez ‘Monkeys’ (CDR)
Steve Angello & Laidback Luke ‘Be (Vocal Version)’ (CDR)
Bastian Heerhorst ‘Aquavit’ (Suchtresflex)
Arno Cost ‘Souveniers’ (Cr2)
Steve Angello ‘Unknown’ (CDR)
Deadmau5 ‘Not Alone’ (Mou5etrap)
Mark Brown Feat Sarah Cracknell ‘The Journey Continues (Rob Da Bank & Chris Coco Remix)’ (Cr2 / Positiva)

Your reviews of the mix

Congratulations on your success Mark loved the mix particularly the retrospective. I second what Pippa suggested if you ever get the time.
Adi, Nuneaton

GREAT MEMORIES... all you need is to go next dore and hear JFK... those were the days
tye leicester

Nu Yourican Soul ‘Runaway (Mongaloids In Space Remix)’ is THE best song to have blaring out of a ghetto blaster, as you walk across a beach in Cornwall between frisbee sessions, with the sun shining down and a mind vaguely scrambled on beer and green. Bliss
Nizm, Niztopia

Unbelievably unimaginative and awful. Hernan should be good though
Steve from Sheffield

The second hour is amazing...
Sebastian, Miami

so supakool i'm freezing , very chilled yet bouncy.....yeah bouncy :)
joni b snowdonia

First hour was great everyone was playing the "where were you when you first heard this song" game. A lot of good memories. Looking forward to hearing more from Mark.
Baby Dave: Las Vegas-USA

Amazing !!!thanks Mark
mackov, Cracow

exellent mix, 2008 mixes have been a bit boring up to now. its a good to have a classic set more of them please em. the 2008 mix was out of this world
john, middlesbrough

brings back some cool memories of the mid 90's....awsome.

An excellent mix! Well done Mark.
Jon from Liverpool

E-DizzleIf you turned it off after 11 mins then why bother posting a comment? Would you go to a club and leave after 11 mins?The first hour is a retrospective of what inspired this guy. The second hour is the future. Do not be so narrow minded. You are obviously not 'house'.
Will Smith Newcastle

Great mix. Loved the combination of old and new stuff. I am really liking all the Deadmau5 stuff at the moment. Bring on Hernan for next week...
Dan from Sheffield

C : ), S.EAST

Excellent EM! a well needed break from the recent rubbish.Oh and 'Baraket' - Go home if you dont like it. Or if not at least stop moaning about it.

Boooooring mate!!(at least the first 45min)No offense but Come on! Bring on some more creativity and originality! I don't like hearing repetitive filler! That stuff kills this genre IMHO. KILLS IT! Spice it up and keep it changing. And bring in more for random places. I like it when DJs can mix music from all over, time and taste wise, old and new. Be adventurous! But still....much respect..Long live the essential mix!
Andrew in Bitter Cold Chicago

This Mix Definetly Brings back the great memories i had on the dancefloor dancing to these tunes,Keep banging!!!
Ricardo Sandoval San Antonio Tx U.S.A

Absolutely fantastic man. Loving the first hour of the mix. Only thing I would have played different is 'Welcome to the Jungle' By Thick Dick instead of 'Inatiable'. Nit piccking though. Love that Josh One track. Works for me every time! Keep the faith! i haven't heard the second hour yet but i'm looking forward to it!
Will Smith

Yo!!!!!!!!!! long time ago I haven't heard good mix. Awesome mix !!! Next week Hernan Cattaneo I hope it will be awesome mix also =)
Tomas Chicago


I made it about 11 minutes - then shut it looks like it gets better a little bit further in. Just seemed very contrived. Also what's with Pete and the gang "asking Mark to put together a journey for us..." Do they often submit requests to the EM DJ's?I'll listen the whole way through and if it gets any better, I'll fix my comment. Can't wait for Hernan next week!;)
E dizzle - San Diego

A beautiful set, top to bottom. Hope to hear him play live.
Adam from Opera Montreal

For crying out loud i've only been in the country for a week and i'm already tired of the music, when are you going have Marc Houle, Magda or even Paco Osuna on the essential mix. Minimal 4 life
Baraket, London

absoloute class.... got giddy from the tracklisting!! first hour classics galore
Paul Leeds

amazing mixing, quality classic tunes and good new music, this is essential mix is all about. "down seq" was my favourite and amazing to hear what a sensation - one of lucianos biggest weapons too !!! RESPECT TO MARK BROWN
hiya, tokyo

Exelent selection of classic tunes !!Hour 2 makme flow with the tune before of "Mark Brown Feat Sarah Cracknell"Its new remix of Deadmau5 or is incorrent name? Really good essential !!

fantastic mix!
simon, leeds

the 2nd hour is mint... love the last transitions style mix towards the end!
Seamus, Manchester

This guy is a genius!! Watch out Pete, hes hot on your heels.............Brilliant!!
Yvonne in Telford Shropshire

Haven't been here for so long... nice mix.
calypso, oxford

1ST hour totally up my street, more of this!
Gav, Liverpool

AWESOME EM DUDE!!!!I do miss the good ol days of the 90's in the back room at PASSION rocking to best double act since the 2 Ronnies. LONG LIVE The MYNC.
Mike - Whitwick

Its hard to choose between the classics and the future classics. Really cool to hear some of the old tracks still sounding as fresh now as they always have. The journey really is going to continue for a long time to come on this evidence.
Christian in Sydney

I thought this was an great EM. I will certainly be listening to it again in the coming week
Hammy, Edinburgh

Congratulations on the Big Time, Younghead. Thanks for taking us back to those heady Red Room Sessions days, how about throwing a retrospective of RRS night for old times sake?!
Philippa Phirefly, East Midlands

very chill set
nate, atlanta g.a.

Absolutely Awesome. take it back to the old skool!Long Live RedRoom Sessions! Thanks for the memories Mark.Excellent new sound and mix.
Andy Coalville

Totally phat 1st hour, had me bopping in my room all night. Impressive, respect.
Dan, Chester.

this was a journey into musical sublimity!
Fenix in Vancouver Canada

Hot stuff!!
Danny from Dudley

Nice one,lot off familiar stuff...
martijn, amsterdam Holland

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