Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

2nd February 2008

Benga – ‘B4 The Dual’ (TEMPA)
Benga – ‘Urban Fox’
Benga & Ld – ‘Ld Project’
Seven – ‘Siren’ (TEMPA)
Benga – ‘Crunked Up’)(TEMPA)
Skream – ‘Filth’
Benga – ‘Twister’ (TEMPA)
Jakes – ‘2 Steps Backwards’ (Benga Vip)
Benga- ‘Drums West’ (TEMPA)
Coki – ‘Luxor’
Magnetic Man – ‘Eclipse’
Benga – ‘Assumptions Remix’ (Ringo)
Skream – ‘Oi Come Here Soon’
Benga – ‘26 Basslines’ (TEMPA)
Benga – ‘Trips’ (TEMPA)
Benga & Walsh – ‘Addicts’
Benga Feat. Dynamite Mc – ‘True Sound’
Skream – ‘Untitled’
Benga – ‘The Cut’ (TEMPA)
Benga – ‘Out Of Phaze’ (TEMPA)
Benga – ‘Technology’
Benga & Coki – ‘Night‘ (TEMPA)
Benga & Coki – ‘Night Artwork Refix’
Benga – ‘Mixed Signals’
Benga – ‘Industrial Problem’
Benga – ‘Pleasure’ (TEMPA)
Distance – ‘Victim Support’
Benga – ‘Musto’
Benga – ‘Feel No Better’
Skream – ‘Wionky’
Faithless – ‘Insomnia’ [Benga Remix]
Skream - Late For Holland
Benga & Walsh – ‘Bassface’
Benga – ‘Serial Numbers’
Coki – ‘Roadrage’
Benga – ‘80's Electro’
Skream – ‘Kinky’
Skream – ‘Tek A Pill’ (TEMPA)
Benga – ‘Benga's Off His Head’
Benga – ‘Creational’
Skream – ‘Wobble That Gut’ (TEMPA)
Benga – ‘Mind The Gap’
Skream – ‘Simple City’
Benga – ‘New Tone’
Coki – ‘Triple 6‘
Benga – ‘Air’ (TEMPA)
Geiom – ‘Remenissin' You’ [Skream Remix]
Skream – ‘Chestboxing Remix’ [Benga Remix]
Klaxons – ‘It Aint Over Yet’ [Skream Remix]
Benga – ‘Back To Singles’
Magnetic Man – ‘Is Everything Cool’
Magnetic Man – ‘Glitches’

Your reviews of the mix

unrealll mix
sam, london

This is a really dope mix. Its great to hear more dubstep.
Graeme - Edmonton

Takin' over the airwaves for 2008 & beyond! The fastest growing & developing music around; it's evolution @ its finest. Big up to all bassheadz & creators (that goes for you too, Benga:-) NJoy LIFE
Seizjah, Johnstown, PA

This is the direction of the now! Soooo Freeeaassssshh.Made in England.
Equal-i Brighton

Big Up Benga! Good mix and he played Night! Get Kode9 on soon please!
Vaz, Leeds

Benga's the one, this mix is deep
Deepak .

another 1 dubstep essential, big it Benga!Big producer!
funkym8, Kyiv, UK-raine

BBC repping dubstep from the start! Good work
Alex Deadman - Sheffield

lovely wobbly stuff from Benga.can't wait to see this guy live!
Jonathan Manchester

Love this mix benga is sick.

spooks, bristol

Another fine EM after last week Luciano' Supershow. Really good one :) I personally had no experience in the dubstep genre, but I really enjoyed it, although at times I felt like I wanted the rhythm to burst in some d'n'b business :). Benga's set was able to be slow and deep and fast and energizing in the same time... I personally like that EM a lot more than the typical house EM, so thumbs up for some more dubstep! :)

pffft... wudda liked more variety in a 2 hour mix. So many Benga tunes in there. Good job hes a sick producer, but still..
James, Sheffield

Good to see he played a wide selection of artists. Isn't this promotion for his own tracks - very disappointing you allow this E.M
Ian, Wigan

F****** amazing beats from BENGA . Got me dancing for 2 hours Non-Stop.

I love the reggae/dub, but the dubstep are good vibe pure!!!big up Benga! great mix , also the debut album........
bernardUb, México DF

tooooo big!!!!
Jon in Hackney

whatttttttttt freaking luv that sh#! yo never ever heard proper dub step yo thats dope!!freaking funky!!!bigups to BENGA!!!
tony in tampa floorida

Pure essential!
Tranquera (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Gup @ Haarlem

Complete nonsense

a massive mix from benga as per usual and a big look for him as a producer/DJ in the future, best of luck to him
Luke Warren - London


Hi, i really enjoyed this EM, some tracks were good but the ones by Benga were just noise - sort it out radio1
Kim Richardson, Derby

great mix benga & coki mix brilliant
Paul , Perth Australia

good mix but too much uk-garage, dubstep and drum n bass in 2008 so far. more house, minimal and techno!!! See Ya!!!
Mario from Germany

I Like Dubstep Music And I'm Glad I Stayed To Hear Benga He Is My Hero And Great
Timothy Wright Chesire

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