Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

19 January 2008

Roni Size & Reprazent ‘Down’ Re-Edit (Universal)
TC & DMinds ‘Jump’ VIP (D Style)
TC & DMinds ‘Jump’ (D Style)
Krust ‘Warhead’ TC Remix (V)
Sigma (Re-Lick) ‘Music Box’ (V)
Lynx ‘Diso Do Do’ (Creative Source)
Clipz & Die ‘Indian Summer’ (Clear Skyz)
Clipz ‘Push It Up’ TC Remix (Audio Zoo)
Brookes Brothers ‘F Zero’ (BBK)
Eddie K ‘Stinkbox’ (Stereotype)
Clipz ‘Off Line’ (Audio Zoo)
DMinds & Hazard ‘Mr Happy’ (Playaz)
TC ‘Get That Girl’ (D Style)
High Contrast ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Hospital)
TC Feat Jakes ‘Raise The Roof’ (D Style)
Xample ‘Get Out Of Cause (Ram)
Brookes Brothers and Future Bound ‘Dawn Treader’ (BBK)
Sub Focus ‘Druggy’ (Ram)
Die ‘Slowburn’ (Clear Skyz)
TC ‘Soul Time’ (D Style)
Nu Tone ‘Missing Link VIP’ (Hospital)
TC Feat Carolyn ‘I Love You Baby’ (D Style)
Lomax ‘Artizan VIP’ (Bounce)
Commix ‘Be True’ (Metalheadz)
Unknown ‘Bass Too Dark’ (Metailheadz)
TC ‘Ho’ (DStyle)
Commix Feat Steve Spacek ‘How Ya Gonna Feel’ (Metalheadz)
Pendulum ‘Propane’ (Ear Storm)
Sub Focus ‘Time Warp’ (Ram)
TC ‘Space Animals’ (D Style)
Bass Line Smith & Drum Sound ‘Harder’ (Technique)
Ed Rush & Optical ‘Bacteria’ Pendulum Remix (Virus)
Nu Tone ‘System’ (Hospital)
Hazard ‘Hero’ (Ganja)
Taxman ‘Scan Darker’ (Ganja)
Xample ‘Down Low’ (Ram)
TC ‘Where’s My Money' Clipz Remix (D Style)
Die & Westbeech ‘Reasons Why’ (Clear Skyz)
Bass Face Sascha ‘International Sound’ (Stereotype)
TC Feat. Jakes ‘Deep VIP’ (D Style)
TC ‘Texaco Garage’ (D Style)
TC Feat. Jakes ‘Drink’ Xample Remix (D Style)
TC ‘Rockstar’ (D Style)
TC ‘Game Over’ (D Style)
Andy C & Shimon ‘Screamer’ (Ram)
TC & Sub Focus ‘Borrowed Time VIP’ (D Style)
Shy FX ‘Rah G Dub Remix’ (Digital Soundboy)
D Minds & Hazard ‘Ho Bass’ (D Style)
Neo ‘Back Like That Bootleg (White)
DJ Friction ‘3RD Degree Gurns’ (White)
Jakes ‘Swerve’ (D Style)
Roni Size & Reprazent ‘Down’ Re-Edit (Universal)
TC ‘Where’s My Money' Jakes Remix (D Style)

Your reviews of the mix

That Dico Dodo tune packs one hell of a punch!Great stuff... loved it
TallRog Wroclaw, Poland

quality mix, be true by commix is one of the dnb tracks of the year 2007
Ben, London

The same as all of his sets banging buut nothing special. Not good enough to be on essential though,theres tons of better djs. Hes more of a producer
wez - uk

TC kills it... big up... more DNB pete... we need more DNB
john thompson, florida


Where's My Money - Jakes Remix is huge. Big up to TC - great mix which also represents what's happening in d&b clubs right now.
Robyn, Bath

We could not expect less from d main man TC.Essential mix always hit the mark with only d best djs,and now is TC turn. Props 2 u...
Dj Baul, Puerto Rico

We could not expect less from d main man TC.Essential mix always hit the mark with only d best djs,and now is TC turn. Props 2 u...
Dj Baul, Puerto Rico


One ell of a set.. .kept me well awake till sun up lol :P ...hope to see TC in escape into the park
chrissie jenkz........CIMLA ... .NEATH

Not Important

know who deserves an essential mix? Nick SentienceA fully accomplished DJ, with 2 album releases, many special appearances on Frantic Euphoria, live shows recorded for Galaxy FM, most notably the Tidy Weekender(without a doubt the #1 dance event in the world, minus the fact its held in wales of all places).Also a string of high profile remixes including faithless' 'we come 1',& Storm's 'time to burn'.more recently has released a brilliant album 'Dance Planet' and has updated re-worked tracks of Strange world and Carte Blanche.i think he should be featured with his own essential mix this year.
N. Ireland hard dance

Get Lee Haslam back for another Essential mix, about time he featured again, true pioneer of hard dance

Alex James - you're just a little bit judgmental really aren't you? Or just plain mental? Your vitriolic response doesn't even make sense - if you hate hoodies, surely you love DNB as it give hoodies something to do other than stand around in the street making the view from your net curtains look untidy. People love DNB because it is the best music to dance to - go to a jungle night and be amazed by the energy filling the room when the DJ drops a heavy tune. By dancing I do mean dancing - you probably think dancing is trying to look innocuous and not spilling your drink whilst swaying around a bit to some bland mainstream house. Get a life - stop judging people based on your small minded prejudices, and open your mind to every possibility out there (like that not every hoody is a child with mental or emotional problems, and that mixes by DJs outside the world top 10 are occasionally worth listening to too). TC's mix is good, varied, but not really dark enough for my tastes. But then I think Ed Rush and Optical's 'Wormhole' is the best dance album ever (yes, even better than Leftield)
Nizm, Niztopia

Not my kind of thing at all, but each to their own. Any chance of hearing Bart Claessens or Giuseppe Ottaviani? Thanks radio1!
Keith De Lucci, Portadown, Northern Ireland

TC is the MAN!!! I absolutely love his stuff!! WOOP WOOP!!
Ian Merchant, Bristol

oh ya baby d&b in the house!!!
chris maher bristol!!!

no more drum and bass please EM bring on Luciano.
arran from london

cant hear it my school filterd it :( lol

@ Jay, UK - its neo - back like dat ( marky & bungle remix ). awesome tune...
Alex, UK

Sorry but this is shockingly bad. The mixing and transitions from one style of drum n bass to another are terrible. It's a shame really...
Alex Derby

hi it's amaizing mix!i loved it:)is any chance to see live dj tc live?!around east midlands or london please let's me know cheers d'n'b non stop!!!!!!!!!on the top!!
krysto leicester

Bang on mix from one of my favourite d&b artists. Love the dubstep at the end.
Jeff from Southampton

TC set was HEAVY! By the way TC, can you send me some money to replace my speakers after listening to your set!
DJ Switch from Luton

Has he got enough of his own tunes in there?
Ed, Oxford

Joe ( Boulder, Colorado, US)

We want elecronic music, not Drum & bass! a joachim garraud mix please!!!
JMS, London

Hells to the yeah.
Stephen TX, USA

Oh my god, look at this tracklist!!! Can't wait to listen Back!
chris Sydney

It's good to see different genres getting played on Essential Mix. Especially since I'm sick of the typical commercial electro.
John from Melbourne, Australia

amazing show best show so far dnb so good.
Paul Healy Perth, Australia

TC killed it!! BOH BOH BOH
SERR in New York

that EM was ok, good mixing. But i am not that into DnB. bring on Luciano!
Nat from Fife, Scotland

uninspiring mixing...far 2 mashed together with no clear direction and the sounds of what are good tracks collide over the top of each other too muchunimpressive for such a good producer
toby, london

I'm loving this mix, gets pretty hectic in the second half!
Vaz from Leeds, UK

awesome drum and bass from one of the best jump up dj's around at the mo
Rikki Humphrey, Wrexham

Dubstepraver BP Hungary

Jacksta Perth Australia

It was great. I'm trying to figure out what the tune that sounds like "Shorty what did you think when I put you down" is. Where did this TC guy come from? This mix has given me the inspiration to go make some music of my own.
Jay, UK

Tomi Bristol

Quality Mix!!!!!!!!!!
Alan Tinsley, Liverpool UK

This is what DnB is all about.I saw TC live at the Custard Factory befor leaving the uk and it was stunnin'. The guy is a talent.
Dave in Melbourne

great d&b mix I realy feel it...
Adrian, San Juan. PR

I loved every minute of it, TC'S one of my favorite producers and this mix is in my opinion, the best Essential Mix of 2008! Great mixing that takes your ears on a journey through many styles of DNB including some wicked dubstep vibes to end the mix,brilliant!
Chocolate Chicago, USA

Drum and bass is for idiotic hoody morons. Children with mental and emotional problems. Rubbish. Grow up. Come on ES get back with the programme.
Alex James, Bromley, Kent

freaking great mix!!!he really gave you a journey of all styles of drumandbass bigups tc boh!!!!
tony in floorida

legendary set made my 4am start a lot easier cruzing up the m1 in my truck was actually enjoyable TC "wheres my MONEY!!!" was crazy
Jason Gage Banbury


I Thought TC'S Drum & Bass Essential Mix Was Smart I Like Drum & Bass Music
Timothy Wright Cheshire

Hot, hot drum'n'bass set, that's real. As TC said it was a journey,AN INCREDIBLE JOURNEY.........KEEP IT UP!!!!
RT, Russia

what an absolute legend, heard a tc tune on pendulums essential mix last year and was hooked! so excited for this one
david, sweden

my stereo exploded at a third minute
Sasha, Donetsk Ukrane

Awesome mixset.DnB one of the hottest kind of music. For sure better than the usual minimal/electro or what they call house in days years.
Phoenix 'Lo - (Italy)

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