Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

24th November

Einmusik 'Tisoca' (Italic)
Jitzu & Sire G 'Cyclette' (Austin)
Tiger Stripes 'Survivor' (Get Physical Music)
Daley Padley & Chris Special 'Electro Is Dead [Kamo Remix]' (Noir Music)
Kolombo & Compuphonic 'Anzimatter' (Turbo Recordings)
Marc Antona 'Vitamin D' (Micro Fibres)
Gold Ryan & Tapesh 'Collapse' (Timbe)
Tiefschwarz 'No More Trouble [Turntablerocker Remix]' (Souvenir Music)
London Kleer 'Bias' (Parallel 125)
Marc Romboy & Gui Boratto 'Unknown [Eurasia Fae & Luciana Vilanova Gus' S Version]' (Systematic)
Tommy Declerque 'I Don't Know' (Jesus Loved You)
Kaliber 'Kaliber 15 EP – B1' (Kaliber)
Marcel Thompson 'They Call Me Superman' (Rakija1)
Marc Depulse 'Antres' (Play With Us)
Phil Kieran 'Again To The End' (Flying Cabbage)
Goldfish 'Panic [Jochen Trappe Remix]' (Hifreaks)
James Mowbray & Leiam Sullivan 'Tropical Neights' (Four: Twenty Recordings)
Gabriel Ananda 'Doppelwhipper [Jason Emsley Remix]' (Platzhirsch Schallplatten)
Beroshima 'Horizon [Pig & Dan Remix]' (Cocoon Recordings)
Mathias Kaden 'Rhytma' (Vakant)
Dubfire 'Emission' (Minus)
Cat'z'dogz 'Fixation' (Dirty Bird)
Logistic Soundz 'Crazy People [D-Nox & Beckers Rmx]' (Plastic Park)
Funkwerkstatt 'Jack The Box' (Superfancy Recordings)
D Ramirez & Meat Katie 'Stop The Revolution [Dubfire Remix]' (White Label)
Johnny Fiasco 'Hijacked [Audiojack Rmx]' (Control Recordings)
Oliver Hunteman 'Goldener Handschuh' (Confused 71)
Giorgio Preciozo & Libex 'Contagious' (Kingdome Come Cuts)
Adam K 'I Can Feel' (Hotbox Digital)
Minilogue 'Ghost' (Mole Electronic)
Drumcell & Audio Injection 'Bottle Opener' (Droid Records)
Christian Smith & John Selway 'Walk The Walk' (Sino)
Fergie 'Senderon' (White Label)
Andre Crom 'Tomographie [Spektree Remix]' (Heimat Melodie)
Jens Bond 'Consequenceremix Skoozbot' (Imigrant Recordings)
Steve Lawler 'Courses For Horses' (Renaissance)
Daley Padley & Chris Specia 'Electro Is Dead [Kim Fai's Deadline Remix]' (Noir Music)
Bastian Heerhosrt 'Marathon [Tocadisco Remix]' (Envy My Music)
Tomy Declerque 'F Sonik' (Pleasant Noise)
Velkro & Ido Ophir 'Warehouse' (Sprout)
Marc O'Tool 'Sinner In Me' (Mauritius Music)
D-Nox & Beckers 'Step Out' (Electribe)
Andrew Technique 'Fresh Remix' (Circle Music)

Your reviews of the mix

absolutely fantastic,umek's sound has progressed magnificantly.
bada bing,belfast

eastern europe at its finest seen him twice unreal if have the chance, grab it by the kuhunas!!
aaron fox lurgan

Mindblowing mix, an excellent complement to Adam Beyer's mix this time last year. Quite possibly gonna have my EM of 2007 vote.
Nick - Oxford

Great job, he can do better! :)
Mario from Slovenia

Best Mix Of THe Year!
Richard UK

WOWWWWWW!! probably one of the best essential mix of this year, it really blew my mind.. awesome set, hope to see him around here shortly.
André from Lima, Perú

Not sure why there are no comments - but if there were, I would suspect 98% would say that this is an insane it is...
Steve, Los Angeles

At last! An essential mix from the legend that is Umek! Quality from start to finish, excellent tune selection and tight mixing! The essential mix needs more music like this!
Gatex Parts Unknown

Umek rox!! :D Very nice and melodic mix... Umek for president!! hehe
matija Slovenia

One of the best EM`s i`ve ever heard..Umek rocks \:D/
Gabriel , Romania

an insanely good essential mix, pulsating and unrelentingbrilliant stuff!
toby, london

Great EM as usual, really enjoyed UMEK!
Synkboy, Northern Ireland

Amazing amazing mix! it is the best mix i've heard in a long time. only if south african radio was like this!!!( and all the time!!!)
Gary Mc Clean, South Africa

Umek, great of the best i have ever heard from you.nice
Grega, Slovenia

Never heard of this guy (forgive the US-based ignorance) but thought this was a pretty f-ing sweet mix. Great tracks, great mixing, wide appeal. Don't know how this couldn't make you get up and dance.
Chris (Los Angeles)

Great mix!!!
Freak Slovenia

That was just plain sick. I'm buying his cd's right now. Honestly, one of best mixes I have heard in years. Thank you.
Jason in Denver, Colorado, USA

Cedric (Melbourne, Australia)

Now dat's what I'm taking about. Slamming! M.
Man inda Moon

Greatest Deejay ever...;D
Mike Absolom

Wicked tunes! But not sure about the mixing, felt a bit strange and not all tunes were very compatible... All in all great EM, love the sound but mixing wasn't top notch..
Dave Spruce, Australia

wooooohoooooooo proper slammin tunes !!! THats what we like, nice one radio one
martin heaps

Great mix, Good music selection,definatly a head bangin set!!
Mat , Aust

feel the tech-minimal funk! Umek is da man!!!
Leroy Davies, New Zealand

listen again.. EM of the year!
Matt - Sydney

What a performance! One smashing hit after the other
Wenk, Zurich

Great essential mix!! thanks!! umek rocks!!!
christian - malta

that was an onslaught (in the best possible way), fair play to Umek and the essential selection, Oh you do spoil us! Cheers.
Matt - Sydney

It´s good to be tortured again in Umek's chamber. Nice mix, good music.This is techno!
Mozca - Portugal

since i'm from slovenia, i had a chance to listen to umek on various ocsasions and must say he never disappoints:) the latest party with him was 'oldies goldies' with some most famous slovenian djs few weeks ago and it was great to hear all the old music again....thanks so much for having umek on essential mix!!! was waiting for this a looong time....kisses from slovenia, andreja
andreja, slovenia

This EM is absolutely off the friggin' chain...what a ride....
Steve, Los Angeles

Nice one R1...Umek is the man!! Great Mix!! More of this please :D
C, Scotland

Umek delivered what I was expecting, great job!!
Aaron - Indianapolis USA

great dj, top of the world.thanks you:))
Atanas Janev Macedonia Strumica

My essential mix of the year!!!
Miracle Yen (Taiwan)

ushh, what a great set, deep deep, one of the best sets i've heard this year, keep sending good music all the way here to Mexico, thanx pete
panc, mexicali, baja california, mexico

Very very decent, some good stuff.
Dee, Brooklyn, NY

Great mix !!!
Cameron Daniels // Uruguay

Love it!! Very good essential mix, i think its one of the best essential mixes of this year. Radio 1 the best ;) !!!
Stefan, Romania

Certainly different, but different is good, had a sound reminiscent in parts of carl craigs Landcruisng album ( Which can't be bad), coming from a breaks addict, a very enyoyable head nodding set. thank you Umek. Peace
Sam ( Dollar, Scotland)

Umeks a genius!! Not heard him for a while but he still rocks. Saw him @ Global a few years ago. 2pm on a Saturday afternoon!!! So wrong but so right.Keep it going my Slovak brother!!!
MIck P - Midlands

Lance USA

Fantastic mix from Eastern Europe! What a place!! Would love to hear more mixes like this....Might even be due for another studio Lawler EM??Wishful thinking, perhaps...
Jay, Toronto

Umek Rules....
Bill Athens Greece

essential mix of the year.actually one of the best put together mixes ive heard since King Unique last graced the E.M.
L.P. - Miami,FL

EM of the year. This is the way techno is meant to be! Not one boring part! I hope other DJs start following suit. Umek takes you on a melodic journey with some amazing buildups. Come to Canada Umek!
Jared, Edmotnon, Canada

Very ROckerrr!!!
REribeiro Brazil

love it.....zips along at a very tidy pace!
kate, London

world class,absolutely blew last weeks effort out of the water,never heard umek before but thought it was phenomenal with some stunning tunes and flawless mixing,diplo,porter or digitalism were my choices of em of the year till this came along,peace.
rainman ayr

Umek kills it as per usual.
FlavaDave, NG

If you love Tech / Elektro beats, you're gonna love this! Knee knocking madness that made me feel like a well oiled machine ... loved the breaks. The kind of mix I'd always hoped to hear on Essential ... WTG Umek ... come play my club on Second Life xD
CaptainClipper London

Incredible selection by Umek, man you rock!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark, Slovenia

deep, dark and dirty.............. nice one brother
marcus schlegel, New York

Just couldn't get enough.
calypso, oxford

Great mix. It has a point:)
Mark Bristol

this is really amazing mix - well done Umek!

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