Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

10th November
Claude Vonstroke

Public Enemy ‘Countdown To Armageddon’ (Def Jam)
Akira Ifukube ‘Godzilla Theme’ (La La Land Records)
Justin Martin & Sammy D ‘Yum’ (Cadang / Dirtybird Re-Issue)
Frederic Galliano ‘Woualai (Soul Designer Remix) ‘F-Communications)
Italoboyz ‘Unknown’ (White Label)
John Coltrane ‘Bahia’ (Prestige)
DJ Deeon ‘Da Hoez’ (Freak Mode)
Sagat ‘Fuk Dat’ (Maxi Records)
Mike Dunn ‘So Let It Be House’ (Westbrook Records)
Detroit Grand Pubahs ‘Sandwiches’ (Throw)
Claude Vonstroke ‘Who’s Afraid Of Detroit (Claude Vonstroke Underground Dub)’ (Dirtybird)
Duoteque ‘Logo’ (Boxer)
DJ Koze Vs. Sid Lerock ‘Naked (DJ Koze Remix)’ (Cereal Killers)
Robag Whrume ‘Pelagia’ (Musik Krause)
Kevin Rocks ‘Maravillosso’ (Rocks Playground)
Marshall Jefferson ‘Mushrooms (Justin Martin Remix)’ (Airtight)
Ptoile ‘Tigre Della Stella’ (Channel Records)
Todd Bodine ‘Secret Edge’ (Mothership)
Martin Eyerer & Anthony Collins Present Starsniff ‘Manifestation’ (Le Bien Et Le Mal)
Voodeux ‘The Curse’ (Mothership)
Frankie ‘Mash (Donk Boyz House Remix) (Frankie Rec.)
Khia ‘My Neck (Acapella)’ (Direction)
Manic Minds ‘Trans (Fafa Monteco Remix)’ (Brique Rouge)
Ranier Weicheld ‘Bamboo’ (Great Stuff)
The Martin Brothers ‘Full Moon’ (Dirtybird)
Style Of Eye ‘The Big Kazoo’ (Dirtybird)
The Pack ‘Vans’ (Zomba US)
Mr Rogers Clip
Claude Vonstroke ‘The Killer’ (Dirtybird)
Michal Ho Feat. Lil Dirty ‘Break Free’ (Moon Harbour
Needles ‘Revox’ (CDR)
Style Of Eye ‘Hide’ (Dirtybird)
John Tejada ‘Timebomb’ (7th City)
Italoboyz ‘Zinga’ (Mothership)
Henrik Schwarz ‘Robert & Dornroosje’ (Not On Label) (contains sample From Robert Hood's Track "Minus" From The Album "Internal Empire" (Tresor 27).
The Detroit Experiment ‘Think Twice (CVS Re-Edit)’ (Ropeadope Records
Reverend Tickle Clip
Burnto Bertolucci ‘Bake Me Dome Tonight (Claude V Unofficial Smiths Remix) (White Label)

Your reviews of the mix

I want to be his wife
Rachel, Sydney/Glasgow

What a mix!!! Vonstroke`s style is sick(Y)(Y)Thanks Claude and Radio1:)Now waiting Umek...
Rob, Estonia

Certainly not a rocking 'get up off your arse and dance' set, but some very interesting and eclectic sounds nevertheless.
Rooster, Melbourne Aust

I really want to know where I can get that Smiths re-mix. Anyone have any ideas ?
James , London

Thank you Pete Tong for what you did and what you do.... happiness is all over the world because music is freedom and you seed it in the soul of earth!!!! Best wishes ... BBC connecting the world!!
Chapeleiro - PORTUGAL

House music just doesn't get any better than this. Great selection, style & execution. I love this man!

Barclay/VonStroke is truly an inspirational artist and an all-around great guy (little Jasper "VonStroke" will be proud to know what is dad's accomplished). He and the Dirtybird crew are like family and although I have the luxury of hearing their tracks before most of the world does, it's great to hear Barclay rock 'em properly on the elite station Radio One.
Jaime James, SF, USA

This should satisfy those who have been whining for something original! great mix
Johnny - Vancouver

Love you Claude. Keep having fun!
Miguel-Seattle, WA

very good set...liquid mixing and deep dirty it
JK Birmingham uk

very good sound,perfect technic and great feeling!!!

really one of the best essential mixes i`ve ever listened to.absolutley awesome selection, great mixing and really bouncy feellove that stuffwant more !
nayrobi austria

Well a different kind of essential tbh..Didnt like it at the start but it rox!Keep up the good work guys xD

This is exactly what the EM is all about totally underground and different. Great stuff
Pete - London

ADAM SUPEY - northeast pennsylvania

Very good mix indeed!! had the pleasure of seeing him in San Fran recently and this is bringing back all those good memories... Possible EM of the year winner.
claude lyons, LONDON

mike - the hague, holland

The Smiths track was Schneider TM surely but it's not on the tracklistings. An amazing EM if ever I heard one. Saw Von Stroke a couple of years ago. Reminded me of that. Nice one.
Hermeet, London

Fantastic what else can you say it had everything you would want from a mix. def a contender for EM of the Year
Gaz Lancs

gutsy and it and love you.
ADC san fran

Awesome mix, some great beats!
Dona, Canada

only the essential mix have the energy and good vibes tanks for this incredible momments!!!
Andres Quintero- Colombia

orb242-Maine USA

Way to represent!
Dax - San Francisco

What a massive track list, killer set, proper dirty electro minimal. Saw him last week in a benefit party and last month in Golden Gate park party.One of the best EM of the year besides Eric Prydz
DJ Khan (San Francisco)

Claude Vonstroke proving that its a complete misconception that the states are out of touch.on my last trip to the u.s. i saw Vonstroke and many others doing it quite proper giving our own top jocks a run for their money.Pure class.cheers Radio one
Paul - London

Awesome! Have been listening to it all weekend. Much respect. Hope to see you in "The City" soon.Peace, love at the End Up!
Paul, Sacramento California

This man has some serious skillz, if you know what I mean.
Glen-Arne, Oslo

Objective: Really well mixed. Subjective: Just so boring for me. High Contrast is still the mix of the year.Can't wait for Harri & Domenic from my old haunt.
db, usa

guapo mix! finally a curve ball!!
juan fco, pty-507

finger lickin'
calypso, oxford

I was expecting more from this producer / DJ, but some excellent tunes were palyed to save de day
Manuel Guzman, Mexico City

great essential mix here!!technically superb..and that mushroom tracks is something to chill out to!great stuff
jonathan manchester

This mix is great! Hints of minimal techno, electro and banging house blended in a catchy EM. I love the use of the natural sounds from voices, animals and such. This has to be up there for EM of the year
Ryan from Toronto (listening in Brazil)

nice music and beard
mark selby

World – I give you the next great DJ from America!
Kyle Willis, Dallas

Proper mix! Technically flawless. Has my vote for EM of the year so far.
Saint Paul, Toronto

Take note BodyRox - That's how a proper EM should sound! Chin up though you did your best I'm sure........
Darren, Hants

i must admit wasnt looking forward to this but how B***** GOOD WAS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rainman ayr

Nice,nice,nice...thats defenately the way we like it!!!

Claude Vonstroke, Essential Mix of the Year.That Smith's track was the icing on the cake!
juicy SagNasty, Michigan U.S.A.

Claude's the MAN! Your station rocks, love the Brit breaks - the Warriors are on tonight, HERE ;)....ohhhh yeya! Cheers!!!
Rita, SF

Von Stroke>>>>>Thats disGuStINg.....My teeth Itch..... Proper RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.....

Quality mix from Mr Von Stroke. Proper dirty.

What an awesome mix - Claude is an eclectic maverick. Need to hear more Essential Mixes from this dude.
Ben - London

excellent mix - can't wait to see him live at cab vol next saturday - should be bouncing!
Duffy Edinburgh

Savage mix from Mr. Claude Vonstroke!

Vonstroke's EM was very imaginative, a true talent. Way to rep the states with a bangin set! Wonder who will win EM of the year?
McLeod, Seattle

CVS is the MAN! Shout out to him and ll the DirtyBird crew. S.F. electro b**** slap!
Josh A. Luhn

OMG!!!!love it...
Banana - Malaysia

like vonstroke, eez a madman. Bring on harri and domenic from the sub club scots legends.
star scotland

WoW, Claude Vonstroke's set was very good. Its nice when someone you have not heard of rocks it out!Grats!!
Aaron - Indianapolis, IN

perfect mixes! good sounds, great mixing technic.
freakg from asuncion paraguay

bl***y amazing mix lovin the tunes
lee howlett (boogle)

This has got my vote for Essential mix of the year ... what a mix!! Absolutely STUNNING Claude! Well done
Chris Windsor

Very very good
Matt - Sydney


Much respect! Definitely was feeling the classics-would like to hear more!
D.J. Willo-Los Angeles

another great essential mix, and a great debut. Will have to make sure i see Claude Vonstroke in the future
Rossco, London

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