Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

3rd November

Bodyrox 'What Planet You On (Club Mix)' (Phonetic / Island / Universal)
Bodyrox 'What Planet You On (Deadmau5 Remix)' (Phonetic / Island / Universal)
Adam Sharpe 'Organic' (CDR)
Richard Dinsdale 'Handle It' (Toolroom)
HippE 'Major Waves (John Acquaviva & Olivier Giacomotto Remix) (Hardplace)
Armand Van Helden 'Witch Doktor (BSOD Remix)' (Strictly Rhythm)
Paul Thomas & Myke Smith 'The Grudge' (CDR)
Kanio '567' (CDR)
Wheelan & Discala 'The Vamp' (CDR)
Axwell 'Submariner (Original Mix)' (Axtone)
Masters At Work 'To Be In Love (Nice7 Remix)' (CDR)
Sebastien Leger 'Sun' (CDR)
Trophy Twins & Funkagenda 'This Frequency (Adam Sharpe)' (Pop Pop)
Micky Slim feat. Tank 'Hit The Club' (Rising Trax)
NTFO 'Urban (Sensations Vocal Mix)' (Struggle Digital)
Maal 'Nobody's Saying (Loft 17 Remix)' (Phonetic)
Mecanique 'Meta (Ingo Staar Remix)' (Slave)
Popof 'Hypnotical' (CR2)
Sebastian Leger 'Uranus' (CDR)
Daley Padley & Chris Special 'Electro is Dead (Kanio Remix) (Noir Music)
Popof 'Alcoolic (Paul Woolford's AA Remix)' (CR2)
Anton Neumark 'Satisfaction Generation (Neumark & Amigo Mix)' (Bug Eyed)

Your reviews of the mix

huge essential, Bodyrox go on! I'm very curious who'll wins essential mix of the year ;) UK ROXXX!

Mad Max, London
This mix just doesn't cut the mustard. The only reason anyone has heard of them is because of the D. Ramirez remix (rework) of 'Yeah Yeah'... This mix is very poor standardised gloop.

Good mix...I expected worst...

Suprised that Bodyrox is 1/2 of Full Intention, which I am a big fan of, and that is probably makes this mix super-catchy. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical of this at first, it seemed about a year late (and it was D Ramirez's remix that got them so big), so this mix seemed like nothing more than a fill in. Not a big fan of the guido house sound (that Swedish House Mafia BS), but overall this mix is not bad.

Thierry - London
Awesome Mix ! I'm at work, dancing on my chair, enjoying every second of it !

GeeWee / Utrecht / Netherlands
Good mix, in my opinion. Lot of aesthetic electronic sounds that blend correctly in the overall 'spere' of the mix. I like the tunes apart, although i've been listening to the mix as a complete package of sounds, that is perfectly put together. Bodyrox surprised me a bit, to be honest.Like the vibe, keep on going. Love from Holland.

Nick - Oxford
For producers who have spent much of their time in the charts, I was certainly not expecting anything as good as this. Despite loosing the plot a bit between the 1hr and 1hr.20 min mark with some rubbish lyrical tracks, I thought it wasn't half bad.

Stu london
ive only listened to 20 mins and i have to say im pleasently suprised at how good this mix is i didnt expect them to be this good but bring on eric prydz

Bacon Neck, Cambs
Essential? Hardly!!Disjointed, Self indulgent, arrogant, camp trash. Why give an Essential mix to a duo riding the wave of sucess from "yeah yeah", when the man who made it a huge success was D Ramirez! Any of you hear the original mix of Yeah Yeah? Thought Not!!This mix sums up what in my opinion, is all that is bad with the UK house scene today! Soul-less, formulaic, done it a million times electro garbage!Please give the Essential Mixes to DJ's with talent in future!Bodyrox.. What planet are you on indeed? Not this damn one!

warren knight Newmarket Suffolk
Top mix guys nice 1

scotty - fife
this is awful and is a distillation of everything that is wrong with where R1 is heading with EM - i can't stand this electro house stuff and the poor productions that have infested EM over the last couple of years. not sure who is producing the program but they are way off in my estimation... i'll keep listening but only because of the brilliance of the program over many years, get your act together R1 and leave this kind of nonsense to the commercial channels.

Aaron - Indianapolis
Waiting on Umek!!BR was not too bad...

Ali G, London
Great mix boyz. Kept me and my mates up dancing for hours. Is nice to see you ain't one hit wonders

Nabil - Bahrain
Hot stuff funky tunes i really like the first tune Bodyrox - What Planet You On. keep it up

james london
badass mix guysgotta be one of the best this year

Jez, Leeds
This has got to be one of the best essential mixes i've heard this year. Sick dirty electo. Nice one radio one.

Tom, UK
In reply to 'dj motion sickness Bakersfield California u.s.a' - the "quality trance" you're talking of was big here in the UK almost a decade ago - the times have changed and so have people's tastes! We can't help it if the US dance scene is years behind the UK's!

Wojtek - Poland
Good, but it`s not the best I`ve ever hear in essential... I want more!

Bill, Austin Texas
Sooooooo looking forward to Guetta n Axwell!!!

mutely bear / Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
it was a so so MIXED for em..too much electro house and its bored for 2 hours set.everyone can mix the same stuff.need more cutting edge pure 4 x 4 techcy sound rather than same old shit electro house sound.

DJ Moranes & Lulxia (from Brazil)
They're comming to Rio this week with Luciana Caporaso.. can't wait to see them! =)

Rossco, London
I think a lot of comments on this are negative due to the commercial success bodyrox have had... Agreed the mixing could have been tighter but the tune selection was nice and regardless of what people say this does reflect the sort of music that is being played in clubs in london...

Chris, Greenock
This is not electro you idiots

Scott, Manchester this Ess mix is fierce! of the best...Bodyrox rocks...will deffo be looking out for these guys playing out and about...

Siobhan from Leeds
That Maal record is amazing!

djez from bolton baby
absolutely class funky electro. good on you lads. submariner is a weapon. get marc leaf on EM. peace

Andrej, Bosnia & Hertzegowina
wooow, very good mix and interesting tracks

tnk moscow
the worst mix of this year guysit realy sux

Johnny - Chicago, IL
Excellent mix!!! Much better than I would have thought. Most tracks were tops! If they come to Chicago will def go see them!

The cat in his bedroom
Wasn't expecting much from this but very pleasantly surprised.

Micha (Hamburg / Germany)
Bodyrox... really roxz!!!

calypso, oxford
Did my migraine some good after all.

HippE 'Major Waves (John Acquaviva & Olivier Giacomotto Remix) (Hardplace) - WHAT A TUUUUNNNNEE !

Darren, Hants
Boring and predictable. Just like their 2nd rate productions

It's Hop-Dip'n'Spin!!Wow,pumping sound was dancing in my brain!!!

Shryna Kesavan, India
well these were my favorite tracks...Bodyrox - 'What Planet You On? (Deadmau5 Mix)' NTFO 'Urban (Sensations Vocal Mix)' (Struggle Digital)Maal 'Nobody's Saying (Loft 17 Remix)' (Phonetic)Sebastian Leger 'Uranus' (CDR)Daley Padley & Chris Special 'Electro is Dead (Kanio Remix) (Noir Music)....others were a bit on the electronic tone side ... but bodyroxx style no complaining... i might preffer more base but i would't be here if i would be expecting music... basicall... this is some cool stuff.... and BODYROX... love u guys absolutely ... u rok.... and i agree with pete tong... u guys r Barking Mad..!!!(Robotic 2T Oil Guzzzlers) love ya S.K

donatello catania(sicily-italy)
pleasure music for pleasure dj...thank you guys!!!!

Benny Walsh Tramore Waterford Ireland
Great E MIX lads .Nice and funky with a nice tough edge at times . Great track selection . Look forward to hearing more from BODYROX in the future .

LoganTodd Victoria B.C.
Awesome glasses. But really folks, this is worth a second listen.

rip_ austria
in the favourite words of my scottish mate - diabolical :(very choppy uneven mix i like music to flow. 'fraid i couldn't shake much to this session sorry.


Gio Miami Fl
OMG this weeks mix was just incredible, glad to see B.R. is still ontop of their game! Keep It Up Pete youve selected the best for the past few weeks, cant stop listening to these essentials when im driving in my car!

Awesome set .. absolutely loved it !

David C
Great mix but I'd have expected some spin or remixing of the tracks - 90% of which I have bought myself a while ago. I think they need to watch playing a certain linear sound as things are moving on from Yeah yeah. But this is good swing ya pants party music. Refreshing to have two essential mixes back to back (seb's) which are not noodling plink plonk. It is all about dancing after all!Good stuff

dj motion sickness Bakersfield California u.s.a
Im getting tired of these same em seems this type of house is big in uk so every dj is playing it.but you can tell its going up its own ass already much like progressive did when dj's were mixing some of the boreing trance out there .now its the same with this house .please play some qulatity trance

mark oh wales
dont mind bit of bodyrocs but feel that need to bring bac the main men of electro seb mr lawler and defo timo need more dirty d and b aswell bring on limewax and tech itch

Timothy Wright Cheshire
I Thought The Bodyrox Essenrial Mix Was Smart I Like Their Music

Kote , Tbilisi , Georgia
very goood

always a bit dubious towards artists who blatantly plug their own whares and very little of anything else new....

Justin Wiggy...'Ull England
Liking this mix a lot...the Outlander remix at 42 mins is red hot. I challenge anyone not to nod their head while listening to this! More quality studio mixes like this one please Radio 1! Please, please, please no more mic'd up live mixes they sound just awful! Lookin' forward to 1+1 next month!!

rebecca nottinghamshire
i heard a song on your radio station yesterday and its was brillianmt i fell in love with it i want to buy it bnut i dnt no wat its called its got no words to and it nobodys singing its got like on orchestra background HELP!!!!

colin douglas / new zealand (origanly scotland)
i love it . the uk is where the real music's at . dancin in my house . come on

DirtyDropOutz - London
Absolutely aweseome Essential Mix. Nice blend of house/electro and minimal from Bodyrox. Although still adjusting to the new Friday night slot for EM, this has got to be up there with the best of '07...

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