Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

13th October
John Digweed from The Warehouse Project

Martin Buttrich – ‘Hunter’ (Cocoon)
Gold Ryan – ‘Collapse’ (White)
Phonogenic – ‘Last Beer on Earth’ (Cocoon)
John Digweed – ‘Gridlock’ [Digweed & Muir's Stripped down Mix] (Renaissance)
Ubu – ‘Pixels’ [Guy Gerber Late Check Out Remix] (Azuli)
BookaShade –‘Numbers’ (K7)
Unknown – ‘Untitled’ (White)
Josh Gabriel – ‘Summit’ [Remix] (White)
Ed Rush and Optical – ‘Untitled’ (White)
Andreas Hennberg – ‘Waters’ [Pierce mix] (Piermont Rec)
Maxime Dangles – ‘Love Water’ (Kompakt2)
Phoenix – ‘Rise Up’ [D Dub Mix]
PoPoF – ‘My Toyz’ (Skryptom)
Pedro Madeira – ‘Long Shadows’ [Christian Prommer mix](Buzzin Fly)
Jack Rock – ‘Formation Flying’ [Guy Gerber Jetlag Mix] (Tic Tac Toe)
Kaliber – ‘Kaliber 15 A’ (Kaliber Music)
Kaliber – ‘Kaliber 15 B’ (Kaliber Music)
PoPoF – ‘Lost Though pt1’ (Skryptom)
PoPoF – ‘Lost Though pt2’ (Skryptom)
Nick Muir – ‘G.Platz’ [Pig & Dan Remix] (Audio Therapy)
Armand Van Helden – ‘I Want Your Soul’ [Dusty Kid Mix] (Southern Fried)

Your reviews of the mix

was at this and truly an awesome my top 3 diggers sets that i have seen.DIGGERS is my true GOD!!!
Richard, Preston, UK

and they call this progressive house!ha what a joke, not hearing ant progress here, i dug this kind of stuff back in the mid 90's but come on, move on, yet more proof that the scene is dead.
rocco, cyprus

Amazing Set From Diggers. The Best Essential Mix In A Long Time. Cant Wait Till Your Back In Lush..........
matt Dj Belfast

a return to form... flawless. Possibly best Essential Mix this year a tie in with Radioslave's one.
theStunt Italy

amazing john u did it again what an atmosphere at the warehouse project amazing place cant wait to go back
emma coleraine n ireland

ok, maybe the older dj's should retire, but then again good wines only taste better with age : ) pretty damn fine sounding set to me.....
polly lavine dublin

Awesome! John is the MAN!
Matt, Bavaria

A True MasterClass...............Go on Diggers.

Thanks John!!! Essential indeed!!
Christian, Windsor Canada

Awsome!!! Thank you for letting me enjoy the MAGIC here in the US.
Adrian Orlando FL

New sound from the old dog,10x for the live set,tup tup tup tup tup tup tup
Shaka , Bulgaria

got to be this years no 1 dj. how good anyone falt what is obviously perfecion, he is like a damn good bottle of wine !!!!!
leroy notts

Excellent mix, Hard one to beat for essential mix of the year
Dwilliams Missouri, USA

CONGRATULATIONS very good indeed I've enjoded it in a very relaxing way... sorry my english...
ZetaAbsolute Argentina Catamarca

As usual Digweed has spoiled us with another superb mix. Amazing he just get better and better.
Riccardo - London/Venice

Digweed is the man. He's able to blend every song so seamlessly that you a wonder if he's just playing one two hour song. I also recently bought Transitions Vol. 3 and it is awesome. Keep rockin' Digger!
Lane, Richmond, KY, USA

Absolute class night. Venue was a blinder, Digweed was a top bloke as well, had a good chat backstage.His set was amazing.
Nick (Fondue) - Liverpool

This night was truely amazing! I haven't had such a good night for ages, didn't stop dancing all night. Cobblestone jazz were quality as well.
Ross, Manchester


this is what the folks want R1 - electronic music at its best, why do the powers that be think its necessary to strip the best radio station in the world's of this quality stuff to replace it with R&B and rap? 1xtra for that surely?Digweed fans and the disciples of house will always listen in their droves if you continue to turn out gems like this..... we can only live in hope
scotty - Fife

Is it possible to get the Essential Mix in podcast? I like it really much!

Essential Mix of The Year so FAR :) Sublime from Digweed
John Rainey Ireland

i just love John Digweed's crazy new hair!
moonman, peterborough

This is as good as it gets.1 of the best!!
Iain Manchester

I was there.... what a good set, very very progressive sounding despite his move towards the minimal end of things!
Sam, Manchester

eclectic mix! wanna hear some more of him!!thanks BBC for broadcasting this one!
Tim from Belgium

Amazing Set From Diggers. Best Essential MixIn A Long Time. Cant Wait Till Next Time YourIn Lush.........
matt Dj Belfast

Another great set by digger!
A. Hunter Tennessee

First time I've listened to a full Digweed mix in years. Nice to hear that in a musical world that's for every moving forward The Digweed remains resolutely fixed on a sound that hasn't changed since 1999. Big up the epic break down.
Mathew W. London

This is potentially the best live mix I've ever heard. Massively jealous of anyone who was there
Greg, London

Awesome set just awesome, was there that night and it was absolutley stunning from start to finish!Legend
Steve Callaghan, Manchester

Another amazing mix
Michael - Indiana

john digweed awesome!!!

Oh yes what a night, the venue is awsome, the soundsystem spot on and what can I say about the main man, he rocked it. Its a shame the essential mix is only two hours long as a track later in the set was an absolute piss take. See you there Danny boy on Dec 14 for Sasha. Come on
Jed from Nottingham

Just "listened again" to this mix at now REALLY spewing that I didn't go!!!...Diggers rocks...
sehalfyard, Manchester

As an avid fan of Diggers i loved this mix!
Synkboy, NI

I was struggling to get to sleep on friday night, then I started listening to this and slept solidly for 10 hours!
Paul, Hull

Great mix by Diggers, blinding set, full of pumping rythmic tunes !!!! And i'm 45 !!!
Brian, London

treemendous mix from La Dig - the man is a legend - any new Jocksave a go if you think you're ard enough - you've got yer work cut outif you wanna top that
Chris in Hitchin

Roland... you need to sort your life out and have a think about the crap you are spouting. I was there, and from start to finish he absolutely ripped the place apart. As for 'the same progressive house' - there is not a dj on the planet that is more forward thinking and constantly evolving than digweed, lets see how many of the tracks you can name roland?? This was truly an essential mix!!!
Dave, Manchester

Digweed is true legend.....Awesome set.....

roland obviously doesn't know what he's talking about.i listened to that set and failed to miss the tired progressive house sound he was talking notch set and glad to see him back on point.he did loose my attention for a while,but since this past march hes been really stepping it up,same with sasha

Legend as all ways.
Tim, London

Just wanted to say how gutted i was when i went to listen to my recording of the John Digweed essential mix on sunday - only to discover that it was actually Fabio & Grooverider ?!! Id been so looking forward to this one since it was announced as Digweed is one of my fav dj's only to discover that the scheduling had been changed ! Now im on the R1 Website EVERY day and nowhere did i see it clearly announced that the scheduling was being changed !! Very disappointed.. and obviously cant comment on the mix (which im sure was probably top notch as expected) and now my beloved collection of essential mixes has prob one of my personal favourite jocks mixes missing from it - NOT HAPPY !!!!
Jamie, Belfast


Please put SASH! Ecuador in your mix...Peter
Peter from London


Kudos, excellent!!
Aaron - Indianapolis

excellent excellent mix! definitely essential mix quality!
a2, USA!

man that just flowed. we got back from partying this morning put diggers set on and the tiredness just disappeared from everyones feet, you should have seen the place, was like a zombie zoo, girls literally dancing there tops off screaming and hooting. this guy knows how to reach the soul. we loved it.thx john
rip - austria

John Digweed, even "LIVE", is a GOD on the decks!!! Only Sasha can compare!!!
Rowdy Lavender

Is it about time these djs retire! How long are we gonna be hearing the same progressive house. Give us a favor John, step aside and give some opportunities to the much needed new blood!

digweed at the essential,just fantastic ,nice listening to it at the border between mexico and united states. please ,tong ! say hi to us some time. thanks!!!
isaac matamoros ,mexico

john digweed was fantastic the venue was amazing really enjoyed everything about this thumbs up totally superb
chris minahan macclesfield cheshire

What A set!! Was a trully magic night, cheers Magician Digweed.
Kerry, Manchester

Stunning set. Digweed has a natural ability to mix just about anything. If ever an up & coming DJ wanted to learn the art of mixing then Digweed is the Dj to aspire to. Absolutely awesome.

Massive Digweed(and everything progressive) fan. Loved the set and looking forward to the Transitions album. Big up radio 1!!
Paul Curran Ireland Doire

Absolutly amazing, i WILL buy this mix!!!! His albums are nothing like him behind a set.
Gilles, Paris

amazing mix..digweed doing his usual serious business
Sinan, London

Sick sick sick, sounds like he worked for a change .To bad he dont get down like that when in Denver.
Chad Porter Colorado Springs ,Colorado

diggers at his finest the true no 1 in the world of djn.
aaron fox ireland

John Digweed is MR.Djgood work,set from Manchester is great.I'm really wondering on the new transitions vol.3
Julian,Handlova (Slovakia)

Yes enjoyed the mix, its the definate Digweed sound he has been playing for the last ten years or more.
Paul - Stoke

The atmosphere at the warehouse project was electric...From his first track to his last he had the whole warehouse on their feet with their hands in the air...unbeleivable!But what more do you expect from Digweed? I expected nothing but the best and i was more than satisfied ;) :P
Sam, Blackburn

Is there any better? Digweed never seems to disappoint and always lives up to the tag as one of the world's best DJs.
Andy, Leamington

Awesome stuff.
calypso, oxford

The legend that is Digweed continues to entertain and mesmorise.....splendid
Ade Leeds

Top class DJ that never fails to deliver
Matt, Wellingborough.UK

Like always John Digweed tears up the one's and two's, awsome breaks and good mixes overall a very good set I cant wait to listen to one of your live sets again live here in Mexico thank you BBC!
Raoul Ciudad Juarez Mexico

WoW what a mix from john Digweed the man is GOD WOW
harold, Bathgate, scotland

Digweed is simply the dj of the djs , only him can create that magical nights and magical performance , its rammesh absolutly stoned
Charlye Real / mexico

WoW John Digweed the is GOD....:)
harold, Bathgate, scotland

Quality night and a quality venue, Digweed was very technoie throughout, very banging, awesome night. *****
Lee Demain, Accrington

this was amzing mix best digweed set i have heard and i was there to happy daze
mark Whittaker wrexham

my doughter is listening him for all tme so I didn't any choice and I had to love him too.As you listen to him longer you like him more.
Ella Polska, Poland

Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! hidryuetmyig

fantastic mix by a true legend of dance music. thank god for listen again can crank up the volume!long live the essential mix. the best thing on radio by miles.
stuart portsmouth

I Thought John Digweed Essential Mix Was Good I Enjoyed Listening To The Second Part Live At The Warehouse Project In Manchester
Timothy Wright Cheshire

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