Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

7th October

Coldplay – ‘Talk’ [High Contrast Rmx]
Sub Focus – ‘Airplane’
Syncopix – ‘Disk Go’
Muffler – ‘Everything’
Mistabishi – ‘She Lied’ (Hosipital)
Logistics – ‘Spotlight’ (Hospital)
Matrix & Futurebound – ‘Unknown’ (Dub)
High Contrast – ‘Forever and a Day’ (Hospital)
LAOS – ‘Harmony’ (Dub)
Commix – ‘Marcus’ Remix
Ian Brown –‘Unknown’ [Goldie Rmx]
Lynx ‘Disco Dodo’ (Dub)
High Contrast – ‘Sleepless’ (Hospital)
Logistics ‘Colourwheel’ {Friction & K Tee Rmx] (Dub)
Imogen Heap – ‘Headlock’ [High Contrast Rmx] (V2)
Matrix & Futurebound – ‘Family Nu: Tone & Logistics Rmx’ (Metro / Viper)
Nu: Tone ‘Beliefs’ (Hospital)
Lil Louis – ‘French Kiss’ [Silver Rmx]
Makoto & Tak – ‘Voyager’ (Dub)

Axwell – ‘I Found You’ [High Contrast Rmx]
Unknown – ‘Unknown’ (White)
Johnny L – ‘Oh Yer’ (Unknown)
Danny Byrd – ‘Shokout’ (Dub)
High Contrast – ‘If We Ever’ (Hospital)
Blame – ‘Hindsight’ (Dub)
High Contrast – Tread Softy’ (Hospital)
A-Sides – ‘Chase’ (Dub)
Switch – ‘Bit Patchy’ [Sub Focus] (Dub)
High Contrast – ‘In A Gadda Da Vida’ (Hospital)
Various – ‘The Whistle Song’ (Dub)
Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith – ‘Stronger D&B Rmx’
Total Science –‘Wots My Code’ [TS Rmx]
Chase & Status – ‘Hurt You’
Danny Byrd – ‘Labrynth’ (Dub)
Kanye West – ‘Gold Digger’ (Bootleg)
Cyantific – ‘Disconnected’ (Hospital)
High Contrast – ‘Ghost Of Jungle Past’ (Hospital)

Your reviews of the mix

Nat Jones, Sydney, Australia
Smacked it...!

Johnny V
High Contrast is God!!!

Mike Q. from Indiana

Sam Sam - San Diego
My soul... it vibrates.

tom ox4
wicked!need more d & b on the essential mix

Synkboy, Northern Ireland
Great mix!


osman, barcelona
loving it

scott - san francisco
love DnB rmx of Talk! keep it thumping...

mitch, milton keynes
high contrast are amazing so chilled out but at the same time makes you wish u were raving big up mate

Maxey, Barcelona
wow, it´s a great mix, fresh tunes and it´s good to see the support from Radio1 for DnB!!!!!

CesarH Peru
Between HC's track and A-sides track, there's no 1 track. This is the orderHigh Contrast – Tread Softy’ (Hospital)Calibre - Thoughtless (Digital Soundboy)A-Sides – ‘Chase’ (Dub)

Daniel, Sweden
Anticipations were sky-high, and they were met! High contrast is no doubt the biggest name in liquid drum n bass (to me atleast), and this set was just mindblowing! more DnB on the EM!

Ricardo - Sao Paulo
Outstanding DnB name.

not bad mix

Kenneth - Oslo, Norway
Brilliant set!

Damo, Bourne, England
Ripped it up, this is the next generation for 'high contrast heads', simply the best mix ive heard in months. it was sick

tony in florida
high contrast is rsome!!!


Gareth (Gaz) (Worcester)
Top notch action fair play! This is why i love britain. Keep it going pete. I love the fact that it goes from music like digweed and sasha to high contrast. High Contrast also proves that you dont have to be a teenager with an attitude to listen to D&B. Very clean set and i love it. I love this country because we aint all listening to same type of music. America is heaverly influanced by rap but in this country we have a massive choice of what we want to listen to. I love it and shows like this prove that fact. I say keep Britian ecleftic and this show does that. Fair play to HC for another out right banger. I love music and the way it can take you places and make you feal. The essential mix is one of a kind please keep it that way and keep the variation going. Thank you for this pleasure to listen too. Peace

Andrew ,Moscow
His mix was incredible in 2003.This year he blowed me up ))) Many many thanks and all Hospital Cru.Guys you are the best,see you in Moscow...

Ben, London
Amazing mix from contrastshowcasing whats good about drum and bass

Oliver Groves, London
Absolutely blazing!'Mistabishi - She lied' what a track!Big up Mr.Contrast!

James, Leicester
Wow. Just Wow. Definitely a contender for EM of the year. He just chooses his tunes so well, it all sounds like High Contrast in the first half!. But then went completely mad in part 2. And those remixes of well known tunes - Lil Louis, Kanye, Daft Punk and what about Axwell (the latter previously heard on the end of Pete Tong's Hot Mix on Sep 28th) - well he's done it again (remember Spaced Invader)! More D&B on Radio 1! It's such a shame Fab & Groove have been pushed back to 2am on Saturday, we need more of this music not less.

Jeff, USA
great mix, I cooked 3 dozen muffins while listening to it

Andreas Saarbrücken/Mannheim/Germanny
Big up . Great Mix. But why no MC? Essential Mix4everAndreas

Matthew, New York

ben, tokyo
rocking. nice styles man.

Dj Tomaz G. / Portugal
drum&bass, not my favorite style, but this EM by high contrast is great. regards from portugal.

scott london
mr contrast thanks that hit the spot nice to hear 1210"s a dj that knows!

Adam, Seattle USA
Can't say I liked it better than his '03 EM, but still a great feel in this mix.

Timothy Wright Cheshire
I Thought High Contrast Essenial Mix Was Smart I Like Drum & Bass Music

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