Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 09th September

02:00 – 03:00

Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond – Intro (Anjunabeats)
Signalrunners – Electric Sheep (Anjunabeats)
Paul van Dyk – New York (White)
Luminary – Amsterdam [Smith & Pledger Remix] (Anjunabeats)
Nitrous Oxide – Amnesia [Vardran Remix] (Anjunabeats)
Above & Beyond – Home [Wippenberg Remix] (Anjunabeats)
Tranquility Base – Buzz (Anjunabeats)
Boom Jinx – Eternal Reminiscences] (Anjunabeats)
Maor Levi – Shapes [Oliver Smith Remix] (Anjunabeats)
Coldware – What’s Your Name (Fraction)
OceanLab – Breaking Ties [Club Mix] (Anjunabeats)
Nitrous Oxide – Waves (Anjunabeats)
Tranquility Base – Oceanic [Sean Tyas Remix] (Anjunabeats)

03:00 – 04:00

Markus Schulz
Markus Schulz ft Andy Moor – Daydream’ [intro mix] (Coldharbour)
Rex Mundi – ‘Ibiza Sunlight’ [Cyber]
Skytech - ‘Floating Clouds’ [Tech mix] (Coldharbour)
Activa- ‘Flashpoint’ [Deep Mix] (Liquid)
Gareth Emery - ‘Destination X’ [Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction] (Five AM)
Markus Schulz and Departure with Gabriel & Dresden - ‘Without You Near’ [Alex M.O.R.P.H.’s Burning Fire Remix] (Coldharbour)
Terk Dawn - ‘Barent Blue’ [Marminx Presents Monogato Remix] (Bonzai)
Nic Chagall - ‘What You Need’ [NC’s In Love With Prog Mix / Markus SchulzBig Room Reconstruction] (High Contrast)
Markus Schulz -Fly To Colors [Genix Remix] (Coldharbour)
Fred Baker Vs Greg Nash – Atlantis City (Spinnin’)
Rex Mundi vs Ronski Speed- The Perspective Space 'Markus Schulz Mashup] (Coldharbour)

Your reviews of the mix

Amazing, absolutely brilliant and fresh.I love it :)......
Cameron Daniels // Uruguay

Great set's all round i was there and loved both set's top mark's !!!
Marty M Belfast

soulless, funkless, incredibly unoriginal and full of cliches, - music for people who can't dance and aren't really into house/electronic but claim to be to feel hip. Here comes another breakdown! we don't have to dance anymore! Let's all cheer!
D London

Best Essential Mix this year! Sooo Euphoric!!

Absolutely brilliant! Above and Beyond pull it out of the bag once again. Beautiful, emotional trance that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up and has you crying out for more. More of this please radio1! Can't wait for their 4 hour set at Gods in October.
Andy, Stevenage

i think is fantastic im dancing in my room
maria london

Thankas radio1 really enjoying everything schulz does at the moment

This is without doubt the single greatest trance mix i've ever heard. so uplifting, so perfectly timed, each tune builds and builds. i wish i had been there!
David Arnott, Stockholm

what a essential mix set up!!two ends of the trance spectrum in two hours!melodys and production skills/ production techniques house/minimal/electro fans/djs/producers can only dream of!!pure happiness and emotion,dance floor damage..trance has come on strenghts,much more credibile,world wide sound, not a fad many thought it would be 7/8 years ago. long live trance (and prog/elec trance he he)
Chris , Portsmouth

Markus...what can I say?...Awesome Awesome Awesome!! Wish I could've been there. A&B, dull, boring :( get Markus back on soon!!! Oh, but for 2 hours this time! ;)
Hayley, Derby UK

5 STARS! enuf sed!
j@$oN b TEXAS United States

Markus Schulz frreaking rocks, great great set!!!
Mike Mitcheltree, Calgary Canada

Absolutely blinding set from Above & Beyond, unfortunately i was not in attendance but suffice to say a few people were taken out on a stretcher before afternoons' end. This music, feeling and culture all make me miss home terribly. Thanks to Radio 1's essential mix, i can still get my fix of realism in an american state of fakeness.I stand and salute you, keep up the good work MJT
Mark Taylor, Atlanta GA. U S and A

Awesome session.. hope to see those guys around here pretty soon.
Andre from Lima - Peru

Thank you, Above & Beyond, for finally making the Essential mix interesting. Second hour was very boring/cheesy. I would like to see Norman Jay/Danny Tenaglia/Derrick May/Sasha & Digweed/Armin van Buuren, soon.
Caleb Golston, Texas

Loved the Mix Markus tears it up as always. Great set.
Mike EFEX California

Made Planet Love with the lads & this was a nite 2 remember here, Above & Beyond proved why there in the top 10 with a well thought out melodic set which enjoyable to the ear, Schulz was also diffirent class & shows why he's the best trance warm up DJ going at the moment... good selection for the essential mix.
Paul Burns, Glasgow

Im not really a trance type of guy but WOOOWWW that was great!!!!
Jesse Z. (montreal)

this was an awesome mix by top notch dj's. keep 'em coming radio 1!!!!!
steve, alfred, ny, usa

was there with all the blizzzzzards was absolutley unreal van dyk ws rockin & Schulz blew the place away........Good Times!!!!!!!
Blizzard,lurgan, N.Ireland

amazing show. above & beyond have done another superb essential mix, rivaling the previous 2004 mix!!!
steve / usa

Not my cup of tea at my opinion sounded a little bit out of time...but for sure someone enjoyed it...I think it's right to play everything...
Anto, Milano, Italy

Markus rocked!!!lots of redbull + vodka + carbs for his set.non stop dancing music.A bloody workout!!PETE please get satoshi tomiie
yush-new york

Trance will never die!FACT! ^_^
Jake, Hereford

Above & Beyond were just brilliant. Pure euphoric trance brilliance.
Graeme - Newcastle

the quality of this weeks listen again essential mix was very poor. it disapointed me because i didnt get to go to planetlove and hve to put up with the poo quality online.
michael maxwell, co antrim ni

Absolutly Brilliant! I would have to say one of the best essential mix sessions I have heard for a long long time... every song just had me off my seat dancing away for two hours. I was gutted when it was over!
Ante Galic, Toronto Canada

not my thing at all. When is Marco Carola or Adam Beyer back on?BJK
Big Jock - Brasil

was sumday stil have head on me like gandies flip flop. music was gud allday gud line up of djs
kyle, antrim n irleland

Wow... an awesome performance from A&B in the first hour. These guys are the masters of keeping trance sounding fresh and innovative while still holding onto the hands-in-the-air euphoric bits... sounded like an awesome night, seeing them soon!! Keep it up!!
Danny C, Birmingham

Excellent Above & Beyond and Markus Schulz.What a way to start your working week.Bug up!!!!
Motaba, Skopje/Macedonia

Absolutely Awesome Mix...GERT LUSH as we say in Bristol
Dj Grubb - BRISTOL

So good! Hands up for these guys! Fantastic. This is just what we need in the arena: powerful beats, voice, progression, some expectation in between and nice turns to keep the level up! That´s what eletronic music is all about.Cheers
Doug Rolim, Brazil

I Thought Above & Beyond & Marcus Shulz Live Essential Mixes Were Smart I Like Both Of The Essential Mixes
Timothy Wright Cheshire

Love Markus...Always delivers!
Mathias (Dusseldorf)

judge jules was bril but Marcus Schulz was amazing mind blowing and breath taking
Darren Freeman Coleraine ni


Above & Beyond's Essential mix is simply put amazing. Doesn't come close to their legendary 2004 EM, but it was still delicious. Perhaps they should be given another 2-hour slot where they could compile another studio mix.. ;) Anyway, more EM's like this please!
Steve Bolger, United States

Excellent stuff as usual from Above & Beyond, these guys are among the best producer/DJs around imo. BTW if you are fans of A&B and fancy a laugh then type 'Clive Rudloe' into Youtube...
Dave Kinsella, Bristol

To Above & Beyond: Upside, and most of energy!I like this style =)
Ponch, Sankt-Petersburg Russia

Whats wrong with the audio quality?? Can you guys please fix it before this mix is "All Gone Pete Tong"...... :)
Casey USA

Markus Schulz's set was excellent.Ragin I wasnt there, but i'll make up for it in Ibiza next week.Lookin forward to seein Armin and Markus at the Armada closing party next Tuesday :-)
BMcS, Armagh

After being at the live planet love, i can really say the essential mix captures both the atmosphere of the crowd and the music alike! Great job!
Wee Ross, Newtownards!

damn trance is annoying(Markus Schulz not being as bad as above and beyond),but hey it wouldnt be the essential mix without variety so much respect radio one for trying to satisfy all of our discerning tastes.
leo - miami

this great mix on the planet love this is beatiful trace mix master of trance marcus schulz and above&beyond are think that these Dj,s are the best in the world and what they make ist a grate piece of trance. my comments to these 2 hours they played a good constelation of music and marcus schulz j know from global dj broatcast very very good mix
artur tarnowskie gory poland

I am a Detroit Techno lover - but when the Trance is right, it brings with it light - this is a damn fine piece of heaven - the opening first 15 minutes, seriously, blast the volume and if it doesn't get your heart - you must be the track about 10 mins in..looking forward to a full on Techno ess. mix...
Jas Kumar - Mile End

Well i think thats as good as sitting on a rig in the middle of the north sea can get, awesome set, loved it from start to finish, am i being too presumptious in thinking A&B will be gettin another EM of the year trophy under their belt?
Dan Escreet, labrador-1 Johnston field, north sea.

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