Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 19th August
Essential Sunset Mix by Alex Wolfenden

Chemical Brothers ‘Harpoons’ (Virgin)
Mahatma Ghandi ‘His Spiritual Message To The World’ (1931)
Chemical Brothers ‘One Too Many Mornings’ (Virgin)
William Orbit ‘The Story Of Light’ (I.R.S. Records)
Jim Morrison & The Doors ‘Bird Of Prey’ (Elektra)
Groove Aramada ‘Paris’ (Columbia Records)
The Orb ‘Little Fluffy Clouds (Cumilo Nimbus Mix)’ (Big Life)
Leftfield ‘More Than I Know (Wolfenden Re- Rub)’ (Hard Hands)
Badly Drawn Boy ‘Pete Herbert (Reverso 68 Dub)’ (EMI)
D-Note ‘D-Votion’ (VC)
The Last Atlanta ‘Twin Of The Sun (Original Mix)’ (Global Underground)
Royksopp ‘What Else Is There?’ (Wall Of Sound)
Orbital ‘Sad But New (Wolfenden Sunset Edit)’ (Ffrr)
Frankie Knuckles ‘Your Love’ (Persona Records)
Dead Can Dance ‘Dawn Of The Iconoclast’ (Rhino/Warner Bros)
Jay Shepheard ‘Pipes & Sneakers’ (Compost)
Sia ‘Breathe Me (Mylo Remix)’ (Astralwerks)
Deep Dish ‘Future Of The Future (Stay Gold) With Everything But The Girl’ (Deconstruction)
Yse ‘Bounce Back (Burnski Back To Deep Mix)’ (Lost My Dog)
Francois K ‘Time And Space Feat Joe Claussell (Wolfenden Edit)’ (Wave Music)
Agoria ‘Les Violons Iveres’ (Different)
Depeche Mode ‘Behind The Wheel’ (Mute)
Dennis Ferrer & Jerome Sydenham ‘Sandcastles’ (Ibadan Records)
Christian Smith ‘Transitions (Dubfire Remix)’ (Sino)
Underworld ‘Rez (Wolfenden Remix)’ (JBO)
Strings Of Life ‘Rhythim Is Rhythim (Reprise)’ (BBE)
Groove Armada ‘Save Our Soul’ (Columbia Records)
Jaguar ‘A Hundred Birds (String Apella)’ (Wave Music)
Jaguar ‘A Hundred Birds’ (Wave Music)
Orbital ‘Belfast (Wasted Mix)’ (Ffrr)
Pink Floyd ‘The Great Gig In The Sky’ (Harvest)

Your reviews of the mix

Oh my sweet Lord I am listening to this mix at work and almost losing my mind! How beautifully simple! I hate to sound tacky but I have tears in my eyes and a huge smile on my face... Alex Wolfenden rocks! :-)
JW Halloway, Dubai

A really great mix! I enjoyed every second of it.
S. Liviu, Romania

Aaaah...can you feel the warm sand?Great set, perfect remedy for a miserable wet summer. Can I get a glass of Pimms & lemonade with this please?
Polite Elliot, Oslo

really really liked this mix! Pete's right in saying that this mix is a collector's edition!

As fluid as Trentemoller. Lovely mix.
Darya, Brooklyn NYC

Very chill and original! Awesome track selection where new blends with the old! Just fantastic!
djpatbee - montreal, canada

excellent mix. in my top 3 from radio 1. all that's missing is the beach and sunset.
terry in seoul

nice beginning but then it gets more and more boring...
Costa, Berlin

For me this essential mix brings all the memories flooding back of ibiza and is captured brilliantly in this mix. This is what djing is about a wide range of styles of music mixed in 2 hours. Its not trance, techno, house its all about music in general. For a while now dj's have been pigeon holed into certain genres, well done Alex one of the best EM's this year.
Ian , Cheshire

This is by far the best mix of the year so far, and in my opinion the best since Massiello's WMC mix a few years ago!
Andrew- Melbourne

Two Words:Audio Heaven..............Pink Floyd's Great gig in the sky has got to be the perfect ending to a sunset mix....
Peter, Liverpool

Very different to what I usually listen to but I quite liked this!
John, Ireland

Brilliant, Lovely, Smashing!
Mike Birmingham

Fantastic set of sun-set mixes! I especially love the second half of the set. Thanks EM and Alex Wolfenden for these refreshing I gotta plan a trip to Ibiza...
Vicki, New York

Very different spiritual set, shame the sunset here in Manchester wasn't upto that of Ibiza's. All the same, excellent. Diverse ambience. Was he prepared for the pre set interview?! Definately a Liverpoolian
James. Manchester

juan fco lara, panama

This was fantastic! Radio 1 should give more slots to PROPER DJ's who know how to craft a set like this guy and use less of the chumps who are producers who end up phoning in a laptop mix because they need a slot to promote their upcoming album.
Chris, London

Great laid back mix that was faultless from start to finish, shame we don't have the weather that this mix deserves up in the north east !
Wayne in Darlington

P C - Philly

HI LIVE ESSENTIAL MIX , ITS THE BETTER MIX IN THE PLANET.....................................

Every one a great track ... loving it!
James, Lhasa

Oh my sweet Lord I am listening to this mix at work and almost losing my mind! How beautifully simple! I hate to sound tacky but I have tears in my eyes and a huge smile on my face... Alex Wolfenden rocks! :-)
JW Halloway, Dubai


Top mix from our wolf boy, absolutely lovin' the Burnski mix of Yse's Bounce Back!!!
Ricky D, Newcastle

It just make you smile. :)
Cameron Daniels, Uruguay

Great essential mix!!A real nice variety of classy tracks and so eloquently mixed. Wish i was there....
Kidda Young, London

Sian, Maidstone

class more chillout and eclectic mixes please
jon manchester

WOW Amazing set!!!! This is clearly going to be on high rotation for the next year on the itunes at work!
Andrew - Melbourne

ahhhhhhh simply bliss...especially the jaguar track - had never heard that version b4flights booked.... cant wait
chris g - glasgow

I'd have just one song - that amazing Egg song off the car advert. but it would have to be the version with that bloke singing as it is infinitly better.
Andrew Wowk, ITM

I must say, I love this mix. Perfect mix for lying on the beach and watching a sunset and everything move on by. Nicely played.
Brent - Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Superb!! One of the best mixes I've heard in a long time!!
Ash - Southend

Actually, the 4th and 3rd to last tracks are backwards. A Hundred Birds are the artists, that is their cover of UR's The Jaguar. Mindblowing live house music.
Roderick Mehringer, Oregon

o so weird ut verry wicked mix from this man out in the sunny ibiza, go radio one
jens, belgium

Excellent, caught the spirit beautifully ! Audio perfection, more please !
Enjoymoy. Forfar.

excellently programmed mix, great music. well done alex. 10/10
Y - Liverpool, UK

Its definitely a tie between Woolfenden's and Trentemoller's mix last year. They should play back to back. I would kill for that.
Anwar, Singapore

what an amazing mix!!! loved the variety very much, well known tracks, though. superb spin on´s within the tracks with female voices (sia
Merve, crystal club - istanbul/tr

love it!!! could almost be back there!!!more like this please :)
nick bratt, malvern, worcs. uk

An amazing mix!Has me excited about returning to Ibiza in September and watching the sunset from Mamdo
Russell, Liverpool

This mix is amazing. Brilliant to listen to on a night time drive or just to chill out to. What Ibiza is all about. Top Class
Jay from Bolton

nice nice nice !
kush, chester

Nice essential mix. Definatley captured the moment & reminded me of all the time I have sat outside Mambo's on sunset hour. Will have this on round the pool later in the year!!
Paul James Birmingham

After the hi energy of last week this is just what i needed, roll on 5 weeks when i can enjoy the mambo sunset for myself.
Pauly G, Planet Zog

I know all the trance heads will be moaning about this, but they should be sitting back and appreciating a great mix. Something a bit out of the ordinary, just like the Goa Mix and the Polar Mix. Only time will tell if it has the same support.
Mook, UK

Awesome chill out mix.. never bored, excellent good bass selection.
dj chonlee (CALIFORNIA USA)

Jaguar- Hundred Birds (String Apella)’ (Wave Music) Jaguar- Hundred Birds’ (Wave Music)are good!

I Thought Alex Woolfenden Essential Mix Was Good I Like Sunset Mixes
Timothy Wright Cheshire

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