Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 24th June
Rene Amesz

Salt City Orchestra – ‘The Book’ (Paper Recordings)
Mason – ‘Intimite Expresse’ (Pickadoll)
Ludzenkirchen – ‘Tricky Disco' (Martin Brothers remix) (io Music)
John Dahlback – ‘Everything’ (Joia)
Renè Amesz – ‘I Hate Green’ (Hotkitchen)
Renè Amesz – ‘My Favourite Barbie’ (25 Hertz)
Michel de Hey & Secret Cinema – ‘Compound’ (Mirko remix) (EC)
Darren Mase ft. Dirty Flavour – ‘Dirty Playroom’ (Toolroom)
Shlomi Aber – ‘Freakside’ (Ovum)
Dubfire – ‘Cage’ (white)
Lopez, Amesz & Gelderblom – ‘Strike Me Down’ (La Factoria)
Mark Knight & D.Ramirez – ‘System’ (Toolroom)
Lil Mo Yin Yang – ‘Reach’ (Strictly Rhythm)
Leroy Styles – ‘Jus Bounce’ (25 hertz)
Paolo Mojo & Jim Rivers – ‘Dark Place’ (Oosh)
Laidback Luke – ‘Housetrap’ (Renè Amesz remix) (Size)
Audion – ‘Noiser’ (Spectral Sound)
Sebastien Leger – ‘Mars’ (Mistakes)
Simon Baker – ‘Confused’ (Viva Music)
Dubfire – ‘Roadkill’ (Toolroom)
Popof – ‘Alcoolic’ (Afu Limited)
Renè Amesz - Plop (Hotkitchen)

Your reviews of the mix

Allan Fong, Guatemala
superb!, i enjoyed the whole mix

Rich, Stoke on Trent, UK
Quality mix. More of the good stuff and less of the bad.A very clubby, heady mix which would go down a storm in most house and even techno clubs. More of this please.

Anton, Kiev, Ukraine
Rene, your mix is greate! I like your tracks & your mixes ;)

Sweet musik....keep it that way....

Dan Southampton
Some great tunes from a quality DJ/Producer

Pavel, Novosibirsk, Russia
That doctor has prescribed!

_____ SuperRrRrRr!!!! ____

martin squires germany
the mix was pretty good but not outstanding, the same as any other big room house dj, i know you cant please everybody, but when are you gonna call up the likes of luciano loco dice magda and crew! keep up the good work pete!

Colin Scotland
amazing tunes!! just cant get enough!!

Michael Antwerp Belgium
High quality set! Sounds very fresh! I'm impressed! greetz from Belgium!

Anto, Milano, Italy
Great debut Renè!!!!First hour was not so good or, better, was not good at all but hour two was great!!! Absolutely rocked!!! It was getting better track after track!!! Just what I would like to listen to...well done!

Ross, Watford
Brilliant mix, listening to it for about the 5th time now, as pete says at the beginning some very fresh house music here, best e-mix of the year so far.

Lee Leeds
Not bad. Time for you to get Simon Baker on the Essential Mix I think

Enjoyable mix, took a while before i settled into this one, but it soon has me bouncing around to some phat juicy tech house

Johnny, Belfast
I enjoyed it overall, lots of cool, funky, twisted sounds but not sure I'd listen to it over and over again. The Dirty Playroom track is class! Good to hear an old fave, Reach, mixed in as well.

Dan, NYC
I love his productions (though they all sound to similiar for comfort) I was dissapointed with these tracks since just about everyone is playing these. Im just saying your rene amesz, play stuff people havnt heard, this is the em not the pub down the block.

Daanen N - Melbourne, Australia

SIk Mixes dude!!!

Z, Bucharest
One of the best sets I've listened to recently !

esadlerup,north carolina,usa
nice, very nice

John, Brighton
When I heard there was a dutch Dj on the EM I thought there's be more dreaded trance. Thankfully this is more what I am into but the mix was nothing special - not enough variety. I agree, Radio 1 haven't had a Glasto EM on for the past few years or if they do it's a week or so after. But they are missing greater tricks than this. The Lindstrom and Prins Thomas mix was a promising sign. Listen up Tongy, check out some of the podcasts by Maurice Fulton and try and tell he he wouldn't be up for Essential mix of the year given the chance - this guy knows how to do variety and will blow you away.

Arseny - Arctic, Russia
Dear Rene I like your lively mix very much!

Chris P, London
To much of this stuff around. Pretty boring. Hard to follow up on the likes of Justice & Lindstrom etc.

simple man
i cant believe someone is moaning because rene amesz played the tracks start to finish, er is that not how the producer of such track intended it for, if not he would of made half a track. give the man a break, if you could "mix it up" better why dont you give it a go, see you on the essential mix soon.

giles, santo domingo, dominican republic
not impressed...think that DJs are looking so much for an edge and competing so much for a different sound they have forgotten what good sound really is, let's see what next week

alfonso aspuru, mexico
this set, and your music in this times is the alternative!!!!! sounds super FUNCKY DEEP is great!!

Shifta, San Diego
The music was always created to go forword. Rene is a awesome example, hes got the style that respects the old with a fresh sound. The kids from Holland are no joke!

Bhai Dharam-Denver, CO, USA
It seemed to be a decent mix, but lacked any real consistent flavor. The set as a whole lacked melody. Many of the tracks were repetetive and a bit minimal. A rating of OK is all that can be given, 'tis no where near as cool as last week's Skream Essential Mix.

ryan bertram
amazin sheer class

Rooshtang, The High Road, Scotland
Yes,Defo Bangcore! Keep up the good work!

Will Oxford
Why was Glastonbury not on? didnt listen to this so I have n o idea if it was good - I was watching Sasha, Hybrid and Mr C rock the Dance east stage - but nothing broadcast on R1, WHY NOT?????

Chris, Sheffield
Rene kicks ass, wicked mix, up there with ramirez's for mix of the year!

Reinoud, Hilversum, Netherlands
What an Essential Mix our star made!!! Great music! Lovin' the System and I Hate Green tracks the most! Great choice Pete Tong! (Can't miss you for 4 weeks :P)

Iain - Toronto
WHY WAS THIS ON DURING GLASTONBURY WEEKEND!!!!! aside from Ibiza, there should ALWAYS be a broadcast from glastonbury every year. Radio 1 really dropped the ball on this one, Annie N isnt enough coverage!! I'm sorry but I'm looking forward to Mauro's set next weekend and hopefully this will end EM's terribly long dry spell in music talent

Zorro, Stockholm/Sweden
Indeed this sounded like some random bedroom DJ putting together his favourite tracks at the moment. Almost every track except his own are hits from different generes.

SteveE, Stoke on Trent
New sounds, some excellent squelchy b-lines and samples. Love the John Dahlback track but maybe the set could have more melody. Would it work the floor?

richard suffolk
jason from n. ireland. muppet. shouldnt you be on the chart message board. tongy forever. you dont know what you are talking about. what has tongy got to do with rene mix. matt from wales you should know all about boring coming from the most boring country in the world. wales?

liesbeth, Netherlands
Absolutely love this stuff - more of it plz!

Anuj - Chicago

Tom - Manchester
Freakside, what a top song, why hasnt luciano done a em yet? sort it out pete!!!

rainman ayr
11 tunes per hour,he must have played each tune right from the start to the very last beat,hardly inspiring.and i agree with grum from london,glastonbury weekend and not a sniff on the em,get a grip bbc,we pay through the nose every year to be presented with this garbage.peace.

sucks electro with nonsense

jason, Wilts
Starts of great with an oldie (well 10 years old easily!) The Book and the next 4 tracks are nice, then in comes the techy stuff, which is nice but a bit too much too samey really I found a bit monotonous only broken by another classic Reach.It then goes all techy again and I lost interest.Not bad a 6/10er really.

Ryan Russell Chiswick, W.London
Loved the mix,just off the plane from Ibiza and brought back loads of memories!!!

Action Jackson, Sydney
This mix rocks, got good energy all the way through.


matt manchester
what a top mix from one of my favourite producers! he never ceases to amaze me with the titles of his own productions!! lovin the new paolo mojo & jim rivers track too. this guy definatly aint PLOP!!

Dennis -Miami
Top form..

Grum, London
Nice one Radio 1, Glastonbury weekend and no coverage on the EMix.Great Work!

Sam Khaldi - Dubai UAE
Absolutely a nice summer set...LOVED IT

Edward Carney, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
By my lights, one of the best in the past several weeks. Thanks, René.

Doc - Belfast

Gooner, G'ville -South Carolina
Great EM!!! René rocked the house!!! never heard much of him but he's one of my favorites now! Great Minimal-tech, that's what i'm talking about!! NOISER the best song of the set!

Thanx,best birthday gift i could get,best mix sop far!!!

Callum, Manchester
Was on the way back from London in the car via leeds, this had our heads nodding and feet tapping all the way!!The minimal stuff could have been left out as thats getting a little boring now, but the more techy house stuff was well good to drive to!Look forward to seeing him in manchester

Wullie Falkirk
One Of The Best Essential Mixes Of The Year For Me Without A Doubt.

Moon Motel USA
So Far So Good. Considering his region, I was expecting a Trance sound.

Top essential mix..Rene Amesz!

Justine, KL!

Matt - Sydney
Rene' - dropping some absolute tek bombs which is quite refreshing as we are hearing too much tsubiwhore haus at the moment.This was an excellent track selection which i throughly enjoyed.. as Tongy said it " It was heavy" an absolute cracking set.

Craig Canada
Best mix I have heard in a while unreal stuff!!!!

A few bright points (Lil Mo Yang and John Dahlback) but mostly an unlistenable mess of annoying noises, bleeps and underwhelming basslines. Showcases all that is wrong with minimal/tech in my opinion. I dread to think of what impact this rubbish would have on a dancefloor. Dance music sans melody, bass and joy.

Asen (EST)
easy listening...

Cosmin Romania

Jules, Oxford
At one point I was sure the CD was skipping.

Ant, Sweden
Yo!I´m glad you choose someone with a lil different style of music for the essential mix! Rene Amesz is a great dj and producer, love to hear him live!FOr future essential mixes you should go with people from my country! angello for example:Dwe would go mad!chooooooooooon out!

Boris @ Utrecht, The Netherlands
I'm a Dutchman myself, but I have never even heard of Rene Amesz... I quite like the tracks, but the mixing is not very special.

Anstey, Kent

its the bomb yo

Pete Lomax
last nights essential mix was rocking i had it on 3 radios in my work (trying to educate the non clubbers) cant wait to catch Rene Amesz live thanks for making the night go fast !!!

nick k melbourne australia
lovez his work pretty intresting mix to listen to while studing for exams. dat Mark Knight & D.Ramirez system track is fully sick lets not forget dat did the 2006 remix of isomia abosulute genious...

hiya i tried downloadin the listed songs but hardly any of them workd:@!

Matt - Wales
Boring, boring, boring.

OMAR, Nottingham
This was an awesome set

Harj ..... West Midlands....UK
an absolute massive esso mix from a producer that ive admired for quite sometime.... techy, eleky and dirty vibes that went together quite well !!!!!!!ROck On !!!!

Jason - N.Ireland
What was this set all about? Just a load of noise, no thought process has gone into how this set was constructed. The NHS will be worried as the EM is slowly replacing sleeping tablets.. Tong your time is up, you have gone as far as u can go!!!

Rudy Vlemmix, Netherlands
Great mix! Abuse Me In My Dirty Playroom!!!!!

Michael Martin, Lurgan
Thought this mix was awful. Wonder boy? More like not-so wonder boy.

Adam Seoul
Raw basic industrial decent beats and baselines. Does what it says on the tin. lee burrige-esque... Great house-tech...

Rob Marron, Mexico
Outstanding style, amazing cuts, incredible rhythm¡Cheers for this EM.Congrats Rene and hope to see ya soon in Mexico city.

Braskis Groningen
100% slamming! Thanx for bringing this guy in!

Ken, London
Started off banging and ended progressive like something you'd hear on John Digweed's show, very interesting, but will have to listen again to really get this DJ's style.

Dade1200 -Amarillo,, TX USA
Well the EM has been a a big let down in last months since John need to bring back better DJs.. this mix was ..well need I say more

Krizz, Maastricht , Holland
René Rocks!!!super dj / producer and a great person!!!

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