Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 17th June

Skream – ‘Hedd Banger’ (Dub)
Skream - ‘Percression’ (Dub)
Skream – ‘Shake It’ (Dub)
Skream – ‘Hurt Them’ (Dub)
Skream – ‘Movin Snarez’ (Disfigured Dubz)
Mark Ashken – ‘Size 3’ (Skream mix) (Leftroom)
Skream N Clue Kid – ‘SandSnake’ (Disfigured Dubz)
Skream – ‘Lemon’ (Dub)
Warrior Queen – ‘Take Time’ (Dub)
Skream – ‘Chest Boxin’ (Tempa)
Skream – ‘Dubbers Anonnymous’ (Tempa)
Skream – ‘2D’ (Tempa)
Zinc featuring Slarta John – ‘Flim’ (Skream mix) (Dub)
Coki – Untitled (Big Apple Music)
Skream/Mala – ‘Anti-Tapped’ (Dub)
Unknown – ‘Alicia’ (white)
Skream – ‘Nemesis’ (Dub)
Skream – ‘The Line’ (Dub)
Skream – ‘Tortured Soul’ (Tempa)
Benga – ‘Skunk Tip’ (Skream mix) (Tempa)
Skream – ‘Skwelcha’ (Dub)
Skream – ‘ Sine-Us’ (Dub)
Distance – ‘Nightvision’ (Skream mix) (Dub)
Black Ghost – ‘Find Some Way’ (Skream N Plastician Refix) (Southern Fried)
Rusko – ‘Jah Hova’ (Sub Soldiers)
Skream – ‘Losin Control’ (Tempa)
Magnetic Man – ‘What's Happenin?’ (Dub)
Coki – ‘Blood Thirst’ (Dub)
Skream – ‘Wobble That Gut’ (Dub)
Slazenger – ‘8ate Ball’ (white)
Skream ft Warrior Queen – ‘Check It’ (Tempa)
Coki – ‘Sponge Bob’ (Big Apple)
Skream – ‘Oskillata’ (Dub)
Skream – ‘Murdera’ (Dub)
Neon Hitch – ‘Derek’ (BiPolarMen Refix) (The Beats)
Skream – ‘Make Me’ (Distance Remix) (Dub)
Seventeen Evergreen – ‘Ensoniq’ (BiPolarMen Refix) (Dub)
Skream – ‘Krash’ (Dub)
Skream – ‘Midnight Request Line’ (Tempa)
Skream – ‘C.R.O Dub’ (Dub)
Klaxons – ‘Not Over Yet’ (Skream mix) (EMI)
Benga – Untitled (white)

Your reviews of the mix

Joe, South London

OH! My days this was BIG! and how many upfront DUBS, BIGGUP Radio1 digital mystikz next please.
JBH - bradford- uk

all the haters: Open your minds ! How innovative have techno and house been in the last 3 years? not that i dislike these genres but dubstep is something fresh and new. Well done to EM for getting skream in. Good to see dubstep getting the recognition it deserves.

BORING BBC!!! What's going on withthe Essential Mix?! Used to be the place to hear the best DJ's on the planet playing new sounds for us to getour groove onto! WAY too much experimental these days, whats ever happened to some Legends on here too?! Garnier, Tenaglia, Sven Vath, Sasha & Diggers, Steve Lawler! give us an idea what these guys play these days!!! GRR!!!
Gary. Peterborough, UK

Big up Skream, absolute G... wicked set, and how prolific is this guy @ 21 years of age? More Dubstep on Essential Mix please... Dubstep's taking over!!!! :D
T_! Macabre Unit

My man skream killing it as always.
irk, stockholm

I can't wait for clubs here to get with it and showcase this cutting edge genre... I plan on starting my own dubstep night and this mix is the blueprint upon which to build... jesse
Dj Fur, California

Ok This is the 2nd week in a row now where the EM has just dropped the ball in bringing ELECTRONIC music to the show. While I agree that there should be a mix of talent, don't be afraid to bring in more headliners as well, it is tried and tested to bring in more listeners. I won't call this music crap or boring like other posts, but I do believe that this might not be the right show for this music.
Iain - Toronto


LOL absolute rubbish.please no more of this.please!
elsewhere - miami

This set, Break my breakbeat inconditional Love, my good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BBC & Skream Excelent!!!!From the dark site of the planet.
Federico Casal Montevideo Uruguay


Love that EM is still showcasing other forms of electronica than just a flat beat. Like Pete says "Don't care what you play, as long as it's hot." No disapointment here!
Joey Joe Joe Shabadeux - Seattle

Big up the man like Skream! Just havin a listen now, the t/l looks large as per. Dubstep is takin over in 2007
Signus, York

Classic Skream Set Respect to radio 1 for this...
Annoymous, Birmingham

wicked dub step, finally get some of the dub-step over to the EM .. nice one bruv!
opie_ chicago IL

total drivel ended up switchin off after half an hour bring on picotto
dom, birmingham

Disagree with the naysayers on here.. Really enjoying listening to this. A great choice for the essential mix.
Mr Beatnick, East London

addicted !! nothing more to say
marko from Cottbus, germany

To be honest this week's mix was supa dupa fly!!! Dubstep isn't growing so fast but who has the taste for it can realy have a blast.I realy like the beat. For the essential mixer the only thing that i can say is.............YOU ARE GREAT!!!!
Stefan - Romania

The man Skream has put together a great mix that showcases not only his own productions by the diversity of dubstep and electronic music. Looking forward to seeing him here in Miami on 9.21!
Ramon , Miami

Chest rattling set as usual, bigup MAH who brought this genre to R1
Chris Scott, Sydney

Dubstep - another reason why electronic music will never die. Only discovered the joys of this genre a couple of weeks ago, but I'm more or less hooked now. The versatility of it blows me away. Keep pushing the boundaries R1!!
dubstep convert, cambridge

Is this some sort of wind up?? This is absolute rubbish for the EM, very disappointing Radio1.

Poor sods stuck in the 90s moaning about a lack of house and techno on the EM. It's a sound that grows on you. I'm a big fan of Skream (it's true though, you need a sub or decent speakers to do it any justice). Not one to get too excited but dubstep is going to be a sound we're going to be hearing a lot more of. I think it takes a lot more skill to mix dubstep well than it does your normal generic 4/4 so Skream, I salute you!
Barry, London

no exaggeration but at least 80% of the tracks in this mix are by skream or are remixes by him. this boy is ridiculously talented and prolific. would have been nice if he played a few more tracks by other artists though, particularly benga. otherwise excellent EM
roo, bedford

When did the Essential Mix decide to stop being good? Less of the 'unsigned and experimantal' radio 1 seems to be obsessed with lately.
Rich, Wolves

one word - MASTERPIECE
levelone, Poland

Amazing!! An absolute DESTROYER of an EM. Did you HEAR those Basslines??!! How Bad was that?!Love it.
John - Dublin - RoI

I guess this set is one of the most important Essential Mixes this year. Important coz dubstep is one of the freshest things in electronic music, and Skream is one of the most talented producers worldwide. BigUp to radio1 to present this guy to the world! I hope that mix will open a lot of eyes and ears.
Rewindselekta - Budapest

I turned off after 15 minutes, really poor. Sorry mate
martin, cheshire

the dubking himself, wonderful set
philipp schilling, plauen germany

Skream is great!Dubstep growing slowly in holland, but saw him in the paard van troje (my work)!This set no diffrent!
AD Amsterdam

To be honest I thought this mix was awful. I'm becoming increasingly disillusioned with the choice of artist for the EM. None of them meet my standards.
Michael Martin, Lurgan

This kid's story is incredible, and this is the sound that will be slammin' in the underground for a long time.... IF YOUR LUNGS AIN'T RATTLIN'... IT AIN'T HAPPENIN'! Me and my Chi-town crew love the mix and my bass bin do too! Thanks BBC for bringin' the Deep Dub!
Sandeman - Chicago

Jebus Skream. Pretty mind blowing stuff.
Rudo, Leeds

Heavy chill..Downtempo..Dubstep...Dont know what to call it..Something we don't hear every day.Very nice, i'm looking forward to see tracklist of the mix.

Alright Radio 1. I see what's going on here. It's gotten to the point that the music is experimental for the sake of being experimental. I understand Dubstep (and Alloy Mental/Lindstrom + Prins Thomas ECT) is cool and all for a chosen few but The Essential Mix just doesn't bring reliable House/Techno anymore. It's almost like this has become an Experimental/Rock/Industrial station. I end up turning it off after 30 minutes or an hour, not because the DJs aren't talented (but in this electronic age who isn't) but because there not entertaining.
Caleb Golston, Texas

What a relief after last week's debacle! This is much better - give the boy a medal.
calypso, oxford

Mike Aberdeen

Really loving the Dubstep showcase Skream are putting forward here. Not just wobble-bass all the way, some deeper stuff and some vocals in here wich is really nice. Im feeling the Dubstep scene so this mix is pure vibes. Hopefully it will make more people stare towards the Dubstep direction.
Bz, Stockholm

Interesting to hear, pleasurable to listen
Donatas: Vilnius, Lithuania

just wat ive been waiting for!

Yes mate, this mix is truly the lick - big up the dubstep massive, dubstep takin over!
Andre, Lincoln

Really good.I saw Skream at Sonar friday night, amazing, never heard something like that.Here again I'm just impressed...
Edouard - Barcelona

Am from swansea and live in germany thanks for the great sound´s germany is beheind in music and you guy´s and girl´s are my music link home. And who said the germans have no houmr have you ever seen the way thay dress
Daniel Thomas Mannheim Germany

This is a very nice set...definitely impressed by such a young guy.
Erik - San Diego, CA


mat, london

never heard of dubstep before.came across his session by chance, and ended up staying awake until sunrise !!awsome set. brilliant style of tracks, nicely put together.>one extra fan gained for dubstep, especially skream. more like this please !
Mike - Sheffield

Pulse, bath

Blah Blah Blah. Boring boring boring. Keep this stuff for the 'cool' minority that enjoy it on Mary Anne Hobbs show.
Mo Ok, UK

dis is heavy

John Digweed

The Sounds of Dubstep for the Summer, Very Nice!!
Tai73 Liverpool

Great mix from a great producer! I still can't believe this guy is only 21 years old. Wow.
Sotek, NYC

love my breaks and this is very similar but totally different plus its the first time of hearing dubstep, good smokeing tunes, More please
dj eblis / bristol baby yeh

Such a good essential mix. I think you're gonna break my subwoofer one day Skream!I'll educate my friends about dubstep with this mix. Cheers!
Tommy from Belfast

Skream...............u da man!
Pete Elliott

This was an absolute joy to listen to. Big big fan of this boy's work and it only gets better and better. A really interesting and well-rounded mix, full of huge tunes. totally essential.

About time the essential mix put more interesting music onto the programme. Skream is already a huge star. This really must be listened to on a wh00ping sound system. His music is fresh. Now that the essential mix has tasted grime and now dubstep its about time you guys got Mala from Digital Mystikz on as well as Burial, Leofah and DJ Distance. But make sure Milanese is first on your list.

Heavy mix, it's all about having a sub woofer to be able to appreciate these tunes properly :)
kevin, Aldershot

You guys totally kill it!!! Essential mixes are the bees knees!!! Keep it up!!
Michael from Sydney

What the hell was that all about?
GK South Coast

That's mind blowing, fair do's! so many different styles and noises in one genre, amazing. however, this gwhole genre aint going to start sounding formulaic after a while is it, i hope it's not going to peak too soon.
Tony Henderson - Flintshire

can't wait to get back tae Scotland for some of them Wikked live showsONE LOVE
Gavin in Ontario Canada

missed 1st half chekin now, 2nd hour was power!! bigup the one like skream! dubstep growing daily bro!
clone, north london

I Thought Skream's Essential Mix Was Exellent I Like Dubstep Music
Timothy Wright Cheshire

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