Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 10th June

Earth Wind And Fire ‘In The Stone’
Janet Jackson ‘What Have You Done For Me Lately’
Prince ‘Earthquake’
Dmx Crew ‘Unknown’
Daft Punk :’Musique’
Busy P ‘Rainbow Man’
France Gall ‘Musique’
Justice ‘Valentine’
Alan Braxe ‘In Love With You’
M83 ‘Run Into Flowers (Jackson Remix)’
Les Rythmes Digitales ‘Sometimes’
I Robot ‘Spacer Frau (Boys Noize Remix)’
Hall And Oates ‘Private Eyes’
Chromeo ‘Tenderoni’
Tepr ‘Minuit Jacuzzi (Data Remix)
Chic ‘Everybody Dance’
Midnight Juggernauts ‘Shadows’
Goose ‘Bring It On’
The Proxy ‘Destroy’
Zongamin ‘Double Dostiev’
Zombie Nation ‘Tape Me’
Boule Noire ‘Super Lady’
Chemical Brothers ‘It Doesn't Matter’
Tc Crew ‘Unknown’
Surkin ‘Unknown’
Dj Mehdi ‘Lucky Boy (Surkin Remix)’
Vamp ‘Outlander’
Fields ‘Unknown (Sebastian Remix)’
Feadz ‘Sekstyle’
Jamelia ‘Something About You (Mr Oizo Remix)’
Jesse Velez ‘Fire’
Justice ‘D.A.N.C.E’.(Live Version)
Surkin ‘Radio Fireworks’
Soundhack ‘Freakin’
Justice ‘Stress’
Zzt ‘Lower States’
Justice ‘Stress’
Scenario Rock ‘Both Gotta Move On’
Vanessa Paradis ‘Be My Baby’
The Ronettes ‘Be My Baby’
Breakbot ‘Happy Rabbit’
Jacques Dutronc ‘Les Cactus’
Justice ‘Dvno’
Kavinsky ‘Testarossa Autodrive’
LFO ‘Freak’
Mr Oizo ‘Lotus Suite Koln’
Autorepeat ‘Most Keys Are Auto Repeat’ (Soundhack)
Midnight Juggernauts ‘Into The Galaxy’
Buggles ‘Elstree’
Das Pop ‘Underground’
Gilbert O Sullivan ‘Alone Again (Naturally)’
Human League ‘Things That Dreams Are Made Of’
Savas Pascalidis ‘Defend It’
Rainbow Brothers ‘Unknown’
Chromeo ‘Ah Oui Comme Ca’
Leonard De Leonard ‘Leonizer’
Ian Pooley ‘Chord Memory –(Daft Punk Mix)’
Human League ‘Don't You Want Me’
The Prodigy ‘Girls’
Klaxons ‘Gravity’s Rainbow (Soulwax Remix)’
Paraone ‘Liege’
Daniel Balavoine ‘Vivre Ou Survivre’
Miss Kittin ‘Requiem For A Hit (Gegm Remix)’
Mr Oizo ‘Stunt’
Handycap ‘Murphy’
The Rave ‘Mother’
Fancy ‘Inside Of You’
Syreeta Wright ‘Sweet As Candy’
Modest Mussorgsky ‘Night On A Bald Mountain’
Joni Mitchell ‘California’

Your reviews of the mix

I think entertaining best sums up this Essential Mix, a very enjoyable 2 hours spent listening to this :)
Graeme Russell (London)

Love it!
Elena _ Sofia, Bulgaria

Hmmmmmmmmmm? I love a bit of diversity and all that but this was pretty naff to tell the truth. Sorry Essential Mix but half of this was an unlistenable pile of rubbish. Only my opinion, don't take this comment personally.
Alex James

prince, midnight juggernauts and buggles. fantastic! loved this.
sarah, london

i've been D.A.N.C.I.N.G. for the whole 2 hours, should be release on a CD
Sebastian (Singapore)

music.And...Justice....aren't you supposed to be first and foremost a techno DJ?,all this mix is really made up of is sub standard electro the end it is about 128bpm!Certainly not a vintage Cox set by any stretch of the imagination
Michael, Lurgan

Probably be great in a club but in the cold light of day? Janet jackson, the ronettes and Vanessa paradis? No No No!
Daz, Lincolnshire

Would be well impressed if done on decks live style, but blatantly using ableton kinda ruins it for me. Good choice of tunes and well put together but to honest anyone could a done it with a day or two to learn the software - what happened to eclectic sets done live with real skills!!??
thinKing, Sheffield

awesome mix, the sound of the losers club @ rapture loughborough, check it out pete!
david , loughborough

Put some proper dance on. Pls, enough of this crap. The underground scene is all but dead. Bring iT back. STOP MAKING CRAPPY COMMERCIAL TRACKS. STOP MAKING MINIMAL TRACKS. START MAKING AN EFFORT.

Havnt heard it yet but sounds very intresting looking forward to it. Not many people have said a bad word about it. and i think the people who have are Hard House heads
Andy, Washington Tyne & Wear


Eclectic but not full of itself. Superb mix!
Dave P - Chicago

Not bad, could do without the Janet Jackson. Waiting on Mauro Picotto!!Need to bring Bad Boy Bill and Richard Vission to the EM. Get some US Beats rockin'Peace!
Aaron - Indianapolis USA

A brilliant mix, absolutely brilliant, distorted, filtered noise. They just bring it like no others, don't they? The sheer visceral desire, no, the obligation to just move your feet to the base. Noise, noise, noise and just then, the perfect catchy loop. The counterpoint, the antidote against all the standard, unimaginative stuff out there. I've never heard anything so good, so infectious, such creativity in a mix. These guys deserve some sort of prize. Is there a Nobel prize for mixes? There should be. If this mix was a disease we would have a disco epidemic on our hands.
Rodrigo Bernales, Santiago, Chile

If you don't like this mix, you don't know how to party!Boring people FALL BACK.
John, Canada

Amazing! Best mix i heared for ages!
bonesta (Germany)

Saw them @ Sankies in Machester the day before they rockkkkkked the joint!
M Hompic, Mancherster

This is the best Essential Selection i've heard since last year when Radio1 were in Ibiza. Such an eclectic taste to it! Loved It! Best one of the year. Particularly like Vanessa Paradis and The Ronettes!!
Alex, Bolton

N'importe quoi as they say in french. Technically, it works. Where's the emotion ??? None. It's a curious mix, to be heard once, and that's it.
Mauro Sennarta

This is so funk'n groovy and all over the place, fits my ADD personality perfectly! Not bangin' like their live sets, but ya gotta love this mix just for the selection alone. Paris, Je T’Aime!
Kyle Willis, Dallas

no,scratch perverts fitted far more in 2 hours,justice rocked though,glad people like them and soulwax,glimmers and the like are keepin it fresh.people sayin this shouldnt be on the essential mix should get real.peace.
rainman ayr

Rolando, Mexicali- Mexico

different and diverse, loved hearing outlanders vamp, a crackin tune.
Star ,Falkirk Scotland

Daft Noise.
Alex, Italy

Naaaah, not for me. I enjoy something a bit different now and again but too many well known items, not enough gems. Coulda heard this driving thru France tuned into a local station. Bring back Super Discount and Source Lab!
Chris, Newcastle

so much to say, not my cup of tea, justice have made there niche fair play, diversity we need but has no real substance, had some half decent eclectic stuff, too many nursery rhymes;fun but just not the way forward;(SVD) justified EM appearance but wont set the world alight-respect; but compared to Marco V come on people!!
kyle sligo ire

Justice or Digitalism?...Hmm............well based on that load of pap i have to say Digitalism! the new daft punk? dont make me laugh!!
Russel Livebird, Blackrod, Antigua

what a fun mix. most of the essential mixes get a tad boring after about 10 minutes in, but Justice kept my attention the entire 2 hours. Great sounding toonage and loved all the 80's pop hits thrown in with the kitchen sink.
gregory - slc

This is just breathtaking
Viktor, Budapest

This has to be one of the best mixes ive ever heard, you never knew what they were going to play next either something like chromeo or vanessa paradis absolutely brilliant
Jonny Teesside

Not impressed. In fact, in a little while from now if I’m not feeling any less sour, I promise myself to treat myself and visit a nearby tower.
Paul, Nottm

It was somethng different and very nice. Outstanding, great, superb, amazing, outrageous EM. Thanks Justice & Pete Tong :)
Valy, Bucharest

I love you guys, the mix let me believe it was radio soulwax all over again. Mixing own stuff, recent and older stuff together to a wonderful ensemble of magnificence. You guys simply ROCK

What on earth was that? listened to about an hour of it and couldn't stand any more. This show is supposed to purvey dance music, but you couldn't have danced to that. More of a slow wobble.
Andy, Stevenage

It's great that Radio 1 Dance can look outside of the box and do an EM with originalilty, I enjoyed this not as much as Trentmollers last year but good listen all the same. I'm sure the Gurn Crew wont be happy with no hard trance....but nothing changes there!
Alex London

Well that has to be the record for most tracks played in two hours isnt it? It wasnt really my style but I enjoyed it, kind of.
Chris Legg - London

This mix is full of FUN. Loved it :).
Craig Joiner, Peterhead, Scotland

I've been DJ'n for 15yrs and never heard such a random eclectic choice of tunes, weird and wonderful and for the most part it worked... i think!
rob.schofield, lampeter, wales.

Fantastique! Amazingly diverse! Vive la France!
Carl, Switzerland

L.O.V.E.L.Y 2 hours!!!!!!!!! Absolutely legendary mix...

Very french sounding, very different (never thought i would hear Private eyes on the essential mix), i thouroughly enjoyed listening to the two hours, but not sure it's one i'll listen to many more times.
Ali, Devon


areally good start to this mix,and great to hear a few old classics dropped into the mix.the elecroness got sadly repettertive as per usual mid mix ,but all round not a bad em,very reminisent of a jedi knights mix .
richard london

Justice have to be experienced live.
Nicolas, Copenhagen

I like Justice, Justice play nice French dance music. Justice are really good. I'm a big fan of Justice. Justice rock people!!
Timothy Wright, Texas, USA

Yeeeeehhh!!Super music and great mix!they have destroyed everything with their sound...Thank you guys for this show, and Justice For All!!!!
Crystall, Italy

Excellent.. although no Essential Mix will ever beat the legendary Air 2 week set in March 1998!
Gav Lancaster

It really sucked
Costin, Bucharest

Awesome stuff, saw Justice at I Love Techno last year and it was obviously rougher but this is still top stuff.
Udy, Portsmouth

let me say im a massive justice fan. but overall this was disappointing. the constant choppiness didn't allow for any continuity and while there were some absolute jems hidden amongst the rubble, none of them were allowed to flourish in this mix. I struggled to listen to this without having breaks. sigh. i guess ill wait for the next justice essential
zaphwo australia

hi all, sad to say i didnt like it, very few songs were ok and the complete set didnt have a coherence or maybe i didnt understand it . humble opinion from and ignorant listenerbye
matehortua Medellin, COLOMBIA

Disco-punk is kind of played out but I like this mix. It is a lot of fun.
Bill NYC

it's going good from what ive heard, although nothing too special
B-ran Montreal

Superb, yoda look out!!
martin cartwright

INTERESTING...i like it

Amazing mix!!!!!!!!!

excellent Ableton work.

E-Mix of the year, without doubt. Anybody who can put The Ronettes "Be my baby" in to the mix gets my vote.
Smiff, Darlington

Been looking forward to this for so long! Even better than i hoped.
Petters, lONDON

Well.. Superb Mix... I love Essential Mix... hope to see marcus shultz or crhis lake soon... Here in Colombia, tons of people listen to the bbc
Pedro Bolívar Ríos, Barranquilla, Colombia

john, middlesbrough, u.k


Just pure filthy dirty sick scandalous dance music amazing!
ollie p- manchester


We Love Justice!!!, i dont think they could of fitted any more tunes in2 this mix without it exploding. Top set, look forward 2 seeing them at cream at the end of the summer.
Jamie frm carlisle

Sorry folks, first of all I thought I had wandered into Radio 2 land and then I realised it was a11 a joke!
calypso, oxford

De loco tio, awesome mix we'll see u at the sonar... Vive la France
Tibo - Barcelona

I fell asleep during the first 2 minutes, what I Miss? Nothing!!! If crappy nursery rhyme songs are the future then count me out! This mix belongs in the "POP" section of Radio 1....Pete Tong is slowly ruining dance music! Guitar House and Pan Flute Hip Hop must die! USA invents good music...then the UK ruins it! Peace!
This is crap!

not bad but not really a stomper
louie , devon

WOW!!!What a Superb & Stylish blend of dance,80s,electro,rock,funk & other genres. Justice are where Daft Punk left off...
Paula- Manchester

Wow! It´s very hot mix! I love Justice. Thanx!!!
Andrew (Czech Republic)

The best essential mix i've ever heard, by far!!
Yinka :: Liverpool

This was crazy stuff... I was a bit confused after I heard all those old 70s 80s songs, but I digged it. Should have had more insane beats though.
Daniel, Bamberg Germany

Great set! Nice 80s style tracks and very goodmixing. I like the Justice style. Definitely oneof my 2007 favourites :)
Andreas (Germany)

Absolutely amazing... come and watch `em live in HMV London tomorrow!!
Andrew, London

A brilliant set! A whole plethora of music genres while maintaining a quality, distinctively french, groove(and lets face it, the french write the best dance).I can't wait for the Justice album and live, they are second to none.Techno Techno Techno!!!
Tubbz, Halstead, Essex

That was awesome, its nice to see someone trying put a bit of fun back into dance music!
Rupert, Sydney

A truly eclectic tracklist that works very well. Inventive and fresh, exactly what The Essential Mix is about.
Jules, Oxford

Nice freshing Mix - Nice to hear some old tracks from back in the day. I'm sure some of my friends that are not in to dance music would enjoy this.
Jason , Norwich

Pu-Rave; The "spirit" of 2007.
Dan, London

dixon (milan italy)

very pleasant and eclectic mix...vive la France ! ! !
Guillaume, France

yeah yeah awsome EM !
iLuSioN Romania - Bucharest

Awesome. I've got some of their other mixes which you can download free from iTunes but I was worried they might polish it too much for the EM. No fear! They throw everything into an amazing mix and keep it rough cut and ready.
Matt, Southampton

I cant beleive no one has commented yet......JUSTICE are truely brilliant, I'm loving D.A.N.C.E. The best thing comign outta France right now bar the Daft
Steve, Cardiff

red hot is right pete! so so good !will be on repeat all week.
Anton - Montreal

WHOO HOO! JUS†ICE!Thank you Radio 1 and Pete Tong...
Moiz, Toronto

amazing. properly eclectic! the Ronettes and LFO in the same mix!
jamie, edinburgh

An absolutely outstanding mix, of to be the E.M of the year!! A true reflection of quality music.
Jay from Jac The Disco, Plymouth

I Thought Justice Essentail Mix Was A Bit Of All Right
Timothy Wright Cheshire

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