Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 13th May
D Ramirez

Gui Borratto ‘Chromophobia’ (Kompakt)
Pier Bucci ‘Hay Consuelo (Samim Remix)’ (Crosstown Rebels)
Rejected ‘Cliché’ (Rejected)
Sebastian Roya ‘Compression’ (Connassieur Supior)
D.Ramirez and Dmitry Bobrov ‘Pleasure Me (Leiam Sullivan Remix)’ (Slave)
Claude Vonstroke ‘Who's Afraid Of Detroit (3 Channels Mix)’ (Dirtybird)
Oliver Huntemann ‘Sao Paulo’ (Confused)
Thomas Schumacher ‘Sui’ (Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten)
Lukas ‘Eraser’ (Karmarouge)
Dub Taylor ‘Cruiser’ (Manual Music)
Spirit Catcher ‘Voodoo Knight’ (20/20 Vision)
Square One ‘Vesuvius (Justin Martin's I Hope It Doesn't Blow Mix)’ (Freerange Records)
Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello, Laidback Luke ‘Get Dumb (Mark Knight Mix)’ (Data)
James Mowbray and D.Ramirez ‘Time Fades Away’ (Four:Twenty)
Ingo Staar ‘Karbon’ (Underwater)
D.Ramirez and Mark Knight ‘System’ (Toolroom Trax)
Minilogue ‘Elephant's Parade’ (Wagon Repair)
Dave Robertson ’Solve It’ (CR2)
Dubfire ‘Roadkill’ (Yoshitoshi)
Deadau5 ‘Bounce’ (Play Digital)
D.Ramirez ‘La Discotek (Shakedown remix)’ (Underwater)
Portabella ‘Ride (D.Ramirez remix)’ (Eye Industries)
D.Ramirez and Mark Knight ‘Colombian Soul’ (Toolroom Trax)
Shlomi Aber ‘Blonda’ (Toolroom Trax)
Juergens ‘Love It (Mello Mix)’ (Newstate)
Muse ‘Map Of The Problematique (D.Ramirez Remix)’ (White Label)

Your reviews of the mix

From reading the comments this mix should have been called "Marmite"You either love it or hate it.
Chris Liverpool

what T,NYC said. "more Gui Boratto" please.thank you
Kiz the Wiz

If you don't like it turn it off.Respect

Dean's EM is absolutely legendary, simply adore his sound and you can tell he's put some time into the construction on this EM, best EM this year. Been a fan of his for a while and he's from my stomping ground! Long may he rule! :-)
Leekboy, London/Doncaster

Absolutely outstanding set...thank you DR...
Ilya, Niagara Falls

If you don't like it, don't listen. Wait for a mix you might like instead of slating it. If you don't like minimal, dance round your handbag to cheese instead.Narrow minded fools
Makersmark, London

Dj Massimo_S ,Turin(Italy)

STOP PLAYING MINIMAL!!!! Seriously, after almost 2 years of listening to everyone trying a stab at minimal, we need something fresh like what we heard on Nick Warren's GU CD.
Randy, San Francisco

gareth, belfast

deep, dark and twisted. I like...
Chris - Glasgow

This mix was exceptionally boring. pure minimal rubbish. no base lines just blips and blops all over the place. few nice tunes but not even enuf to call the mix good overall. silly boy!
Maxwell , Marbella

Mindblowing mix!
Mark, London

we want more breaks
james, tenerife

It took its time getting anywhere! Minimal must be the new black? anyway....its one I wont be telling the grandchildren about!
Fergie, Bangor N.I.

I dont understand it, he doesent usually play this sort of style in the club and iv seen him a few times
Newbold from Bristol

Where was the "electro and breaks"? This mix was slow and very minimal, i was disappointed and expected more from D.Ramirez, after his remixes and la discotek, do love the Dave Robertson tune "solve it" any one know a release date for this? E.M. give us some dirty, dirty house, give the decks to Dirty South!!!
James, Reading

Some nice sounds from Mr Ramirez. Saw him at Cream, Nation and he was utterly sick. I think he should've hit us harder earlier here however. Claude Vonstroke is the mother. Cannot wait to see him at creamfields. Get him on here Radio One. People need to hear 'the whistler' and know what time it is!
dOM dA BOMB, Stafford

i heard with such a pleasure a dj i didn't know before! one of the best essential mix from the beginning of the year
Stéphane France

enjoyed the set & i am a massive fan of his work, but i expected it to be a bit more up beat, come on carl cox, what ya waiting for bring it on EM
john, middlesbrough, u.k

What The Hell Was That !!!Absolutly shockingly bad im afraid. I really dont see how people can like this sound, its not dance music, its just a load depressingly sounding tracks thrown together.. jus flicking through the listern agen player makes me wanna fall asleep.. wats happened to good old fashioned house music? Plzzz get some up & coming origanal house dj's on like copyright, hardsoul or the audiowhores for example or a house ledgend like morales or norman jay bk on the EM turntables.. sort it out Radio 1, im bored of this minimal electro crap week after week! Cheers. x
Mikey J --> U.K.

amazing mix... i don't expect minimal from d.ramirez but this is awsome. nice job.

Amazing amazing amazing - i love it.
John, Denver

Can we have a break from minimal for a while please, and have soem proper HOUSE music, not mimimal. Breaks would also be nice, rather than telling us at the beginning we're going to get some and then nothing! D Ramirez is another mix i really looked forward to and was sorely dissapointed by. i like dark house but it has to go somewhere, this was just bland and forgettable. Please, Please radio 1, no more miinmal for a while!
Ali, Devon

i cant put into words how much i loath minimal.. ive seen DR before and he played a banging set of breaks and electro.. this is such rubbish music to fall asleep to
kat - aussie in london

this is one of the best produced essential mixes this year.every track had been mixed up a bit.ramirez went the extra mile with this mix so much respect to him

Yep, gave us a reason to keep partying nice mix!!!
Brian and Gavin Corporation, Dublin Ireland

How refreshing another wanabe LATINO named dj...look at what it did for juniorverse! maybe ill call myself dj dean or something caucasian.

Flock of seagulls wants their hairstyle back!
This mix sucked! Period! All Cheese!

I didn' t know this DJ before... and I love him already!!!! so groovy
Simon from France

Thought the mix was far too simple no energy in the tracks, also i like it dark but this was just dark and meaning less mix, for such a talented dj/producer i expected a whole lot more!
ollie p - manchester

Really liked the first half and hour, but I just couldn't get into what came after. Can't wait for Carl though.
Malcolm, Canada

pure quality, best ess mix this year, really captured the sound of the underground,cool techy beats with a nice deep groove.
paul littler stockton

Mmm totally hypnotic!!! This mix put me into a blissed out state =) Perfect sunday evening listening!
Johnny, Belfast

Disapointed, i love d ramirez. when i went to see him in edinburgh he was brilliant but this minimal era is all its cracked up to be. We all love electro.
paul millar edinburgh

Why does it take so many djs until the last 15-20 mins to hit us with there best stuff? the essential mix is not a warm up mix for a club its suppoused to be 2 hours of peak time music whatever the genre
Anton Glasgow

Boring and far too minimal. Pete; if you promise a ‘mix of house, breaks and electro’ please make sure the mix you play actually has some of the elements promised!! This was 2 hours of dull lifeless minimal rubbish. What does it take to get a slot on the EM? I reckon there are millions of listeners who would give anything to play on such a stage. Yet week in week out we get the same self obsessed over hyped DJ’s playing cr*p like this. I am sure D.Ramirez is a talented DJ and producer, but I would want my money back if I paid to hear this in a club. Some people obviously don’t realise how lucky they are to get the opportunities they do. Bit like our national football team. All over paid and over rated show offs that cant deliver when they are called upon.
Daz, Hants

took well over an hour to get going very disappointed !!!!!
matt roast Horsham

Amazing. Wow - very cool. i wil def be looking out for more of Mr. Ramirez. Very clever way of smaking you in the face with a subtle build up and sound. Now why arent the rest of the boys as clever as this chap?
Robert, Califronia

Haven't heard it, but just looking at the tracklisting, the mix looks all a bit run of the mill. A bit same old same old. No pushing the envelope.
Wilf - Coventry

Very disappointing mix. Started well but then descended into cheesiness and sums up everything that is bad about 'electro-house'.
M Davies, Blackburn, Lancashire

This is hitting the spot, just how i like it. Will be listening to this a few more times before the week is out. Keep it coming EM
Greg, Edinburgh

Not as anging as I thought it would be, nice enough though
Jez, Lancashire

boring boring boring
Luke, Cheltenham

Superb mix, really did enjoy it from start to finish. When we getting a Ken Fan mix R1, he's the boy.

Whoa! that was very minimal... very uneventful... and im very disappointed... it would have been good if he DID touch on some electro breaks or house... he did a great little set on Annie Nightingale a few back... i dont know, just seems like a real wasted opportunity to me! :|
Clinton from Sydney!

Quality mix, mans a genius!
Conor, Derry

this is far from essential. just a complete mood swinger....wat the hell?!
Aaulo Greene! Eire

Top tunage - well done to the essential mix team
blake - Sydney

Wonderful tuneage from the main man of electro house!! Done poorly, electro house is the new Funky, but this man does it bang on! WOOP WOOP!!
Matt Dee, Vitesse, Holland

Bland! Some decent stuff towards the end, but I want to be uplifted when I listen to music and this dont cut the cheese. Note to Radio 1: call a spade, a spade. Package this as minimal, and NOT house!
Simon, Leeds

electro house at its best! no nonsense!!! :D
Anstey, Bristol/Kent

so good to finally be able to listen to a whole mix by d. ramirez. love this guy hes a genius - loved the mix!thanks guys.s. kooper
d. ramirez

I like D. Ramirez, he plays very good music. Very Fizzy!! :)
Fizzy Soda, New Orleans, USA

loving the mixMore minimal on Essential mix please!!!
Dimitry, London

Banging original sensational music. Dont Stop!!!
Floyd - South Africa

One of the best Djs in the world.Its so refrshing.

Depite there being a fair number of his own tracks, I enjoyed this mix from D. It lets you loose and then pulls you back in, like trance but in a different way, kind of refreshing. One & a half thumbs.
Lone 97305

best e-mix of the year. even better than the prydz one. simply superb. proper dirty house music. the way it should be.
stooo, peterborough

perfect sunday soundtrack for the friends, food, and margaritas marathon!!!!!Thanks you!P
Joshp birmingham, al

mucho respecto mr d.ramirez!! big selection, big technical skills, big big tune 'eraser' by lukas!! ..we love
alex, leeds

That's what I'm Talkin about! Great one D Ramirez!
Caleb Golston, Texas


Excellent opening tune...Gui Boratto rules!!! Brazil is definetelly entering the scene with its producers and DJscheers
Ricardo - Brazil

Smooth, clean, trendy and superb touch to everyone's body vibes. D Ramirez has shown us again that there's a perfect blending between the use of minimal beats and electro melodies, with an overwhelming capacity to produce contrast with chilling and very very deep backsounds. It's a journey into a creative but challenging brand new way of the reinterpretation of Simple.
Jeivar, Santiago Chile

In comparison to last week's essential mix, this is pretty bland, bar a few good, if a little new to have stood the test of time, tunes.But then again I could have listened to lindstrom and prins thomas' mix for a very long time. Fleetwood Mac!
Rachel, Glasgow

D.Ramirez. I hit the 15min ffwrd button 8 times in a row. Thanks for wasting five seconds of my life. The best flavor to discribe that mix is, plain.
Carlin, Alberta Canada

D. Ramirez is owning the dance scene for ages .. i worship this guy!! Great remix for Muse! Liked the original, but loved the remix! Go Go Go Go D. Ramirez! :D
João Luz (Portugal)

Nice.. good job... Love claude vonstroke...dos eny 1 els agree?

Yessssssssssssss thats cool
Chris, Austria

Altogheter a good EM but not for sure the one of the year, superb, brillant, awsome etc......A good tracks selection in the first 45 minutes in paricular and in the first 20 of hour two!I didn't enjoy all the toolroom tracks and his own remixes cause they didn't impress me so much but it's just my own taste!!Can't wait for the Cox and justice's EM
Anto, Milano, Italy

Good set !

I wanna go and see him just so I can stand in front of the booth goin Oi Dean Marriot all night!!
Paul, Preston

Top mix and tracklisting Mr D Ramirez! look fwd to more of this & definitely the sound of house at the moment - luv ya work!
DJChewy (Thirsty DJs), London

Top mix and tracklisting Mr D Ramirez! look fwd to more of this & definitely the sound of house at the moment - luv ya work!
DJChewy, London

Just give him the award now for EM of the year..This mix was off the hook..LOVED IT

Excellent style, loved the bass and the melodic journey, good stuff :)
Matt Simpson, Germany

I Thought D Ramirez Essential Mix Was Smart I Like House Music
Timothy Wright Cheshire

Another spine-tingling, rib-busting epic which has left me breathless.
calypso, oxford

Really REAlly awesome mix. He blended all the sounds together nicely.
Campbell, Australia (Melbourne)

this is the flavor they savor out here mix from begining to end.
Leo - Miami

I'm sorry to say that I have never given D.Ramirez a chance before now.. It's also fair to say that I have never even heard any of his tunes before now either (or just didn't realise..) Anyway.. The Chap is more than a Haircut.. Top mix.. Really really enjoyed it.. Should be proud of it Mate.
John - Dublin - RoI

It was the first time, when i heard D.Ramirez playing on the decks.... And it was amaizing set, all tracks was bombs... It was totaly one of the best Essential Mix on Radio 1.
Dj TechStar from Exeter

MR D Ramirez - i bow down , for me this was the best essential mix of the yr , just when i thought goldie smack it along you came and well punched me in the ear alittle deeper / harder ..thanks radio 1 n mr pete for this , this isent leaving my mp3 player for a long time .... xxx
the panty inspector

After a few "slowly" and pretty not-pumping EMs, we´ve got the party back! D.Ramirez rocks....Very nice sound! AND: If I watch to the following program for the next mixes...WOW...Looking forward to it:-)
Thomas, Germany

Many thxz to this set.Good selection of tracklist

enjoyed the last 10 mins of that mix. wicked stuff. keep it up
rip - austria

awsome EM hope to hear him next in MOS Sessions :D
iLuSioN Romania - Bucharest

Sleepy time super mix!
I Mix Better Than U!

Really enjoyed this mix. A nice synthesis of many of my favorite recent tracks. Knew I was in for a treat upon hearing Gui Boratto as the opener. Speaking of which...Pete, can we PLEASE get an EM from Gui Boratto? PLEASE! His new album is a masterpiece. I want more Gui.

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