Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 6th May
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas

Al Usher ‘Her Today’ (Misericord)
Aeroplane ‘Aeroplane’ (Eskimo)
Lindstrøm & Solale ‘Let It Happen’ (Azuli)
In Flagranti ‘Bipolar’ (Codek)
No Theory ‘Devils Dance’ (Sin&Soul)
Lindstrøm ‘Musikal Overtones’ (Feedelity)
Sneak Thief G-String Orchestra ‘My Sullen Mistress’ (Klakson)
Ytre Rymden Dansskola ‘Kjappfot(PT Edit)’ (Full Pupp)
Runaway ‘Shadows’ (Wurst)
Max Mohr ‘Assonja Swynja’ (Playhouse)
Dettman Vs.Moroder ‘Quicksand/Utopia Mash’ (White Label)
Faze Action ‘Stratus Energy’ (White Label)
M-D-Emm ‘Get Acidic’ (Transmat)
Centrific ‘Somebody Went To Detroit And All I Got Was The Itchy Hawtins’ (Drop Bass Network)
Fleetwood Mac ‘You Make Lovin' Fun (Trailmix)’ (White Label)
M E ‘Rnb Drunkie’ (Golf Channel)
Wild Rumpus ‘Musical Blaze Up (Rub & Tug Bitches Remix)’ (Bitches Brew)
Chairmen Of The Board ‘Party’ (Invictus)
(Interlude) Rare Earth ‘Get Ready(Live Version)’ (EMI/Motown)
Niagara ‘Sangandongo Part 1’ (White Label)
Solomun & Stimming ‘Eiszauber(Diynamic’ (White Label)
Still Going ‘Still Going Theme’ (DFA)
Lindstrøm ‘Contemporary Fix (Bjørn Torske Remix)’ (Smalltown Supersound)
Nick Chacona ‘Mariacha’ (Internasjonal)
Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas ‘Nummer Fire En’ (Short Edit)

Your reviews of the mix

great that radio one have finally come to their senses and got these dons in. can we have less of the commercial handbag and more of a proper music ethos permeate throughout the station please! there's a world of brilliance out there its your opportunity to take a lead and play it. this is a great start, superb mix. thank you :x
slim. brixton

Essential Mix of the year? you must be joking!!!

all cool things come from up north - like this norwegian mix. a nice blend, a relaxed yet latently excited endless tune, which is how i like to feel about life. love the fleetwood mac remix!
nathalie, tokyo

Charlie Ottawa Canada

Definetely the mix of the year so far!!
Manvers, Nottingham

It's ok. really stood out they definitly have a distinct style
Tom Tom Dallas Tx

june soon

Olly, East London

Fleetwood Mac never sounded so good :)
Outer Space

It's always as good as possible with essential mix. I enjoy your music pete. Thank you.
philippe - le havre - france

Excellent Mix... has it lulls, but really makes up for it in other parts (i.e. the delicious fleetwood mac track.) great vocal selections!
Joey -Miami

Spacedisco at its most beautiful, groovy and elegant form. Fantastic dreamy music. Nice mix boys!!!
HH, Oslo

Soild mix that flows and brings the listener to a few different places. Well done indeed.By chance, does anyone know more about this track they played?M E ‘Rnb Drunkie’ (Golf Channel)
Daniel from Toronto, Canada

wow, simply wow... best essential mix 2007 so far.
Archie, Hamburg

absolutely stellar mix. very classy. lindstrom and prins thomas' EM is classic and forward-thinking at the same time. this is dance music for adults, not fist-pumping E-tards! :)
chris, kansas city USA

Amazing set. These guys know what's up!
Gabe, Wash DC

hans peter played for us at a little party we did in leeds three years ago he blew us away with his cosmic disco sound now he and his partner in crime prins thomas get the recognition they deserve to a mass audience well done boys x the leeds disco alliance craig christon
craig christon leeds england

Nothing Special....=/
Tommy Gun * Dublin

great mix, minimalistic all the way !
Rolando Escalante, Baja California, Mexico

wow! never heard of these guys before, wicked sounds, perfect for a summers day, or a chilled out bank holiday!!!keep it up EM!!
matt bristol

hypnotic mix in a way :)
Ivars, Riga

Absolutely stunning musical journey from beginning to end. Pete Tong says it best when he states that it's a contender for mix of the year.
Peter Horak, Mississauga, ON, Canada

Yup, you're correct Mr. Tong...this has been the best essential mix of the year so far....nice to once again here guys who stick to what they like and are known for rather than chasing after the latest trend...truly "essential"....god job guys!!!!

Prins Thomas rulzz! Super kool sound! Keep on Rockin'!!!
El_Mede, Bucharest, Romania

Great work guys, you rock! Listening to it at work, very much appreciated of everyone at our office! Best Essential Mix!Thanks
Sondre Frost, Oslo Norway

Nice, nice, nice,....
Tobi, Munich

really enjoyed this EM, different and kept my interest
Nick, UK

Fantastic - helped me through a crazy bank holiday monday morning, following a great big night last night - great tunes, well put together
Simon, London

simply brilliant!
Tomasz - Poland

OMG - Essential mix of the year? Get your ears tested Pete.. Sounded like "Buck Rogers Techno". Boring & Rubbish.
John - Dublin - RoI

BORING with a capital B.Not sure how this could ever be thought of as a possible mix of the year. If this mix were to represent 2007, 2007 would have to be the worst year in electronic music ever.
Khristopher in Toronto, Canada

omfg this is sooooooo gooooood!
bobby badfingerz - belgium

I am loving this weeks mix but is there anywhere I can listen again to last weeks Essential Mix as I missed it?
Antony, Leeds

Marvellous!What a present for my birthday ;)
vipah, moscow

Hi, I havent listen the mix yet, but I have first given a message.
Serge, Moscow

Absolutey loved this mix, and the Fleetwood Mac was a good touch :)
Rob, Sheffield

Original, creative, melodic - top shelf work boys!! Great to hear something that strays from the mainstream on the EM..... especially when it sounds this good. Had previously never heard of these two but hope to hear a lot more after this!!!!
Jay, Toronto

A very cool mix..
Brett - New Zealand

serious contender to the EM of the year. very groovy.
yessuri, columbus, usa

alex - leeds

Great Mix!
Nick D NYC

one of the best essential mixes ever!
eric, chicago

Excellent! That was trully one of my favorite this year yet! Keep them comming!
LP, Montréal, Quebec

Awsome mix! What else can you say?

Always wicked!!!!They give us nudisco soul and my feet are dancing right now. Many off my favorit tracks are in the mix. Good mix from the norwegian guys.
coltsfoot - Oslo - Norway

Yes, yes...what a pleasant surprise, Prins Thomas & Lindstrom on R1! These guys know their onions - a superb selection. Lovely.
Mock (London)

Wow! thanks for playing my record guys....
Centrific-Minneapolis MN

Fantastic Mix!Makes working on the computer for hours a lot more pleasant!Thanks for that!
Mel London

Piece of great music.... sweet chillout... Nice for far trips :D Greetz POLAND!!!!!
Lil_Prince - LONDON

Anyone know which of the tracks listed above was the one played just before the halfway point at 3am?
Mark, London

Got in from Spiderman 3 last night about the time they hit You Make Lovin' Fun and was up til 2:30 A.M. dancing in my den. Amazing, seriously.
HoneyBFly/Houston, Texas, USA

just heard the first 30min of it, and it's being an absolutely funkin' loungecore mix. =Ahhh
Pepe, Lisbon

Fantastic mix. The Fleetwood Mac track is mind blowing. Cheers guys
Damien - east London


Quite amazing, spine tingling stuff!!!
Calypso, Oxford

well done old norse boys!! good to hear something different!!
Alex - Leeds

About time.Excellent.
Paul, Preston

Extremely dull.
The Wet Bandit, Tyneside

Best EM of the year by a mile! Proper funky house tunes and wicked mixing! Nuff said!
Eddie W, Cardiff

one of the most beautiful essential mixes av heard!!! absolute quality stuff radio 1 made my night there ;)
David From East Kilbride

nice selection ... cheers for sharing pete x

Is this how it would have sounded if Carl Sagan had been mixing it up? Art of noise where art thou...A bit too noodley and plenty of white noise at times.Beats bingo night anyhow.
sunda guten gondwana

Top drawer mix, best one of the year so far!!!bout time u had a decent mix, the last one was Trentemoller
Arthur W Ming III, The World

wonderful...let it happen..cant wait for rest of mix to stream my way
joseph from manhattan

LOVED IT!!! Great mix...took me on a journey and was filled with awesome original beats. Bang on job guys! I'll be listening to this one over and over all week long!
Matthew Denver, CO

loved this mix! these guys rock!
james, southampton

Brilliant, can't wait for the new album
Celica Rob

superb, a tour de force in soundscapes
steven, melbourne

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