Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 15th April
Phil Kieran (Alloy Mental)

Alloy Mental ‘Light’ (Skint)
Aphex Twin ‘Polynomial-C’ (R&S)
Brian Eno ‘Becalmed’ (Virgin Records)
Front 242 ‘Angst’ (Epic)
My Bloody Valentine ‘Soon’ (Creation)
Jesus And Mary Chain ‘Reverence (Burglar Tom Mix)’ (Blanco Y Negro)
A Guy Called Gerald ‘Voodoo Ray’ (Warlock)
Nitzer Ebb ‘Join In The Chant’ (Mute)
Bow Wow Wow ‘C30 C60 C90’ (EMI)
Mu ‘Lets Get Sick(Edit)’ (White Label)
Front 242 ‘Quite Unusual’ (Epic)
Radio Head ‘Fitter Happier’ (Parlophone)
Can ‘Aumgn’ (Mute)
Alloy Mental ‘God Is Green (Kev Gorman Mix)’ (Skint)
Basic Channel ‘Phylypstrak’ (Basic Channel)
Yello ‘Oh Yeah (Burglar Tom Mix)’ (Mercury)
Depeche Mode ‘World In My Eyes (Burglar Tom Edit)’ (Mute)
Underground Resistance ‘Transition (Accapella)’ (UR)
Alloy Mental ‘Seconds’ (Skint)
New Order ‘Your Silent Face’ (Factory)
Pixies ‘Cactus(Burglar Tom Mix)’ (4AD)
Alloy Mental ‘Stick It In Your Neck’ (Skint)
I-F ‘Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass’ (Fuel)
Alloy Mental ‘So Silent’ (Skint)
The Stooges ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ (Elektra)
Can ‘Halleluwah’ (United Artists)
Autechre ‘Vletrmx’ (Warp)
The Flaming Lips ‘Race For The Prize (Burglar Tom Edit)’ (Warner Bros)
My Bloody Valentine ‘When You Sleep(Burglar Tom Mix)’ Creation)
Maurizio ‘M4’ (Maurizio)
The Black Dog ’Virtual’ (Soma)
Primal Scream ‘Don’t Fight It Feel It’ (Creation)
Orbital ‘Chime’ (FFRR)
House Master Boys ‘House Nation’ (Dance Mania)
Dave Clarke ‘Red One’ (Deconstruction)
Nine Inch Nails ‘Sin (Burglar Tom Edit)’ (Island Records)
Nitzer Ebb ‘Let Your Body Learn’ (Mute)
Phil Kieran ‘Skyhook1’ (NovaMute)
The KLF ‘What Time Is Love (Burglar Tom Edit)’ (KLF)
New Order ‘Blue Monday’ (Factory)
Tronic House ‘Mental Techno’ (White Label)
Human Resource ‘Dominator‘ (Logic Records)
Joy Division ‘Means To End (Burglar Tom Mix)’ (Factory)
Alloy Mental ‘I Am’ (Skint)
Joy Division ‘Twenty Four Hours(Burglar Tom Edit)’ (Factory)
The Police ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me’ (A&M Records)
Pixies ‘Vamous (Burglar Tom Mix)’ (4AD)
Pixies ‘"You Fuckin' Die ...!"’ (4AD)
Die Monitr Batss ‘Spread Your Legs Release The Bats(Edit)’ (Mute)
Alloy Mental ‘Alloy Mental’ (Skint)
Alloy Mental ‘Gotta Love’ (Skint)
Suicide ‘Cheree’ (Demon Records)
Pink Floyd ‘Breathe’ (EMI)
Siouxsie And The Banshees ‘Christine (Burglar Tom Edit)’ (Polydor)
The Fall ‘Totally Wired (Burglar Tom Mix)’ (Rough Trade)
Nitzer Ebb ’Violent Playground’ (Mute Records)
Alloy Mental ‘Start A Fight’ (Skint)
Queens Of The Stone Age ‘Medication’
The Fall ‘Repetition’ (Cog Sinister)
Pixies ‘Ana’ (4AD)

Your reviews of the mix

WOW WOW WOW, was gonna write a a huge page of what i thought about this mix and how refreshing it was compared to some of the tosh music around at the moment, but there is no need everyone else has already done it. Nice to see so mant people enjoying this mix as much as i did. ESSENTIAL MIX OF THE YEAR, If you do not think so , I will fight you!!!
Ian newcastle

I really love it!!!!
Daniela, Costa Rica

Good mix Mr Phil K! Go Shinnnne
Edgar Funk

i've read your comments. you set low standards to be met easily, you are happy people. this was a compilation not a piece of art and the fall have much better tracks. you people should listen to the fall. they're very good.
frank, belfast

It wasn't all that good. I enjoyed the first half and some nice IDM tracks are always welcome, but many tracks just didn't fit at all...the mixng was far from okay, too
Vater Unser, Germany

it's full of pure things. Very GROOVY Very ORIGINAL as a techno mix it recalls me a bit sasha's EM very surprising ! Not strong at all...
Bruno, Paris

meh. too artsy, yet not as inventive as Trentemoller's mix last year. what ever happened to dance music that you can actually dance to?
Dan, Canada

Sick mix! What Essential is all about bringing something that no one has heard before.
Kurt Bruer Melbourne Florida

Jean Pierre, Belfast

totaly awesome mix, has to rank as one of the best mixes EVER played on national radio for the masses, keep it jamming hard. love pieman
the pieman scotland

...ALLOY MENTAL........ALLOY MENTAL.....need i say more......go see them live if you ever get a chance!!!!

Awesome mix. Brings back some great memories. Great to hear something different for a change.
Andrew, College Station, Texas

Mixed up mayhem guaranteed to get the pulses racing the bodies moving………excellent variance bang, bangtastic :@>
Duke, Belfast

Big thumbs up!!This was by far the essential mix of the year.Cheers from Greece.
Koshutasu Greece

For a lover of trance I was really suprised how much i loved this mix, keep it up!
Alan Simms, Belfast

Pure ecstasy

Cool mix - just reinforces the fact that Nitzer Ebb are as influential as Kraftwerk and New Order. Respect for the Chelmsford massive!!
Emile Strunz, Berlin

Amazing mix!
Tony, St.-Petersburg Russia

this is one of a kind.impossible not to like
Cristi,Constanta - Romania

Totally agree with the majority of comments on here, this is a piece of freakin art. 10/10 for sure. Essential Mix of the year in my opinion, pure gold! Excelent in every way possible, I will be listenign to this many times over, THANK YOU PHIL
Brad, Oregon USA

I fancy Phil's slick and slippery mixes, common so dope !I like the grimey retro punk feel, makes my sneakers wanna rebel on the dancefloor ! If you have never peeped the film :"24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE" than you you can't appreciate the Phil's art of classic punk vs new age techno ! Cant wait for next installment of Phil's Electropunk !

i am piling through all my 80's records right now ~that was awesome~
andrew in austin

Where can one vote for the EM of the century?Thank you Mr. Kieran for taking the time to create this.
robb USA

Dave, Leicester... talk to me! this set has to be one of the most eclectic sets iv ever heard - right up my street. 2 many djs, soulwax, daftpunk, basement jaxx all put tunes in thier sets that arent genre driven. it used to be a dj couldnt play techno/trance/dirty house all night cos simply there werent enough tracks in any particular genre being made.Phil Kieran knows what a good tune is and more importantly, knows how to fill a floor with them.
Paul, Manchester

bangin mix shine all the way
Dern Brennan

Amazing, thank you BBC Radio1 and Dj Phil K
Tom Hokky Stockholm

Hit the spot this morning. Thank you radio one! Go Dallas Stars!
Andrew, Chicago

dead on mate, keep er lit!!!
vincent, belfast

This was an inspired selection and like David Holmes 10 years ago, he has redefined the dj as being a collector of musical history. Essential Mix Of the Year.
Barney, Belfast

A perfect alloy of all that is good about dance music, classics mixed and tweaked to a level you dont get to hear all that often dropped with some of the best new tunes around, skyhook non the less.Respect to Phil !!! its gonna be a big year for Alloy Mental
Kinrade, Manchester

spot on!!
jamie london

Amazing, thank you BBC Radio1 and Phil Kieran. Thanks for the journey.
Mindbender | Chicago,USA

super super !!!
chemical sister in buenos aires

Frankly if you didn't enjoy that, then you don't really like music. But i'm sure there will be some 'Hard house' or 'Tech Trance' along in a few weeks that will be hailed as 'genius'.....and your more than welcome to it.
Paul, New York

It remembered me a 2many dj's set...he played some tracks which are present in most of Radio Soulwax...the set has been so strange and different that I still don't know what think about it..for sure isn't a favourite of mine but it was so powerful and full of energy...
Anto, Milano, Italy

I also think this mix was quite refreshing, brings me back to yester year. Could of used some Meat Beat Manifesto!! Go Canucks Go!
Peter Vangroover Canada

Excellent mix
Tom Hokky Stockholm

Nasty in the dirty cooly way. Big Time! that DM transition to Mad Mikes Bank....absolutely wicked and wild!!!
Bacon Management Massive Addict Milwaukee WI USA

classsssssssssssssss, bring on tania vulcano again shes so good.

Loving this one, very artistic! Superb track selection. . . a 'white label' set of sorts. Keep it up.
Clayton Krueger - Olympia, Washington

good God, that's awful. tracklisting looked solid but it just doesn't work. pah!
Big Tex, TX

Really enjoyed this one, not usually my style of listening but turned out to be a nice suprise.Oh by the way, Paul in Manchester. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THEM!! You just have to know where to look.
Dave, Leicester

Could've done with more effort mixing and programming it but great music selection, very interesting tracklist.
Shane, N.Ireland

delightfully different and very inspired!
Raymond, Oslo Norway

Essential mix of the year 2007. Brilliant, knew it would be good but not amazing. To those who complain that it wasnt techno enough- this was Phil representing Alloy Mental more than himself. Should be a big year for the band, with the album coming out and all these amazing gigs. Lets hope they leave their mark.
Dave, Belfast

Now thats what i call music !! What a fresh wind that set brought to the essential mix...its always nice to listen to something different and with all those great tunes it was a definate pleasure !
Jeremy Crowle, Exiled in Germany

It’s a real shame to hear people slating this mix. Ok I can appreciate it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But at least it wasn’t 2 hours of the same style music looped and re-edited in Ableton or on CDJ’s/ which is exactly what we can expect from Fergie or have heard so many times recently. I really can’t understand what the excitement is about his EM he is nothing special. Trouble is, we have been force fed the same music and mixing styles for so long. As soon as something a bit different comes along it scares people. 10/10 for this mix. If not for its flow and tune selection, for it’s sheer balsy approach and use of classic tracks with a bit of a tweak. Far more thought went into this than some people appreciate I think. For those of you who didn’t like/get this mix. I’m sure Fergie will bring you 2 hours of his usual ropey mixing and badly time loops to reassure you that there are still average DJ’s getting to play on the big stage. But for us less blinkered listeners. This was a real journey and worthy of of respect.

Top draw! Hats off to Phil for doing something different and quite possibly the most varied tracklisting ever seen on the EM. To all you other producers/DJ's coming up: Be individual and creative and lets hear something new!
Simon, Leeds

Some good tracks. Not keen on the band themselves.Saw them play the other weekend and they were pretty weak. Young band called Ulterior stole the limelight that night so may have painted AM in a bad light...
Paul Evans - London

what was that, turned it off after 45 minutes, very disjointed and in my humble opinion sounded like the kids were playing with the radio tuner, scanning stations. not what i was expecting.
Ali, devon.

Awfull - quite possibly the worst e/mix ive ever heard. im all for something a bit different bit but this was way of the mark.
Skinty Bristol

What an eclectic little bobbydazzler!
Rob West - Milton Keynes

Great mix, intelligent tracklisting... electronic music is more than beat beat beat
Roberto (Spain)

aye it was good craic!intriguing music and a ripper of a trip to some of also my fave early electronica music rootscheers

Excellent mix, the best so far this year.
Jake, Texas

gj, sydney, australia

Simply Amazing selection.
Brian Tibke

Easily the best mix I have heard this year. I enjoyed Goldie which was a step up from the absolute garbage that has been on lately. But this mix is just stellar, great work guys!
Bill, NYC

great to listen to.
Cali, usa

ROCK! I have to say that was the best mix Id heard since Yoda at the end of last year. Proper mashup with a lot of solid tracks and thank you for not playing only stuff youve produced. It was like the best aspects of other peoples mixes, but all in one. Going to stay on my ipod for a good while.
Lone 97305

I hope this was done purely with vinyl. Great stuff this is what digital really allows you to do.... really perform. Not just go blend every tune in to one biege boring soundscape. Excellent alot of records that i loved oh! ten ahhh 15 or is it now twenty years ago! Oh no...!
David Cregan

I've just had a quick scan through after reading the track list!! I cant wait to sit down and hear this properly. Such a cool mix of old and new and so cleverly done. This will be on my mp3 player for some time!!
Daz, Hants

Pretty like the 2 Many DJs mixes, but better. On the whole, excellent stuff, especially KLF - New Order mix.
William, London

Nice one something different.
Niall O'Connor (Stoned Developments)

A wonderful mix with a lot of great tunes. Phil is the greatest; thx to Radio 1
Potgab from Budapest, Hungary

Weak, bring on better EMs...
Aaron - Indianapolis USA

Just great!
Mugur, Romania

electronic electro industry 80's punk roc !!!! something very very different , and i loved it to bits thanks for sharing and goodluck with lp xxx
panty inspector > uk

a haunting indication of the electrifying experimentation that lie ahead for the more open minded heads
rashad robinson L.A.

super interesting mix of cuts that takes me back to the early 90's.... not sure of what my overall impression is just yet, but this is a balzy mix for sure.
jared - cleveland, usa

Thanks Pete,Phil...for this amazing set of rock'nroll tunes.
Alex Kuhn / São Paulo_Brazil

amazing mix
dave in trent

Just amazing... that´s it
Niki Martins, Sao Paulo

This guy is the business, right up there with the best of them!!
Alan Tinsley, Liverpool

Didn't enjoy that at all really. Interesting tracklist, not put togeather in a very interesting way.
JL, Glasgow

Pete, when are they ever gonna let us download theses shows. at least back in the day we could tape em, now theres mp3 players who uses tapes anymore? cmon pete, put the pressure where it matters and tell em they NEED to let us download.
Paul, Manchester

quality set great to hear bit of diversity on essential mix, and it took an irish dj to do it, it brought back some brilant memories,,
niall, galway, ireland.

most exciting thing i've heard in years! not so much breaking new ground, more like hammering the bejaysus out of it!
tom, thomastown, ireland

I am loving it and my heart is pounding...
calypso, oxford

What a tracklist of classics I see before me!This was a great mixture of new beat, rock/indie and techno all thrown in. Reminded me of some of the diverse punky old skool mixes thrown down by Sir Andrew Wetherall (Can we expect to see him on the EM this year? The man's a legend.)This got a little heavy going for me in places (I am getting on a bit you see.) Overall another great Essential Mix. Thankyou Radio 1 and thankyou Pete Tong.
Alex James, Bromley, Kent, UK.

But for Phil's rare and short moments of good techno music , this mix was rubbish.I have to hand it out to him ,he is better than Goldie.
tUrkU , Romania

Great show, I didn't know that you are in the same record label that Goose.Cool
T, Berlin

Awesome set. Nice warmup for Fergie. Happy days!
Mook, UK

quality a great selection of tunes some real clasics keep up the good tuneage
jd istanbul

Phil K is a top dj very consistentany time i have seen him playand Tech + Rock dont allways work but Alloy Mental make it work... nice ess mix
Eric - Belfast

One big pumping blast from the pass... yeah rocknroll
Chris | Seim Reap - Cambodia

1990's Flashback kinda cool, but not what I expect from an Essential Mix Dance Show. I love Radio One!
David, California USA

Mental Ahoy! This EM warp me back in my early darkway, ebm, alternative and techno nights & days at my hometown..didn´t expect this from Phil but anyway mix is wicked!!
dj Frajman, Zagreb (Croatia)

maybe it was my internet connection, but that didn't sound good at all. I love all the tracks, but put together as a mix it did nothing for me. At least it has reminded me of some good old records I must blow the dust off and spin on Sunday afternoon. Dissapointed
Paddy, Perth Australia

I Thought Phil Kieran's Essential Mix Was Bit Of All Right I Like A Bit Of Techno Music
Timothy Wright Cheshire

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