Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 8th April
Goldie (Metalheadz)

Rufige Kru - 'Monkey Boy (G Dub RMX)' (Metalheadz)
Dillinja - 'Fly Away' (Dubplate)
Commix - 'Be True' (Metalheadz)
Digital & Lutin - 'Cool & Deadly' (Funktion)
Photek - 'Untitled' (White Label)
Kiat - 'Diablo' (Rufige)
Doc Scott - 'Drumz 9507' (31/Metalheadz)
Commix - 'Strictly' (Metalheadz)
Rufige Kru - 'Malice In Wonderland' (Metalheadz)
Amit - 'Gatecrasher' (Metalheadz)
Rufige Kru - 'Infamous' (Metalheadz)
Rufige Kru - 'Scar' (Metalheadz)
Rufige Kru - 'Grouper' (Metalheadz)
Sabre & Alix Perez - 'Everglade' (Metalheadz)
Rufige Kru - 'Is This Real' (Exit)
Rufige Kru - 'Ever Wanted' (Metalheadz)
Optical - 'To Shape The Future Remix' (Metalheadz)
Rufige Kru - 'Digital Warrior' (Metalheadz)
D Kay - 'Wax'd RMX' (Metalheadz)
Break - 'Combination Style' (Metalheadz)
Vapour - 'No Smoke' (Rufige)
Case & Demo - 'Ladies Night VIP' (Human)
Commix - 'Sattelite Type 2' (Metalheadz)
Rufige Kru - 'Space Funk' (Dubplate)
Dillinja - 'Warrior Jazz' (Metalheadz)
Lemon D - 'Chainsaw' (Metalheadz)
Doc Scott - 'Unofficial Ghost' (Metalheadz)
Rufige Kru - 'Paris' (Metalheadz)

Your reviews of the mix

Really great EM Goldie good to hear some really good DnB, keep up the good work.Cheers
Tony, Montreal, Canada

I agree with Gath, forward thinking d&b ftw! How about Noisia for example? Every d&b mix featured on the EM has featured the generic end of the spectrum. Goldie has his place and deserves this slot as recognition for the impact he and Metalheadz has had on the scene but the point is, the EM needs more than 1 d&b mix per 6 months featuring upfront JD's/artists.
Some guy in Perth Aus

splendarificoliciouseniously for my mind to listening to in my head and mindheart. Good Goldiekus!
King Bizzo, US

Long Live Drum 'n' Bass!!!!!!If you like all this stuff!! Listen to the Fabio and Rider Show on Friday nights... hahaha thats if you aint goin out to boogie on down!!! Big ups to one and ALL!!!!
Dave Ram, Southall, west London!!!!

This mix simply proves that Goldie is the best d'n'b dj around!!!
Alan Tinsley, Liverpool

Excellent work Goldie! When are the BBC gonna get their act together and provide the essential mix as a high quality rss/podcast????? We could all be loving new music a whole lot more....SORT IT OUT!!!!!!
Everyone who appreciates quality sound

This mix is a shocker!! Why does the em continue to roll out the golden oldy dnb artist instead of the pushing through the dudes pushing the scene i.e state of mind , subfocus , calyx ,teebee the list goes on!!!!!!
gatti , london

Goldie is great!!
Catherine Germany

It is totally addictive not to can stop listening the sound in my mind… is it enough good to be able to stop listening one and another time again.
Savio Querétaro. México

Loved this mix. Wish I could hear it on a great sound system, some of the bass lines are amazing. Reminds me of some stuff from years and years ago. Way to go, great EM!
Jeremy - Portland, Oregon

This mix from Goldie is exactly what I needed to hear today. Respect to the BBC, I don't mind paying my license fee as long as we have plenty of rollage on the radio, and this is what we seem to have don't we people......!!!!!!
Gazzz Stanford - Birmingham

What a shame. Same old, same old, and a shameful 'plug' for the Metalheadz imprint. Considering there are so many d and b dj's out there pushing the sound at the moment, John B, Rap, and TC for a start. Proper jungle dj's are mixing up all styles at the moment, even if it's not traditional D and B, How about Mixing Felix da Housecat with Andy C for instance.
Luke Duncan Bristol

Goldie tearin' down the place. Still iconic and as relavent to the scene as ever. Shout to the haters, of course he's gonna play headz stuff, he signed it to the label cos he felt those tracks. Headz plug or not, got to represent your camp. Big up Goldie - bringin the fury!
ALexander, Bovingdon

not bad not bad!!

Good mix .Dark and moody -sounding like old metalheadz stuff (a good thing!)The new Rufige stuff is sounding very good.Back on form..........almost...Theres a couple of irritating tracks and a little bit more of variety wouldve been nice.But this is essential showcasing the new releases - so does what it says on the tin...if it was in a tin...if ya get me-)
Ad, Bham

this mix is savage, i love it! congrads bbc. you got it right for me this time!
dan guildford

Have to say this was a wicked Essential Mix. Currently listening to it at work on my headphones. Quality, well done Goldie.
Stephen Mitchell, London

Anyone not liking that must be have a one track mind. Or your a student who loves Pendulum.....This is proper D'n'B. Not for light weights!!!!Yeah and for those who moan about this being a wasted of radio time......F-Off. Get back to you jump up or you rubbish electro house..........
Joe, Leicester

Sweet mix, thats all there is to say.
Grae, London

I think he should of delve back to some of his classics. Bit heavy for me, and I am a keen collector of DnB when DJ'ing. But I like a more cleaner sound of DnB. I found it after a while quite supressing.Be good to see Hospital records artists have a go. cyantific maybe?Bring back Hernan Cattaneo, Desyn Masiello, Behrouz.I aint heard an inspiring mix since masiello back in 2005. come on bbc!
sam charles

Im not a big DnB fan so was also open minded to this. Not really the stuff for a nice relaxing afternoon in the sun.... You`d have to be off your face to appreciate this stuff. Roll on real music. This is just sound like my dad.
Pete, London

Oh My DAYS!!!!! GOLDIE steps up to the plate!!! and he keeps hittin dem beats for SIX!!!! Dats the kinda dude the england cricket team need out in the West Indies!!!! I gotta Salute me Bredrin GOLDIE!! for the sheer amount of years this guy has been workin in the world of DnB!!! Goldie Definately Deserves the accolades and his place in the Drum n Bass Hall of FAME!!! His mixes are always fresh and Diverse!!! even if you aren't a Bass head... Goldie still makes you sit up and nod ya head in appriciation!!! Simple tingz!!!!May the gold 1 shine for many years to come!!!!Blessed
Dave Ram, Southall, West London!!!!

havent heard this mix, but i can quite confidently say (by looking at the tracklist) that it will suck. it looks like its been mixed in 1996. the new rufage crew tracks are rubbish. what a waste of an EM, they could have got DKay, Bratwa, Bungle, marcus intalex, people who are actually moving the scene forward.
steve, stoke

Im not even going to attempt to listen to this will leave this to the burberry cap trackie bottom kiddies who runin the festivals for the rest of us!!!!
Rand - Brighton

A few good tunes in this mix. But overall i'm a little disappointed that this is how Metalheadz and Drum & Bass has gone. What has happened to pushing the boundaries? Moving things forward?
Frank Williams, Kent

Despite being a huge fan of DnB I was really disappointed with this mix. He really let himself down by plugging his 'Metalheadz' music. The tracks seemed to lack everything I love about DnB. I dont think I shouted 'Tune' once! What a shame, this is probably the only DnB essential mix we'll see this year.
Simon, Leicester

Hell yeah!!Does it get any better?
Big E aka AE , Los Angeles

I have been in the US now for 4yrs arriving from my hometown LONDON UK, and the thing I miss most is the whole party, dance, rave, people music scene. With Dj's the like's of "GOLDIE", 'Grooverider', 'Fabio' and so many others to name.... Let me tell you, if whilst listining to this 'mix' you are not shaking, dancing, moving to the beat!!!! - You (with respect) have no knowledge, an ear... for amazing music conducted by a musical genius such as Goldie!!! Wish I was home!!!!
Jay Mandla, LA Calif

Goldie is a badmon, always has been, always will be. Killer track selection...he is still on the cutting edge of DnB. A man ahead of his time.Keep pushing the envelope ESBig up!
Marcus - Canada Crew - Tornto massive!

just will like to say goldie ripped it like he riped miami for the wmc 07!goldie is a mad scientist love his creativity and knowledge about dnb keep it up goldie peace!
tony perez in florida

oh my god just i was looking for, another great drum & bass mix nice beats Goldie doing good job as always!!!
Andres Valles, Venezuela

I thought this is the Essential Mix?This was shocking!What is essential about this mix?You might aswell of just let Metalheadz play!Its absolute garbage!What a waste of precious Radio time!
Sam Holt - Blackburn

Goldie doing his job! Top selection!
Leopold Reykjavik/Berlin Iceland/Germany

Good to have a change in style now and agan, what better change to make than drum&bass, should be more!
Craig Brewster Torbay

Sick Mix!!! Deep and Dark, pure vibes - Big up Goldie, your still smashing it up! Shame about the haters but I suppose to have good you have to have bad????
D.J. Obsession, Bedfordshire

We love Goldie, wicked selection,and you know,,, is the drum & bass man. (groove is the super man)And for James, you have to respect METALHEADZ.
Orange, Buenos Aires

Alex James sums it up.. Nice one Mate! At the same moment probably, I decided to go and fix the ballcock on the tank in the attic. What a load of R-R-Rubbish Kru. Get some proper Modern Dnb on the EM. Dillinja & Lemon D are relics.. same as Goldie. Really Boring.
John - Dublin - RoI

AWEEEESOME!!!! saw goldie in bristol and he tore the place up
Anstey, Kent/Bristol

goldie should play every week.
sean mcmahon, nothampton

drum and bass, more like hale and pace!!!
steve, warbury

I absolutely love Drum&Bass, but I thought his set was awful, why on earth didnt he pick GOOD tracks, as opposed to all that metalhead garbage he chundered out for for a painful 2 hours. I mean, it's all good having pride in your product, but dont subject us to it during Essential Mix.Waster.
Jobe, Leicester

Quality mix, no tolken dnb this is the real deal. Must be heard heard on a decent system to be understood properly. Bet a lot of who were complaining were listening to it being streamed at 32kps with your ipod headphones on.
Jack Holmes, London

Unofficial Ghost kills me everytime.
Max Power

Big up. Maxipad Respect. One Time. One Space. One Heart. Roll the bass!!!!!!
Bacon Management Massive Milwaukee USA

It's typical GOLDIE... He does his thing and lucky for us he does his thing well. Solid mixing and solid Metalheadz cuts. I much rather hear the older Metalheadz stuff then the new rubbish that is being put out buy all the D&B labels (with respect to a few). For goodness sakes he dropped Dillinja Warrior Jazz!!! Now if you know your D&B you can fully appreciate this trip back into the time of when you could distinguish who was who.
Seltek Los Angeles

GOLDIE killed in Chicago! The man the myth the legend!! Great , now if BBC player will only work again.
Anuj - Chicago

Drum and bass in your face. This music will never die!
Dj Ruffnek, Windsor


amazing Goldie's sellection deep & angry
liam, belarus

Great to hear Goldie back in the mix. Ideal music to get you back in the swing of things after the easter break. However if you are looking for 'new music', 1FM or the EM is not the place. Check out the Drum 'n' Bass Arena podcasts. Better music, better DJs and available for keeps. Move into the future BBC!!
Des, London

Metalheadz is the best label ever
B England

man, goldie doesnt just own the DnB scene, he Is the DnB scene. this mix is faultless, intense, beautiful and most of all fat. if you dont like DnB... listen to this, and then we will talk.
sean (turbo stroker) holden

Stuart Whitehead - There are plenty of Goldie tunes in this mix, all of the Rufige Kru tunes are Goldie & his engineer Heist. All amazing stuff. Excellent mix, proves there is a big scene of quality d&b beyond the popular 'clownstep' music that tends to dominate a lot of the airplay that d&b gets. Nice to see Radio One / 1Extra supporting the quality shizzle as per the norm. Excellent music Goldie, i remember playing poker with the boys in 1996, 120 minute TDK tape blasting on the stero, here we are in 2007 and i'll be doing the same with the same lads only in mp3 format, wonder how his next mix will be heard in 2018, imagine how cutting edge that stuff will be, ha ha!
Steven C

Goldie killing it eleven years after his essential mix debut with pure Metalheadz vibes!!
Lez Manchester

I approached this mix with an open mind as drum n' bass isn't really my cup of tea. Could I be converted?Back in 1989-1990 there was a night I loved called Rage held at Heaven night club in London. The night was started by Danny Rampling and played quality house, acid and upstairs- balearic beats. The night changed over time and started playing more and more "hoover house" and breakbeat, jungle started to emerge. Is it me or is drum and bass just a load of speeded up hip hop beats that all blend into an undanceable mush of noise? Sorry EM but after twnty five minutes of this on a Sunday I think I've made up my mind, I'm off to do a bit of where did I put them drill bits? Roll on Phil Kieran.
Alex James. Bromley, Kent, UK.

drum and bass is the king of dance and this essential mix torn the roof off
william margate

Been looking forward to this one, slightly upset that he never played any of his own Metalheadz product tho..........;-)
Stuart Whitehead, Bolton

Can I have some of my licence back please now that the BBC have allowed the Essential Mix to turn into one massive advert for Metalheadz? I mean come on, EVERY track on the same label, and all rubbish. Go back to Eastenders and let some proper drum and bass DJs have a go. I real shame because this is a complete waste of the Essential Mix's token drum and bass set for the year.
James Clarke, Hertford

I Thought Goldie's Essential Mix Was Smart I Like Drum & Bass
Timothy Wright Cheshire

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