Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 1st April
Recorded live at the Radio 1 Pool Party, Miami.


Nic Fanciulli & James Zabiela, One+One
Luciano 'Tonetts' (Cadenza)

Unknown Artist 'Unknown' (White Label)

Tricky Disco ‘Tricky Disco (The Martin Brothers 'Thizzy Disco' Rmx)’ (White Label)

Alexkid And Chloe 'Afterblaster' (Mazi And Duriez Mix) (Kill Brique)

Dave Robertson 'Solve It' (White Label)

Unknown Artist '3 By 4' (White Label)

Claude Von Stroke 'Who's Afraid Of Detroit' (Stanton Warriors Mix) (Dirtybird)

Tom Pooks 'Trouble' (Josh Wink Mix) (Ovum)

Unknown Artist 'Unknown' (White Label)

James Zabiela And Nic Fanciulli 'No Pressure' (One+One)

James Zabiela 'Human' (Renaissance)

Chymera 'Umbrella' (Funk Da Void Mix) (Ovum)


Richie Hawtin
Ambivalent 'RU OK?' (M-nus)
Massi DL ‘Fruit & Salad’ (White Label)
Unknown Artist ‘Untitled (Konrad Snax Mix)’ (White Label)
The Viewer ‘Blank Images’ (Planet E)
Marco Carola ‘Apnea’ (White Label)
Unknown Artist ‘Dermoptera’ (White Label)
Dominik Eulberg ‘Gunsch’ (Traumschallplatten)
Massi DL ‘Wonderland’ (White Label)
Ambivalent ‘Nugget’ (M-nus)
Gaiser ‘Neural Block’ (M-nus)
Blackstrobe ‘I’m A Man (Audion’s Donation Remix)’ (White Label)
Dennis Karimani ‘Realtime Island’ (Smallville)

Your reviews of the mix

I'm a huge Fanciulli & Zabiela fan but to be honest I thought the whole set was a bit boring. I'm really into this type of music at the minute but it did seem as though they put too much energy into displaying their technical prowess rather than picking a banging tracklist. Shame really.
Jobe, Leicester

I saw Zabiela & Nic B2B rock Home sydney 2 years ago which was exceptional, but this ONE+ONE is truely innovative, they have stuck with the creme de le creme of the frshest tracks & this EM is awesum. Loved the collaboration track truely a treat to the ears.Richie, what can I say, this was amazing...loving the sound you are pushing at the moment.We want more EMs like this.
Matt - Sydney

NF and JZ left me pretty cold, too much knob-twiddling and not enough soul for my liking, but once again the Artist Ocassionaly Known As Plastikman proves his position as one of the greatest DJ's on the planet. Can't wait to see him raise the roof at Fabric again next week!
Pete, SE14

i was there...good times - i miss wmc

speachless,,never heard sound like this,PETE YOU HAVE TO LISTEN MASSI DL
DJ rejcky , milano

Very dull, was anyone dancing at the Pool Party?? Richie was better than JZ and NF but monotonous all the same, where's the musical content?
Alex London

Aaaauuuu what a mix !!!Miami forever !
Dzoni , Kruševac , Serbia

i've seen some mean comments around here ,,, i guess that those old dogs that posted those comments are too conservators to recive the new dogs as good ones . i loved'em both : one + one and ritchie hawtin , these 3 guys are some of the best djs of the planet and i guess this EM could be the EM of the year . Totaly enjoied it ! Cheers :)
dJ APEX , Romania

Exciting duo that is James Zabiela and Nic Fanciulli have provided a full on mix of innovative sound and top notch technical skills. I would like to see Radio 1 inviting James Zabiela for a full slot of two hours EM sometime soon, please.
Alexander Alexeev, Russia

Nic, James & Richie... try harder next time!

saw zabiela in space ibiza this summer - he rocked it hard - but now him AND fanculli are together its BOMBASTIC - looking forward to sankeys on thursday - if their set is 1/2 as good i'll be a happy boy!! shabba
Sam Dixon, manchester, england

has the one+one mix ended, how far did they disappear up there derrière. i did try and dance to it but couldn't...boys come back it gets dark up there....
filmore-republic of south yorkshire

jaime from bakersfield, it's clear you have no idea of what's going on in the world of music these days so please don't (attempt to)judge the quality of these 2 sets.
pete, haarlem

Best Essential Mix ever!!!
Cata, Bucharest Romania

jamie from Bakersfield California dosn't speak for all americans...only Californians!!! Great set... from Richie(as usual) the other two...well their sound was good...could use some work though! All-in-all I enjoyed it!
That Guy USA

James Zabiela, one+one for that matter, absolutly amazing. secondly, Can't wait to hear some more hawtin. keep up the amazing work radio 1.
qiqi from rome

Lovin Zabiela and Fanciulli. Can't wait to see them live in May!!!!
Dan, Edmonton, Canada

That was awesome!! Gotta love the Zabiela Sound, hope to catch one+one in the UK or Ibiza this summer.
Mike, Aberdeen

one hour two djs 12 tunes,speaks for its self dont ya think
rainman ayr

James and Nick's hour was great. I can't wait till they both come to tear Texas apart. I'm sure the people whom were live in Miami for this set had a great time also!
Raymond Enrique from San Antonio, TX

rubbish so boooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiingggggggggg
Tyrone in Reading

no doubt this would have been better if you were there in the flesh, it's not exactly the kind of mix your gonna pull out for home listening, which for me should be a little bit more interesting than prog followed by techno
Patrick, London

Great set from Zabiela and Nic. Hawtin godlike as always, like many I hope to hear more sets like this on EM. I love the aussies but they don't seem to of gotten over the hard house scene yet :(
Jamie, Nottingham

boo on the 1st part, but that's just my op. still listening to the 2nd part
you did - toronto

I was in Miami. Pete Tong you made it again! One on One was excellent. Set Also good! Where can I download this set to have it at my ipod?Thanks
Gian Carlo, Houston

Saw Fanciulli and Zabiela at The Fifth for their evening "One+One" show... the pool party mix was better (also, fanciulli is better on his own, next year can we have "One-One" at WMC and drop Zabiela?)... as for Plastikman... techno rules!
Adam - Baltimore

No doubt Zabiela and Fanciulli have got the talent but they need to tear up the rule-book a bit more if they're to claim to be of Sasha-Digweed-ilk. Love to see them create something Crobar-esque. Get yer thinkin caps on lads!Nice mix though :)
Chester, Dublin

That was a brilliant set by one + one. Richie Hawtin never have ever dissapointed brother, sensastional.
Simonsez Stratford, Canada

This formation is truly remarkable i don't why they haven't thought of it before! They work together so well can't wait to see them at Product in Nottingham on the 20th of this month it's gonna be amazing!
Tom in Leicester

A pretty good mix overall although a lot of the first half lacked any real "wow" factor, good enough but not mind blowing. I used to be a massive fan of Richie Hawtin's Plus 8 records but listening to his newer stuff I feel is like sitting on the end of a hospital bed jacking to the sound of a heart monitor (whilst listening to engaged tone of my telephone going in the background). Good stuff but lacking a certain soul or real emotion.
Alex James. Bromley Kent (UK)

Nic Fanciulli & James Zabiela predictably boring, Hawtin, predictably brilliant.
Ally, Derby

Hawtin God like as perussual.I felt one + one kinda lost there way a bit. Not really much happening. still sounded a bit unrehurst. Personanlly never been to a good night with people going back to back. Maybe they should change there routine so it suits there music better. It's a shame people slag this music off as I though It would have been liked by the masses. But it's ok cause I can go to america to see some proper music is that not right jaime Bakersfield California u.s.a
jim aberdeen

was really looking forward to this after last week, but felt a bit let down and was not as impressed by one+one as i had hoped i would be, and i was bored by Richie Hawtin. I'm afraid i don't buy the minimal sound and would rather have dance music that makes me want to dance, and have to agree with Kat that can't see anyone dancing to this, especially if they came on straight after DJ Dan. out of the four, DJ Dan nailed it for me, and will be listened to again and again, part 2 was altogether forgettable.
Ali, Devon

Saw One+One on Friday Night at the POD in Dublin, nothing short of exceptional.Heading home tonight to give this mix a listen for sure
Willie Patterson Ireland

Hawtin is a legend, he's miles ahead of every other dj technically and musically.
Mattio Dee, rome, italy

Couldn't get into it at all, skipped 5 minutes several times, then fifteen, then gave up. Frankie and DJ Dan had made me move, smile and wish I was there; this mix was soulless and dead, for a new generation who need their own sound to claim, I suppose - pity it was so inert.
James, Edinburgh

I definitely wouldn't describe the first hour as "sublime" it actually bored me so much i kept skipping forward! Not party music at all in my opinion, i cant even picture anyone dancing to it.. terrible!
Kat, London Aussie

richie is's illegal to play sets like that...james & nic were awesome as usual...bring on phil kieran...
saw2t, malaysia

good songs from richie but some mistakes. Did not like 1 + 1
Alex Vancouver

helloooo pete,zabiela and fanciulli good muzik
Gino Rdz monterrey N.l.(mexico)

the most sublime mix i've heared in years. we need more of this on the EM. absolutely awsome mix. (10/10)
yessuri, c-bus, ohio. usa

great stuff star to finish
greg boise id

This is why I want to be a Dj to mix quality sets like Mr Zabiela man the ONE+ONE idea is awsome you guys rock. The new Sasha and Digweed have arrived and they are new and fresh and ready to take on dance floors around the world. 10/10
Rychard, Northampton

This Mix with James & Nic doing a tag set is as simply put "WICKED"...i can tell you first hand being front-center Live during this set James & Nic make one of the best dj duo's. Their friendship and skills shine through. Their Mixing/Chopping and Blending keep you standing there like a DEER IN HEADLIGHTS! Of Course your mouth is on the ground!WMC 2007 is by far the most BANG for Your BUCK....Experience Ibiza Once and Miami Annually!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vaugnan - Toronto

Two of my favorites...amazing amazing mix!!!
Mariesa, Los Angeles

Great Djs, different styles, lots of banging tunes..this is what I expect from EM..and this one has got it all!!! From the more electro oriented style of Zabiela/Fanciulli set to the deep Hawtin's minimal beats I loved everything!!!! Well done guys!!!P.S.: Pete I think it's time to call on an Italian Dj (Marco Carola, Lele Sacchi, Luciano Esse)
Anto, Milano, Italy

I was there, again!!!!, First Essential Mix live ever, really amazing!!! CHEERS
Pablo Santos-Bogota-Colombia

Saw Zabiela and Fanciuli at the Tripod, Dublin last Friday night, Listen again is bringing back some euphoric memories. Both Dj's absolutely superb great opening tune, bum de da dah, di di de dah dah

I'll Tell you later, let me listen it again and again...LOL
Fawad - HighWycombe

This mix is straightup electronica.....not the best EM of the year by far....these guys should go their seperate ways, bc it just sounds as if zabiela is tweeking each song with the mixer and cd-turntables, he's a good technical artist but thats build up etc.......thumbs down.
Tim G. Larchmont, New York

very dissapointed.If this kind of music is big right now in the uk.Im glad i live here in the states.It seem all those big european dj's just follow a least here we have dj's that still play trance and hardcore.and good progressive house music.
jaime Bakersfield California u.s.a

onE Of thE beSt eSSenTial MixEs in aGeS

One+one, what a combination!
Marc, Dublin

Energy movement. Very very special mix!
Max Ryzhkov (Russia)

Awesome from James and Nic! That 3 by 4 track is by Audiojack, I heard them play it at Basics in Leeds on Saturday night. I asked them what it was - its ace!
Pete the Disco Kid in Yorkshire

Dirty Dirty Dirty !!! A wkd set throughout ! wish I was there.
Rolfy, Berkshire

awesome. loving this EM. how can anyone not enjoy this?!?!even better, im seeing hawtin on the 14th and one+one on the 20th.cannot wait
Nick, England

Wow - absolute rockin, fantastic dirty beats - thorougly n-joyed. Glad I was up for this badboy! fanks Pete...
Adrian James (UK, London)

Unfortunately James Zabiela still has not matured his sound. I believe that he focuses too much on the technical aspect of things as opposed to the music and therefore there is no warmth behind what he produces or plays. Fanciulli's sound is alot more thoughtful and one that you can get into but put together with Zabiela it is watered down and tech'd up which distorts it.
mikey B Sydney AUSTRALIA

Holy jebus what a great set of music!!! The first hour was absolutly sublime, and ritchie's set just killed me! Love these types of music!!! Thank you Radio One!!!
chenjzig in ventura california

Outstanding mix! I hadn't heard much of Nic Fanciulli & James Zabiela but they served it up nicely.
Caleb, Texas

best em of the year so far! loved rocked..then mister richie hawtin hit the decks!..that was amazing...gave me the munchies! ..loved it...cheers radio 1!
jaimie currie portrush

Amazing ;)
DJ Rodrigo Monnerat from Niterói

Both brilliant mixes!!! One+One gonna be huge!!
Alan Tinsley, Liverpool

Wow what a amazing essential is this, great beats all the way , one + one did good work and erick morillo amazing , is just awesome this mix very nice like it a lot!
Andres Valles , Carabob, Venezuela

All i have to say is "man i missed a good party" just glad i was up to hear it !! thanks again mr pete .......
the panty inspector .....

What can i say. Superb all round and Richie Hawtin is God! Loved it all from start to finish!! This is how it should be done!!!
Chriso in Liverpool

Bang on the money, superb mixing with technical effects. This is how it should be done, just dynamite !
Jimmy, Blackburn, UK

What a mix, my favourite of the year. WE NEED MORE LIKE THIS!!!
Poults in essex

my my my definetly lookin forward to seeing these 2 rock the urban gorilla next month. the wonderkid zabiela can do no wrong,put him with fanciulli n the outcome a superb essential mix, ritchie hawtins mix also tore of the roof, MARK EG TO PLAY A DIRTY TECHNO SET PLEASE SORT IT OUT RADIO 1 PLEASE
dale , barnsley

The Zabiela Fanciulli mix was awesome.Cant wait to see them tear it up at sankeys this thursday.
Iain Manchester

Nic & James definitly rule!!
Cristiano 84, Bergamo, ITALY

I can't find these tracks anywhere, ahhhhhhhhh - where bouts wud you get em?
Peter Smith N. Ireland

Hawtin ur a LEGEND class set m8 top top groove going on pants dwn ;o)
Baza+Pete Sunny B-Regis South like ;o)

Thank you thank you thank you, please get Richie to do an EM. And don't let any other djs near the R1 decks until they've spent a month listening to this or a year in Berlin learning how to do it. This is the standard we have come to expect from professional djs. Future EM mixers take note.
Eamon London

...terrrible, give it up Radio One, you've had your day, let somene else revive the scene.

What a let down with the last set on the essential mix was great this one was crap!!!!!!
Project Sydney

shout out to all Essential crew cheers for these great mixes, I tune in every week without fail...
Edmond - Perth Aust.

what a mix you gotta love miami
william margate

Wow... that was freakin awesome doood!
Chopper Brody

Hi!! Pete Thanks for an awesome night at the Vanguard Hollywood last Saturday 3/24/07 Hopeto c-ya and the BBC crew here in L.A. soon.
Yvette California,U.S.

I wish I was there!!!! outstanding!!!!!
tenotch from San Diego (usa)

I Thought Nic Fanciulli & James Zabiela & Richie Hawtin Essential Mixes Were Exellent And Smart
Timothy Wright Cheshire

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