Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 25th March
live from Miami Winter Music Conference


Frankie Knuckles
Marko Militanto - 'Good People' (Noise Music)
Grand High Priest ft Dajae - 'Mary Mary' (We Ze US/Defected)
SOB - 'The Pressure Revisited' (A&M)
Dennis Ferrer - 'Transitions' (Defected)
Groove Junkies - 'Paradise' (Mo House)
Amazonic - 'Amazonica' (Soulfuric)
Rosie Gaines - 'Closer Than Close' (Big Beat)
Jon Cutler & Jocelyn Brown - 'One' (Mn2S)


DJ Dan
NYC Sexy - 'Changes' (White Label)
DJ Disciple - 'Work It Out' (Xtravaganza)
Unknown - 'Unknown' (White Label)
DJ Disciple - 'Stay Around For This' (Catch 22)
Dave Armstrong - 'We Got Love' (Housesession)
Sharooz - 'Hell Yeah' (Mofo Hifi)
DJ Dan - 'Drop The Rhythm' (White Label)
Kraft - 'Rock Da House' (Universal France)
Unknown - 'Unknown' (White Label)
Josh Wink - 'Higher State OF Conciousness (Dirty South Remix)' (Strictly Rhythm)
DJ Dan - 'Chop Shop' (White Label)

Your reviews of the mix

Dj Dan>>>> big ups to you man, way to keep the funk in 07!
Scarecro, Chicago

yeah!!! real house music!thanks!

DJ Dan was good. Frankie Knuckles - YAWN. This sort of house music is rubbish. Very boring.
Pete, London

i have to say that was one great essential mix, dj dan never had heard of him untill this, and will deff be checking him out in the future, the last 35 mins he killed it, some awsume tracks dropped! (",)
James (DongYing China)

DJ Dan always sizzles n lights d house on fire wit his mixes...
Neville, India

I was at the pool party in Miami last week so I've heard all the sets. In my option the best set was DJ Dan. It was clear that Vinyl is dead as every DJ playing used CDJ's (apart from Richie Hawtin using Final Scratch).
Dom, Gloucester, UK

Nice stuff from Dan. Been a fan of his for over ten years. He never ceases to amaze. For those of you who haven't seen him live: If you get a chance to but don't take it, you should be imprisoned.
dziban - las vegas

Lovin the Born Slippy remix. dya know where i can get a copy from or the label that joe k is on. Lovin the show by the way
DJ Cocker from Salford

This was the last party I went to before having to get on a plane and fly home to reality. It was a great way to end the week. Good times.
Menig , Los Angeles

Dan is rocking it as we've come to expect after all these years. It doesn't compare to the hard hitting funky energy he has live, but it is a good intro to him for the british set that haven't heard him before.
Dainbramage- Washington, DC

Wow, fantastic, House at its best. I loved it!!!
Skye, Munich, Germany

Bit dull really. Frankie Knuckles mix was very forgetable. The sort of music you hear in hundreds of bars around the country. Maybe it would be cool in Miami, but not good to listen to during English winter. DJ Dan stepped it up and was a lot more fun, but still nothing special.
Andy, Manchester

one of the best sets played, it was fantastic sitting beside the speakers at the pool party listening to legends making music. "World Class Music"Sal
Sal Washington DC

Thank god Radio 1 went back to Miami this year. Best one ive heard them broadcast.No real need to comment on frankie knuckles as his name just says it all! however, Dj Dan, AWESOME! hes really starting to become a household name and with an E-Mix like this its very rightly deserved! big vocals, big bases and sexy riffs! loved every minute of this and by the amount of times ive played it, so do my neighbours!!!!!!!
Maxwell, Marbella - Spain

DJ Dan OUTSHONE knuckles on this one!
James - Herts - UK

one of the best essential mix. Tank you Pete T.
Philippe le havre France

It was ok, loved the born slippy remix. Bring on Richie Hawtin, more techno essential mixes pls.
Mike, Chester

these mixes were a very poor representation of what went down in miami this was all about techno and electro,take it from someone who actually lives here.come on radio one,youve always been a beacon for whats truely current so why knuckles and dan?why not bookashade, hawtin,tiefschwarz,locodice,or any of the other guys that had the sets that everyone here is still talking about.

What a great mix!! Frankie is not a god father for nothing... It' s not new, so what??? It' s really good and it' s not pretentious... even if some traks could have been forgotten...
Simon from France

Knuckles can bust it out! Keep it up, man!
Groosh ~~ St. John's, Newfoundland

I was there.. huge
Jon Atlanta

I used to see Frankie every Sunday @ Hydrate a few years and I still love him. Dj Dan I've seen a few times and I quite like his style. All around an excellent mix. Can't wait for next week
Brandon Fox - Chicago

Tight sets by each DJ. Frankie plays old school, DJ Dan plays new school. Frankie set them up and Dan knocked them down. Would have loved to be there.
Richard in Toronto

Now these are proper house sets. Refreshing and well executed. What more can you ask for!
Gabe - San Francisco

Dj Dans set was smokin!!! Shout outs for playin BIMBO by TV Rock(Ivan Gough & Grant Smillie) who are tearing it up in oz with their productions. Great to hear Dirty South(also from oz..haha)also getting some serious airtime abroad. I believe the underworld remix is actually DJ Wady & Patrick M - 'Born Sleepy'. Hope this helps guys. Can't believe i'm not in miami right now.Hopefully see you in sunny Australia sometime soon.
Dj Jace, Bondi Beach, Australia

What a rocking two hours, best EM I have heard in a loooong time. Nice contrast between the two sets, either would have been great on its own but put them together and you have poetry on vinyl.
Mark, Belfast

Knuckles was great but it sounded like he was using trainwrecks! I guess DJ Dan got a bunch of tracks from DJ Disciple handed to him at the last minute; I like 'em too, except for all the spoken word bits, cause that get's old really fast. Overall, not a bad e-mix, and definitely way better than last year's dreadful 2 hours that made us all feel like we were at the wrong party...
Patrizio, Dallas TX

The stuff is great!Keep it going!
Alex Montreal

Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!The entire week was amazing.. the pool party, Lawler, Car Cox, Ultra Festival... by far the best weekend to be in Miami.. And I live here year round!!

This is what house music was all about its gone off track lets take it back to this but make your own stamp on it. If you need chemicals to make you enjoy the music then someone is doing something wrong enough of all this snobbery house should be fun and fill you up on its own.
Kris - Leeds

DJ Dan is the bomb! Come back to NYC!!!!
Marc, Brooklyn

Who ever said Yawn doesn't have a pulse. DJ Dan owned it and you know it! I like my techno and minimal as much as the next guy, but come on, some proper techy, funkified, electro booty shakin house grooves are ALWAYS WELCOME! Nuff said. I know I got my inner Diva on, lol...
Kyle, Dallas

Yo......Frankie was dropping his set in mid afternoon. A great set to drink & kick it by the pool. Nuff Respect to a Legend!DJ Dan ripped it here aswell as Ultra the following day. Can't wait till you put the Richie Hawtin set and pics. The party rocked!
DJ Overkill (Washington DC/Virginia)

not bad i think they have a good beats and a good mixing pete are you goinig to play for the essential mix this year ????
*guztavo*>>>>juarez mexico!!

Another brilliant essential mix!
Craig Scott, Scotland

Essential mix???!!!! is it. At the beginning of the year (2007) there were 4 hardcore compilations in the UK Compilation charts, clearly this shows what the public are buying. Yet UK's biggest radio station chooses once again to ignore the Hardcore masses. Woo hoo you did a show in 2005. Thats two years ago guys. Essential Mix 2007, lets get uptodate. The hardcore scene is constantly evolving and coming through with some great young talent. Lots of the music is being watered down and played commercially but this isn't good enough. We the hardcore masses need some airplay of Upfront Hardcore.......please!
Adrian, Coventry

yawn z z z z ........ bring on ritchy hawtin! more techno please! lets have some sven vath or an emix live from cocoon!
dj james slaven. loch lomand

It was very boring. I know you Brits like it terse, so there you have it.
Caleb, Texas

Hi, who asked to Underworld remix?Her we go... Underworld - Born Slippy 2007 (Joe K Rmx)Cheers
DJ Peter O from Portugal

just as hot as the "80s" like some of the late greats
mykol -cali -USofA

Been traveling for a little while now so kind of been out of the scene. This one brought me back, always nice to here a house set in classic form. Well done boys!
Nicholas Agnew, Vail Colorado

I was at this amazing party and saw DJ Dan numerous times this weekend...and he killed it everytime I saw him!!!
Erhan, Boca Raton, Florida

Great set from a legend. The Godfather of House Music Frankie Knuckles doing it Def Mix Style. DJ Dan was great also.
Randy- New York

listening to this Frankie mix, dreaming of a pool/beach party...... Spring BBQ tunes fo sho!DJ Dan was pure power!!!
pmckcon - Brooklyn

I was there!!!! Sweet like hell!!!
Pablo Santos-Bogota-Colombia

Always great to hear proper house music on the essential mix and no one does it better than Knuckles.

There is a song between Dennis Ferrer & Groove Junkies......"Yeah, ok...yeah, tah´s the way"....Nice song!!Nice Mix!!Nice Program!!Nice Radio!!
Alberto - Alicante

Frankie was poor in my opinion. His mixing skills are quality, but the tracks he selected were nothing special.DJ Dan provided far more entertainment. Whilst not really what you would call cutting edge, the man certainly knows how to please the punters. And what more could you ask for?
Slaps, Azerbaijan

Dj Dan was superb, i love his hour more than i love my own mother.
Marc, Glasgow

Big Jock Knew that this was classic housey stuff well put together and mixed. I prefer techno but this was listenable and enjoyable.When you gonna get Marco Carola?
Big Jock - Brasil

Totally enjoyed the mixes from Frankie K. and Dj Dan! Hope next will be as good as this ones!
nameless, london

c00l mixes :)) keep the bangings
daniel from bulgaria

Could name you 30 DJs from Chicago who are much better than Frankie Knuckles, and none of them play pap US House like he does
Pete - London

DJ Dan's mix was on the point. His selection was impeccable and he nicely dropped one of my tracks of last year Sharooz - 'Hell Yeah' - smart move!
massimo, rome

Found Frankie's mix a bit slow, good for a pre club bar. DJ Dan was absolutely outstanding, the kind of tunes that make you wanna get up and move.
Mick, Canada

With all due respect, FK's wasn't really my cup'o'tea!.. did get better after 40 mins tho! DJ Dan on the other hand smashed it, really good stuff!
baylyn - London

Knuckles set was one of the best I've heard him play in years, love the new mix of Sounds of Blackness. DJ Dan was on fire. Superb set of mixes.

very very very good essential mix i love dj dan
morgan, lyon france


Listened to the mix Monday morning after working a weekend of nights... when DJ Dan dropped Born Slippy I developed goose pimples so large you probably could have described them as goose nipples. Awesome!!
Benny from Brighton

im a big fan of Frankie Knuckles, he played one of the best live sets i have ever heard at def mix in pacha few years ago. and this mix was superb. house music at its best. the godfather of house is well and truely still in charge. and he even has a street named after him in chicago. now thats power!!!
Mr Jenx - U.K

Awesome, what a start to the summer. Frankie knucles had me grinning like a cheshire cat, half way through DJ dan, and already know that it'll be played over and over this summer. can't wait to hear the rest next week.
Ali, Devon

Frankie, do you remember me ?
Pete Crowley

Whats the the name of that sick remix of born slippy by Underworld , on dj dans mix . Unknown 'Unknown' (White Label) Its sick !!!!! Whats the name ????????
Paul Ahi // HollyWooD

frankie knucklesDJ Dan- sort of robbie rivera'ish, good for pumpin up the crowd to an extent enjoy yourself pete!

dj dan is WICKED! such a great tune to end the night
matt, toronto

Now the world knows why dj dan is one of the best in the world a truly great dj. I have had the luck of growing up seeing him and danceing my arse off to him. Very nice!!
Wayne S.

I wish I was at the pool party! Great mixes from America's finest, as always!
Matt, California

frankie and dan have been at this a long time and i think they both rock i love dj dan...he has a cd out from club "velvet" and it rocked it was a dual cd set with mike gow on the other cd they both hitt it hard so all i can say is guy`s keep on bangin` em out you both kick ?ss!!! dj worm 2007
dj worm indianapolis,indiana

long live house long live the godfather of house a great soulful set Mr Knuckles def hear were some of the new house dj get their influence from this guy is sick , as for Dj Dan this man is the face of new house with a tech feel to his music sick sick i love happy house cant wait to see him in toronto thank you EM for providing music to the mases u guy rock next up for really dirty house its gotta be porter house
maximillian jose , Toronto

the best party im my life !!!!!!
Ricardo (in miami beach) Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

DJ Dan really rocks...Nice tracks and nice knowledge.... Pete Tong kicked out the crowd last night in Vanguard:)
M. K., Los Angeles,CA, USA

brilliant. keep it going
FredChad tyne wear

Frankie K started with some relaxed chilled vibes that he is known for. His set got a little dull as time went on. However DJ Dan was amazing as usual. Saw him last year playing at Burning Man but he was playing heavier, darker house than this set. Can't wait to see the trackilisting; all his tunes were brilliant. A nice selection, some from the past and present. The remix of born slippy he dropped will be a massive hit this summer.
Rossy from Kalgoorlie

Frankie knuckles what a legend another great mix from one of the god fathers of house
mark burnley

Amazing from the master himself, really made good use of 'get down' , Marshall jefferson 'move your body' 2 weeks in a row it's been played on the essential, and that tune never gets old . But come on dj dan where was rock to the rythem!
Dj MIke Oliver Montréal

this is the best thing ever them guys rock
carole king redcar tesseside

Wow - I'm drawn in already!!! Wonderful stuff.
Calypso, Oxford

Frankie Knuckles mixes like no other, his tune's are a bit limp for me but that's personal taste. No questioning the Godfather's talent. DJ Dan's dumbing it down a bit for the Essential Mix I reckon. Heard much better from him but enjoyed it all round. Looking forward to One+One and Richie Hawtin next week more, and Phil Kierna on the 15th.
Pierced Brosnan

I Thought Frankie Knuckles & DJ Dan Essential Mixes Were Smart
Timothy Wright Cheshire

Blimey! Another firecracker of an EM!! Darn good firing house music. I wish I was out there in Miami grooving away in the sunshine instead of going back to my crummy warehouse job in the Kent sticks. Still, you gotta laugh!
Alex James. Bromley, Kent, UK.

simply owesome!!wicked house set.just dance, dance and dance. big shout out to all of u
grejdi, Poznan, POLAND

not bad bit old hat but give him is due he is a legend
jd istanbul

A welcome retour to that old school feelin'!! HAven't heard them live since way back in the early dayz...big ups!
Jaime>> Seattle

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