Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 11th March
DJ Spen

Two Man Sound "Que Tal America" (BCM Records)
DJ Spen & The MuthaFunkaz ft. Ann Nesby "It's So Easy" (Code Red Recordings)
KOS "Gonna Dub" (CDR)
Yolonda Adams ft. Donnie McClurkin & Mary Mary "Lift Him Up" (PowderSoul Mix) (CDR)
Thommy Davis "I Wanna..." (Code Red Recordings)
Sebastian Legar "Hypnotized" (MuthaFunkaz Remix) (CDR)
Mark Evans "Joi" (CDR)
Dennis Ferrer "P2daJ's" (Defected Records)
Michael Watford "Back To My Roots" (MuthaFunkaz Remix) (Purple Music)
DJ Oji & Dj Buzzard "Afronauts" (CDR)
Dennis Ferrer "Church Lady" (MF Accapella) (King Street Sounds)
Dennis Ferrer "Touch The Sky" (Defected Records)
Jimpster "Square Up" (CDR)
Jada "Love Is" (Code Red Recordings)
Akabu “I’m Not Afraid Of The Future" (DJ Fudge remix) (Z Records)
Gladys Knight & The Pips "My Imagination" (Quentin Harris Rmx) (CDR)
Labelle "What Can I Do For You" (Groove Assasin Re Mix) (CDR)
Johnick "Play With The World" (Henry St)
Kenny Dope & Terry Hunter "Monopoly" (CDR)
OutWork "Elektro" (Defected Records)
River Ocean "Love & Happiness" (Strictly Rhythm)
Brand New Heavies "Let's Do It Again" (CDR)
Master Kev & Scott Wozniak "String Thing" (CDR)
Voyage " Point Zero " (Merlin)
Terry Thompson ft. Lisa Mack "Shine" (Code Red Recordings)

Your reviews of the mix

Not nearly as good as Eric Prydz last week. Really looking forward to Groove Armada too!
Danny Vegas - Las Vegas, USA

It even sounds great this far. Thanxs, e-music providers.
Juan Pablo Valderrama - Santiago de Chile

Amazing Essential Mix! True House Music all the way through! I really enjoyed it. This is a quality mix, mixed by someone who understand and know what it's doing, from the beginning until the end of it. People should pay attention and listen that sometimes he did played 2, 3 acapellas while mixing the tracks and doing it completly right! Of course it's not everyone that knows how to do this! Just the best ones knows!!! Tracklisting is absolutely fantastic! His new productions are pretty hot! Got really surprised with his remix of that Sebastian Leger tune! Spot on this! Definitely who listened to this Essential Mix and did not enjoyed any track of it is because you really don't know and don't feel what House Music is.
Jeff Char - Porto Alegre, Brazil

Fantastic mix - I have loved the soulful side of house for a while now and I feel (and still feel) that it is not getting the attention it so sorely deserves (might be a good thing - keep it for the few people who really love this style of house) but thanks to guys like Spen this could all change! Although it probably won't appeal to everyone a little diversity is always good! Move over Electro its time for the Soulful sound to break through!
Rob Williams - Manchester

house music is the answer to your problem...
marko,cheers from slovenia

I had not enjoyed an EM so much since the tiga mix, I loved this one. great job Spen!
Antonio, sunny Los Angeles

nice tunes, well mixed, but really! the A38 takes me more places than that session!?
paul, plymouth

What a great mix, Sublime Soulful House Music all night long baby. Looking forward to Frankie Knuckles from the WMC in 2 wks and of course Groove Armada next week (",)
Mark J - UK

Definitely a fine set of pure soulful house which makes me want to run a knife trough my ears. No disrespect to Spen. Just not my thing.
Troy - New York

Excellent soulful set. To be honest, I haven't heard about Dj Spen before, but this mix is convincing enough for me. During 5 years I listened to almost every kind of house music, but now I'm sure, that soulful and deep gives me more than an average progressive or electro etc. music. These tracks always set me thinking.
Clementino Budapest, Hungary

Hmm. Didn't think too much of this. Divas wailing over cheesy house. Doesn't really appeal to me. Sorry EM but it's straight into the bargain basement bin with this weeks mix. Get Underground Resistance in on the case to rectify the situation!!
Alex James, Bromley, Kent .

Dj Spen your remixes are great have you got an album??
Sophie Cumbria

Is this soulful house? Just because it's got a vocal doesn't make it soulful, and this mix seems to be lacking any real heart or soul at all. In fact it appears to be an exercise in 'voice envy' (sorry Dr Freud) with each track trying to out-squawk its predecessor - I don't think you can deny that it sounds dated, and I am sure we can all quote a real 'classic' mix from yesteryear that we would rather listen to than this recycled mediocrity. The Essential Mix used to be innovative, breaking new music, deejays, scenes, sounds - basically exploring and re-defining the borders of dance music. Now it appears to have sacrificed innovation for the sake of popular appeal. Bring back the EM we know and love - stop indulging has-beens and bring back some youthful vitality. Sorry if this offends any tweed-wearing pipe-smokers who spend their lives muttering 'it was so much better in my day...' but move with the times - you'll have more fun!

Soulful all the way baby! Proper house music - close my eyes and I'm at the Miami WMC - dancing in the sun next to a pool under the palm trees ! gutted I'm not going to Miami next week but this mix made it (just a little bit !!) easier. Heavenly house music at its best! Yeah baby !
Jay Boogie - London

Ren Los Angeles, USA

!brill mix!

I haven't listened to this mix, i'm just fed up with the EM playing the same thing almost everyweekend. I'm starting to think that the EM is dedicated to house music.
Petar - Cardiff

Yeah! Bright vocals, groovy basslines, real house music!
DJ Boris Roodbwoy, Odessa, Ukraine

This was the best set in months, DJ Spen is the man. Ive listerned to the mix about 4 times already. Can't wait for the Miami Winter Commerance Part 1 with the legend Frankie Knuckles & DJ Dan.
Dan - Wakefield

This funky piece of music pleases me a lot ... it rocks !!!
czajbil Poland

LOL - Lots of Love
danmgh, right

Wicked mix from man of the moment Spen this cat is now getting da credit he deserves both as a DJ and producer!Big Up Spen!!!
Alan O' Malley, Galway Ireland

One of the best EM's yet. Spen is on fire!
James - London

Jumping for joy quality, Pure love and the brilliance of House music displayed here. I wonder where my roof has gone it seems to have been raised!
John, Dublin

Great to hear this! Very soulful with plenty of variety. Really uplifting. Would love to hear some more soulful sounds on the EM. Jay-J or Miguel Migs would be great!
Rich - Greensboro, USA

It's been a while since I've checked out the Essential selection, usually Fabio & Groove for me but was chilling on Sunday morning & caught this mix, lovely lovely soulful house from the man Spen. Radio 1 keep doing what you Do!
Neil Murphy - Dublin

Believe or not, house music still rules!
Salvi Monti | Ischia

I think this is the same DJ Spen that did the old school mixes around Sunday's nights in a Chicago radio staion called B96 back in 1997. He is a very talented DJ and the mix was good.
Edgar Rivera East Chicago, IN

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Have a feeling this will get stuck in my cd drive for a while! It's about time - I've not heard a mix like this in ages...smashing effort, well done! Not very UK sounding which in my opinion is a good thing. I love the east London bleepy sound but it's always nice to be reminded what's happening on the other side of the atlantic (and I'm bored of try hards telling me what's cool to listen to). Looking forward to visting Cielo on my return to NYC!
Robder, London

Yeah, baby yeah !!! That´s the way to do it. a lot of sound, a lot of soul. superb Keep it real Spen
Commander Krueger- Copenhagen, Denmark

Just as well suited to a packed club as to a beach bar at sunset. Sweet tracks and very groovy.
Nic - Zurich

Lovely House! Soulful in full efect like we lke it! Thx MR. SPEN!
Pat Switzerland

OH YEAH!! Funky house the way is was meant to be played. Love it, love it, love it!!
Jared - Cleveland, USA

Some pretty good cuts here. Not a big fan of spoken word house/gospel house sound, though, but there was enough other material to keep me interested. Again, another DJ who sticks to what he likes and doesn't pander to a particular trend....
Patricio, Dallas

spen's music and dj sets are an inspiration...
Gareth - Manchester

To Alex Vancouver...Well its a good job they invented "off" buttons so you didnt have to listen to it.... Soulfull house has to be the most versatiel of the whole dance genre in my opinion... Anyway, whether you love or loathe the genre, you cant deny Spen is a genious.....
Richard. S. Wales

Wasn't too impressed with this mix. This U.S vocal/house style sounds a bit dated if you ask me. Not very cutting edge. Most of these productions sound like they could have been released over 10 years ago.
Dan, Brixton

I take a little time each week to read peoples thoughts on the essential mix as this is for me the most precious two hours on the airwaves (globally), and because I'm interested to hear what people think about different kinds/genres of music. So I can't help but notice that most peoples opinions are about themselves and what they like in general, failling to deliver an objective opinion about what the mix has to offer. Guys, we all know every person has his own taste in music, not every EM satisfies us equally, but to compare two different kinds of club music is simply not fair to both. DJ Spen's mix is a classic from the moment it ended, right up there with 1997 Marshall Jefferson's EM, 98 Full Intention, 98 M&S Productions, 97 MAW, 2003 DJ Gregory, Norman Jay, to name but a few. Trully? Bliss sounds like this, with groovy basslines, melodic keys, and heavenly vocals. Great build up for a great party mix, and by the time Labelle's "What Can I Do For You" kicks in, you can't help but raise your hands in the air. This is a classic mix from a true legend of house. Respect. All the best to the EM crew. L.O.V.E!
Fullproof, Athens

true house music anyone who dont understand it aint got no soul ;) hope to hear more like this after all this is true dance music:)
derek norway

Sorry buts its not for me, bring on the master...Richie Hawtin!!
Matt Da Ballangio, Milan, Italy

Absolutely slamming mix. Really enjoyable - actual meoldies, vocals and funky basslines & no self indulgence. Keep it up!
Ian F. Durham, UK.

nice one Radio one best soulful house mix since Joey Negro
Barry - East London

I fell out of love with ‘soulful house’ a few years ago. Around the time I heard the 400th Hed Kandi CD that year!!! It all began to sound the same. This was exactly what I needed to remind me of the good old days. As a DJ I play much more tech and electro house but this was amazing. And a refreshing break!! Mr Tong was right, this guy is under rated over here. I’m sat at work listening to this for the 3rd time and it’s making my Monday morning so much easier to deal with. That’s what music is all about.

not bad mix cant wait to hear nic fanciulli james zabiela and richie hawtin on the decks soon. :)
paul .b milton keynes

Not everyone understand house music - its a spiritual thing... I am attempt to study this discipline Very good/thanx a lot

Great for listening on a sunburnt Sunday afternoon; wish we weren't heading into our winter. I could really see myself at a beer garden with these traxx playing in the background as sun beats down for the last time this summer.
Wombat (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Big Jock Knew that this was funky but not as good as last weeks. Lokking forward to Phil Kieran in a few weeks. BJK
Big Jock - Brazil

Spen you are a legend,proper house music all the way
Chris Liverpool

Finally a little groove. Great set, look to Armada to keep it rollin funk-a-fide.
Dan, Edmonton AB

good music!!!!good house!!!!
victor miami

Ah yes this is where it's at! not enough of this funky house being played nowadays, much love for a truelly essential mix!
Daniel, Sweden

yeah!! loved it, soulful defo
dj weymo (taunton somerset)

Amazing Vocal House! Hope to see him this year in Europe! For the Love of House! Greets
Rene, München Germany

By the third listening, it was just starting to grow on me!
Calypso, Oxford

not bad not bad. Never really got going though. There are some good tracks in their, the mixing werent the best either. I feel this E-Mix was just very average, especially after the awesome Prydz mix last week. Anyway, looking forward to Fergie; he should never have left Radio 1. He's come on leap and bounds over the past 4 years...
stuart buzinezz///cambs

very soulfull! nice beats i could boogy away to this no probs keep it up spen
neil fort william


Awesome set!!! This is straight out house, beautiful vocals and very rhythmic, a house set should always have that soul feeling or at least that crowd feeling of fun!!Keep up Dj Spen!!
Dj Andross - Washington D.C. - U.S

This is a seriously good essential mix. DJ Spen delivers a excellent selection of soulful house with nice mixes too!!
Chris Glasgow Scotland

Spen has been a prolific producer and world-renowned DJ for well over a decade. In the introduction to the mix, Pete Tong rightly referred to him as underestimated in the UK - not really helped by taking an age to get him on the show! Still, it was worth the wait. Full credit to Spen for sticking to what he's good at and that which we appreciate him for. Plenty of quality, soulful house tunes. Frankie Knuckles too in a couple of weeks' time, so could this finally be signalling a return to the much missed days (for me at least) when we'd hear quality mixes from the likes of CJ Mackintosh, Dave Camacho, Paul "Trouble" Anderson and Patrick Smoove that you could listen to again and again. Probably not, but it would be nice to think so.....or am I just getting old and failing to move on?!
Paul Upton, Bristol

Brilliant EM debut!! Funky, uplifting soulful house at its best!
Simon - Leeds

dj kevjames widnes england

Ughhh. I hate soulful house. Makes me cringe every time I hear it.
Alex Vancouver

This mix is definitely soulful with great vocals and baselines. Thanks to DJ Spen for keeping true house music alive.
Robbie P - Chicago, USA

I Thought DJ Spen's Essentail Mix Was Exellent I Like Soulful House Music
Timothy Wright Cheshire

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