Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 11th February
John Askew

Trentemoller “Gamma” (White Label)
Johan Gielen “Kuredu Express” (Maelstrom)
Space Manouvers “Zone 2” (Koala Remix) (Lost Language)
Alex Bartlett “Amnesia” (Martin Roth Instrumental Mix) (Drizzly)
Yamin “So Tired” (Gate 42 Remix) (Direction)
John O’Callaghan “Low Resolution Fox” (John Askew Remix) (Discover)
Serge Devant Vs Filo & Peri “Triple Crown” (Baroque)
Duderstadt “Smile” (Duende Dub Mix – Re-Edit) (Afterglow Records)
John O’Callaghan “Space & Time” (Marc Van Linden Mix) (Discover)
Thomas Datt “Distance” (Discover)
Stoneface & Terminal Vs Def Tactical “Driven By Venus” (Askew Mash Up)
Stoneface & Terminal “Volcano” (Euphonic)
Motivation “Para Mi” (Viceroy Remix – Re-Edit) (Cdr)
Forerunners “Life Cycle” (Deep Blue)
Tantra “Blitz” (Marcos Remix) (Cdr)
Wood Van Eyeden “Y68” (Ottaviani Remix - Askew Edit) (Fenology)
Amadeus Vs Aly & Fila “A Dream Of Peace” (John Askew Remix) (Discover)
Battery Acid “Battery Acid” (John Askew’s Dark Room Mix) (Discover Dark)
Activa “Genetic” (Airflow Mix) (Spinnin’)
Aly & Fila “Ankh” (Ligaya)
Neal Scarborough “Stung By The River” (Sean Tyas Remix) (Discover)
Bryan Kearney “More To Life” (Discover Dark)
Steve Birch “Full Throttle” (Digital Nature Remix) (Monster)
Tom Colontonio “Suspect” (Askew Edit) (Discover)
Thomas Bronzwaer “Constellation” (John O’Callaghan Remix) (Vandit)
Cerdric Gervais “Spirit In My Life” (Second Sun Remix) (Data)

Your reviews of the mix

Tommy Ochoa, Houston, Tx.
WOW very impressive. Starts out peacefully and escalates to an all out world war. Fantastic. First time to hear John Askew, now he has to tour the states. Peace

Dojy - Nam
The boy is amazing.....not bad for a public school boy He rocks can't wait for Turnmills see you ther John.

Paul Bridgeman, Leeds
Great Stuff John - does exactly what it says on the tin. Tidy little tracklist and usually top grade cannonball mixing. Going to need a crow bar to get this out of my cd player! Who says trance is dead...its most certainly alive & kicking and keeping the masses entertained!

Arman, Washington, DC
it's the third night in a row that i am staying the whole night and i'm listening to this mix. i've listened to it 5 times so far and every time i enjoyed it more.

Matt, Wokingham
This guy's a trance saviour - if more played like this it'd be even bigger than it is... & I don't even consider myself a huge fan! Like it.

abster, London
Nice surprise, thanks John and Radio 1 for a great essential mix. 1st time I've heard JA too, and encouraging that some thought it wasnt necessarily his best! Will seek him out at the WMC...

william margate
a essential mix to rival all of them the best i have heard in ages

Gareth, Menai Bridge, Anglesey
Bought some of his tunes a few years ago; great to mix and great to finally hear a set. Absolutely brilliant set mate. ThanxR1 & Pete. Keep it up JA.

Frode, Norway
No doubt a great mix, sound a bit like the great mixes in the 1990s. Great some still mixes the tunes I love to hear. Stay on with this great show. Cheers, Frode

Ian, Nottingham
Awesome. Trance has always done it for me. Just as good as the Essential mix of the year by above & beyond in 2004. Keep em coming like this instead of the minimal which is just plain boring.

Iain - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
FINALLY!!!!!!!! Its about time the esential mix played good quality music! Hats off to this weeks mix by John Askew. Haven't heard such good sound since '04 -'05. Keep it up Radio 1!!!

joe belfast
well done john ill be looking out for u at lush and well done pete tong and radio1 keep it rocking

Harry, Hampshire, Liphook
This bloke puts sum of the dirtiest and hardest tunes in the mix and blasts them out in a way that will literally take your breath away!

Dave Newmarket
Suberb, Need more of this, The house is getting a bit stale at the moment bring back the energy!

Nick, Basildon
Wow! Only 22 minutes in and I'm deeply impressed. Excellent mix. I'm listening at work on my PC earphones - must look a bit odd as I'm grinning from ear to ear.

Giraffe Boy, Nam.
If Elvis was a DJ he'd be John Askew! An absolute legend on the decks and producing too. A great mix that had me dancing round my living room with a vix inhailer up each nostrile. Rave On JOHN!

Laura, Kent
Wicked mix John... it's about time you got an Essential mix! Looking forward to seeing you at Turnmills in March x

Mark, Melbourne
A great mix from one of the most under-rated DJs in the trance world. This thumping assortment races along, with patches of techier tracks and some uplifting stuff just when you want it.

Andres, Carabobo,Venezuela
Amazing beats of tech/trance, one of the best EM i heard in my life. Keep that way Johnny ;)!

Vicious Vic, Chicago, IL
This is better than what has been on in the past couple of weeks. Good job john A.

Dominic Woodford Cheshire
Best essental mix I've heard for ages! I will make the effort to see tis guy live.

Frederick van Ruthen - Northern Mexico
Must say that John threw his socks away with this EM. Cant say it's one of my favourites, but deffinetly would like to see him slashing the decks live.

Rab Saunders Ayr, Scotland
Really enjoyed this mix from Mr Askew, I Had the pleasure of witnessing him live on the 27th of Dec and he didnt fail to dissapoint there either. Well done John for a Cracking 2 hour mix!

Supermartin Ottawa Canada
Fantastic E-mix! This is a great example of consistently great mixing with great track selection. Absolutely banging baseline throughout. Thanks BBC1 Hi Max!

Nate, Oxford
It's been awhile since I've listened to trance and this mix reminded me why I used to enjoy it so much.

Carlos Birke, Osorno, Chile
I really enjoy it. for me at least was a very good mix. well done jone and i hope to hear you again soon greetings from Chile Carlos

Patrick Mackie, Bourton, Oxfordshire
Askew on his usual superb form! He's not bright but he beavers away and rocks the airwaves with a hi octane mix of top quality tech trance, magically mixed as only he can. Great hands, but get your hair done...

Pantosh - Bogota Colombia
that´s amazing mix.... an excelent version of spirit of my life, so great and exciting version....

spurge, liverpool
top class mix, an early contender for EM of the year in my eyes. this guy is becoming a major factor into breathing life back into a revitalised trance scene.

Simon from France
I did not like this kind of mix that I' ve heard so many times... Sorry but it' s not my cup of tee...

yoshi (newcastle)
Mr Askew deserves much respect for what he has put together in this mix. Your a credit to trance music so keep up your hard work. I had the absolute plesure in djing with Mr Askew back in 2004, he blow mw away with his set then as he has done with this EM.

Tom, London
This is quite simply one of the best essential mixes of all time. There were some simply stunning tracks and you can tell the amount of time and effort he put into this mix. Definately up there with Oakie's legendary Goa Trance EM for me!

James Davey from Brixton...
John Askew was amazing and I need to find an album of his, preferably the style of music he played in the Essential Mix! Can you help as I cannot find his album?

Ben Taylor, Nottingham
Absolute quality stuff from askew, best essential mix ive herd for ages!

bazza b , bristol
wow what are a fantastic mix, never heard of this guy before, but will certainly be looking out for him in the future!!!!!! cheers radio one, keep it up

Pedro Bolívar Ríos, Barranquilla, Colombia
I agree about the letting down in the end, but the rest of the mix was to hot... excelent job form Askew, perhaps i've heard betters tones from him....

Olly, London
Not my type of music to be honest, when will people realize that trance is dead!!!!

Luke, New York
Askew is the best. Great stuff here. Predictable at times but John really keeps you on edge. Nice one.

Petar - Cardiff
I didn't know what to expect from this mix but i was pleasently suprised. I thoroughly enjoyed Armin's mix a couple of months back but this was much more driving, i think that this is the way trance should be. I'm just pleased it wasnt another house mix.

Noah - Sussex
A tried and tested formula, which offers nothing new. Recipe for standard trance mix = 1) start with crowd pleasing anthems 2) decline into a dreary techno noise. 3) end with a cheesy vocal trance track.

Gio, Toronto, Canada
Very impressive guys...I have to take my hat off to you Pete, you've done it once again. John Askew's mix was totally sick, right up there with some of the greats (Van Dyke, Van Burin). It was a great two hour ride with very few lows. Keep them coming...

Luke, Long Island
About time we get some good ol fashioned trance... I've been kinda sick of that big minimal kick that the Essential Mix has been on as of late.

Toni, London
Definitely a gem from one of the most deserving DJs and producers in the UK and, I dare to say, in the whole world. A reflection of what to expect from one of his always outstanding live sets. Well done John!

This mix is awesome its is easily the best new sounding trance i have heard for a long time, Ok but nothing special Matt, Trance is back on the map Thanks oh lordy John Askew

mark, consett
my job sucks. i work nights.having a good essential mix to listen to at work is a bonus because those 2 hours disappear if its a good mix. and this was a GOOD mix.i hope i will be hearing highlights of him during the best of show the next time the clocks go back and i get stung to work an extra hour.not that i'm bitter,or anything.more of this please!!!

Richard Sharman,SHEFFIELD
Firstly matt from londons comment, lets see you produce & perform like john askew.What a beautiful mix full of fine proggression THANKYOU for this mix.

Gary Taylor, Virginia Water, Surrey
John Askew's mix was long overdue...It's a shame he didn't do it a few years ago when he was a rising star because I really felt this essential mix was a bit too predictable though energetic and did manage to get me reaching for the volume a few times. Overall, ok.

Graham, Newcastle upon Tyne
As always wicked stuff from JA, hes been bang on form this year and this is probably one of the best trance EM's i have heard in recent years imo. Banging energetic trance, driving and techy in parts too, top quality as always from Askew.

Eoin, Cork, Ireland
Im usually critical, but this is a belter!!! Many dj's seem to be exploring the electro - trance sound lately!!! But John has stayed strong to his unique sound!!!! Great work!!!

Rodrigo, Miami
One of the best sets I've heard in a long time. Full of energy and more importantly a great flow from beginning to end. John proves yet again that he's underrated and deserving of more recognition as one of the top DJs on the planet. When it comes to a darker side of trance, nobody comes close.

Dhillon, Birmingham
Rockin: great mixin and tune selection, proper trance mayhem. Think he's better than some of the big names. Definitely one for my list of must see DJs, might even have to dig out my glow sticks ;)

Budgie, Birmingham
The best essential mix of the year so far without a doubt, every tune had me wanting to get up & rave all night! More of the trance EM please Radio1!!

John Robertson, Edinburgh, Scotland
Given that it's become almost fashionable to criticise this particular slice of the dance music pie, John Askew was presented with a tricky assignment here. Mercifully, he delivers with aplomb. Energetic, frenetic, and with a slight techno bias in parts, this mix fizzes along at 100mph - giving the proverbial two fingers to those who pronounce trance music's decline. Fasten your seatbelts for this one folks. Well done John.

Matt, London
Was looking forward to this but it was a let down in the end, Ok but nothing special!

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