Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 7th January 2007
Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson 'Intro' (White Label)
Mark Ronson feat. Dirt McGirt & Tiggers ‘Toxic’ (Columbia)
Three 6 Mafia ‘Stay Fly’ (Columbia)
Coldplay ‘God Put A Smile Upon Your Face’ (Parlophone)
Mark Ronson feat. The Daptone Horns ‘God Put A Smile Upon Your Face’ (Columbia)
Billy Bragg ‘A New England (Version Blend)’ (Go! Discs)
The Jam ‘Pretty Green’ (Polydor)
Mark Ronson feat. Santo Gold ‘Pretty Green’ (Columbia)
Chaka Khan ‘Acid Drop/I Feel For You’ (Warner Bros)
Bag Raiders ‘Christina 3-6 Drop’ (White Label)
K.W. Griff ‘Respect’ (Quiet Records)
Aaron Lacrate feat. Spank Rock & Amanda Blank ‘Blow’ (Milkcrate Records)
T.I. ‘What You Know (Low B Remix)’ (White Label)
The Pack ‘Vans (DJ Eli Remix)’ (White Label)
Justin Timberlake feat. T.I ‘My Love (2nd Nature Remix)’ (Jive)
Busta Rhymes feat. Rick James ‘In The Ghetto (DJ Eleven Remix)’ (Interscope)
Beck ‘Nausea’ (Interscope)
Notorious B.I.G. ‘Nasty Boy (Version Blend)’ (Bad Boy Entertainment)
Lil' Wayne ‘Show Me What You Got (Remix)’ (Cashmoney)
Lily Allen ‘Stop There (Freestyle)’ (Regal Recordings)
Dangerdoom feat. Talib Kweli ‘Old School Rules’ (White Label)
Ghostface Killah feat. Amy Winehouse ‘You Know I'm No Good’ (Def Jam Recordings)
The Roots ‘Thought At Work (Original)’ (Geffen)
Nas ‘Hip Hop Is Dead’ (Def Jam Recordings)
The Charlatans ‘The Only One I Know’ (Situation 2)
Mark Ronson feat. Robbie Williams ‘The Only One I Know’ (Columbia)
Mark Ronson feat. Ghostface & Nate Dogg ‘Ooh Wee (Version Blend)’ (Columbia)
Mark Ronson feat. Alex Greenwald ‘Just’ (Columbia)
Dizzee Rascal ‘Fix Up Look Sharp’ (XL Recordings)
Thom Yorke ‘Black Swan’ (Parlophone)
The Game feat. 50 Cent ‘Hate It Or Love It (Version Blend)’ (Shady Records)
Jackson 5 ‘I Want You Back (Version Blend)’ (Motown)
The Strokes ‘Someday’ (BMG)
Rhymefest ‘Devil's Pie’ (Adillo Records)
Regina Spektor ‘Fidelity’ (Sire Records)
The Smiths ‘How Soon Is Now? (Version Blend)’ (Rough Trade)
The Smiths ‘Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before’ (Rough Trade)
Mark Ronson feat. Daniel Merriweather ‘Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before’ (Columbia)
Massive Attack ‘Unfinished Sympathy’ (Wild Bunch)
The Go! Team ‘Ladyflash’ (Memphis Industries)
CSS ‘Let's Make Love and Listen To Death From Above (Spank Rock Remix)’ (Sub Pop Records)
Petey Pablo ‘Fire’ (Jive)
The Futureheads ‘Skip To The End’ (679 Recordings)
Gorillaz ‘Feel Good Inc (DJ Eli Remix)’ (Parlophone)
The Rapture ‘Whoo! Alright-Yeah... Uh Huh’ (Vertigo)
Peter, Bjorn and John ‘Young Folks’ (Wichita)
The Specials ‘Gangsters’ (Chrysalis)
Lily Allen ‘Knock Em Out’ (Regal Recordings)
Sons and Daughters ‘Dance Me In (JD Twitch and The Truffle Club's Optimo Mix)’ (Domino)
Robbie Williams ‘Lovelight (Soulwax Ravelight Voc)’ (Chrysalis)
Cassie ‘Me & U (DJ Eli Remix)’ (Bad Boy Entertainment)
Domino ‘Everyone Else Is Boring’ (White Label)
Boney M ‘Sunny’ (Hansa/Sony BMG)
Mark Ronson feat. Ghostface & Nate Dogg ‘Ooh Wee’ (Columbia)
Stone Roses ‘Fool's Gold’ (Silvertone)

Your reviews of the mix

best EM of the 2007! LOL
Franco, Salerno (ITALY)

I am sure that some of you listen to different show than me. This mix started fairly good but then got worse. Do some of you understand what mixing is? Matching beats and sounds in the same time, listen again and tell me if they were matched, i think not! Some of the mixing sounding like a really bad DJ at a wedding. Come on essential mix you can do better than this
A in Birmingham

horrible essential mix !!! my grandma can spin better than this , what happened to dance music, what are you putting on the air Pete Tong, very very disappointing !! Most horrible mix ive ever heard in my life !!!
Gian , Miami

An excellent EM, what a great collection of tunes all mixed up, EM's are all about being innovative and this certaintly is that!!! Nice one Mr Ronson..
Sean, Leeds

How anyone can slate this mix is staggering. It's a great mix, as eclectic as they come.. Reminds me a bit of Diplo in parts - great stuff
Paul, Belfast

i am sick and tired of hearing people moan on about how E.M is a dance show, just face facts E.M keeps trying to give us innovative and new music and artists to listen to and Mark Ronson's mix definitely in that catergory. A superb mix to kick off 2007 all i need now is a new Shadow mix and i am happy for the year
Daz Binks,Liverpool

really poor mix. I was thinking - I could hear some dance music here. well, I'm little bit afraid that this mix had better be in hip hop/RnB category.
martin, brno, czech republic

Wicked mix, but was ruined somewhat with the way every bit of bad language was edited out. Surely 2am is past the watershed.
Ray, Edinburgh

hes very a talented dj,but their are alot of good djs.when i hear the essential mix i expect fresh,sophisticated,innovative,groundbreaking electronic music,not this top 40 teen night mess. Anandas on the 21st?ill come back then.
Leo - Miami

Pretty poor essential mix to be fair, but Westwood would be proud of this...
Gary, Sheffield

I really like Mark Ronson's stuff, especially the reworks he's done in the recent few monthss... however i thought the esssential mix was pretty self indulgent and pretty messy. Maybe that's the point of an essential mix (to promote yourself?) but you couldn't honestly compare the flawless quality of Optimo's mix to one like this could you?
Dunky, Edinburgh

this is mash up genius. Oooh Wee!!!
salvador, nyc, usa

terrible! the jackson5 with the strokes summed up how bad this mix was! neil in the borders was spot on!sort it out
Scott; Glasgow

if people have;nt anything good to say about this mix keep it to themselves.i love music,trance ,jazz ,breaks and this is a great mix to start a new year funky and fun so stop being so miserable.all the best
liam ,waterford.eire

It's time to be more open minded and hats of to Mark Ronson to start the ball rolling. Making dance music more versatile will make the scene more interesting rather than hours of boring minimal stuff
steve andrews (ZOMBIE DOGS UK)

Looks like a case of 'love it, or hate it' for Mark 'Marmite' Ronson. Great to hear some more eclectic tunes on the EM, and some tight mixing from the man himself. Saw him on Radio 1 at Bar M in Ibiza, he's truly a master of the art and very representative of NYC!

What a great way to start the year. This mix is sheer genius. Innovative choice of tracks, well mixed technically and a good dose of originality (2 many DJs not withstanding)
Daniel - Central London

What essential mix means to me: sounds and music that I haven't heard whether it be the sound I crave (minimal) or even dare I say trance, etc. I can hear a hip hop mix like this on the radio everyday of the week here. Boring, yawn, essential mix was the wrong show for this mix in my worthless opinion.
kevin baltimore

this is dreadful, i miss trentemoller already...
e - london

a well good essential mix to start the year from new york best DJ and pete tong rocks every weekend
william marage

Absolutely quality - why can't more people create mixes like this? It's all about having fun and Mr Ronson is probably having the time of his life behind those decks. Anyone who can mix together Peter, Bjorn and John with Who Da Funk deserves a knighthood - arise sir Ronse.
The Munkler, London

Harrison, Forest Gate

Sorry, run that by me again..Mark Ronson? You call this an essential mix? I'm sorry but its the worst EM i've ever heard. I like all sorts of music but this was scraping the barrel of rubbish.
Matt Davies, Blackburn

what a fantastic mix! love the tracklist.. great way to start 2007.
dangerous dave

I'm sure this will appeal to some, but I didn't like it at all. I've come to expect much better from the Essential Mix, and the BBC.
Peter (Salt Lake City, UT -- USA)

I'm sure this appeals to some people and from what i listened to it was good mixing and pretty clever stuff but for a Dance music show I would expect something a bit different, far too much R'n'B rubbish for my liking. I'm switching off to listen to ISOS 5.
Malcolm, London

What a mix.......... total mash up mayhem!! hadnt heard of this dude until last year when he done a mix on zane lowes show and that was a spanking mix so i expected this one to be good - and he didnt dissapoint! Its total party mayhem madness with a bit of music for everyone....... perfectly blended!! Sets the standard for a new years worth of essential mixes keep it up!!
Taylor in scotland

EM of the year:) Amazing tunes, very very cool mixing and an awsome feeling of live mixing rather than the perfect studio made EM. Absolutely ESSENTIAL! More of this, thanks Pete!
Dave Spruce, Australia

Quality, nice to see some imagination on the Essential Mix instead of the run of the mill. Good work recently getting Sharam & Paul Harris but more like this, Yoda & Coldcut always appreciated!
Dan, Bristol

What a great start to the New Year, well done Mr Ronson, superb mix, great selection of tunes
ADE Birmingham

really intesting mix - like the way dance, rock, hip hop, jazz have all been fused together - i think we're all sick of 4/4 beats with no rhythm, lyrics or other in the music content (i.e most dance singles of present)- this mix seems to have put a different twist on what we consider 'dance' music - nice way to start the new year and so much more uplifting the 'trentemoller' last week........
polly lavine dublin

fantastic mix!!!!!!!!!!!!. happy newyear.):):):):):))::
marco bologna italy

Brilliant! One of the best Essential mixes I have heard and brightened up my night no end when listening in work at 2am!! Good to hear someone who uses music from different genres to create a feel good, upbeat mix!
Phil - Manchester, UK

You know the 'propers' are going to wa-wa about the lack of 'dance' music in this mashup. Great mix. Fun, varied a good start to the year. Worth every minute :).
Lone 503

blahhh. Where's the hoose?
Jamie Fell, Glasgow.

Great mix...really want to know the names of some the songs...However, still no tracklisting. Very slow and disapointing
Daniel, Jersey Channel Islands

There some be more trance and the harder side of dance on the essential mix. I am sick of listening to dull music i.e. house, minimal it totally lacks energy!
Mark Robertson - South Shields

my kinda music, play this stuff more often what about some soulwax, avalanches, yoda things like that
darren from crumlin n.ire

What a way to start off a new year of the essential mix! Fantastic!
Matthew - Portland, OR USA

Can't believe I missed this but thank you to the listen again player! Eclectic, mashed up madness, I like very much!
Paul, Leeds

I am only 10 minutes in and this is an awesome mix. Already a candidate for best mix of 2007, this guy is a genius. Can't wait to see the tracklist.
Jonathan - Dorking Surrey

Spot on! Nice to want to dance to something I'd not normally hear when out such is my electronica love! Some people just have the best jobs.
Rachel Lincoln, Glasgow

this is a fine mix to start off the new year, especially some of the "versions" mark plays.
warren from swindon

What a way to start the new year! All my favourate rock tunes mixed up with contemporary, modern pop classics. Go on ya boy ye!
Neil Bell from Belfast

Im all up for diversity but please, no more, NO MORE junk like this!!!! The essential mix advertises itself as the best in electronic dance music, if you want to put mixes on like this, create a new show for it. This was a poor start to 2007, with the likes of Cato, Harris, Armin, Sharam and Beyer at the end of 2006, I was really looking forward to something a bit more special for the debut EM of 2007.
Nick - Oxford

Can we all just worry about commenting on the music instead of bashing each others thoughts and opinions? Let's not use this forum to hate crime others around the world. Let's respect each other. Let's not insult people or the country they are from....this is a great thing for music lovers!!!
kinetic nrg - cleveland, usa

Innovative, Phat n' Funky!!!!! Wicked remixes and cool mixing! Big up Mr. Ronson!!! Good choice Radio 1!
Andy B - Nottinghamshire.

Umbelievable new perspective of hip hop! I love this mans imagination he oozes soul, and produces great sounds ooohhhhh weeeeeeee
Tom in Warrington, Cheshire

2007 kicks off to a bit of a bad start... in my own opinion. Dont get me wong, Im sure this will apeal to a lot of people. Personaly I didnt enjoy this set one bit. Nothing new or motivating. A selection of past and current hits from the charts flung in with the odd remix/bootleg does not do it for me. Hope next weeks is better.
Neil - Scottish Borders

Who ever thought they would hear Coldplay on an Essential Mix?! Loved It!
Alex, Bolton

probable the best first essential mix of the year 2007!
sofia, hamburg

I cannot say much except that I am blown away. His mixes were spot-on, a truely superb cut-up artist. This is the most creative mainstream mix that I have ever experienced. I couldn't stop moving to the music.
Ryan, Shreveport LA

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