Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 10th December 2006
Adam Beyer

Well Done “030’ (Edit)
Joris Voorn "Sl3" (Rejected)
Baby Ford & Mark Broom "Bubblebath" (Pure Plastic)
Paco Osuna "Crazy" (Plus 8)
Adam Beyer "Swedish Silver" (Drumcode)
Acid Circus "Mininal Junk" (Droid)
Phage & Daniel Dreier "Spooky Boutique" (Sender)
DJ Hell "Buttersaure-Perc Remix" (Kickin’)
Gabry Fasano "Flex" (Alchemy)
Drumcell "Brain Wreck" (Droid)
Johannes Heil "Artology-Destillat Remix" (Klang Elektronik)
Danilo Vigorito "Black Two" (Black Out)
Yapacc "Boutique Minimal-3 Channel Remix" (Neuton Music)
Random Play "Just Like That-Alex Under Remix" (Puzzle Trax)
Dejan Galic "Dry Clothes" (R&S Records)
Steve Rachmad "Moog On Acid 2" (CDR)
Samuel L Session "Sinister" (Klap Klap)
Shonky "Follow The Clones" (Sub Static)
Franco Cinelli "Flog" (Alphahouse)
Paco Osuna "Joachim" (Plus 8)
Billy Alessandro "Don´T Sleep" (Siteholder)
Bart Skills & Anton Pieete "The Running Man Clean" (100% Pure)
Jerome "Boom Bap" (Intacto)
Linzatti "Gomit Shin" (Sthlm Ltd)
Bart Skills & Anton Pieete "Bdetween These Walls" (100% Pure)
Pär Grindvik "Do Us Part" (Drumcode)
Samuel Session "Morpheme" (Drumcode)
Michel De Hey "Catfight" (Hey)
Compass "Unknown" (Plus 8)
Redshape "Ultra" (Music Man)
Theo Parrish "Falling Up- Technasia Remix" (Third Ear)
Pascal Feos "Sunset" (Synaptic)

Your reviews of the mix

Love the set...Period...Too bad its not Judge Tall Paul VanOkensashweed though!!!
David Michigan

really rockin'& an amazing december's EMs thank u RADIO ONE
kad, Morocco

nice mix, i listend to him last year in a small club.. the same sound, not to hard..! easy play! thanks
kay, dusseldorf / germany

top notch at last some TECHNO on radio 1 lets have more in 2007 please
simon b,chichester

That was a right touch. essential mix of the year for me.
Christopher from london

Hi, I used to be a big fan of the Radio 1 essential mix since I heard it from the first tima, back in early 2000's. This year I have to be honest with you guys I think its the worst year since then... And I am really not saying about the djs, because most of them sucked but I suppose it was not your fault. I think 90 % of all shows this year foccused on euro-trance and minimal stuff. What happened to the real house music, progressive , and even the well produced electro ? Guys like Steve Lawler , Sasha and Sander Kleinenber should be invited more often to the show, and try to save what is left from it...
Tazo - Brazil

Damn, that was good
Dave Bong, Sweden

I think its fair to say that we LOVE Techno. What an amazing mix, flawless and well presented to say the least. My only complaint is why isnt there more Techno on the ESS Mix? Come on Radio 1.
Manoj Birmingham UK

Just stompin, stompin, stompin,brings me back 2 the days of metroland !!!!!!!!!!
Billy ,Waterford, Ireland.

just what i've been wainting, great mix, good track selection what else do you want???
smoke, mexico

+1 I like it! Nice mix, in good traditions of techno!
Pavel Shlag, Yaroslavl, Russia

loved this mix just as much as his last em,this guy always rocks have heard him many times,would like to see more techno djs on radio 1,bring on chris liebing his last em was amazin its about time they had him back
Gareth,Northern Ireland

Essential mix of the year, full stop.
Chris from london

this was one of the worst essential mixes i've heard, listened to it for the first 30min(!) and couldn't take any more. not my kind of music.. ping-ping-swoosh-clack

Ahh, this is wot those born in the late 80's / early 90's call techno. hmmm interesting. Sounds more of an amalgamation of minimalist trancy / dark housey IDM to me, up pace and bouncy, not the 'old skool' jaggy rough underground sound I once considered techno. Guess thats called the generation gap. However, not a criticism, I enjoyed the set a lot. Now where did I put my Sanatogen...
curmudgeon, in retirement home

Thnx RADIO1 a quallity mix from Mr. Beyer, certainly rocked my world, its good to see that many people havent been infected with this nasty trendy minimal bug going around.
DeStRoYiNg AnGeL, somewhere near you.

This has to be without doubt the best essential mix of the year. Great use of tools like ableton but good to see not over used. Been losing faith in this kind of music for a while now, but this guy as just completely changed my mind. Rock on Adam Beyer, hopefully he will come to Leeds soon!
Sean From Leeds

Use to hear him a lot at Pressure in Glasgow (how I miss Pressure). Absolute stonking set. Put one very big grin on my face J More sets like this on radio 1 please.
Ruairidh, London, UK

Like his last essential mix it was top quality techno, what else can we expect from a legend?
Craig, Aberdeen

Pounding techno at its best! Count my vote for EM of the year!
Assad, London

I do like techno and think this set is mixed well, but its a bit on the dull side. What's happening with this whole minimal thing anyway? I'd hoped it would have died off by now as its lame!! Techno needs to be a bit more pounding! I'm 40 mins in to listening to the set - gonna give it 10 more mins to liven up a bit...
J!M from Sheffield

Ooooh yes, no other dj can put so much funk into minimal techno and so much minamalism into funky techno...this is sublime...more of this next year please rodio1.

Our House Thursdays, Nottingham

I didn't like this at all. I Started listening to it and fell asleep half way through but it might be cos i'm just old and I can't hack the pace
Peter Crowley

Good job Beyer!
tom, Poland

Another big percussion monster set. Adam rock da house. Could we get more of this sort?
Matthias, Bavaria

Mad Mad Mad, This is one set to remember for life. Adam Does a great job again. 100% Teck . We love adam . BBC Please so bring more dj like Adam.
DeeKSter Aka Adil.E

Brilliant. Loved It. One of the best Essential Mixes of the Year. Some DJs start strong and fizzle out in the middle, Adam Beyer rocked all the way to the end. It just got better and better and better. More.
Amos, Melbourne, Australia

Finally, one that's worth listening to again, and again, and again...
Katie Vik, South Uist

This mix hit the spot... funky, minimal, and flawlessly mixed!!!
Armando, North Carolina

excellent mix by beyer. everything you'd expect from one of the biggest/best in the techno genre for the last decade. choice tunes, spot-on mixing, and a great pace. top notch!
Matt - TN

One of the best essential mixes I've ever heard. Incredible track selection and stealthy mixing.
Thomas, Milano, Italy

Been looking forward to this one for awhile. Good old techno from the man like Bayer . The tracks were thumping and on point mixing let it flow smoothly. Looking forward to hearing Dj Pierre in the new year.
dazza austin , Texas

to alexy from moscow, please dont critise when you dont know what you're talkin about! if you havnt heard of Adam Beyer then you dont know much about Dance music! One of the best if not the best Techno Dj/Producers Ever! Nobody can touch this man!!
Martin, Ireland

don't usually like techno but i have to say that i'm enjoyin this set. keep 'em coming!
james - boro

Great EM.... full of energy, fresh and engaging. About time Beyer had the EM decks for a couple of hours.
Ed, NY

hot-diggity-techno,,, v nice, great mix, how embarrassing for me when i yelled "whoooohooooo" while listening w/ headphones on at the local coffee shop,,, Adam prz come share your gift w/ us in west michigan,, peace
shua, Dorr Michigan USA

It is innovators like Adam Beyer that help push music forward. He is one of a select bunch. I was lucky to catch him in NYC a few weeks back, if you get the chance go see him. Inspiring. A flawless Essential Mix, Radio 1 - Can we have more of this
Neil K - New York

Good minimal tech-house. If anyone reading this DJ's this style there is huge lack of it at Lancaster and huge demand. Quality essential mix.
James, Lancaster University

Excellent Session............ I vote for this seesion of year
Indamix2002 From Mexico City


To Alexey, Moscow, Adam Beyer is both talented and well known; if it wasn't someone you've heard of playing a style of music you like thats not Radio ones fault.

Bayer techno at its best

way to minimal .call that techno .techno should be firing .essential mix thesedays are to nicey nicey .how can this cater for the free party massive ?? .come on radio one .move with the times please.
kenny frost norwich

Bangin' set! I saw him tear it up years ago... and he is still top notch!!! TECHNO!!!
Tom - Sasebo, Japan

wow!!! i've heard the first 15 minutes and i'm dancing in my's fantastic. p.s. pete why don't you call at e.m. any italian dj? so congratulation for your's the best !!!!!!!!!!!!
pierluigi giiorgio from foggia

Swedish ear candy..fantastic!
Henrik, Amsterdam

Simply amazing ! well done set by Adam best techno EM after Sven Vath back in '97 at the Love Parade
Alin, Cluj - Napoca (Romania)

I'm a bit surprised so many people have not heard of Adam Beyer, he's been a legend on the techno scene for at least 10 years. As for the mix.... dark, edge, underground and brilliant.. it is certainly between this and Sven Vath for essential mixes of the year for me... quality.
Adrian, London

as good as Adam is... love to hear it again and again...
teo, sofia

one word. classy. also, very nice arrangement not to much and not to little. peace

Great stuff, no doubt about it!! Although I am kinda bored with minimal, keeping in mind that we had magda 3 times this year witch it’s quite unusual for a dj to come to bucharest more that 2 times a year!! Anyway… keep it up adam!!
Andrei, Bucharest

Simply outstanding
Bryant Hernandez Miami, US

Quality mix from Beyer. Is it march yet? It's been far too long since he has the graced the decks here in Miami. There are some real gems on here. More TECHNO please :)
Ramon - Miami , FL

love this set, dirty deep techno.he is good
francoz houston T.X

Awesome Mix! I'm studying the most absolutely boring stuff in the world - pharmacology for med school - and this mix is the thing that will keep me going! It's hard to stay in front of my books , instead of jumping up and dancing in my room!
Margie, San Francisco, CA

Amazing set from an amazing artist, I have seen Adam once live and this set does it justice! He really is a legend and a pioneer of the techno genre
Barry Dublin

nice e-mix. enjoyable. Whats the betting though that the Trentemoller mix is emix of the year...who wants to bet?
sb - peterborough

Sorry to go against the majority here. But I thought this was lifeless and boring. I try to listen to every EM even if I know its something I am not into, diversity is the key and all that. I couldn’t get into this at all. I don’t dislike techno but this for me was far too minimal and lifeless.
Daz, Hants

Alexey, you should do your homework before saying they should put on "well known DJs" on EM. Adam is an old school bloke with class! Along with Cari, Joel, David, Henrik B, the Dahlback bros, Pierre J and the other legendary Swedes he has been around and formed what we today call electronic music (house/techno/trance/whatever) He was probably spinning before you were born! Outstanding mix!! Thanks for putting Adam back on once more, and thanks for, as always a great show. Du gamla du fria! /Dave the Swede
Dave Spruce, Australia

As you can see from the number of reviews, this was quality stuff.Brillant selection of tunes and roughed up dark chunky phat techno beats.....what a combination.....beyer rocks.........woohoo
Sean, Co.Derry

Deen waiting since I saw he was doing a mix. He didn't disapoint. Truely ace mix possibly the best I've heard in or out a club since January. Not too minimal which helped. So good to hear this on the Radio luv it!!!!!!!
Jim aberdeen

Absolutely FANTASTIC!Heavy,Industrial and most important GROOVY!Techno Essential mix of the year..

proper life affirming stuff. will make rush hour that bit easier to bare.dark, dingy and deadly.
michael london

Brilliant as always! Wonderful set. Swedens best dj! We are proud of him!
Filip, Sweden

I Thought that this essential mix was amazing. Never seen this before, congratulations! ;)
Kalina - Brazil

definetlty one of the best essential mixes av ever heard!!! absolutly loved it, cant wait for next weeks! happy dayz :P
David, East Kilbride

Absolute class. This is gonna be worn thin by the end of the week with all the listen-agains! Quality stuff.
Oak, Cheshire

Best EM I have heard this year and I have heard quite a few...The mixing is superb! I have several of the tracks on Adam's playlist and I cannot mix them the way Adam can. Take it from a DJ, this mix was excellent!!!
Alex, Florida

Superb set, superb DJ. Filthy techno at its best.. Turn it up!
Marc, Glasgow

Excellent performance, no doubt electronica's finest.
Juan D. Miami,USA

yes the mix finally gets essential.much love and respect adam and radio 1.
leo - miami

Awesome....this mix rocked for the full lenght. A fine selection of bleepy and hypnotic techno/minimal techno beats from a great dj. For me this is an Essential Mix!!!! Keep it bangin' man...
Anto, Milano, Italy

what a set,pure majic,this is how it should be done,more of this please
matt dublin

Exactly what i'v been waiting for, for weeks.
Chris, Liverpool

Fantastic crunchy techno mix...that hit the spot more of the same please.....
Philip Straw of Cannock , prev from Derbys

Pretty Cool. Techno is usually too repetitive for me (I tend towrds progressive) but this is refreshing for a change.
Caleb, Texas

Dear Pete, it is a pity that Radio 1, especially your's E-Mix is not broadcasted in Russia and we have to listen to it via internet. As for Adam Beyer's mix, i disliked it. I never heard of him before and his mix did not impress me at all. I will forget this name in the nearest days. In my opinion, you should invite really talented or at least well-known DJs. Keep on going with your shows, be creative and succecsive. Best wishes to you from people who admire what you do in RUssia.
Alexey, Moscow, Russia

All that stuff out of France is like super fresh, but I could dance to this stuff for the rest of my life. Excellent set.

at last radio one plays some quality!
shayne from kingswinford

So excited to listen to this!
Alex Vancouver

a little boring isn't it?
Simon from France

Maximal minimalism! Bangin'!
Colm London

I really, really enjoyed this mix!! Proper good quality techno is strangely always overlooked on the radio, this mix was a stomper!! Adam Beyer has been around for a while and always sounds good. Cheers Radio 1.
Alex James Bromley Kent

Adam Beyer is fantastic dj, best on the world, Please welcome to Poland to silesia greetz
Toni from Poland

yeehaw.. no for real though. this shit was super dooper slamming. im actually listening to it right now. dude is wasting no time in getting the tracks in and out which keeps it interesting. the tracks seem to have a really nice groove and the bass lines within each track keep it funky. funky is good. techno funk. funkalicious.
craig alabama

Beyer is a well known DJ in the Netherlands, and I will never forget his mixing on Dance Valley 2004! Really looking forward to this mix.. And of course my regards to all the insane English people..
Guido, Netherlands

Absolutely amazing Essential Mix. We all listened & danced around the fire for the whole 2 hours before smashing the guitar on the floor and chucking it on to the fire!! Superb!
Pedro - Newcastle Upon Tyne

love this set, dirty deep techno at its best!! adams a legend!!
dean, preston

Adam Beyer my speakears just caught fire,sound of the underground no doubt about it man, totally rockin.
Star ,Falkirk Scotland

Thought I have grown bored of techno - loving this though! Never seen him play out live - will have to find a wee night sometime I feel
Murray Cockburn - Edinburgh

Top Notch EM - Its about time adam got an EM!I have been a fan of his for awhile now and this is perfect proof that the Swedes are a cut above the rest!
sam holt - blackburn

Superb Mix! Beyer is back!
Romel - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It's always good to hear new or less well known DJs from Europe - I found the set varied and interesting but personally I prefer more aggressive techno. Some of Beyer's offering was a little on the minimalist side. It kept me listening all the way through, but no track really grabbed my attention in particular. The mixing itself was very coherent fluid. The track with the "Requiem For A Dream" sample is pretty creepy !
Dustin, Barcelona

grrrrrrrrrrrrreat mix. loads of amsterdam new heroes!
Daan Amsterdam

wat a awesome set by this man!! worth a listen!!! ciao!
bjorn, The Netherlands

Great mix from a true techno don!!
Peter from Manchester

Harry Hill's brother does it again. Fantastic mix. Anyone who hasn't caught this guy in a club, should.
Scott. N.Ireland

That was an ace mix from Adam Beyer. Seamless beat matching.

Liking this a lot. Best essential mix for a while. Sounds fresh and new.
Dave Stockport

we love it...maybe too much of minimal but we love it.

Nice and chunky!..was bouncing around listenin to it :)
Anand - Bangalore

Just a little ways and so far im glad i checked it out.
Jimbo Colorado Springs

WHADDDUP.....beyer rocking lick always
Adam - NY Fin CITY

good mix! nice flow to it and some top tracks from some top producers! notably alex under and 3 channels...
Harrison, Chester

I was really looking forword to hearing Addam Beyer I am dissapointed the trax sounded like the sort of techno that.This mix had no life laked that Ummth laked passion it was slow and neither to say very borring. Trax sounded all the same. Cant wait fore Armin Van Buuren
Steven Reed frome shrewsbury shropshir

I like A Bit Of Techno It Was A Bit Of All Right
Timothy Wright Cheshire

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