Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 19th November 2006
Mark Knight

Mark Knight & Dave Spoon 'Afterhours' (Toolroom Trax)
Martjen Ten Velden & Mark Yardley 'All Alone' (Eye Industries)
Timewriter 'Reachin' Out (Dave Spoon MIx)' (Plastic City)
Dave Robertson & Jon Gurd 'Another T' (CDR)
Low End Specilaists 'It Comes From Insides (Rene Amesz Mix)' (LMR)
The Hedgetrimmerz 'Do You Feel It (Acapella)' (Toolroom Trax)
Alec Wizz 'Drummin' (Manga Records)
Missy Elliot 'Lick Shots (Acapella)' (East West)
Workkidz 'Work It' (CDR)
Nic Fanciulli 'Lucky Heather (Dubfire Luck 13 Remix)' (Renaissance)
Sucker DJs ft Tiger Lily 'Firework (Mark Knight & Marten Ten Velden Remix)' (Toolroom Records)
Atrium 'In Love With You (Mark Knight Remix)' (Toolroom)
Dave Spoon '21st Century (Acapella)' (Toolroom)
Mark Knight & D Ramirez 'Columbian Soul' (Toolroom Trax)
Mark Knight 'Susan' (Toolroom Trax)
Gutterpunx 'Up To 11 (Granite & Phunk Remix)' (Function Records)
Richard Dinsdale 'Handle It' (Toolroom Trax)
Mark Knight 'Drug Music' (Toolroom Trax)
Shlomi Aber 'Crop Duster' (CDR)
Red Hot Chilli Peppers 'By The Way' (White Label)
Radiohead 'Street Spirit (Fade Out) (Funkagenda's Rework)' (White Label) 

Your reviews of the mix

Started the mix45 minutes in based on a suggestion on the board.....from this point the mix has been awesome....... WMC07. only 4 months.....hope to catch him there en vivo....
DC Miami, FL

Loved it, but no were near as good as the Tidy Boy sets, still loved it tho, PEACE!!
Adam, Birmingham, England

I normally don't listen to an e-mix to put me to sleep, but it was put out from this weeks show. Come on Radio 1, this is sad, bring back some talent.
Iain - Toronto

Really nice mix! I wish people that enjoy and know house music would rate these mixes, not people who clearly have no idea what is being heard. Again very nice grooves!
Scott, London On

Amazing and dirty , only for dancing. Very good dj thechnical. Im glad to hear this man . David , D.MIX 'see you '
La Serena - Chile

I'm impressed. First time i've heard an MK set, nice slow start, then just brilliantly built up from there! Shame about RHCP & Radiohead tracks.. cheap & cheesey ending! YUCK!
Harvey - Hants.

zzzzzzz nothing in comparison to the stuff we have been recieving of late. Unlucky Mark !! Although a super producer this does not provide that being a DJ it comes hand in hand. Roll on Paul Harris.
Tom Belte

So good my ears nearly fell off. OUCH!! Deep tribal doingz with a tec edge are what I was born for. Mark Knight is my new hero and I want to love him.
Carlo in Mardrid

very beautiful house music, it's not just house,it has something more
shenbox, Taiwan

a was very exiting about Mark´s Essential but when i heard it I was very dissaponted, Not the great knight´s beats FROM OTHER REVIWES Hopping some Innovating new essentials
Bruno - Stgo Chile

Yeah I agree it's a business-man's promo mix, and its totally understandable. The set is nice, cool tracks. Radio shows are a good way to do marketing on the tracks. I'd buy that columbian soul track, I hope it won't take too long to rls.
Filipe Frota, Mexico / Brazil

slow build up i was gona write it off till the last 50-45min of the mix which were fire i am a huge supporter of the french house scene and the new canadian one max graham but now i have something else to look forward to go limeys thank you as always to EM keep the beats comin
maximillian jose, toronto

If this mix hadn't followed Optimo, it would have been chunks of funk. However, it just didn't have the eclectic edge needed to capture the audience for two hours that the previous EM laid the golden path for. Mix it up a little Marky Mark!
Andrea-Boliva, S.A.

A good mix. Considering the dj's level, I expected a little more from his mix. However, I dond´t think is appropiate to say it was a bad mix or that is a "turn off mix". Please, show some respect to a great dj ... SHARAM can´t wait for your turn !!!!
Tubo - Peru

dullsville, daddy-o! it bad enough that these records exist, playing them is even worse.
rusty ohio, usa

Delicious blend.
Yana - Detroit

I've got a couple of Mark Knight remixes and think they're wicked so was looking forward to this but thought it was absolute rubbish. It just never got going and was characterless, lifeless, and monotonous.
Sam - Leeds

Quality mixing and wicked tunes, 'It comes from inside' and 'Firework" remix are 2 of my fave tunes of the moment. His sets always tell a story and thats why he's one of the biggest DJ's out there right now. Love u MK.x
Little Un, Londres

Really nice, tight mix. Some great tunes in the form of Low End Specialists and Sucker DJ's. How can some people class this as bland? We get trance and hard house sometimes, you should be grateful we have a mix of quality this week. Not E.M of the year, but good enough.
Marc , Dundee

Ping ping plonk plonk. What rubbish.
Dingo, Essex

Very nice mix Pete, loved every min of it didn't want it to end. Any chance of a Ken Fan mix in 2007 R1 ???

Ouch! his thing is so chunky - pure bad boy beats, tribal mean low down and funky this is pure dance floor nastiness. There's room for all kinds of music in this crazy world. Tune in, Turn off, Drop out... Ciao.
Cyrus - Beat Master General - Ibiza

don't know what to think about it because it was great but a little boring too...
Simon from France

the tunes were bangin and the mix rampant,nice choice of records and all delivered with pace,MK made fine use of the 2hrs something that other djs of his genre have often failed to achieve,its sets like this that define the name of the ESSENTIAL MIX...all hail Mark Knight
javaid khan Prague Czech Republic

Not a bad mix here, but not a lot of variety either in terms of sound...some good corkers in there, but a few time killers as well. Mark's obviously going to be pushing the product off his label, and that's fine. Toolroom has a lot of good tracks. Not his best, but better than most people's best...8/10....
Patrizio, Dallas

I have to say that I thought this essential mix was wicked! Reading peoples comments I find it funny that people criticise various essential mixes when its obviously not a sound or style of music they are into at all! Mark Knight is no doubt one of the finest DJs around and this mix shows the sound that is rocking clubland as we speak. Top marks Mr Knight
Pete, London

Great house mix but where has all the variety of the past 2 years gone!!? In 2004-05, we had Hip-Hop (C2C + iEmerge), Breaks (Stanton Warriors/Infusion) and DnB (Pendulum, Andy C) but, this year, there's been SOD ALL!! While I appreciate a quality house/trance set as much as anyone, this years E-Mixes have become really stale!! (fantastic Ibiza Week accepted) Come on Radio 1 sort us out with the Freestylers or DJ Hype or something - just mix it up a bit!!
Phill, Newbury

Mark Knight's 'house negro' and his more recent track with Dave Lee 'You're not alone' blew me to absolute bits and so I jotted down his set date in my diary and waited eagerly. But it was boring and a struggle to get through, a dated tribal tech sound, droning female vocals and total depressocheese in the form of popgrungerock of years gone by at the end. Totally confused I am, was this really Mark Knight and if so, what happened?
Vera, Taiwan

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!
James, Birmingham

The Best !
Ricardo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL

WOW!!!!! Couldn't sleep after hearing this it was amazing! Knight is a leg-end wot an EM! The tuneage was immense. Filthy and dirty just like it should be! More of the same Radio1
Russ Livesey, Little Harwood

Not a bad EM, not the best by a long shot. Very much a Toolroom demo mix. I think a lot of the tunes sounded like every other tune at the moment. Very obvious and uncreative electro house.I always look towards the EM for some inspiration and diversity. Not what I can go and listen to anywhere in the UK at the moment. I’ll have another listen but after the first sitting I’d give it 4/10
Daz, Hants

wow, beautiful
caTTa, Dongguan, China

Amazing Set Loved the Ending...He Killed it with the RHCP and Radiohead Track...Veerrryyy NIICEE!
Mehrbod (USA)

This guys mixing was quite good, no complaints in that respect, the structure and programming of his set was professional and no doubt he knows what he's doing. However I thought his music was borderline offensive. I cannot see the attraction in this wishy washy, funkless, feelingless ball-less, style of music. I am under the impression this guy is of a new breed of british dj's breaking through and if that's the case well done to him, however you certinly won't find me spending anymore time or money on this awful music.
Jamie Fell, Glasgow.

Folks what more can i say This mix definataly pushes all the right buttons for me.Oozing quality,Some damn fine tunes here.Mark your a real credit to the scene.Hope you and the label are around for some time to come.Thanks for a top mix.
Lee D, Walsall,West Mids.

Awesome, that sums it up nicely. Heard Mark in Ibiza and same goes. Seamless mix with rocking tunes. Nice work.
Matt, Southampton

Incredible mix...Loving the Toolroom sound right now. Saw him play at the Toolroom party at Sankeys on Saturday night and he just blew me away. Will be listening to this all week! EM of the year for me!
Alex - Northampton

Man... i love Mark Knight... but i thought this mix was very, very mediocore... just seems like he didn't really challenge himself. Was looking forward to this for several weeks... disappointed... get him back... he needs to clear his good name.
Adam_Baltimore, MD USA

This is great in my opinion, I think he is a really good Dj/Producer, it starts really interesting (not just deead plain) and grows into a really good session, well impressed, can't wait for Adam Beyer.
Chris, Liverpool.

M.K. never disappoints..lot of his own productions, but hell it's always kickin' & floor orientated!! looking forward zo see him live!! respect & love from germany
Falko Stuttgart

Sweet! Sunday relistening with a cup of tea... respect!
Fredrik Enbuske, Växjö, Sweden

Awesome essential mix! This guy is so talented in terms of DJ'ing and productions! Definately one my favourite EM's this year. CANADA WANTS MR KNIGHT!
Justin - Canada

Wonderful! I love this electronic emotions and wait next step of EssMix Just think about music! p.s. And welcome to Moscow music space. (in summer - better ) :-)

Amazingly well built set from start to finish minimal to hard hitting tech house towards the end really enjoyed it. Will Defo be planning a trip to toolroom knights love ya mikexx
Michael Upson, Birmingham

Massive EM as usual, hands up Mark Knight !!! With or without Martijn Ten Velden, you rock !!!
Philippe, Miami, USA

Never mind Chris Moyles having a show as a podcast, why not place trust in your new music choices and let Annie Mac, Fabio and Grooverider, Pete Tong and the Essential Mix have a look in - after all, they are the most likely to be downloaded by the target demographic who own mp3 devices! Come on BBC management, sort it out sooner rather than later.
Seth, Leeds

Very,very nice music and mix, grettnigs from Bosnia.
Dj AnDY, Bosnia AnD HertzEgowina

Radiohead and Red Hot Chilli Pepers? Dance music and not Indie mate!
Mark London

I've never heard Mark Knight before and even if his mix won't be one of the best EM ever, he brought back the sound which I like most....thanks!!
Anto, Milano, Italy

Tasty! Awsome tunes and some solid mixing, nothing extraordinary but all way through solid set!
Dave Spruce, Sweden

Amazing stuff! tripped me out all morning long. Perfect to listen to after watching the leniod meteor shower. Keep it up and i cant wait to see you live. :)
randeep, birmingham

A damn fine mix by anybodys standards, but Mark aint just anybody. Usually I would be right piddled off if any DJ played so many tracks that he personally had a hand in, but when they are of such a high standard he can be forgiven. If I had'nt already voted for Bookashade for Essential Mix of '06 I would be putting my X right here.
Tonic In Belfast

a pretty straight foward mix of chunky house beats but i'd have to say it seemed more like a toolroom promo mix than an essential mix.
leo - miami

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