Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 12 November
Optimo (Espacio)

Jesse Jackson 'Intro'
The Jellies 'Jive Baby on a Saturday Night' (Marathon)
Prinzhorn Dance School 'You Are the Space Invader' (DFA)
The Bar Kays 'Holy Ghost' (Stax)
The Staple Singers 'Slippery People' (Epic)
Chic 'Good Times' (Atlantic Records)
Troublefunk 'Drop The Bomb' (Sugarhill Records)
Prince 'Sign 'O' The Times' (WEA/Paisley Park)
LCD Soundsytem '45.33 part 1' (DFA)
Altz 'Max Motion' (Zi-Koo)
UnknownmiX 'The Siren (Lo Soul's Hot Edit)' (Playhouse)
Dondolo 'Dragon (Shit Robot Firebreathing Remix)' (Tiny Sticks Records)
The Gossip 'Standing In The Way of Control (Playgroup Dub)' (Back Yard)
Depeche Mode The Sinner in Me (Ricardo Villalobos Conclace Remix)' (Mute)
Ricardo Villalobos 'Fizheuer Zieheuer' (Playhouse)
Hansepferd 'BismarkE' (Nobistor)
Saint Ibot 'White Night' (Tendenzen Freier Entfaltung)
Marc Houle 'Bay of Figs' (M nus)
Paul Johnson 'Rubber Band' (Dust Traxx)
Sparks 'Beat the Clock' (12 Inch Stars)
Kenlou 'Sensational Beats' (MAW)
Bumblebee Unlimited 'Lady Bug' (Red Greg/Unidisc)
Lindstrom 'The Contemporary Fix' (Feedelity)
Hot Chip 'No Fit State' (EMI)
The Rapture 'Get Myself Into It' (Vertigo)
X Vectors 'Your Love'
Love Is All 'Busy Doing Nothing (An Optimo (Espacio) Remix)' (Parlophone)
Divine 'Shake It Up' (Break Records)
Bobby O 'She Has a Way (Glimmers Edit)' (O Records)
Yello 'Bostich (Reese Uptempo Mix)' (Mercury)
Mala 'Left Leg Out' (DMZ)
Neu! 'Hallogallo (Mary Hill Rework)' (Brain)
Grauzone 'Eisbar' (Welt-Rekord)
Crass 'Bloody Revolutions' (Crass Records)
The Celestial Choir 'Stand on the Word' (Larry)

Your reviews of the mix

Josh, normally Norwich...but Toronto! :D
Man, one of the best EM's i've ever heard! Wish i was in Glasgow...'shame on you' anyone who thinks this ain't what dance music should be about! :) Respect to you Optimo! :D

Barnet, Glasgow
Outstanding mix from Twitch & Wilkes. It's a shame I have to work Mondays or I'd be at Optimo every week. This also reinforces how good The SubClub is in Glasgow! You've got Optimo every Sunday, the god like Harri & Dom every Saturday at Subculcture and a never ending stream of great Friday nights with Slam & guests doing Return To Mono, Mind The Gap, Kinky Afro, Relentless etc etc. If you're in Glasgow, it's the only place to go!

dave, london
funky, eclectic and keeping you guessing all the time - best e mix in a while (didn't catch the andy cato one though). but, more importantly, thankyou radio1 for warning me about the rude words.

Kez, Glasgow
These guys bring everybody with a true appreciation of music together, brought my two mates to Espookio Halloween party, both are dedicated death metal fans and the set blew them away. My mate turned round at the end and screamed "I get it....ONE MORE TUNE!!!!" God bless Twitch and Wilkes, you summed up a school night in Glasgow without selling out the set to suit a wider audience...See you at the Ol' Fruit Market to Bang (and sweat) in the Bells at Hogmany!!!!!!!

B. Casual - Calgary, Canada
Original stuff...little too laid back for my Saturday nights though.

Kenneth Wong - Singapore
Hey, this mix is FANTASTIC .. Does Optimo has his own mix CD or any bootleg ? Not sure if I would ever be able to experience Optimo live : )

Rich - Vancouver, Canada
We'll be coming!! We'll be coming, we'll be coming down the road, When you hear the noise of the Tartan Army boys we'll be coming down the road!!!!!!!!! ;)

Andy, Hamburg
I´m a great fan of the EM, but this one was a bit too much for me. The sound was too weird sometimes. Mothing to dance to and nothing to listen to at home. Surely unique and varied, for those who like it, i'm tolerant ;-)

We're expecting you back here in Sao Paulo in January, or something like that. We want more!

Dirty Larry - Dubai. via Glasgow.
The mighty Optimo just got mightier. Good to see ur reaching out to a wider audience, giving them a taste of how the club should sound. Truely inspirational. When u gonna cut yo damn perms and get busy on the treadmill, Mr twitch and twitch?!(huh?) Ha ha.

rusty, ohio, usa
anybody who can use prince and neu! in the same mix is all right with me

Stan Dubai
Living in a desert of quality tunes/clubs as I do here, Optimo are an oasis for the ears. The essn mix as always was a sheer joy to listen to. Check out the mixes available on their web site - just been listening to the Neu Wave mix, its the opposite of easy listening..nice

Gav, Aberdeen
Superb mix from superb dj's. How about a James Murphy EM?

Alex, Toronto, Canada
great set. Used to go to optimo when i lived in Glasgow was the best night out. good to still here optimo's making kick ass sets. good job boys. get back over to toronto i missed you guys the last time you were here.

Steve Dundee Scotland
This mix was great I go to see Optimo at the reading rooms in Dundee when they tour and they are amazing if you get the chance to see them live let Optimo blow you away!

jack london
god bless the optimo fella's for injecting some much needed spontaniety into the often stale world of dance music. Great mix and great live too, support'em!

James, Glasgow
sweet mix as ever from them.... if you liked this then try How to Kill the DJ Part 2 by Optimo. Marc Houle 'Bay of Figs' tune of the mix

A6 - Amman , Jordan
These guys are awesome ! a friend of mine recommended Optimo to me last summer while i was visiting in glasgow and now their on the essential mix!! Well Done

CNile, Glasgow
On my visit to Optimo @ the Subby, I thought it was a wind-up, pushing the term 'eclectic' to the extreme...and this mix backs up my initial reaction. A very successful night though - just shows, if you're willing to take a risk in this saturated market........

Alin, Romania
pretty good but i'm waiting for Sharam EM !!!

Kelsa, Dublin
with so many quality club nights in Glasgow, the best is always saved for last. How does anyone make work on a Monday??? Roll on the weekend when i'm home ;0)

Ed, NY
Tried to see Optimo at Wireless 2005, but couldn't get in the tent! Now I finally get to hear what the hype is about... interesting set, by no means formulaic or generic, and definately worth a few listens...

Tim C., NYC
tasty and eclectic selection of music. some funk, some rock, some electro, and lots of flav. would not have been able to get through another s****y day at work without these beats. come to NYC.

Espalda Lima, Peru
Altough this is not the type of dance music I usually listen, I had a good time and enjoy it.

glen ,dublin
the best mix i have heard in a long time nice one 1 lads .mix of the year 4sure!!!

Karyn Glasgow
"both are called twitch have perms and rounded stomachs" LOL!!!!

gavin chesterfield
id not really heard of optimo but am pleased to say that i enjoyed this mix and it was nice to listen to a genre i wouldnt often associate with my musical taste. keep up the good work radio 1

it's the first time that i heard this dj.his remix is more beautiful in the car than to the disco.i like very very much the remix of dan ghenacia of last week;it's extraordinary..bye and tanks for all pete.

roman s.- queens NY
Wow!!! what a mix, track selection and mixing are awesome. Would luv to see this duo live!!!

Loving it also - from a relatively old dad who doesnae get out to experience this sort of thing often enough. Listening again in work time is a poor substitute to the Subbie; but it's making my Monday more fun. Well done boys.

A - Glasgow
Great mix! I go to their club night a lot, and for me it's not just the music but also the lights that make it so special.

Rabarino, The fine city of Glasgow
Optimo, c'est supremo!! mix was a masterpiece, lovin their work, seein them at new year for optimo with hotchip in merchant city, cant wait, hogmany 2 remember!

Billy - Milton Keynes
I'm not sure what i think about this! It's pretty cool and good to have something a bit different on the EM i guess Looking forward to Mark Knight this week

RKB - The Netherlands

Firas Tunisia
you are the best

kenny mclean, meribel, france
optimo are were its at with the progresion of clubs. Seen them in glasgow and edinburgh loads and they NEVER disapoint. You never no whats comming next and theres tunes for every1 from every genere of music. This mix is just 1 of many EPICS theyv put together and once again, its a stormer. keep it up boys.

Kes, Brighton
How can anybody describe this? Like a post-disco electro-industrial punk-new wave psychedelic bangin' soup...They love our ears and our ears love em'!Cant wait to see these guys hit the decks in London...

just the trick,sharp as bill hicks wit,for me it should be up on the ess mix o the year....deep,dark,funky,mind bending,thought provokoing,cutting edge, and a good bunch of fella's chur bro's

Alix, Philadelphia
Crass on the essential mix....what more could we ask for?

Antonio Alexandre
Just a word: unique!

Richard Stevenson, Nottingham..
driving home from my gig in oxford back to nottingham, it was great to here something different.. im into dance music of all kinds but this was great. Ive not heard of optimo but i will be definetly looking into there stuff more often now.what a great essential mix.made my drive home alot more fun.thank you radio 1!!!

Its different ! I like it ! Well worth a listen !

Chris, Liverpool.
I really like that, it's different yet quite gripping too, and would be great for a dancefloor. I love the way there are genuine good records played to go with its flow, not just new big tunes. Thanks!

vally from Wroclove
that was really nice set ;-) Optimo good job ;D

ENdaaaaaaaaaaaaa glasgow
my feet are twitching. ho ho ho nice one lads that tune after sign 'o' the times (with the "shame on you" vocal hook) has me prancing around like a big irish monkey..... hi mum

Ian - Chicago
That was some hotness, great mix!

Dave Spruce, Sweden
First hour was kinda lame but after 1 and a half hour it really kicked off! Amazing tunes... really cool, never heard these guys before.. GREAT stuff!!

Lee: location, location
Resplendent. Really great to hear some true ecelecticism on the EM again. Sounded like some vintage David Holmes set, but easier to dance to. Cheers.

Anto, Milano, Italy
The first 10 minutes of hour two are great but unfortunately only one please!!!

donatello.......from sicily(italy)
.........this mix is very nice!!!!thank you OPTIMO

wow, have not heard twitch and wilkes in over 4 years. sounds even better than every. rock on guys.... keep it up keith

Timothy Wright Cheshire
Im Not Into Underground Music I Didn't Like It

jamie fell, Glasgow.
In terms of numbers, Optimo is the flagship night at the subclub (not harri and dominic's saturday subculture night (my favourite, although two very different nights)it's rammede very week. Optimo is a cult club night with many students in attendance but also caters for many out-there happy go lucky glasgow folks. Free from chavs the nights success (i'm not an expert, i've only been twice) seems to stem from the music caterting for many differnet tastes. The ecletic nature of the music policy allows people to mix and mingle freely without being pigeon-holed into listening to one type of music for the whole night. This mix is my experience of the night, starts of slow with punk, rock, well known stuff, obscure stuff, anything really, house and techno later on. It's not my cup of tea to be honest but there's no doubt it's hugely successful. I earned my clubbing stripes at the lengendary friday night club "pure" in Edinburgh at the now torn down old "Venue" on calton road, i'm 99% percent sure the twitch that was the resident there is the same guy who started this club. both are called twitch have perms and rounded stomachs. He was fantastic at playing house and techno back in those days but i'm not a fan of this.

Reyes, France
Another fine selection from these two. Plenty of heavyweight tracks delivering one hell of a punch on a Sunday morning. Better than waking up to a Glasgow kiss. Nice powerful mix with a great pace throughout and yet strangely funky and minimal at times.....great debut on the essential mix. It may be one of their staple sets, but great to listen to for fans and newcomers alike...

Keith, Dublin
in two words brilliant & beautiful

Dj PatBee - Montreal, Canada
A very funky, retro and original montage! Loved it! Can't wait for Sharam'set on Dec 17th Take care

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