Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 5 November
Dan Ghenacia

Deepchild ‘Heroic Landscapes (Original Mix)’ (Futur Classic)
Soul Project Feat Rachel Starr ‘Audio (Dan Bergson Remix)’ (Fresh Meat)
Frank Roger ‘Warriors’ (Real Tone)
Morizio ‘M5’ (M)
St Plomb ‘1er Mai’ (Mental Groove)
Alix Alvarez ‘What Is Dub’ (Sole Chanel)
Tigerskin ‘Plagiat’ (Highgrade)
Shonky ‘Phantomas’ (Freak n'Chic)
Mogi ‘Barca” (Wolkenfunken)
David K ‘Bolue De Nerf’ (Freak N'chic)
David Mariscal ‘Unknown’ (CDR)
Square One ‘Vesuvius (Justin Martin's Hope It Doesn't Blow Mix)’ (Freerange)
Loopity Goofs ‘Nervous System’ (Robsoul)
Jetone ‘Nightblind (Refunked By Tadeo)’ (Apnea)
Kevin Gorman ‘Produkt (Mark Ashken Mix)’ (Microwave)
David Mariscal ‘Unknown’ (CDR)
Michel Ho ‘Econoclast’ (Tuningspork)
Cosmodrome ‘Balkanur (Sleeper Thief Remix)’ (64 Records)
Monobloke ‘Hermano’ (CDR)
Claude Young ‘Unknown’ (White Label)
Selway ‘CSM’ (Serotonin)
Sweet Light ‘Mecaniques Remontees (Butane Sunshine Remix)’ (Freak N'chic)
Douglas Greed ‘Curie’ (Freude Am Tanzen Recordings)
Shonky ‘Horizontal Moon’ (Freak N'chic)
Surgeon ‘Floorshow Part 1_3’ (Counterbalance)
Deepchild ‘Insert 1 – Blood’ (Futur Classic)

Your reviews of the mix

Creative, Innovative, perfectly blended, that's what a perfect set is all about. It has been a while since a DJ blew my mind!!! Parfait monsieur Dan!
French Connection DJ London

This mix is FULL-ON minimal! Ghenacia's groove is intelligent and edgy, perfect for the unHoly hours...
Vic - Manila, Philippines

Awsome mix. Keep it coming.
Nikola, Belgrade, Serbia

Boring sent me to sleep . Not a keeper ;)
Andi Jay

Damn, this mix makes me want to get on the first plane to London. So many different flavours but how do you get that same great tone!
Andrea in Bolivia

blimey another fantastic minimal groove set...this is the kind of thing EM has done so well this year...those looking for the usual dancefloor hystrionics will have to wait, sit back and let it wash over you..gorgeous stuff...along with Ame and James Holden, best of the year.
evenininin brighton

What a quality mix this is. Great blend of minimal house/techno. Saw Dan at Sankeys a bit ago and he stole the show.
Gaz in Manchester

HOPA !!!! bravo Dan !!!!
Julia. Slovenia

Great mix...haven't heard this good of a mix on EM in awhile. Keep up the good work Dan!
Alex, Florida

Great mix from the freak & chique main man lovely late night deepness minimal and spacey ..excellent !
cosmic sandwich - bradford- uk

GENACIA = GENIUS...this is what i'm talking about, more of this please radio 1. proper underground beats, kept me entertained throughout. dark minimal grooves cool as hell!

Awesome Essential Mix selection! First time hearing Dan Ghenacia...very impressesd with his style. Love the flow and glide from mix to mix. Big ups to Dan Ghenacia, Pete Tong and Radio1!
Charlie in Chi-town, USA

This is the best essential mix for a long time. It reminds me of the good old times at the Que Club in Brum.
Chrunty, Reading

could you please edit an essential mix's podcast ? because I loved the music I heard in it !
luigi in London

Good mix but come on guys Minimal is boring!!

sublime super sexy grooves capturing the essence of late nights/early mornings on the terrace.finally the mix is essential.
leo - miami

WOW!!!!!! Dan, what a set my man! Reminds me of the set at Basics in Leeds a few months ago. The set just flowed! Thanks again BBC, the TV license is worth it for the mixes alone!! :-)
Gary, peterborough

So So Koooooool, subliminal , gorgeous erotic, trancy, words are not enough mix ! Super YUMMMMMM
Grant-Melbourne, Australia

Wow, this guy sure knows how to push all the right buttons! I'm only 40 mins into the mix and I love it; great choice of deep and thoughtful intelligent house music. I just wish more DJs played inspirational sets like this...
Maxine Soho London

that mix is a serious thing. I love it. so far the best EM this year. cheers
matt, Berlin

Excellent choice for an essential session from one of the cutting edge tastemakers in breaking down genre preconceptions.. Thanks for the spacey journey Dan! Also, I have to mention that the track "Hermano" by Monoblock was released via the internet on sursumcorda here in Minneapolis.
Jon Hester, Minneapolis, MN USA

man this mix is groovin - whole side of house that i've never really been in to. however, very intriguing - i'll definitly check this guy out if i see his name now.
steve from gainesville florida

Nice... This is a very relaxed and passionate mix, perfect for the afterhour moments when you dont want to much, only the little lift to keep your head flying for some extra hours..
Solaris in London

This mix is excellent!!!! I see dan ghenacia play many times and always good! great on here.
Sara, Paris

Great to hear Monsieur Ghenacia do his bit on the EM decks; about time he got a bit more recognition and stole a bit of the limelight from his DC10/Space mates! Would love to catch him in Paris at some point, but at least for the next few days we've got this to listen to! Bravo, encore!
Ed, NY

Quality tracks and great programming from the Dan the Man . Nice to hear fresh music put together so well. Thanks R.1 for putting him on and letting him showcase his talents. Respect !!!!!!
dazza ,austin ,texas

fantastic set here kids.... plenty to appreciate: good tracks, seamless mixing and phrasing that makes the set rock... kudos!
Jared, Cleveland, USA

Certainly an afterhours mix but what a mix ;) Pushing all the right buttons with an adventurous track selection. Spine tingleling funky minimal. Already on my 4th listen. Keep it up Dan the man!
Ross, Ireland

Glad to see you finally got Dan on Essential Mix been a fav dj of mine for years now, just listening again online and tune selection and mixing is ACE as always, looking forward to seeing you back at Basics shortly
Pete1, Leeds

excellent mix dan, keep up the good work!!! Freak & Chic rocks!!!
Jon from Glasgow

Best EM so far. Superb.
Norm, Newbury

nice minimal stuff for essential mix(but boring sometimes)...dany your track collections are better to your freak n' chic nights!...thanks god!
george dakiss greece

Quality, stylish eclectic beats with a simple understanding behind it all! This set is ace nice one Tong for playing...
Dan from Woking, Surrey

Finally an ESSENTIAL MIX I can get in to. Nice! Makes me want to take a drive. Gary
Gary - Louisiana, LA USA

I enjoyed the mix, kinda trancy housey type chill. More of an afterhours mix.
Mike P. Tampa Fl USA

This mix confirms my conviction that Mr. Ghenacia is a legend... saw him closing the Terrace at We Love Space and this guy really rocked it, he really enjoys spinning cutting edge tracks. I know his mix of dirty house and minimal had me on the floor for ages! My vote for EM of the year... count it!
Assad, London

This guy is awesome. Absolutely my cup of tea! Lovin it!
Martin (A German guy longing for good music in Bei

Now this mix sums up the word ESSENTIAL!! High quality late night deep spacy minimal grooves. This guy Dan Ghenacia knows what he's doing and does it well. Much more of the same please Radio 1, this mix made my weekend.
Alex James Bromley Kent UK

Underground will live forever baby... This is my kind of E.Mix Thank you,
Mike in Chicago

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