Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 29 October
3 Hour Special
Andy Cato & Essential Mix Of The Year Vote Launch

Hours 1&2
Andy Cato

Deetron ‘Twisted Memories’ (Music Man Records)

Unknown (White Label)

Dennis Ferrer ‘Church Lady (Original Mix)’ (King Street)

Prins Thomas ‘Fehrara’ (Full Pupp)

Frankie Feliciano ‘Roots Beats’ (Ricanstruction Label)

Oracy ‘Family Day’ (Mojubarecords)

Rogue Element ‘Unknown Title (Jimpster Remix)’ (Freerange)

Mike Monday ‘Tooting Warrior’ (Playtime)

Morning After ‘Fallout’ (Tracks From The Fourth Floor)

Kerrie Chandler ‘So Let The Wind Come’ (Nite Grooves)

At Jazz ‘For Real (Version Remix) (Innercity Visions)

Pepelink ‘Notekura (Jimpster Remix)’ (Love Monk)

John Dahlbäck 'Time Traveller’ (Systematic)

Liberty City ‘That's What I Got’ (Murk Records)

Dada Life ‘Big Time (Linus Loves Remix)’ (Breastfed Recordings)

Journey Man DJ ‘Shelleys’ (Packupanddance Recordings)

Hunter Of Sounds ‘Fractal’ (Sub Kroniq)

Gus Gus ‘Moss’ (White Label)

Tobias Lampe ‘Domina’ (Dessous Recordings)

Wobble U (White Label)

AFX ‘Analord 11’ (Rephlex)

Serge Santiago ‘Atto D’amore’ (Arcobaleno Records)

Andy Cato ‘La Luna (Beats)’ (Azuli)

Unknown (White Label)

DJ Funsko ‘Disco Vibe’ (Total Wipes Productions)

Dealer's Choice 'Bomb This Place' (Urbantorque Recordings)

Nocturnal Overload ‘Seen You’ (Future Classics)

Mike Monday ‘Funky Funky House Beats’ (Playtime)

Acid Trax Vol.1 (White Label)

Andy Cato ‘1999’ (Packupanddance Recordings)

Andy Cato ‘The 7am Drop’ (Packupanddance Recordings)

The Yorkshire Rapper ‘Put Our Heads Together’ (Better Days)

Hour 3
Essential Mix Highlights October '05-October '06

Your reviews of the mix

Star ,Falkirk Scotland
quality blend of the finest house grooves, nice one Andy,

Jason, South West
In the firts hour there seemed to be too many tracks played and only a couple of minutes of each, thata aside, a quality groovey headnodding mix.

deep and dirty electro funk of the best for this year. essential mix great job

Reno, San Diego, CA, USA
This is a dope set from one of the best producers in the biz! Hope to see Andy in the States soon!

Anto, Milano, Italy
House, soulful house, etc..... are not my cup of tea but i listened to all this EM cause it brought me back in time, when I was younger!!! And now we wont the other half of GA, Tom Findlay, who rocked the Terrace@Space this summer.

javaid khan Prague CZ
nice steady take off,loved the variety of tunes,sounded like back room music from the mid 90s,but this is the coolest sound around today ,it just shows how ahead of their time they were back then...the mix grinds a path ,from house to tech,tribal to acid whilst always maintaining a groove.the mix is good and i enjoyed the change,but by no means is cato breaking any new ground thus please give us some of the top DJs PVD,AVB,CL,Sasha and Diggers

ellis , camberley
This was fantastic , and yes i was one of the best i have listened to this year. just get locked in to that house groove. loving you work andy

Max Jose , Toronto
very sick mix soulful melodic sexy definantly a contender for mix of the year his sound is lagit keep the beats commin EM thank you peace

yes when the clocks went forward this year SOS did an excellent job and when the clocks went back andy cato has also excelled, the only trouble im having now is deciding which one to vote for as mix of the year....

Ben, Newcastle
What a fantastic essential mix. Definitely a strong contender for E/M of the year. Sheer class....

Matt Dee, Blackburn, via Afghanistan
Predictable and boring. Groove Armarda are pretty cool but this mix from Cato is average and thats being generous on the bloke. It's been a bad year for EM, and this mix just proves my point. Hola!

jamie fell, glasgow,
i'd need to listen again to make a proper judgement as i think you only pick up so much on the first listen, however i think would struggle to fault the production of this piece of work. I felt it went up some nice side streets and alleys but for me never really got going on the motorway. Well made though. I notice it coincides with his "sessions" release on M.O.S, out today.

Maria McHugh
It was an AMAZING essential mix. One of the best ever!!! I love my filthy dirty electro which is everywhere at the moment but it's really refreshing to hear something a little deeper and with a little more funk. Absolute quality.

Gary - Coventry
Only 1 hour through so far and its pretty nice. Great technical skills followed by good track selection and the choice of tunes are great too.

Rich, Sunderland
Very decent mix from the big man! Found it similar to the Kerri Chaos mix not so long back. I had expected him to mix it up a bit more though based on seeing him with GA but it was still all quality stuff tho!

Matt Simpson, Germany
Nice 1 Andy, what a mix. Probably one of the most original all year, certainly had my rear end swinging. Love Groove Armada but have never heard Andy play solo, will make I do though!! Contender for the mix of the year. Keep em coming Radio 1

marco bologna italy
super essential mix:):):):):):):):):)

Toby Las Vegas
Nice to hear a bit of quality again, didn't realize who was playing at first, but all became apparent - definately had that Groove Armada specialness to it.

Harrison, Chester
one of the best EMs of the year! class track after class track! ESSENTIAL listening! loving andy's tracks aswell!

Alan, Scotland, via China
Feelin this mix; up there with Ame and Mr C. Proper moody, soulful, off-the-wall grooves and shapes. Great to come across an EM that doesn't play predictable electro-clash or minimal. Any chance of booking Henrik Schawrz and Theo Parrish at some point too?

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