Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 8 October
Tidy Weekender Special


Marcel Woods
Unknown – ‘Sun Goes Down’ [Bootleg] (White Label)
Marcel Woods – ‘Don’t Tarme’ (High Contrast)
Bolier & Coenraad – ‘Mighty Ducks’ (Fundemental)
Pascal Feliz – ‘From Inside The Speaker’ (Rythmic Records)
Marco V – ‘Arg Better’ (In Charge)
Gott & Gordon – ‘Unknown’ (White Label)
Marcel Woods – ‘Cherry Blossom’ (High Contrast)
Marcel Woods – ‘Advanced’ (White Label)
CLS – ‘Can You Feel It’ [Marcel Woods Mix] (White Label)
U2 – ‘Vertigo’ [Marcel Woods Remix] (White Label)
Marcel Woods – ‘Monotype’ (White Label)


Tidy Boys
Heaven’s Cry – ‘Til Teas Da Vs Pat’ (Tidy)
Lisa Pin-Up – ‘Rock With Me’ (Tidy)
Lee Pasch – ‘Pumped Up Funk’ (White Label)
Age Of Love – ‘Age Of Love’ (White Label)
Pigeonhole – ‘Chyruss/Jontams’ (White Label)
Giyver – ‘Man On The Moon’ (Tidy)
Capella – ‘U Got To Let The Music’ (Nukleuz)
Kym Ayres – ‘More & More’ (Tidy)
Unknown – ‘Slamma Jamma’ (White Label)
Chyrus – ‘Shine’ (White Label)
Funkydry – ‘Goodtimes’ (White Label)

Your reviews of the mix

Thanks for all your comments - good and bad, so glad everyone had a great time last week at TWX, Music is the short-hand of emotion and we accept hard house is not to everyones taste, Tidy is not about being cool, being young or being old - but it is about fun... something we are very proud of, the tidy brand and the tidy boys have never taken ourselves too seriously and thats maybe one of the reasons the tidy events still sell out after 11 years. Our set here did start with some old classics - but thats traditional at a Weekender (as people who have been will know) And Heavens Cry 'Til Tears Do Us Part' is the official Tidy Weekender anthem.

In answer to this comment what can you say about the tidy boys,who else can kick it off with the danger mouse theme tune and get away with it. matt n.yorks I tell you who..CBBC........
Richard. Wales

What an incredible two hours of music! I love most forms of dance and house music but had no idea that hard house was still so vital and had subtly evolved into something interesting and unpredictable. I can only wish that I was out there with everyone, although I would probably need to have a nice sitdown and a cup of tea after not very long! Thank God for the internet, otherwise this sort of music would not be available to those of us out of range of the BBC. As far as haters go, please change the channel if you don't like it and don't bother wasting time if you don't have constructive criticism to offer. And as far as this sort of thing not being for home listening, I would like to say that I am almost 40 years old and enjoying Mr. Woods and the Tidy Chaps whilst sat at my dining room table framing several of my grandmother's watercolours, pausing only during the several times the hair on the back of my neck stood up during the peak builds in sets. What an eye-opener! Best, John
John Yelding-Sloan, San Francisco

Listening to those mixes again, having been at the event gives me goosebumps! One of the best weekenders I've been to, deffinately. Just a little word to those of you who criticise though. If you don't like it fair enough, thats understandable but there's no need for such a slating. Just listening to all the stuff about John Peel Day at the moment and I think you should all take a leaf out of his book. We're ravers not drug addicts! Keep it Tidy ;-p
Ceri, Prestatyn

In response to 'simon - london'. I go out and listen to this sort of music, I dont take drugs and rarely drink yet I have a great time because I get into the atmosphere, have a bit of fun and dont have ridiculous perceptions. However, radio 1 and more specifically tim westwood support music that is funded by gangland drug running, murders and prostitution...maybe thats what radio 1 should support? What do you think? I think that hard trance, trance, hard house and electro is harmless....people take drugs while listening to EVERY sort of music so dont suggest it is only this scene. Get your facts right. Anyway, thought the start of the tidy boys mix was fantastic!
Jon Burrage, cornwall

this is first time to listen to Marcel's gig was really weaked, very fresh so far compare to Dutch trancer's gig. however, disappointed of tidy boys in this time, i know heaps of DJs dropped bunch of new&tasty tunes on the turntable but they shouldn't play more classics...evin white label is same mood to me, but still admire of tidy boys..they are legend of hard dance scene!!!!
Terry Ko (Seoul,South Korea)

right, Im not going to slag of people who listen to this music but what i cant understand is that this music is still being moves on, house music has, so why not this stuff because as someone said earlier, it is sore on the ear.its not music that u could sit in the house and listen to but you can do that with most house music..sorry lads, sack the hard house.
Sean, Liverpool

I was a Tidy virgin before this weekend my friends allways went on about how good it is i have to say it is a life changing experiance its clicks a switch in side your head and changes your out look on life..... i still have,nt stopped danceing such a weekender happy days.........
frankey moran Belfast N.i

I was glad to hear something diffirent then that electro house thats been being played lately .It seem's that lots of dj's are playing that sound and it gets boering after a while.Anyways I wish I had a station like this where i live.
Jaime Bakersfield California u.s.a

I wouldn't describe the remix of Arctic Monkeys as 'Trance' and I also would not slate Tiesto and especially Armin as playing 'washed down trance' as its the support from the likes of Tiesto & Armin that have made Marcel Woods rise through the ranks over the past few years. Marcel is a rising star and people who know the scene will tell you that there is no longer 'Trance' DJ's as all the DJ's play music from electro to hard house. This is the best the scene has been in years with such a fresh sound because of the likes of Armin we are blessed with the new talents of people like Marcel Woods, get your facts right before slating 'Trance' or any other form of dance music. And if you go and see Armin you will find he plays at least 4 of the songs Marcel Woods played in that set!! What an Essential mix keep it up Radio One!!!
Scott, Dundee

Im 26 and just got into hard dance - Im shocked by some of the narrow minded opinions on this message board. I had the weekend of my life at Tidy. There are some genres on Radio 1 that I dont like, but as an adult who can make a decision, I turn off the radio. I dont spout a load of abuse on a message board trying to provoke a fight. Keep it Tidy! x
Helen , Sunderland

Once again it was anoother stunner of a weekend for all those of you who slate Tidy whithout ever having been to an event, stop smoking crack and get yourself to a Weekender. Their is something for every dance fan whether you take drugs or not. Being in the main arena when the Tidy Boys come out and do their enterance in fancy dress, and then drop Heaven's Cry - Till Tears Do Us Part, seeing the reaction of everyone around you, there is nothing like it. As long as there is weekenders I will be there. It was a fantastic set from the Boys, and Marcel Woods was unbelievable too, with Advance absolutely destroying the dancefloor.
Jamie D Isle of Man

This is a wicked, wicked set and if you cant appreciate the quality displayed hear then your tone deaf. sorry.thats the truth. hearing stuff like this makes me want to buy a one way ticket. Nice radio one!
gabe, brooklyn nyc

Tidy weekenders, well i have never been to one, however i have seen the tidy boys and girls more times than you can shake a stick at. Hard house or hard Trance as it is now known has evolved, but i think the greatest time for this type of music was between 96-99, awesome tracks then, nearly awesome tracks now! But please, never stop the tidy weekenders, or any other event involving hard house......
Jake, Derby

What an amazing weekend!! The music, event production & atmosphere was all top notch. Will definately be at the next one in march. Also i disagree with the mindless comments posted about this genre of music. I personally prefer minimal, tech house & electro but the club nights tend to be a bit bland, boring & full of posers which doesnt equate to a good night. I'd advise theese narrow minded genre challenged people to get out there and give it a go instead of knocking a scene they know little or nothing about. The hard house scene is one of the strongest scenes around at the moment with a huge following of people from all races & walks of life & this is purely because its all about having a good time with good music which is what clubbing is all about. Rant over, lol.
Dan Griffiths, Brighton

You really get the feeling of being there bar the lasers! The Tidy Boys mix was INCREDIBLE!! I wish you could download it, it'd be on my generic MP4 player on loop!
Mark, Windsor, Berkshire, UK

Music for the harder generation......Fire it up WE LOVE IT!!!! More of the same radio 1, people are sick of the same old monotonous 'electro house' sound being played to death. Coz the Scoot boy says so!!!!!
Scoot Livesey, Little Harwood

This music is awful. Its just for peolple to get of there faces on class A drugs for hours and i really dont think radio 1 should be supporting that!!! As someone else has said, as long as the sad sad people are still going, these tidy idiot weekends will still continue
simon, london

Used to be a huge fan of Hard House when I was younger and moved away from it - but from what ive just heard ..sounded like a big ball of fun , something that tends to be missing from the scene I tend to hang around these days ( house / tech and electro )
Matt - London

Make some noize for the Tidy Boys! Awesome, cant wait to get back 2 the UK to see them soon
Helen T (Auckland NZ)

WOW!!!! Had to be the best weekend of my whole life!! Haven't got a bad word to say about it, it was fantastic!! The dj's were amazing-better than i could have expected and standin so close to them as they did their stuff just made my time there 100x better. Counting down the weeks till March-roll on tidyxi!!
Debbie, Midlands

listening online again must be the 5th time! awesome not heard marcel woods before but he is good, will definately be checking him out & be at the next tidy weekender..... is it in april? are any of these sets going to be released on cd? by the way dont knock old people doing this im 40 now!!!! & will be doing ot for a long tome yet!
andy aylesbury

Awesome weekend, nothing compares to tidy...not even global!! ANyone who says its for kids is either narrow minded, or just a fool. Loads of people go there, dont take drugs, and still have the weekend of their lives. Just to hear the tunes blastin out at you and hittin you like a wall givews you a huge rush!! Can we have Paul Glazby next time please???
Alex, cardiff

This was weekender no 7 for me and im still going to go as long as those good people at Tidy keep doing it. Its a party like no ther. I can understand those who dont enjoy the people who dont enjoy the music, but dont knock it. Marcel Woods was an awesome set, and of course the Tidy boys not only played a blinding set but entertained us as usual. Spot on Radio 1 for playing the sets.
Mr Fingers, Bournemouth

two excellent mixes here, each showing part of the range of harder dance music played at a Tidy Weekender. thankfully i was there in person when these were recorded and i can say the atmosphere was electric! thanks to tidy for putting such an amazing event on every six months and thanks to radio one for allowing me to listen to the sets again during the week to help me with my post weekender blues!
Ryan, Belfast

Being at the weekender I loved both sets, but gettin to listen to them again is something very special!!! Thank you Tidy and thank you Radio One. The people who went had the opportunity to listen to every genre within dance music from house to hardcore. Thank u again!
Ginge, Stockport

I just have to write this as I used to be a hardhouse regular at Sundissential, Insomniacs etc and love the scene very much! I'm a little bit older now so generally listen and go out to music that is a bit easier on the ears and legs! I have always been into all forms of dance music and have been to a lot of clubs and seen DJs from all music genres, some good, some bad, some legendary. After listening to this EM I have to say what an excellent job by the Tidy Boys. Brought all the memories flashing back and a few goosebumps here and there. Im so glad that the scene is still as much fun as it used to be and people are still loving it. However I wouldn't have written in just to say that. I have been forced to write in by you silly, silly people who have had to write a negative response to this re: appreciation and intelligence. Please, if you had any intelligence or truely appreciated music then you wouldn't feel the need to criticise a music that brings a lot of people happiness and enjoyment, which is after all the point of music. If people like it then it is good music and nothing you pseudo music intellectuals say will change that. Keep it Tidy!
Ben, formerly UK now Chicago, USA

Marcel Woods rocked it, solid mixing and great tough tech trance.. Tidy Boys were dated and pants as usual however, seem to be playing the same sort of sets for the last 4-5 years. I swear i've heard them play Heavens Cry almost everytime i've seen them DJ. BORING!!
James C, London

What Marcel Woods did, was a pretty good set, he has a passion for this hardstyle..but then i heard the tidy boys..and i was a bit shocked, like a very bad trip back to 97/98...way to cheap!
Jesapa, Netherlands

Wat are saying... Tidy events are possibly one of the best events you can go to. Lots and lots of messy fun and the music,well, the tunes they come out with in ther sets,one word AMAZING!!! SO QUIT WHINING

Never heard of Marcel Woods, but hes got a great sound! Smashing mix. Reminds me of Gabriel & Dresden with more house-type beats.
Justin, San Francisco, CA, USA

Wowzers! Best set I've ever heard.
John, Southampton

What a weekend!!! Yet again, another essential tidy event. The music was pumping, tidy boys were on top form as usual. I Loved it and everyone i spoke to there was loving it also. The weekenders are something that is speacial,it brings three and a half thousand party going hardergeneration lovers together. I thank tidy for another top-quality event and thanks to radio-one for allowing other people to experiace it. :-)
mike isle of man

Banging Nonsense, how can anyone listen to this rubbish and call it music. Sort it out Radio 1, get some more soulful tunes on.
Ryan , Victoria Bc

just been listenin back to the marcel woods and tidy boys mixes i was acually there and they were amazing live cant wait to go to the next one!!!! the people who say they dont like it need to go and experience it its 3 nights of madness and i LOVE IT!!!!
robbo ormskirk

Wow, Marcel really rocked the house. I think the dutch have Trance in their DNA or something. It was truly an amazing fast paced set. I didn't like the Tidy set, but its thanks to them that this event happened, so thanks a lot! Think of Los Angeles for next years Tidy event ;)
Khalid, Los Angeles

No other record label in the World could put on 10 weekenders and lets not forget the summer camps and huge Magna parties! People forget that clubbings all about going out having a laugh and dancin' your t**s off! Hats off to the brainchild that is Amadeus Mozart for creating Planet Tidy.
Guy, Slough

very well thoughtout mature mix by marcel wood i agree that armin and tiesto should take a page from his book however i am 22 and i thought that the Tidy Boys mix was extremely immature for a very young crowd good energy though just not for a mature taste
maximillian jose ,Toronto

Top Class sets from both Tidy boys and Marcel... I saw them both in preston the week before and was just total carnage... Marcel is becoming a vast favourite of mine!
Dave (Manchester)

Hmmm i can see why this trance sound has lost its appeal to the masses; i lost interest in trance after the '99 boom, i'm now into house. Dont get me wrong i have admiration for the Tidy Weekender; it pulls in big crowds, but i just feel there is no originality in Trance at the minute; i mean, sampling the Arctic Monkeys, U2 and rehashing an old CLS track?
SB, P-Town

All those people who knock Tidy & Their events, Dont knock it till you've tried it. If you dont like the music - Dont listen to it! The Essential Mix is for all Genres of Music, Which we all have different tastes. Im a fan of the oldskool Tidy stuff and its good to see it get a Big Live showing to the world, They deserve it for the hard work they have put in to Hard Dance over the past 10yrs. Im not a fan of certain Genres but i dont slate it, Because i respect musical artists for there efforts, not for wether i like they're music. Keep it up the good work Tidy.
Paul, Wiltshire

what can you say about the tidy boys,who else can kick it off with the danger mouse theme tune and get away with it.absolutly blinding set as usual,those boys just get madder and madder. WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
matt n.yorks

its easy to knock hard house but at the end of the day it brings alot of young people into the dance scene & clubbing in general. if it wasnt for fresh blood coming in this scene would be full of clubs of 35 yr old blokes. i know loads of people who dug hard house as a 16 yr old but know check the latest trentmoller mix & see dj's like layo & bushwacker.your tastes change as you get older & most people move onto something else. i mean i bought a bucks fizz 7" when i was 10 !!!
Neil Soul. London.

If u dnt like the music then dont listen 2 it. i reckon this is quality, the lovers of hard dance dont slate music they dnt like do they Awsome sets by both Roll On TIDY NYE
Nathan - Cardiff

the essential mix is to cover every type of dance music, people just seem to knock the show if there is not an electro dj on. I say let the show cover many different types of dance music - you cant please all of the people all of the time!
Jay Montreal

Marcel Woods rocks!! Awesome set from the big man.....he's right up there with the best tech trance producers. As for the tidy boys?.....The masters of the hrad dance scene deliver again! And Anyone knocking this music want to get a life, and stop moaning. Its not all about cheese on toast 'funky' house!!
Matt Dee, Blackburn

Not my cup of tea to be honest. I have tried to give the whole ‘Tidy’ thing a listen as I don’t want to rule any genre out without giving it a go. But I just can’t get into it. Saying that its far from the worst EM of late. I can see why people enjoy it, its simple good fun music which isn’t as restrained by image and the desperation to be uber cool all the time like electro and tech house etc is at the moment. Just not for me I’m afraid. Glad people enjoyed it. Diversity is key and all that. I am not sure what all the fuss about the Trentemoller EM is for though I think a lot of people are setting themselves up for a huge let down. Wait and see I guess

Anybody who passes off hardhouse/tech-trance as drugged-up kids music should make their way to a Sundissential event, quite simply the greatest full-on assault of the senses of any event on the calender, and not a scally in sight.
Ian, Manchester

Antonio, Bournemouth

tidy wkender is mint love it, need to come closer to donny!!!
kelly donny

Who actually enjoys listening to this noise?
Craig, Glasgow

Marcel woods was unbelievable, peak of the set on the essential mix had to be cherry blossom and advanced, absolutley awesome.
Nick - Oxford

Aweful, Aweful music. Thoughtless mindless trash. You need the IQ of a fly to appreciate this. I’d be embarrassed to admit to going to a Tidy weekender. Still as long as there are 16 year old wide boys with no direction there will be the Tidy events. Shame!
Tidy Toilet

The music is absolutely gorgeous! When I'm listening it, my body begin to move like I'm in a best nightclub in a world ;)
Kate, Russia

Top notch mix from marcel, brought together the side of dutch trance that isn't watered down to hell (see armin van buren, tiesto) and a fun mix combining some of his classics with some newer stuff. Tidy Boys, well what can you say, just pure madness. Sure people will knock it, music for kids, music for drugged up kids, music for losers, whatever, it was fun in the best way, and like it or not, well mixed & enjoyable. Using the DangerMouse theme was just inspirational. Won't please everyone but then you never can. All those people who think they're too good for this stuff have a good six weeks of stuff to suit them now...
James. E.Mids

Tidy tidy tidy these boys know how to throw a party!!!! Keep it locked and wait til the hatty express comes your way!!!!
DJ HATTY!!!!!!!, London

caught up with the Tidy Weekender. what can i say except: wish i was there! need events like that near Bordeaux! Any takers??????????????
Doug, France

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