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Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 24 September

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Your reviews of the mix

Why is everyone gonna miss fergie so much, personally I found him incredibly irritating and he played rubbish throw-away tunes 90% of the time-how about re-injecting a bit of soul back into Radio 1's dance schedule-bring back Danny Rampling!!!!!
Sam, Cardiff

Sad to hear that you're leaving Fergie. Radio 1 is letting go one of the most charismatic and entertaining DJ's on the planet :( I will miss those mind grinding drills of yours. Wish you the best. You rock man ;]
Jake, Olsztyn Poland

i never heard the essential mix sadly as i was on holiday but id just like to say radio1 are fools for dropping ferg he was one of the best cutting edge dance music djs they had!!!! i listened to him from the start and he was just gid crack to listen too and he knew good music what a loss and mayby radio1 will realise that in the coming future!! Anyway thanks for the 5 years of bang it was splendid and you started a whole new genre of catchphrases with your cheeky comments too STICK HER OUT BIG LAD....... cheers ferg and good luck for the future!
Taylor in scotland

Well guys we seen it happen with Seb Fontaine.Then Fergie. These DJ's build up a reputation that is second to none for playing a style music that made them a house hold name. The music they played before they got there slot on radio 1 (r1) is a far cry from the music they end up playing when they leave r1. In my opinion joining r1 has been a kiss of death for these DJ's. Please don't let this happen to Eddie!! The first time I heard/seen Eddie was at Sundasential North East.I know music has changed over the years but a Dj's sound stays the same . So please r1 don't spoil a fantastic DJ and please don't influence his the music that has made him who he is today. Will Fergie ever recover the damage done now ???
Big Al, Newcastle

This is a massive miscalculation on Radio 1's part. Fergie was the only DJ on Radio 1 playing decent underground electronic music in that style and really pushing new producers. Now he has been replaced by yet another DJ playing lowest common denominator fodder that you can hear on Judge Jules' show. I find the motto of 'In New Music We Trust' extremely hypocritical. Fergie moved with the times musically and really matured as a DJ and was removed and has lost his show because the kids now prefer Eddie Halliwell. How very sad!
Andy Hamilton, London

Absolute step back for dance, sad to see the ferg leaving radio1, the days of filthy electronic tunes is over! Fergie was the only dj to dramaticly shift his sound and provide the true dance generation with the best in new electronicn music. Were all behind you ferg, radio1 or not the crowds will follow:-) STICK ER OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!
andy the pirate!

Man, nobody does it better. Saturday night with fergie can't be replaced. I'll treasure the memories. Happy days to you fergie. Thank you.
Cuba Blue, Cambs

It's a end of an era, Fergie has been amazing but I have to say if they are going to replace him I'm glad it's with Eddie!! I say move over and let other people shine and now it's Eddie's turn. Love them both but when it all boils down to it i say Eddie, Eddie, Eddie!!! The fellas a genius, FIRE IT UP.
shauna, Belfast

Cant believe your letting ferg go. why? keep the party rocking boyo.
Paul Simpson. Aberdeen

it took the godskitchen promoters long enough to work it out and know thankfully radio one has, even though for pure mixing ability and for being the funniest dj around he still wrecked many a night at gods emptying the dance floor quicker than a shooting at a so soild crew gig with his array of numatic drills and eletric toothbrushes.
andy, stafford

soooooo sad to see you go Fergie...your what i listened to first and last...over and over. I'm going to miss your Happy Days and Turn it up. Best of luck to you and i'll be checking out your home page as always :( take care
theresa minneapolis, MN USA

This is one of finest EM in this year. Great work Fergie -- but damn when will be Alexander Kowalski in EM -- please please
Lukas, Opole Poland

Oh no! Fergie´s show was the best source of good underground filthy music on r1. will be very very very much missed. bad move r1!
frank, sao paulo, brazil

I'm really really really gonna' miss ya' and yer fine show, Fergie! I followed your lead, & quit playing Hard House for Techno and Electro and have never looked back. You are an inspiration. I used to record shop based on parts of yer playlists! Now, I'm gonna have to just check your setlists, I guess....LOL. Now maybe you'll have more time to tour extensively and play over here across the pond more often. Here's to many Happy Days, my friend.....CHEERS!

I can’t think why Fergie got a BBC 1 Radio show in the first place!
Tom London

radio 1 what have you done? as fergie is going forward with the most upfront best, and long awaited new music around, your gona go backwards and get eddie" whos gona play fisher price toy music" come on lads who really listens to hard dance and trance its had its day thankgod(so boring)anyway good luck fergie not that your need it mate your the best theres ever been and will stick her out!!
craig brown. rugby

fergie u'll be sadly missed ure were def the best dj on radio1 as well as playing gr8 music u were also very entertaining 2 listen 2...wanda will also be missed lol
dave, essex

Simon, London

FERGIE! FERGIE! FERGIE! 'happy days' back at sugarshack, the empire in middlesboro. set was awsome, loving the old and the new!!!where would you get it?
jamie, london

Farewell Fergie !, U make me likes Electro and Techno so Much !..
BuNi, Jakarta Indonesia

will life be the same without the Fergie mix everyweek... probably not! dont get lost in the crowd fella... keep it bangin...
Dickie, Hong Kong

I am very sad to see Fergie go...there is a hole in the scheduling now i think, so many good underground tunes by acts like Alloy Mental will no longer be played!!! Love Eddie, but he wont play the dirty beats that Fergie did. Was in Lush for ES live: what a night, best atmosphere in Lush for a long time. Look out for Ken the Men (Fergies wee bro who warmed up!)
Sheep T, Ballymena

im actually quite sad to see Fergie leave radio 1 your show was the only 1 worth listening to tbh, your sets are amazing i seen you at both the ice factory in perth and the glam in dundee recently and you rocked as usual im sure you will be moving on to better things m8 keep up the good work, ps your essential mix from saturday was wikkid 1 to remember happy dayz!!!! hopefully see you up my way again sometime soon c ya m8
Nicki p fae Perth Scotland

"SICK"! I wish I was there to see him live. Why does he have to leave us? Keep on rockin' Fergie.
Jason Thomas, Chicago IL USA

Im in liverpool so I had 2 miss it, broke my heart!!!! Fergie wot can i say.......well actually wot i have always said you R a legend!! A true son of Northern ireland dance scene!! With a set like that how cud th fools let u go!! Stick er out big son!!!
Chris aka Don grecko of Lurgan good old nord iron!

fergie as u know mate all of us frm ur own mesage board and frm ur home town larne we hope that u go on to do many good things and we all hope to c ya soon well done at lush it will be a nite to remember in my eyes
hendi, larne

bad move radio 1. fergie will be missed cutting edge tunes lost from the airwaves.
steve g sunderland

Fergie is leaving Radio 1 at the top of his game though. Onwards and upwards for him I hope. He's down our neck of the woods at HAloween and can't wait to stick it out !
Lewis, Bournemouth

What a night, def sorry to see him leaving radio 1, he has brought me some great times, listening to his show. I wish him all the very best for the future. Had a brilliant time at kellys on saturday when he was playing and he played some old all time great tunes. That was a def night to remember!!! All the best fergie and keep er lit.............
Gareth (chav)

Fergi son, ur a pure legand!!!!!!!At ur set sat nte At da mighty lush,what an amazin nite it was. Best nite ive ever had in Kellys.Never forget you fergie, Home grown legand.Radio1 av dun a very stupid fing letn ya go youll be well missed. exactly,keep er lit!!!!!!XX

Just to say Radio 1 are a complete bunch of idiots, Fergie was giving loads of producers good coverage on radio 1, he had started to play proper music and his shows were getting better and better. To replace him with eddie halliwell is a step in the wrong direction, what are you people thinking? Eddie will play the usual trance/hard dance shite that any bedroom dj could come into the radio 1 studio and knock out. Wise up Radio 1, trance is dead and your staff need to sort the radio station out playing tunes to death for years, i hope i never hear the egg walking away again thanks to radio 1, and now Bodyrox - Yeah yeah is once again ruined by silly vocals, seriously - sort it out
Tom Thumb

Great emix... "it was a crrrackerrrr"!! Big up Fergie... C u on the dance floor!!
Dennis G- Miami

saturday nites just wont be the same without ya fergie. get back til lush asap and stick ur out big lad
chris mc gonnell belfast

Despite all the great responses on here. Until now I have never been a fan of Fergies sets. You cant’ deny the bloke is a mad man and loves what does. After listening to this EM I am certainly closer to being a bit of a fan of what he does. I won’t jump to conclusions after one decent set but I’ll certainly be listening to more of his work.
Daz, Hants

such a shame to see fergie go- by far and away the best show on Radio1, such an eclectic mix of banging tunes always on point. think we need to petition to get him back as i miss the show already- unhappy dayz to come it looks like...
dom instone, sussex

a top way to end a great five years at radio 1!!! absolutely gutted fergie is gone, but looking forward to more essential mixes from the man! "I love the track that starts at 7m 45s, can anyone name that track?" its justin robertson-acid rave music-phil kieran remix! (love it too).
timbo, brighton

Damn! l'm really gona miss the weekly show of madness.. He's definately been a huge influence on my music career! Fergie's not lazy, he's coorazy!!! Unbeleivable. Cheers
KANO, Melbourne

Banging mix, shame he is no longer with Radio 1 change is not always good!
Killhippie Sussex

Fergie absoulutly wrecked the place ive been goin to lush for about 2 years and ive seen everyone but that was the best night ive ever had at it " Happy Daysssss "
Sean Derry Northen Ireland

absolute brilliant essential mix from the ferg!! really sad to see him go from radio 1 but all the best to him. loved how he started goin back to his original stuff near the end of the mix, wish i was there. happy dayz :P
David from Glasgow

what a set in ireland mate banging cant wait till it on the net wow keep it up mate
phil from aberdeen

radio you are stupid why did you keep fergie on after all he played 5 years of the best tunes dat made da hairs on your neck stand. will really miss listenin to his show!!!! i ll neva 4get dat first show on dave preaces!!
will toner kilrea

Was one of my best nights in kellys and ive had some good nights.Keep er lite
Fu Larne

Fergie will certainly be missed. This EM was one of the hottest ive heard in a while. thanks for all the good times and god be with you.
Knightrider - Miami

Massive party. Good to see ya again ferg and the set was worth a weekend of missed trains and 14 hours of sittin in a train! yooo hoooo
Jason Mcaree, Cork.

ABSOLUTELY LUSH!One of my best nites in lush ever!
Lynzi Larne

Seems quality, shame he's going eddie halliwell is one of my favourite DJ's but i dont likethe fact that he has replaced Fergie, he was quality when i saw him at meganite closing in ibiza!
Moses, Reading

I thought Fergie was emmense and that he played some banging tunes, there was no better way for him to finish like the way he did at the mighty lush! Fergie, Keep er lit!
Jack Hiles Ballymena

went to portrush to c fergie what a night fergie was bangen as usual cant believe he wont be on radio 1 no more. All i cant say is BRING FERGIE BACK.
Toe from Belfast

i was at lush last sat, and fergie brought the house down. an excellent nite, danced my socks off to a wicked set, from an equally wicked dj. well done fergs, happy days!
jonny hughes, newry, n.ireland

I travelled all the way from Aberdeen in Scotland just to be there, and i can safely say it was the best nite of my life... He totally rocked the place... Sad to see ya go Ferg, Keep on raving! x
Lynsey, Aberdeen

fergie rocked the essential mix really sad to see him go from radio1 but im sure its too better things keep up the good work fergie and "STICK IT OUT"!!!! HAPPY DAYZ
dav, perth,scotland

I was over in portrush for ferg's last show and the essential mix....what a way to finish off a fantastic 5 years! One of the best sets i've heard from fergie with a mixture of old and new stuff thrown together for good measure. Lush is a fantastic club too, and it was jam packed! All ze best fergie. Happy dayz!
Leanne Glasgow

top class i dont want fergie to leave radio1 whos gona play us this type of tunes now setinly not eddie haliwell or any other of the residency or weekend djs thats for sure , radio1 management what there heads examined ( if it aint broke dont fix it) get ferg back on !!
james slaven . Stirling

I was there, Fergie was banging! 150 mile round trip (plus we got kicked out of the hotel for waking ppl two floors down) but it was all worth it. Stick it out Fergster, it's been magic!
Keith - Portadown NI

It's such a shame Fergie will no longer be with Radio 1, just like his shows this esstential mix was packed with nothing but raw energy and sometimes that's all you want! I love the track that starts at 7m 45s, can anyone name that track? Thanks Fergie for keeping real!
Zak, Ipswich

total class!!!!! my fav dj in the world nxt to sven vath. i loved the e mix and am totaly gutted fergs gone! ID LOVE TO MEET THE IDIOT who has taken fegies show off raD1. Saterdays will never be the same again! who else is gona play this music on radio 1 eh?> not any of the remaining djs thats for shure or any of the residencey there all garbage accept eddie even then i dont see him playing these tunes. Any way all the best ferg ur a legend!!
james slaven . Stirling

quality set from fergie again, a great mixture of up front tunes with some of the classic tunes of the fergie era on radio 1,what a way to bow out at the mighty lush and the last tune dk8 rounded off fergies last show very well,thanks for the great show over the years fergie we'll miss ye....STICK IT OUT!!!!
gerry power,ireland

Driving home at midnight after dj-ing at one of my dances to find the last ever Fergie show. Why? So with 3 beers, 2 Soduku puzzles and Fergies show in the background heard what he does for the Essential mix. Not always to my taste but enjoyed his 'Happy Dayz' drawl and style of mixing. Bye Fergie
Robert, Devon UK

yeps tonight Belgium in the mix, tunin in ! Fergie go go
bart, ghent Belgium Europe

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