Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 10 September
Paul van Dyk and Christopher Lawrence live from Planet Love


Christopher Lawrence
Introspective 'Devil Theory (Peter Paul Remix)' (White Label)
Astralis 'Solar Flare' (Outstanding)
Vibrasphere 'Landmark' (Digital Structures)
U-Reckon 'Dominator' (White Label)
Lee Haslam 'The Future' (Tidy Trax)
Astrix 'Delirious Daydream' (White Label)
Joof & Astrix '3rd Time Lucky' (White Label)
John 00 Flemming & Digital Blonde 'Unknown' (JOOF)
Bio 'Understand' (Pharmacy)
Nick Rowland 'Awakening' (Tranzlation White)
Jussi Soro 'Backlash' (Alter Ego Digital)


Paul Van Dyk
(features elements and parts of the following)

Second Sun 'Sona' (Vandit)
Ottaviani & Nino 'Beyond Your Thoughts' (Vandit)
Beoem 'Silent Tears' (White Label)
Activa 'Airflow' (Liquid Recordings)
Unknown 'As The Rush Comes (Bootleg)' (White Label)
Eteson & Spence 'Atlantic' (White Label)
G Ottaviani 'Through Your Eyes' (White Label)
Baker & Nash 'Lunar Eclipse' (2 Play Records)
Paul Van Dyk 'The Other Side' (Positiva)
K&P 'The One's We Love' (White Label)
Mr Sam 'Polar Dance' (White Label)
Atmospherik 'Straight Flush' (White Label)
Paul Van Dyk 'For An Angel' (Vandit/Deviant)

Your reviews of the mix

Christopher Lawrence's tracklist was Class-A. Excellent finish to another great summer session. The euphoric crowd topped it. Next year love to hear less Oakenfold & more CL/PvD duo
SumOsH, Melbourne Australia

The state of the Essential Mixes this year is seriously in decline. Less trance, more house...perhaps even some tribal? Kerri Chandler was best E.Mix of the Year so far.
Marc, Los Angeles

I was there on the day but neither PVD or Mr Lawrence grabbed me on the day, listening back though they were great, particularly Mr Lawrence, just proves that the sound wasn't loud enough in the main arena, Adam Sheridan was the trance highlight of the day though.
nodex Belfast

Paul van Dyk was very good. Not amazing though. Christopher Lawrence was suberp however and totally restored my faith in trance. The whistle blower must be shot however.
Mitsuo Kajiura, Ottawa

gotta get this postup b4... first off thanks to essential/pete/jules!!! loved having 2 gods of trance on the mix. pvd's mix was not up to snuff; though i love his live sets in general. djcl killed it for real. more christopher lawrence is what we need. cutting edge trance/dance music. SWWEEEEEEETTTTT!!!!!!
tim reid - the rooster, califas buey

cl's mix imo was the best trance em this year - proper energetic flowing trance, great stuff. ive heard better from pvd but that doesnt mean theres anything wrong with this set, hes just set high standards for himself.. :)
jay shrewsbury

Both sets were good and PVD was amazing, still think his Coloursfest essential mix was better though. As for people saying its the same set again from him. Think of it this way, he is the number one DJ, he is in demand and people will hear his sets and go "I want to hear that tune when he plays" OK, if they follow him around yes it would seem monotonous but for people being there they probably won't see him again live for a while. I do mobile discos as a job and we practically play the same stuff each weekend with some new tracks thrown in early on as thats what works. People like to hear whats familiar to them. PVD does play some new tracks in this mix aswell and as for him playing For An Angel, go for it, listen to the crowd, its what they want to hear.
chris, scotland

This music is utter rubbish!!! PlanetLove was also full of losers wasted on drugs and booze also...not pretty. I was working at it unfotunately. More real house music please!!!!

CL did good job at mixing, but track selection was SO BORING!!! Every next track sounds like the previous one. Although we have all heard PvD play all of these tracks many many times - his set still sounded more interesting that Christopher's. PS: Is it me or did that mashup of Playmo and As The Rush Comes sound retarded?

I have heard Christopher Lawrences name before but did not know what his style was and must admit that I liked it. His hard techy trance is a relief from the commercial rubbish favored by Euro Djs that has given trance a bad name this decade. I am curious to hear this Dj again.
Gareth, Belfast

PVD has to stop playing the same old tracks he's been playing the last five years. Come on - For An Angel? The Other Side? All of his sets sound the same! Go get more records Paul!
Justin, San Francisco

Viva La Trance !! I don't care how old I get, this music will always give me chills and make me want to grind my teeth & dance all f@($'in night! CL blows PVD away with creativity and flow. - Tony
Tiger - Hawaii via S.F. California

I have to agree with Roger Yong from California. For an Angel is PVD's signature tune and is also a real crowd pleaser any time it is played. Planet Love was an outstanding day altogether. PVD just ended it with a bang. Jordan X also rocked.
Dee, Newry

Saw PVD last night here in Houston and he redeemed himself from the last visit which was rather lame. He must have been trying to capture some last minute votes since the U.S. led the way giving a majority of the votes.
Sean - Houston, TX.

No matter where you go in this world, if the legend himself, Paul Van Dyk is there, you are hoing to see the roof torn off! Quality Paul, look forward to seeing you again at Slinky's! Maybe we can grab a pint!! lol!
DJ Stevie 'E'

Christopher Lawrence's set was brilliant. This ladies and gentlemen is TRANCE. From go to whoah this set flowed seamlessly and every tune was indeed inspiring. I have heard great things from PvD but his effort was a little bit short of the mark. My 2c re; live crowd noises, please keep them in!!! :) I love feeling like I am actually there. I always feel short changed when I hear a live set which has been recorded with the sound of the crowd being removed.
Graham, Perth Australia

christopher lawrence is friggin amazing, this set wasnt as good as some of his others but im absolutely positive it was better than the recycled tracks of pvd. also the quality wasnt as good as it could have been therefor you dont get the full sound of all the background noises in the music that christ lawrence spins, dont underestimate him hell be top dj soon, just watch ; ) happy dancing to you all

Unfortunaetly i missed the Planet Love 2006 Festival. What a sensational set from both Dj's never heard Chris Lawrence but his mix was amaizing energy after energy. As for Paul Van Dyk mind blowing wouldn't surprise me if he came number 1 in the DJmag top 100 vote. Truly unique the guy from Berlin. Always number 1 Paul.
Stephen Riches, North East England

Took the trip up to Planet Love. PVD was obviously one of the main reasons I went up and the boy blew me always! If only the second half of this mix was on here..he dropped Alter Ego "Rocker" in the middle of his set which went down a treat..unique like! He a worthy number 1 in my opinion...fair play Mr.Paul...
Jod, Co.Louth, Ireland

Planet Love WOW !!! I Wish somebody here in SA will bring Chris W & Judge Jules to CPT. We have Fantastic Beaches to host a Fab outdoor Dance Party, like IBIZA !! Thanks Radio 1 for giving us GR8T tunes via Live Broadcast & hope to see u guys in the Beautiful Cape soon !??
Jacques Fourie - Cape Town South Africa

Pish! Sounds like i've been timewarped to the early 90's. Music has moved on from this souless garbage...LET US HEAR THE FUTURE!!!!
Steve, Glasgow

About mixes: Cris Lawrence's - a bit of powerful movement and incredible noice. Paul van Dyk's - some nice lyrical themes (as a trance should be) joined with the hard-dance elements. Year by year, I think, their mixes is becoming drier. Sorry, if I wrote not so right for understanding ))
Vitaly (from, Moscow

PVD is the best live set DJ in the world. I have never been disappointed by any of his sets. Chris Lawrence set had so much energy and it flowed right into PVD's set. Just beautiful. BBC needs to play more live sets of Chris.
Kevin form Atlanta, Georgia

van dyke was excellent.. but the highlight of the day had to be Airtight in the randaivoo tent.. amazing!!!!!!!!
theo. co.tyrone

Awesome essential mix, almost made me forget about that horrible Oakenfold Ibiza mix recently. Both DJs on form, although the PVD tracklist looks a bit wrong! CL is definitely a class act
Seventy Scrape, London

Awsome show just love these mixes BBC1 u guys really do rock whish we had u guys over here in SA PEACEeeeee
Ruan, South africa

I am not a violent person, but has anyone found "the whistler" yet? I want to shove it down his neck. He ruined what was a great set from Lawrence. Whats wrong with you PVD haters?? it was a Festival Mix what do you expect? Best Festival mix of the Summer Season.
Dan, Chester

I dont think its fair to compare PVD and Christopher Lawrence cos they play different styles. That being said I did find Christopher's mix inspiring. It was raw and powerful.
Jah Javanshir

Never herd any of CL stuff and this was the 1st time hearing it and i have to say it was simply fantastic! Great energy and flow.. As for PVD, i would say this has to be the most UNIQUE set from 2006.. some new tracks in there... as for you people out there that is saying pvd needs to stop playing for an angel, that is his signature song... so stop dawging on him so much, he knows what he is doing...
Roger Yong, California

The best essential mix this year by far! What a crowd! Sounds like the closing party of the end of the world!!! Amazing. xxxx
Mika, London/Finland

Christopher Lawrence nothing but outstanding work. One of the best djs in the world. Im not much of a trance head, but this guy rocks it from Electric Daisy Carnival in the U.S. to Planet Love in Ireland. Christopher always plays amazing sets.
Bamaca, California

at this time of night you should be playing adult music, this is pop techno at its worst, what is going on with the essential mixes of late, this is the worst year in a long time, just the same old trance rubbish week after week(with 1 or 2 exceptions)if this is the sound of english electronic music then its back to the bad old days, no talent no spice, stop the rot
andrew, glasgow

I was there, Christopher Lawrence was brilliant but Paul Van Dyk was just sensational. The Worlds no.1 dj in your ears, ladies and gentlemen its Paul Van Dyk. Top noch, get in there. gr8 essential mix!!!
Conor , Newry

i would rather hit my head with a large stick while listening to robbie williams than waste two hours of my life listening to this nonsense!
Paul - Glasgow

I don't understand why all u ppl blame PvD, I think his set from Planet Love was the best mix in 2006. Didn't really like Christopher's set (too monotone)... PvD is the KING OF TRANCE!!! No.1 forever!!!! All of his sets are UNIQUE, just like this.. (I really liked the Other Side remix and the Kuffdam & Plant - Ones We Loved remix). Big-up for PvD & Chris and of course Judge Jules!
trakz, Romania

wow!!!!! what an amazing EM chris lawrence sounds wicked havent seen him live yet but i think its about time i went to c him. as usual pvd is fantastic never lets the crowd down cant believe you stopped recording while for an angel was on everyone goes crazy when he plays that, think planet love is the place to go next year :)
sophie, portsmouth

i just left before chris and pvd came on at planet love, was listenin to the set on the way home and just wondered why we did not stay until the end. both sets are superb, extremly uplifting and just make you want to dance all night.
Bobby ho

sod them all, just listen to john digweed a REAL master!!!!!!!!
Mat thompson reading

First time hearing Chris Lawrence - very impressed. Wish somebody had taken the damn whistle off who ever it was trying their best to ruin this mix!!!!
Dave, Cardiff

planet love never fails to impress, reading through everyones comments jus shows its loved worldwide.. can't remember much of the day, but my gawwwd it was mind bendin! roll on next year
johnny mac, lisburn N.ireland

people slaggin off van dyk...haha wise up the 5000 people in the love tent seemed 2 like it, it was the only set 2 stand out from the rest, dave pearce was great 2...delerium silence and tiesto traffic after another not bad! pvd dropping g ottaviani-through ur goodness, nuff said!
chris, belfast

utter rubbish, give me jeff mills, richie hawtin, magda, or dave clarke any day over that load of tosh.
colin, glasgow

CL does it again. As consistent a big room dj as they come. PVD spins the same set again. Another disappointing set from him.
CDub, City of Angels

well i think the sound system has improved since last year.. infact i think every thing about planet love was better this year.. radio 1 coming to this event really helped it. all i can say if your from england main land and dont know anything about planet love ... your missing out make sure you take a trip over next year...
paddy conway OMAGH CO.TYRONE

I though Chris Lawrence's set was great, the flow was superb, and that tracks were kickin, it has this real underground flavour to it. PvD was pretty good also, needs to stop playing For An Angel for a start, and lose all those accapella's that litter his set, but besides that it was good, with a few good tunes thrown in.
Mark, Yeovil

If Tiesto, Armin represent the current state of trance, then I hope that Christopher Lawrence represents its future. Techno trance with a groove. I like it.
Paul Pearlman, Aberdeen

Wat a night! thoroughly impressed by Lawrence in particular, set just seemed to flow right from the off. Heard better from PVD, although "Playmo" with the vocals of Motorcycle was superb. Excellent event overall, oh and anyone with a bit of influence reading this get Christopher Lawrence to Lush sometime soon!
Marc, Belfast

Haven't been listening to trance in a few years as I found all the 'big' names became stale and boring. Thought I would give this a listen and I'm glad I did. Christopher Lawrence's set was out of this world. Absolutely outstanding! Almost rivalled a John '00' set I heard @ Turnmills at the beginning of the year. I would gladly get back out on the trance scene if dj's like this were out and about regular. Awesome, awesome mix :)
Paul, Kent

Loved Christopher Lawrence's set, have seen him in the mags and flyers in Ibiza but didn't know his sound. Hope to see more of him over here. Enjoyed Paul's set as well. A great EM.
Hanna Hosleki Dublin

I have always been a huge Lawrence fan. I remember his 2004 EM was incredible. He did'nt fail here either. I had the privledge of seeing him at a Whistle Rave in Philly this summer and he crushed the place. Only wish he played "Crystal Wave" at the party. Tight mixing and top notch track selection. He should be higher on the DJ list than #14! PVD came through as always, but I still prefer Lawrence's style. WATCH YA POCKETS!
Dan, Philly

Chris Lawrence is a talented guy - good tunes well mixed - can't go wrong there! However, whilst crowd noise may add a bit to the atmosphere, this EM was really ruined by too much whistling (especially some out-of-time idiot in my left ear!) Please R1, how about taking the feed from the desk rather than from front of house??
psyme, UK

These 2 guys will make a house head like myself bang some trance!! Christopher Lawrence is amazing and has more skill than half of the DJ's in the top 10! He's great to see live - always has a big smile across his face. Also, people who bring whistles to the show should be taken out!
Double D, TX

Awesome set from Christopher Lawrence. Would have been Essential Mix of the year so far if it was for the full 2 hours. Same old from PVD.
Gogs, Middlesbrough

Paul Van Dyk can create so much energy and emotion within his sets,never fails to move me. Well worth staying up for. P.V.D continues to rock!
Joe, London

i was enjoying listening to essential mix,but i have never listened to any of Christopher Lawrence,all i know about him h's the king of american trance.
dj Swazri2006-South Oman

**WHISTLERS!!** Is there anyway to filter out crowd noises like people mindlessly blowing whistles? I want to listen to the DJ set and the music, not some muppet tunelessly blowing a whistle!! Fantastic set btw!
Polite Elliot,, Oslo Norway

Was at the festival, really was an unbelievable day. ive seen Paul van Dyk twice now and i dont really rate him but Christopher Lawerence, Jordan X, Mauro Picotto and Sander van Doorn were absolutely pumpin. Great sets, great lasers, definately a first class festival, shame it doesnt last 2 days!!!
Joel, Bangor - Northern Ireland

Thought the mixes were pretty poor myself. Nothing here to interest me at all.
Eddie Wray, Lisburn.

I had expected more from PVD,then I found his set very disturbing,unsettled and broken after Chris` fantastic flowing trance.To be honest Chris Lawrence had been a first class and I really enjoyed it ,thanks he reminded me Trance of the end of the nineties... .
Jan, the Czech Republic

Sick mix mate... like to hear a bit more hard electro, but i guess you have your style.. Come down to Aussie mate youll do well here!
Lucas, Melbourne Australia

Can we please get a two hour Essential Mix from Chris Lawrence???? Loved his set.
Paul Fletcher (Bromley BR2)

Christopher Lawrence And Paul Van Dyk Essential Mixes Were Great
Timothy Wright Cheshire

was at this.... chris lawerence rocked the place!! Van Dyk was very average always feel theres something lacking with his sets these days :(
Kevin, Belfast

Christopher Lawrence's set was wicked, was it really live, his mixes were perfect, tracks were powerful 10/10
Rohan Katzman

Fantstic set. Christopher Lawrence is a GOD!!
Martin Walker - Harrogate UK

I just wish Paul would go back to playing with original formats & not his usual mac&mac set up. He might as well not be there. Shame Awesome set from Jules earlier in the show though!!! 10/10 He'll be inside this figure in DJ mag for sure with set's like that.

the only problem i had with this EM is that yall stopped recording as for an angel had just started. that was absolutely CRUCIAL! chris was absolutely incredible. i was almost jumping out of my seat. paul was amazing. y isnt he the # DJ on the djlist??? yall need to record chris, paul and coxy every single time they mix live. thanks for amazing 2 hours peace! inevitableman
Justin, BRLA

Great set. What energy. Classic work from both of these Monsters of Vinyl.
ZJD, Denver, Colorado, USA

I am still spellbound. this is an explosive combination. Ill vote Lawrence/Dyk in 2008.
DJ Knightrider/ Miami Beach

Jus back from Planet Love in Antrim, great night all together, although the sound in the Love tent could have been better, sounded like there was no bass! Paul van Dyke was great, but it was a bit of a tame set by his normal bangin standards! Great day altogether tho!
Joe, Bangor, N.Ireland

radio one rocked northern ireland yestarday!!! had a brill day at planet love 06 and feeling the affects of last night now....... anys ways KEEP ER LITE p.s paul van dyk wrecked her... was classsss
paddy conway OMAGH N.IRELAND


Christopher Lawrence's set was fantastic except for that Ahole that would not stop blowing that whistle. Someone has to take those whistles away when they interfere with the show. Give it another listen, you will hear it loud and clear!
Brandon, Chicago, USA

chris lawrence reminded me of John '00' Fleming (time for his 3rd EM perhaps?) . Aint heard trance like that for a long time. PVD was consistent as always. He's been playing this kind of thing for years now, but if it aint broke ...
Gonzo, South London

absolutley brilliant da best essential mix ive heard since the tidy boys, loved it to the max cant stop listning again and again thanks radio 1
jason dalmas, southampton

Cant believe they cut out van dyk when for an angel was coming in the place erupts when paul drops it. What an ending it would have been two great sets tho sounded like a brilliant featival next on my list one thinks.
Mark Blackburn

One of the biggest shows that I ever listened ! Rise the volume and enjoy !
George - Caracas, Venezuela

Lethal nite Love Tent rocked all day absolute mental roll on the next one.
Neil From Lurgan

Rubbish! on the back on KC's EM mix last week it was a harsh reminder of how some DJ's have got where they are by playing to the kids.
Daz, Hants

Is it or is it not possible to download the essential mix as an MP3 to listen to later? I have followed the instructions but right clicking only wants to let me save it as shtml?
Neil. UK.

Christopher Lawrence showed why he is widely regarded by true trance fans as being great. Forget the hype & mediocrity that was pvd, and the subsequent mixes we've heard from tiesto, jules, armin and all the cliché of names that give trance a bad name for being unimaginative, there is talent & tunes out there worth hearing, you just have to search a little bit.
Ian. Leics

Sounding good apart from the idiot blowing a knackerd sounding whistle next to the mic all the way through...

P love 06. what a night. Eddie Halliwell, PVD, Randy Katana where awesome. Mauro Picotto droppin komodo- wow...Fergie was rli gd 2 and jordan x. destroyed it. enough said!!!! roll on nxt year
Alex, Randallstown

trance is dead.after stellar essential mixes(besides oakie of course) why follow it up w/ban dyke.oh well im sure stephan and fergie will be up to standard
leo - miami

Lawrence is at it again. This guy never fails in a big room. This live mix proves why he is my favorite DJ. Wish I was in Belfast:(
Terry form Los Angeles

wow, he dropped as the rush comes, and i didnt hate it.
Logan US

Top mixes from Christopher Lawrence and PVD. Two Djs that never fail to deliver.
Milo Baglioni - Luton

Paul Van Dyk's cheesy Trance was pretty bad, old dated sound. If this is the number 1 DJ in the world, then Dance music has no future!
Paul Dole London

Would love to hear more Chris Lawrence, PLEASE! PVD always a slammer too - great listening tonight, thanks guys.
Aggie H, UK

I heard Christopher Lawrence at Turnmills a few months ago and he rocked it. Pleased to see him on the Essential Mix tonight with another favorite, Paul van Dyk. A fantastic pairing of two top Djs. A pounding double mix from start to end, probably one of my top five for the year so far.
Brandt Wax Ladbroke Grove, London

Top mixes from two of the best DJs from either side of the pond. Very impressed by Christopher Lawrence, probably the best trance set I have heard from the USA. PVD was top too.
Adam Berry - Greasby

It's been a while since I've heard Christopher. Nice mix.
Nick from Denver, Colorado

Have not heard Chris Lawrence before and was very impressed. Tight mixes, stellar track selection - would like to hear more from him.
Nadine, Bristol

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