Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 13 August
Radio 1 Ibiza Weekend 6 hour special

Part 1

Furious 15
Outwork- 'Electro' (White)
Bodyrox- 'Yeah Yeah' (D Ramirez Mix) (Eye Industries)
DJ Grad- 'Piano 99' (Rising Trax)
Seb Fontaine & Jay P- 'Give Me Love' (White)
Mason- 'Exceeder' (White)

Trophy Twins Meet: Erick Morillo

Smash TV- 'Yellow Asteroids' (BPitch Control)
Pig & Dan- 'Onto The Beat' (Cocoon)

Trophy Twins Meet: James Blunt

Jus Phil & Cesco- 'Summer Class' (White)

Down The Beach Bar with Mauro Picotto

Oxia- 'Change Works' (Kompakt)

Trophy Twins Meet: Manumission

Paul Kalkbrenner- 'Kuhl' (BPitch Control)
John Dahlback- 'Flatfoot' (Pickadoll)
Delboy's Revenge- 'Japanese Popstars' (White)
Cesco & Procrudo- 'Nightmare' (White)

Trophy Twins Meet: Steve Lawler

Fergie In the Mix
Tracklisting Coming Soon

Steve Lawler Recorded Live From Pure Pacha
Viva - 'Intro' (White Label)
Rick L feat. Mick - 'Born Again' [Pastaboys Mix] (Monocalda)
Mono - 'Fakin' [The Smoke EP] (White Label)
Justin Timberlake - 'Sexy Back' [Steve Lawler Vox Mix] (Jive)
Kurd Maverick - 'The Rub' [Man In The Cupboard Mix] (Cr2)

Part 2

Paul Oakefold live from Cream, Amnesia
Mark Norman 'Fading Ground' (Black Hole)
Oliver Molden 'Skin Deep' (White Label)
Oakenfold 'Faster Kill Pussycat (Roman Hunter Remix)' (Perfecto)
David Guetta 'Love Don't Let Me Go (Joe T Vanelli Remix)' (Gut)
Oakenfold 'Sex & Money (Mike Monday Remix)' (Perfecto)
Oakenfold 'Amsterdam' (Perfecto)
Jan Johnston 'Obsession' (Perfecto)
Fred Baker 'Total Blackout' (White Label)
Paul Oakenfold 'No Compromise (Mark Norman Remix)' (Maverick)
U2 'Where The Streets Have No Name' (Island)
White Stripes 'Seven Nation Army' (XL Recordings)
David Guetta vs The Egg 'Love Don't Let Me Go' (Gut)

Steve Angello live from Cream, Amnesia
Eric Prydz vs Pink Floyd 'Proper Education' (Pryda)
Fonzerelli 'Monnlight Party' (UMM)
Chris Lake 'Release' (Alternative Route)
Eurythmics 'Sweet Dreams (Steve Angello Remix) (Sony)
Laidback Luke 'Housetrap' (Size)
Steve Angello 'Teasing Mr Charlie' (Size)
Celeda 'Music Is The Answer (Accapella)' (Twisted)
Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso 'Click' (Joia)
Buy Now 'For Sale (Rude Mix)' (La Mode)
Petter 'Some Polyphony' (Border Community)

Part 3

Mauro Picotto recorded live at Meganite, Privilege
Heartthrob - 'Baby Kate' (Minus)
Tropical Melon - '2000 & One' (White Label)
Cobblestone - 'Unknown' [Mauro Picotto Remix] (White Label)
Alex Gopher - 'Motorcycle' (Kitsune)
Mauro Picotto - 'Radio Rental' (White Label)
Paco Osuna - 'Unknown' (White Label)
Matthew Jhonson - 'Unknown' [Unknown Remix] (White Label)
Sebastian Leger - 'Bad Clock' (Intec)
Unknown - 'Unknown' (White Label)
Riccardo Ferry - 'How...' (White Label)
Cobblestone & Casa - 'Unknown' (White Label)
Cirez D - 'Mouseville Theme' (Mouseville)
TG - 'You Ain't Got Time To Think' (Four Twenty)
Tanzmann & Stefanik - 'Them People' [Unknown Remix] (Moon Harbour)

Lisa Lashes recorded live at Judgement Sundays, Eden
Opus 3 - 'Fine day' [radio edit] (White)
Vinylgroover & Redhead - 'Freak in the Discotech' [Prime Mix] (White)
Eurythmics - 'Sweet Dreams' [Vinykt \groover & Redhead] (White)
Lisa Lashes - 'Always faithful' (Lashed)
VG and the Red Head - 'Red Snapper' (White)
BBE - '7 Days & 1 week' [Mark Sherry Rmx] (White)
Htauk 16 - 'Untitled' (White)
Unknown - 'Come With Me' (White)

Your reviews of the mix

ohh my god Oakenfold put the headphones down and this time FOREVER!!!
shawn new york

Oakenfold has played way more in the U.S than Europe in the last few years... I feel sorry for anyone in the states that has to listen to his crap mixing... the second track was mixed into a break, and it still sounded like a massive train-wreck. He used to be great...used to be! I felt sorry for Annie Mac... she must of known he was screwing up... but she was just doing her presenting job.
Matt - Leicester

I've seen this kat stateside 4 times accross the USA and he sucked everytime. I give him props for properly introducing us back woods (Florida/freestyle breakbeat listening too) to great trance back in the day, but hang'em up my friend. Radio 1 built so much anticipation into this show. THANK YOU STEVE ANGELLO!!!! Louisiana is calling to you! Holla at ya boy!
Naked, NOLA, USA

Paul, get a laptop now - it certainly fixed Tongy's mixing problems. On second thoughts, don't bother - you're not DJing for the money and now you aren't DJing for the adulation, so ... why ARE you still DJing?
Sinacal, Sydney

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Well actually I'm quite annoyed. Oakenfold hasnever really done it for me but the tunes have always managed to carry him through over the years. I'm sorry but no, it's not ok to have an off night like that. Would sanchez, morillo, pvd etc relentlessly screw it up? I could do better after 5 bottles of wine for goodness sake! Bring on the young uns who are passionate, blinding on the 1's and 2's and hopefully be the future (rather than laptop programs - alreet sasha?). Look at the residency dj's for proof - bring on the young uns. Radio 1's coverage was wicked - and the listen again player rocks!

After hearing that oakey had dpne an ibiza set on radio 1 and reading the comments left i had to listen and have to agree with the majority of listeners. His set was terrible. From going to see the oakey we all knew and loved at Cream in the courtyard to this, what the hell has happened paul? Has going to the U.S and raking in so much cash from movie soundtracks made you loose the plot or what? Obviously he cant be bothered any more which is a bit rich seeing as the UK clubbers made him as famous as he is! All i have to say is Oakey you stink! Sasha and Digweed are way better than you and still do an amazing job despite their fame and success!!
Nick - Stoke-On-Trent

Truly dire. He always has been rubbish to be honest and has never been able to mix like some of the other legendary DJ's out there, even back in his early days he was always the least talented out of his peer group. This was definitely down to his usual standard.
Andy - London

(OAKEY) What can i say that hasnt been said above well total SLEDGEHAMMER. Recorded it, was really lookin forward to hearin it next day so i put it onn i dont think a mix has had a shorter life span in my collection MDisc WIPED!! Lets hear the real OAKEY

Lisa Lashes awesome as per usual
Scott - Oxford

Reading the comments I thought you lot were surely being harsh.. over critical. Yikes. Err, the tuneage wasn't bad, but the mixing sounded like bowling balls falling down the stairs!! This wasn't a new episode of 'faking it' was it ;)
Cuttsy - Herts.

The Cocoon essential mix was great, as was the Meganite one with Fergie and Picotto. Good work. It would be great to see Ewan Pearson and the Dahlback cousins on the essential mix.
Sam, London

I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard at a DJ set before hearing Paul’s set. It’s actually worth listening 2 because it’s so bad. Why did he stop the music and then put on that U2 track? He needs to go back home and practice some more. Thank God Steve Angello was there to save the night. I enjoyed his set a lot. It must have been hard for him to come on after a set like Oakenfolds. Oakenfold definatly has my vote for worst Essential Mix ever. He should be offering refunds to everyone who payed to go see him play that night.
Chris Harrington, Canada

i think his mix is hilarious. schoolboys good pull better mixes out than that. shockin performance, and i know from earlier in the summer, if i had been in there payin what you have to, i certainly would have kicked off because that is a disgrace to dance music. thank god for steve angello
Paul - Cowton

Maybe Oakenfold is on the long slippery slope out of dance stardom? He's already started playing sets for middle aged women at Madonna concerts!!!!!

I cannot believe what I have just heard! Dull direction and disgraceful beat matching! Oakenfold must never grace our sets again. Bring on some fresh new talent please.
Richard - Coventry

Oakie i was there..i couldn believe that the man i had looked forward to seeing all week produced this big disappointment. I hope, and am sure everyone else does, oakie that you read all the above comments and maybe realise that you need to start feeling the music again and maybe we will see the PAUL OAKENFOLD of old.
James Ibiza

oaky not top notch mate im sorry, but mr angello spot on mate cant wait for creamfields nxt week hope 2 hear the "proper education" wot a tune, going to be 1 hell of a party in that tent nxt week!

I have been one of oakenfolds biggest fans since i have been 12, bought nearly all of his mix cds and alot of the vinyl that he played from his goa days to about 3 years ago. Some of the tunes he plays on this mix are quite good but not of the high calibre he used too. He used to play a tune and make it big but now he goes with what every other Dj is playing and that isnt a superstar Dj. Get back to the basics oakey and sort out the mixing your not just hurting yourself and your reputation, but the fans that have been with you through thick and thin, from the very start
Brendan, Ohio

Having been a die hard Oakie fan, i was appalled to hear the utter dribble that he called a set, it was like something of a Now Thats What I Call Music Compilation, and the final 3 tracks were not what I would expect to hear from Oakie,4 years ago u2 went off in every club it was played in I especially remember being at cream the 1st time he played it with great fondness. He needs to get back to what he is good at and not this commercial oakie we have at the moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phil Bolton

Oakie is a top dj, however i have just listened to the set after reading these comments. It was terrible. Its like he didn't want to be there. The mixing was awful, nothting was in time. What has happened to this once legend???
steve, brighton

I thought Oakenfold's mix was comedy! I was listening to the mix and laughing. It literally sounds like a bedroom dj thats playing with decks and trying to beat match for the first time. The other sets were superb in comparison. Picotto's was pick of the bunch.
Wilky, Brighton

Clubland should be thanking Paul Oakenfold for what he has done for us in the past 20 years. He pioneered in moulding the quality trance that we hear today. If it wasn't for him most of us wouldn't have even got into dance music. We wouldn't have the Ibiza we know and love today if it he hadn't have gone there. I agree he was never the best mixer but that was nothing as he would 'take you on a journey' through amazing tune selection. It hurts to see him playing this style of music as we remember him banging out furious trancers, but who are we to tell PAUL OAKENFOLD what he should and shouldn't play. Show some respect.
Ed Deegan, London

I'm not even gonna comment on Oakenfold... But Steve Angello, you're the hero of the day. The swedish house maffia rules!
Mirjana, Sweden

Oakenfold...What a cool name.
Dan, Belfast

Oakenfold was an absolute joke, he has been falling for a while but this must be the worst set i have ever heard! A bad day for a top DJ would be poor track selection and cueing errors maybe, but it should and would never be a beat matching problem, unless like "frankie wild" they had lost their hearing!!
Andy, Nuneaton

After having seen Oakey play over the last decade his sets have always been a bit hit and miss. Lets face it without him Cream would never have been as big as it was in the day. However, saw him play an astoundingly awful set at the V festival in 98 and in the middle of the set he stopped the music and looked sheepishly at the crowd around him and started again. So many of you are saying the guy is only human and does make mistakes, well yes it's forgiveable to cock things up once in a while I know of no other DJ who cocks things up on so regualr a basis. Is it any wonder he spends so much time producing film track albums these days.Please don't get me wrong I worshipped at the temple fo Oakey for so many years at Cream and Ibiza and part of the charm of the man is that when he on top of the game he IS the BEST but unfortunately when he is not he is bloody awful. Oakey - all or nothing but I still love ya!
Mike; Aylesbury

wow had to listen to pauls sets after reading these comments.definitely sounds likes d'caca
leo - miami

had to fire up the radio player, never been oakeys biggest fan but was curious to hear. The mixes were off, I can see why the comments are here. Feel abit sorry for him he's gonna know this stinks but it just wasnt good.
Pete S - Plymouth

Oakey do you wanna be remembered for this shambles hang up your cans now and save every1 the really are terrible.
Ben C,Northampton

I tunned in to listen to Oakenfold. Man!!! was that bad or was it bad!!! As they say down under..shocking! I saw him years ago back to back with Carl Cox at the Angels in Burnley. A legendary night. Maybe its time to go back to school or something. Anyway, miss the uk dance scene. Its just not the same here down under.
Lincoln from Accrington Lancs, but now living in P

Oakie what the hell were u playing at!??! I paid £35 quid to come and see you and you were terrible. Did you want to be there? Obviously not! Your suppose to be one of the most respected and best DJs in the world so bloody act like it. It sounded like you were taking the mick out of every clubber in Amenisia. And the worst thing is i no how much you get paid 2 play. I think someone needs a refresher in beat matchin!! Amenisia and Radio 1, listen in NEVER LET THIS MAN PLAY AGAIN!!! Thank god for the Swedish House legend Steve angello saving the night. Steve, your a wicked DJ and i cant wait to see you at Ministry soon. You rock mate!!! You made a Legend look like a amateur!
Paul, London

wow, i can honestly say oakenfold was my favourite dj in the world, my inspirition..wen i listened tot he mix live i almost cried, my expectations were so high.. wat was the white stripes mix all about? broke my heart
sam crowe, belfast

I have only just heared the essential mixs,once again R1 deliverd like the milk man,i dont like to slag off the djs. But i think somebody needs to ask oakenfold whats going on. I have seen him loads of times in the past and he couldnt put a foot wrong.

Oakenfold is rubbish end off!!!
Magoo Belfast

ibiza 06 mixes were great except 1 oh dear oakie what has become of you! i remember you being the man in the courtyard you and paul bleasdale put on some of the best nights i have ever had they will live with me forever but i have to say you have sold out to america and lost it big time stick to the movie soundtracks in future unless you finally put your finger back on the pulse and the energy back to work the clubs in the uk and gain back my respect!
jacko blackburn

For everyone that has tried to defend this so called "dj" DONT BOTHER we were in cream that night and everone was booing him it was that bad!!! yes there were the usual beer boys cheering coz they havent got a clue, but apart from that no one wanted him there and we were just waiting for angello. Now thats how you mix! oakie if you ever read this which i doubt, i hope you very very embrassed! quit now please!!!!!!!!!!!
chris and debbie newcastle

Well i used to have respect for Oakey having first seen him 12 years ago, but every time after about 2000 he is just appalling, odd track selection, no flow to the set at all, terrible mixing, and he never looks like he is enjoying it. Rightly so, i would be ashamed with that beat matching. Its like he has turned the booth monitors off and forgot to pack his headphones. Get back to making movie soundtracks and supporting pop starts on world tours, thats all your are medicore at.
action jackson

I have seen oakey before at Godskitchen at air, and although his song selection was ok, his style of mixing is odd and annoying. He only ever seemed to play half the song and at random intervals the beat from the next song would cut in and out! This set was rubbish! It just completely reminds me of the Film 'I'ts All Gone Pete Tong'. I could mix tracks ten times better than this! And so could a lot of bedroom djs. A dj really should be able to hold two beats in time for longer than 20 seconds, and it was clear that Paul Oakenfold could not do this. Listening to this set makes me cringe. Radio ones coverage of Ibiza has been immense this year! It has made me really want to be there. Judge Jules's show was very good.
Chris H; Birmingham

Oakies' set! Security shouldn't have let him near the decks. I loved the way he just stopped the music and decided to play that U2 track! After i read the tracklisting I at least expected some clever remix, not the school disco version. My 7 year daughter mixes better than that.
Bobster, France

Well, what can i say? After reading everyones comments i had to have a listen, and 13 minutes into it i have laughed a lot and gave up. Its terrible..... Oakey what were you doing? I have seen oakey play live and he was great, it was a few years back but if your that good you dont lose it as you get older, do you? i hope there was some kind of problem technically but either way I think an explanation is required, or an apology to everyone that paid a lot of cash to hear that!
Louis, Manchester

i was a huge fan of Oakey for years and made the journey up to the courtyard to see him on numerous occassions. but i have to say what the hell has happenned, he was always fast with his crossfader but at least there was an attempt at a semi-decent mix there!!! but Oakey what has happened??? did you actually want to be there, do you want people to talk about you the way they used to, not like this. It was exactly the same at last years Ibiza weekend, Galloping horses all the way through. oh well at least i can say i can mix better than the most succesful DJ in the world according to the guiness book of records, but as we all know succesful doesn't always mean the best!!!
Ali, Devon

Thanks Radio 1 for playing it like you hear it. Generally I avoid the essential mix like the plague. The usual track selection is as predictable as a rerun of the wheel of fortune, but when I heard Oakie went down in flames I had to tune. Thanks Paul for plunging the stake into the heart of crap music and finally getting people to actually take notice and really listen to the the flotsum and jetsum that passes for good music.
Matt, Canada

The fact Oakie had to play David Guetta vs The Egg twice shows how much he was struggling. He knew there would be a lot of energy for the track (the mash-up spoils the original track btw) but any bed-room DJ could have pulled that track out of their record box or went down to HMV (other high street music retailer available) and picked up that track! If he insists on playing it twice - why didn't he do his own remix for the occassion? Many DJ's would have gone into the studio to create a new master piece to play as the last track - something exclusive. Thank God Steve Angello followed him - finally got my promo of proper education - what a track!
Mike, Dundee

I have been reading the comments about Oakenfold and I have to agree with everybody. He IS a legend. His CD's greatly influenced me, though I don't spin trance I still try to create waves of energy and to have every mix flow perfectly. However, that set was horrible. There is no excuse for a DJ that has been playing for 15 years to train wreck on every mix. It clearly shows how much he does not care. After all these years he should be able to beatmatch in his sleep. But, as people say his mixing skill are not important, get a laptop. Focus on the songs. The rest of the week was great. Loved it all and thanks for playing the 10 year anniversery again. I love the way morrillo works his songs.
Charles Cushman

Radio one always delivers to its listeners but this was all Oakeys doing. Why is it that most of the "leave him alone", "let him be", "it wasn't THAT bad" comments are coming from the USA? We know him from days of old before he went over to America, maybe that's why were not prepared to put up with his antics anymore. He has been letting down the UK club scene for ages now and to say "I'm sure he can hammer it when he wants to" is just the worst comment of them all, are you telling me that he has that little respect for Radio one and its listeners not to mention all the clubbers who paid so much to go and watch him play that he just wasn't bothered, he just didn't WANT to try? I think the answer is more he CAN'T mix and therefore he shouldn't mix. Its simple.
Andrew - Wirral

i went back to listen to this again after reading all the posts. I actually cant believe it is so bad. has he gone deaf, issued an apology/excuse etc. While everyone can have a bad day and it isn't all about the mixes this would have drove me mad if i had been there.the attempted mixes are dull and boring never mind not being in.
scott glasgow

Okenfold has been going downhill for so long now, he used to be my all time without question favourite DJ! I wouldn't go and see him play a FREE gig after his awful set in Ibiza. He needs to make an apology to all the people he disappointed in that club. I feel so passionately about this issue, the guy is past it in my opinion. Bring on the new talent, the already established DJ's like Eddie and also the ones trying to make their name like Tylor Leigh. Fresh energetic and sincere DJs that still care about their performances!
Jon - Midlands

LOVED the Ibiza 2006 weekend on Radio one BUT: Ease up on Oakey??? Are you real, do you know how much that guy gets paid to play and he can't even mix? Everyone makes mistakes yes, were only human but come on...It wasn't just one mistake it was one after another after another. The man couldn't even mix his own tune! Get him off radio one, make room for some fresh new talent. Its all getting a bit stale!
Stephy - Nottingham

Just listened to the Oakey mix, not the best. But, hey, everyone has an off night now and again. Just a shame, as most peoples aren't on front of thousands of people and a radio audience of millions! My bets are he does another live essential mix fairly soon, plays a blinder and puts all the critics in there place!
DG. Scotland

Give Oakie a break stop being so anal about his mixing, the people on the dance floor giving it large i`m sure had a good time. It sounded ace, wish i was there. I no nothing about mixing, but i don`t need to have a cracking night out, Top marks to all of them!
Jon - Guildford

Dont know why radio 1 use Oakenfolds live sets so much, hes ok when you see him at Amnesia but Van dyk and Tiesto are the dons.
Ryan Lancaster

Oakenfold was so bad, I don't understand why people are trying to defend him. One of the biggest, most influential DJs ever. Yet we all still have to pay 55euro to listen to him! At least get a mix in ;) Rest of the sets were quality, specially Pete Tong
Simon, London

Oakenfold was absolutely shocking - I saw him at Global Gathering this year and he did exactly the same with his first 3 tracks, sounded like horses falling down stairs!!! For me the Digweed set was the height of the week - who says Progressive House is dead...Carl Cox is still God...
Karnal Abandon, Letchworth Garden City

great set by eric prydz and steve angello... long live pete tong....long live bbc radio 1....thank you thank you thank you...two more weeks of madness left...
Andrew York South Africa

It's funny because I was really curious to hear the Oakenfold mix after the last one I heard from Amnesia ( back in 2003/4 maybe)Remember the opening "world on fire" and "como tu" mix? well, I certainly wasn't expecting a mess like that again but the same thing happened, only this time with almost every song change. I mean doesn't he get embarrased? all those clubbers, the radio, the expectation?.I'm a small scale dj and would curl up in a small hole if I delivered that!.Was he using decks or cdj's? maybe he should let the technology do he mixing for him.Ibiza in general is far too comercial now and in my opinion has lost everything it ever had. Bring back Rampling, wetherall, farley,rocky & diesel, brandon block, holloway etc... jaja, nice thought!
Rich - Madrid

Ease up on Oakie ! With that atmosphere & the distractions, let it go, who hasn't been partying like the crowd(wink ! wink!) & also delivering the tunes, it happens, I'm sure all the live punters had a blast & after all that is who he was play'n for ... to sit in your whole & criticize, boo ya ! after all you're gett'n it for FREE so ride the wave, I'm sure he'll deliver once again after all it wasn't a bought cd ... IT'S LIVE MAN !!!
HH - Canada

Reading some of your comments about Paul Oakenfolds set are out of order! show some respect!
Daniel Glasgow

Ha ha ha, Oakenfold? absolute pants. ive seen a few bad sets before but that takes the biscuit, maybe his hair muffled the sound through his earphone. Considering he is supposed to be quote "world class" the only one thing to say, "fubar". The rest of the sets were brilliant on the other hand. big up to radio one!!!. ACE!!!
Ca3 - Walsall

Oooooooh my I just couldnt resist listening after reading up how notoriously bad Oakenfolds mix was and well........................... lets say I wasnt dissapointed. This mix will be infamous lol
Hendo from Auckland , New Zeland

holy moly what the hell happend to oakey is he deaf or was he showing off by playing his records no handed sorry but can someone from radio 1 tell us what went wrong?
sean, peterborough.

Maybe Oakies goin like Frankie Wild in Its All Gone Pete Tong, maybe all the years of loud monitors late nights and partying with Bono have taken effect on his hearing, or maybe the guy just had a bad day Ive seen him a few times in recent years and he was ace!
Stuart, Wrexham

For 6 years I have always listened to Oakenfold but this truly was an aweful set! I mean terrible. I will certainly have to think twice before I drop 40 bones to see a mess like that. Lisa Lashes set however was quite nice to listen to, would be nice to see her over here across the pond. As for oakey, it is time to realize you are a geezer and you sun is setting. Leave before your legacy is completely gone.
Iain - Toronto

I was lucky enough to be in Ibiza for 3 weeks this year and easily the best nights i was at were both Renaissance nights with Sasha, whether you like the technology he uses or not, he is no.1 and always gives it everything, he had Pacha going nuts both nights and if you get the chance, you have got to go into the global room to hear Paul Taylor playing his retro sets, the man would get any party going!!! In all honesty i have never liked Oakenfold's mixing or choice of music? though i do agree everyone has their off days, you just make sure it's not when you are being recorded by the biggest radio station in the U.K. :o)
Stevie, Glasgow

well I thought oakenfold's set was quite amusing with all those clangers he probably finds it quite amusing all you bedroom DJ's who think you know it all who knows why his gone the way he has probably the hollywood thing but his songs are still excellent he programs that triton extreme to profection its a shame for the people who paid top dollar thou too see him
John - London

amazing set bye STEVE ANGELLO!!!! SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA ROCKS!!! please come back to medellin
felipe; medellin-colombia

Just listened to Oakenfold on listen again and thank god i am miles away from Ibiza, awful, I have been to Cream in Liverpool in the late 90's and listened to Oakenfold in the courtyard and without doubt the best DJ in the world. But you cannot justify such a shambolic effort on the decks. People probably paid over £50 a ticket for that night, they are the ones that i feel sorry for. If you read this Paul take note and then read all the other comments and go Back to Basics, get some Technics and start practising again because you will soon fade into the distance if you carry on with perfomances like this.
Mark from Perth Australia

got back from the white isle on sunday had a wkd week highlight was sander van doorn at eden low light is now listening to the once great oakie damn shame he was the reason i got into dj ing plus that fred baker tune aint confirmation it total black out thanks radio 1 for a wkd week in beefa c u next year
mike newton manchester

I'v been a professional dj for 10 years and the Oakenfold set was horrible... sorry for all Oakey fans... Angello set was pretty good... but the best set I heard is from John Digweed... Carl Cox was so so... thank to Radio one!...
Jean Mercier, Montreal, Canada

I am really suprised people appear shocked by Oakenfold's performance. There is no doubt the guy has been pivotal to dance music - no doubt at al. However he's been at it for over 15 years, and unfortunately everyone has their shelf life. Dance music changes, styles change, and new fresh talent emerges, look at Dj's like Paolo Mojo, Desyn Masiello, they leave Oakey standing. Having been into dance since 1990, and remembering people like Oakey and Sasha and for what they did for dance music back then, I feel I have a right to say he is at least 5 years past his sell by date. (PS I am the biggest Sasha fan going, have been for over 15 years, and I am afraid to say he is going the same way :( ) Dave
Dave - straight outta Colton, Leeds

Oh Dear, Hate to add to the banter but Oakenfold really has lost it! What was going on there! The final mix of seven nation army and the egg was as woeful as the rest. How can you possibly try ot bring in a tune half way through then cut out again..... Angello is a god, him and Ingrosso are going to rule Ibiza and the Dance world soon!
JJ Essex

Oakie! Oakie! Oakie! I know beat mixing takes second place to track selection but at least have a decent stab at mixing. Did your long yeti hair get caught up in the turntables or was Annie Mac pinching your butt for the entire set? Answers on a postcard to trainwreck city.........
Solrak Perth Austaralia

Lisa Lashes was her usual awesome self! anyone know what the track is called about 1hr 40 mins into the set with Mauro Picotto?
Balls, Devon

OH MY GOD. i was readin the comments and cant be that bad....but oh my god. I can honestly say..the first time i ever touched a pair of decks....i wasnt this bad. This man is a living legend in dance music. But just doesnt seem to care. Anyone else wouldda walked off and given up in shame...but he didnt care. I don't care who he is...i dont care that he helped build the scene. It doesnt give you an excsue to perform so badly. People have paid a LOT of money to go to Ibiza and Cream...and they were let down. Everyones sayin everyone has a bad day...but judging from the comments above..this mans dj abilities appear to have vanished. Either that or he's gone deaf! You cannot stick up for him. A DJ should be able to DJ...simple as
Matt - Burnley

Oakenfold was rubbish at Hi:Fi south. I really feel for the people who braved the toilets to catch him. I think we all know it is not all about mixing but you do need to be up for it on the decks. I thought Sander K was a perfect example of energy, Great DVDJ visuals and he danced all through his early afternoon set!
Mike - London

No excuse for bad mixing like that. Picotto or Fergie would mix him off teh decks.
Jerry, Belfast

Oakie get some earplugs, turn the monitor ON and sort it out.
Matt, London

I think all the live essential mixes were great includind dave pearce live at cafe mambo
Timothy Wright Cheshire

Oakenfold (along with a few chums) discovered Ibiza and helped invent dance music - Saturdays performance was enough to wish he hadn't bothered. I used to adore his sets at Cream during his residency but since he got involved with Hollywood and all that rubbish he has almost given up on performing. I hope that BBC licence payers money wasn't wasted on paying his huge fee, a sad sad day for dance music as the monkey man signs off with a truly awful set (and haircut to boot)
dan clarken manchester, uk

Oaky is only human. Anybody on here never had a bad day at work when nothing goes right? Some days its best just to go back to bed because it ain't gonna get better no matter how hard you try. Then the next days its all good in the hood again and you wonder what the hell happened yesterday. Even Tiger Woods has hit the rough sometimes - just means it gives somebody else the chance to win that day that's all. There's the moral in the story right there. Perhaps you would prefer to listen to a DJ using his lap-top computer to beat-sync perfectly with a pre-loaded 2 hour set like the Pure Pacha Resident Friday 'Superstar" DJ ??
Edz Up

mason - exceeder is siiiiiiiiiiiiick and of course steve angello had the best set (swedish house mafia rocks) august 20 axwell cant wait Thanks Again bbc radio 1 for keeping me sane in LA where the radio stations all play CRAP!!!!!! Oh ya stoping wasting your breath on paul oaky True story " Last month oaky played at the queen mary in la and he accidentally pressed the power button on the cdj and turned the music off at the peak hour . its past his day , let the future take over
Dj Paul Ahi / Hollywood CA

Yes oakie did this and did that blah blah blah, but think of him in terms of a footballer. Sir Geoff Hirst may of bagged us the world cup, but you wouldn't see him in any England team now. But look at it from Oakies perspective, if promoters want to keep booking him for the stupid amounts he alegedly charges, would you turn it down? didnt think so. i doubt all these comments on here will even bother him one bit before he goes to bed on his matress filled with money and 2 supermodels on top of it. R1 please showcase more up and coming talent and not these supposed heavy weights
Chris, Nottingham

Sad to hear Oakie's attempt at mixing. I saw him when he was commited to the music years ago. This has made my ear's bleed, i mix way better than him as do many. Put us in the main Amnesia room as a upcoming night, im sure we all would play our hearts out..
Hallow Nottingham

Just back from Ibiza, and I saw Oakie at Armin's night Armada at Amnesia, two week previous and he was totally on form and delivered a great set. There must be some reason for such a poor performance at the Radio 1 night.
Steve - Portsmouth

Oakenfold's set is the worst I've heard on this show. Ever. Has anyone noticed that after the White Stripes tune (just as the David Guetta vs The Egg start), the opening bars of Hard Fi's hard to beat comes blaring out. It's obvious he forgot to press stop on the 'Oakie's Rock Anthems CD' before playing that Love Don't Let Me Go record for the second time. And, whilst we're at it, Oakenfold ate in to Steve Angello's set by 10 minutes. That's just bad manners... and says so much about his over-inflated senese of self importance. Looking at the tracklisting there are no less than 4 Perfecto records which makes it look like some horrible marketing exercise for next season's campaign. This mix is tantamount to career suicide and we should never forget Sunday 13th August 2006 the day Oakenfold lost it.
Alex, London

Excellent ES MIX, no need to mention Okenfold as it has all been said!!! Nuf Said!!! When are Radio Uno going to come over to the Emerald Isle and do an essential mix, we just had a stomper of a weekend at the HI:FI festival!!!!
Johnny, Dublin

Absolutely awesome week in Ibiza - thanks Radio 1! Given that Oakenfold was a bit below par, it was a shame you didn't opt to air Angello and then Groove Armada, or even Mylo's wicked set on the terrace. Still, all credit to R1 for the new look Ibiza week... let's just hope one of the producers I spoke to was right when she said it might be the same next year!

I think that many of you are right to say that the set was not Oakenfold at his best. However, everyone has bad days and the whole set was not a disgrace. I think maybe this one should be let go as he really has set the standard as a DJ and producer - leading the way in electronic music. Oakenfold is class and he had a bad day, lets look to the future and look at what he has achieved over the years and not judge him on one night...Oakenfold = Legend.
Defender of the Oaken, Oakenland

MAD RESPECT for BBC and Radio 1 and the Essential Selection. Im from Canada and our dance scene isn't that big but BBC/Radio1 and Tong keep me updated with their spectacular coverage on whats going around the world. I've been a HUGE Oakenfold fan for quite some time now and I must say he is slowly fading away with his poor live performaces, his ego and not to mention his recycled new album.
Andrew - British Columbia (Canada)

i jus checked the oakey mix on the www.rewind i thought it was kewl, tha mixing wasnt 100% but who carez? Good recordz make u party, bad recordz make u go home early however well they're mixed.. Oakey has represented in his mix the true balearic spirit of electicism, do ur homework haterz, Ibiza would NOT be the epicentre of Dancemuzik 2day without Oakeyz influence..
JOy - Bath

digweed was fantastic as ever as was tong and lawler! But WHAT! was oaky think he was doing!! Terrable! Someone snap him out of it please. He is better than that!
steve. leicester

WOW Pete Tong that essential mix was off the hook mate. I loved the build up at the start of the mix, had a magical and inspiring sound to it. The mix built up nicely after that just wish i was there. Excellent track selection and good mixng well done Pete. X
Xavier, Manchester

Please re-check the tracklisting for Oaky/Agnello - we think Seven nation was the start of Agnello and the announcer gave up oaky late into agnello's set.
Plato, Manchester

Seems like everyone but Annie could tell Okefenokee was off his game. This doesn't do much for her credibility, but cut the old boy some slack. He's getting up there in years. Didn't you see the photos? Please leave these mixes up for more than just a week.
Troy, New York

Worst mixing i've EVER heard on an EM.. The first mix in Oakenfold's set was tragic, the beats werent matched at all and it was painful listening! Thankfully Angello showed how it was done.. But no more Oakey PLEASE!!
James, London

I just listened to ibiza part 3, IT ROCKS!!!! Picotto was awesome, But lisa lashes stole the show. She's a legend!!!! I do however have to agree with the other comments, when are some new fresh DJ's gonna get some ibiza airtime?? Anywho,keep up the good work.
Craig - Dunedin, New Zealand

i was gonna harp on about Oakey's mixing but i think nearly every post below has said it all! As for the rest of the week it was pretty good! Diggers and Cox's sets were my fav. Good to hear Diggers playing something a bit harder-he seems right back on form! Roll on next years Ibiza week hopefully without Oakey unless he can be bothered that is...
Alex, London

Steve Lawler’s remix of Sexy Back doesn’t make Justin cool - it’s way too late for that - it only makes Steve lame. Timberlake is a 100% pre-manufactured entertainment product - the direct opposite of the underground music aesthetic where anyone with a bit of talent and a bedroom studio can have a major impact.
Troy, New York

have some respect for OAKIE, if you ever had any nights at courtyard cream liverpool with this man, you would forgive any bad times he has.
Andreas - liverpool - kos greece

Oakie is and was terrible. I hope he reads all these comments just and gives up now. Even the tunes he has produced in the last 4-5 years (APART FROM SOUTHERN SUN) are all complete crap. his mixes were double beating that much it sounded like hardcore. PLEASE DON'T GIVE THIS MAN ANOTHER ESSENTIAL MIX AGAIN. EVER!
shaun macleod, Newburgh, Scotland

oakey what r u playing at. Nothin u mix sounds good. steve is the man loved his set wasnt long enough
Paul Liverpool

Fergie Great Mix!!! I Like That! :P

Please bring Steve Lawler back he is the men,and for those djs that keep playing the same records please retired really soon.
Javier.Los Angeles CA.

Was there something wrong with Oakie's setup? Did he have no monitors or something? Admittedly I haven't heard him doing a decent mix for quite some years now, but that was an absolute joke. It was as if he couldn't hear anything he was playing and was just bringing in random records at random times. Weak weak weak.
phil, london

I think some of you guys are missing the point with Oakenfold's mixing...He's obviously not the headliner, rather he's the warm up guy, so it wasn't important for him to be operating at 100% that night...yeah, he could have shown some REAL class if we had a one hour of smooth (and smoothly mixed) trance from the guy, that would have been special and maybe have even gotten this broadcast nominated for e-mix of the year, but he would rather have played the role of crappy warmp up DJ...he's had his moment in the sun....that's why Angello's taking over.....
Price, Dallas

Oh my god, steve angello is incredible - probably only dj ive still to see and cant wait till i do. been 2 ibiza twice already this year and every time i miss him by a week - same again when i go bk in 3 weeks gutted
Steven, Edinburgh


paul oakenfold : omg was really bad .. cant believe that a dj with such a name makes such a bad thing ://
chai -vienna

Angello Amazing as ever! Can not wait fot the bank holiday weekend when he is back in Leeds!!! What he is doing a full essential mix Radio 1?????????
Will Leeds

Just shows how crap Ibiza really is musically - And anyone who knows anything about dance music knows this. There is better stuff in London in one weekend than Ibiza in two weeks !!! Cant believe that Radio 1 brodacast from Cocoon and we had to listen to Sven Vath when they had Hawtin & Villalobos playing on the terrace - Wake up Radio 1 !!!!
Pete - London

To clarify my previous point - It is complete sacrilage to play the Big Brother theme tune in any club, let alone one of the biggest and best in the world. Thank Tong he didn't play it on air. You might have produced this TV tune, but its still no excuse. What next? Emmerdale theme at Fabric, Eastenders at T Bar, Hollyoaks at Pacha. Leave theme tunes to 2ManyDJs and DJ Yoda. Also, POOR ANNIE MAC having to put up with such a mess as what is to my knowledge the first EM she has hosted. Think Oakenfold might have splashed out and put more than 1% effort in had Tong been there?
Ed, (Was In) Ibiza

Just listening to Oakenfold simply because of the comments here. I'm 32 and he's still playing the same rubbish he was ten years ago!Except the mixing is terrible!! I started DJing eight months ago (late developer!!) and I would put him to shame. Awful mixing & a stale set - U2 - come'on Oakenfold get a grip fella!
Rick, Lancaster, UK

Oakenfold made me cringe. The question is why did Radio1 put this online? Embarrassing.
croyk, London

Thanks to R1 for a wicked night at Amnesia on Saturday. A great set from Annie Mac and an energetic funpacked 2 hours from Mylo, not to mention Groove Armada saved the night. Paul Oakenfold, what was going on? There wasn't even one decent mix for the whole hour he was on air, but at least he played the big brother theme tune before the show went out! You might be a 'legend' Mt Oakenfold but that doesn't excuse the WORST set I have EVER heard in Ibiza.. there are better DJ's in the West End.
Ed, (Was in) Ibiza

RESPECT TO OKEey he diserve it.... but really the worst essential Ever.

Let Oakie be.... He has nothing to prove to anybody with his mixing. Im sure he can hammer them when he wants. The honest truth is that he is the major reason why we all are listening to dance music today..
jamie, Houston Texas

R1 it's absolutly amazing, I can´t imagine electronic music and Ibiza without the essential mix with Pete Tong, thank you all and keep going please. And about Oakey, I've been his fan for more than 7 years and I know that he has never been the best mixer, he has personality and too much power in front of the crowd. I think could be good idea ask people who where in Amnesia how was the party, because we only listen the set, and Oakenfold & Ibiza are much than only music. He wasn't THAT bad....
Jo* - Guadalajara, Mexico

Oakenfold's mix was so bad it may become infamous. come on man, at least match the beats, even if the tune selection sucks..
jz, socal, USA

This is the straw that finally broke the camels back. Paul oAkenfold is a joke, who does he think he is?? Saw him in Phoenix last year, and he was horrible, saw him in LA at giant village last month and he was terrible as well. His Ibiza show was just all around bad…. oil and water could have mixed better then this has-been!!! I'm done with this fool
an ex-oakenfold fan, Phoenix

This is the best music ever, Keep it up Radio 1
Babyfat Philly

The cornfields of NW Illinois are afire with Ibiza! Thanks bushels for helping me find my consuming addiction: Radio 1!
Jase -- Palatine USA

Agree with everyone about Oakie - Just seemed like he didn't care!!! But Angello was as smooth as Always and Played some wicked tunes!!! Just proves nothing to do with the club or the system cause STEVE mixed fine !! Definatly a Paul Oakenfold Malfunction !!! Try Switching it off and back on Again !!!

Thankyou radio one for one fantstic essential mix from the clubbing capital ibiza for 2007 radio one brodcast live for a whole month kicking off with we love sundays at space and ending the month with a 16 hour esssential mix from manumission and space.
Scott Hamill Liverpool

I have to agree with everyone else, what happened to Oakie?? he is a legend but that set was just pants! Was there no monitor speaker, in fact he must of been mixing without headphones or something. Will he apologise?? Thank god for the people in Amnesia that Angello saved his ass!!
Leigh, Belfast

I heard the best of this summer on the special ibiza special from Radio 1, My Favorite Progressive House DJ´s played. I wish I could be there.
Yuri Salazar, Antigua Guatemala

Pete, Your mix is just plain sick! It's ridiculously off the HOOK! Can't wait to be there on the dancefloor for PURE PACHA closing party!
RenzoC L.A., CALI, USA

oakenfold. cant believe he has the guts to dj in the main room of cream amnesia when he is seriously that bad! i have only had decks a couple of months and wud have been embarresed to produce that mix. im pretty sure a main requirement of being a dj is being able to mix. so oakenfold shouldnt even be allowed to be called a dj. if angello was nervous before he went on, he wouldnt have been after oakies set cos he would have thought theres no way i can be that bad.
Mike - Liverpool

oakenfold was awful......he played "where the streets have no name" on the essential mix in amnesia for cream at the radio 1 ibiza weekend three years ago and he still plays it now(at least last time he actually mixed it with another song and built it up for a few minutes b4 playing it)..........the laziest set i've ever heard - move over oakey and leave the dj'ing to someone like eddie halliwell
john, chester

I've seen Lawler twice in Canada so far this summer, and this mix is no exception...Simpler is the tune of the Summer!
Tobywan / Toronto

oakenfold was a bloody disgrace,leathered or not.I presume he was using a cement mixer with that shambolic display at amnesia. He has never been the best mixer at the best of times but on this evidence he should hang his head in shame, he couldnt mix a vodka and red bull. I have seen him play many times but never as badly as that,its a travesty when you know you would play for free and do a far better job.Sasha,Coxy,Slam,Digweed would never show such contempt to people who have paid hard earned to see them play. RIP oakey.
Star ,Falkirk Scotland

fantastic set of essential mixes from across the board!!! thanks R1 - brought ibiza home to us unfortunate ones.....loved them all apart from Oakeys..........sorry
chris, london

Was in SPACE 4 CARL COX, and Pacha 4 Sir Pete Tong and Steve Lawler. JOHN DIGWEED 7/10, CARL COX 8/10 ,Sir Pete 7.5/10, STEVE LAWLER 10/10!!! See u there next year!
Paul- County Down N.Ireland

another big name dj not delivering...NO!!! Vote with your feet and dont be sheep.

Oakenfold, please leave your weak ass records and pitiful trainwrecks for the 5 year old kids that don't know how to spin. How dare he be so damn arrogant, have thousands of people pay to hear him spin and do an awful job. Bring Steve Lawler's full set back. Oakenfold, take notes from Steve. Steve knows how to move the dancefloor without missing a beat. STEVE LAWLER IS THE SHINDIGS...!!
Nick Chi-Town USA

I was there and yes oakenfold should be ashamed. However steve angello was a hero up there on the decks and so were groove armada.Cream at amnesia, what a night !!!
Giverny Birmingham

Oakenfold lost it a long time ago. Apparently he prefers to produce dull chart music and his dj sets could be performed by a retarded badger with no ears. As a radio station which strives to be cutting edge in it's programming, it is a disgrace that Paul Oakenfold gets a penny of license fee for his dribbling drivel! Please never hire him again, Tony Blackburn would be better.
Robin - Edinburgh

Thanks for a great week of essential mixes. Radio ONE in Ibiza rules! Tong was tops, loved Mauro, dug Oliver, Angello was badass, Lawler was wicked, Digweed ruled...OAKENFOLD was absolutely terrible!!!! Possibly the worst DJ set I've ever heard and from a supposed "legend" to boot. He needs to go back to having someone prerecord his mixes so he can fake-DJ like he used to back in the day. The man is a living joke. No more Oakenjoke!

i love pete tong ,. his mixes are class ,. my fav. dj
kev . , ireland

I can't believe Oakenfold wasn't booed off the decks, he deserved it. His set was technically incompetent and musically dull as ditch water. Shame on you Oakenfold, shame...
Pete, London

could never mix like the best of them but we didn't care he played the best tunes in the best order in the best possible way for years. Now he goes down woolworths for his tunes and plays them like he picks his pick a mix. Oakie you bring a tear to us all..............
ALYX . Leeds

expected more from less
chris belfast

Well done Radio 1, another week of essential mixes next year please! I've been lisening all week, my highlights were sets from Mauro Picotto and Lisa Lashes, any chance of trackilstings? Can't finish without slating oakenfold, quite frankly his set was abysmal, i rekon he has'nt practiced mixin all year!
Tristan, Portsmouth

Oakie king of the klashnekoff, what a disgrace considering every thing he has done for dance scene
Daris - Bath

OAKENFOLD=train wrecker, cheesy DJ please retire NOW
Yuri, Italy

Oakenfold again, zzzzzzz
Chris, Wales

Lucky enough to be there but not for long enough !.... Pete and Steve were awesome at Pacha and great to hear it again. Shame no Space coverage on Sunday as Bob Sinclar was amazing..
Jon : London

Steve Angello and Mauro Picotto were good but Lisa Lashes set was the best by far!! tracklistings please Radio 1! The night was let down by Oakey as his tunes were weak and the mixing really awful :( I can only imagine he was cained or there were technical problems.
Paul Cooper, Leeds UK

Same OLD boys line up Tong, Oaky, Cox, Digweed, Lawler etc when are Radio 1 going to get with the DJ's we WANT to hear? Instead of these tired old hacks playing for the money not us on the dance floor. It's like having our Dad's playing to us.
Sally and Jane - Birmingham

its all about steve lawler and tong pure pacha more like pure dirt love it deep and dirty.x.x.xoakenfold wahat a wanker
tom ferry in winchester

I have to say I agree to most of the comment about oakie - once great DJ, who now has completely lost the plot - woeful. Angello - ok, but I prefer his productions. As for the rest of the week, well the Mix of the Ibiza week has to be Sven Vath & Andre Gazzulli at Cocoon - absolutely awesome(all ready have a few of the tunes on order!). But some other great sets, Fergie, Carl Cox & Mauro Picotto are other great mixes - although I haven't heard DJ Oliver or Steve Lawler's yet. And apart Oakie and Angello has really got me excited about going to Ibiza in a few weeks - Cocoon is now a must, can't wait!!
Ade, London

Very nice compilation,mix and music!!! DEAR Pete COME BACK in MOSCOW and firestarting in clubs!!!!

Wish I could've been there but THANK GOD I was not there for Oakenfold's set. Listening to his set was hard to hear. What kind of problems could've risen with Steve Lawler's set? Paul is the one with the problem spinnin his records without train-wrecking them. Mr. Steve Lawler es el mas chingon del todo el mundo.
Juan in Spain


I wish I could've been there to see and listen to Steve Lawler's set. I was anxious to hear it here and unfortunately, the broadcast was WAY TOO SHORT of a set... half an hour is not enough. Paul Oakenfold's set..?? Was he sorted? His set and music selection was TOO AWFUL and PAINFUL to hear. My granny could've done better. Take Okie off and put Steve Lawler's set back on instead of Okies. Sorry to be blunt but OOOOH SO TRUE..!
Nik in Chicago

oakie is a god! wow what a great dj! c'mon if i hear this ever again i will puke. he had so many trainwrecks i thought he should have had the red cross next to his crates! he still can't beat blend after so many years, and he still has the audacity of being arrogant. what a joke. his programming could not save him either. he was worse than most bedroom djs with one month experience.
izzo chicago

OMG!!! Radio 1 has done it again. Big up's to ALL you guys! Top coverage of the of the party island. Tongy your a legend!!
Paul - Vancouver

wats happened to oakie man?
dj duff glengormley

I can say for sure that it is one of the best mixes I have ever heard.Tongy makes great mixes as always, and Steve makes it better as well. As for the Ibiza weekend, I like it very much and I am really looking forward to the next parts of Pete's parties from Cafe Mambo in August. 2 thumbs up!
ToMmY^, Hungary

absolutely amazing, every essential mix is teeth grinding bliss, especially digweed's warm up for carl cox!!! radio 1 - you never dissapoint!!
andy stoke

Best mix of the week, just ahead of DJ Oliver. STarted with an amazing track and just continued with tight mixing and great tunes throughout.
Marco - Dundee

absolutly rocked in telleing ya, there isnt anything like a radio 1 essential mix pumping through your ears, really makes you feel like your there!!. brilliant work radio one loved every moment of it! please dont let this week end!
Velocity, from kent

Ibiza 2006 Essential Mix - part 2 Oakey and Angello, what a waste of air time sheesh. Trainwrecks galore, re-hashed choons.. uninspired.
Tone, SF, CA.

Excellent - please leave them available to listen to on-line for the year and not a week. Ta!
RJ - Nr London


great work r1, brill week and top sets till oakenfold started playing shameful set did he nail 1 mix in ahour. He should give the punters there money back! from an oakey fan!!!!!
steve sunderland

Its rocks love it..... Keep cranking the mad tunes
Paul Kriz-Melbourne Australia

OAKENFOLD = DISGRACE! Now will people, and Oakey sit up and take notice. I'm sat here listening to his live mix and he's train wrecked every single mix so far, its awful. We know he can mix so i can only assume he was leathered.... Now entry into Amnesia is not cheap and with all those kids that have paid to see him, he should be giving better than this. I honestly feel that Oakenfold doesn't respect his audiences anymore! Awful!
Moomaloid - London

Stupidly good this season. It just gets better and better and better... how??
anthony ; cardiff

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