Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 6 August 2006
Best of Radio 1's Deacde in Ibiza Party, Space (Aug 13 2005)

Erick Morillo - Terrace
Doobie Brothers - 'Long Train Running' [Bootie Mix] (White Label)
Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero - 'Back In the Day' [Acapella] (Subliminal)
Red Carpet - 'Alright' (Positiva)
Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto - '3am [Acapella] (Defected)
Kings of Tomorrow - 'Finally' [Acapella] (Defected)
Herd & Fitz feat Abigail Bailey - 'I Just Can't Get Enough' (Subliminal)
Unknown - 'Coracao Siempre' (White Label)
Gadjo - 'So Many Times' [Accapella] (Subliminal)
Lipps Inc - 'Funky Town' (CDR)

Above & Beyond - Inside
2 Devine - 'Black Is The Colour' [Above & Beyond Re-Edit] (White Label)
Above & Beyond - 'Air For Life' (Anjuna Beats)
Armin Vs Angelic - 'Rebirth Of An Angel' (White Label)
Eye Wall - 'Bad Deal' [Remy & Roland Klinkenberg Remix] (Armada)
DJ Tab Vs Super 8 - ' Helsinki Scorchin' (Anjuna Beats)
Above & Beyond - 'Alone Tonight' (Anjuna Beats)
Petter - These Are The Days (Sasha Involver Mix - Above & Beyond Re-Edit) (White Label) 

Laurent Garnier - Terrace
Unknown - ' Elephand Island EP' (Sleep Archive)
Hardcell - 'Rah' (Inside)
TDR - 'Smoked Out' (PIAS)
Underworld - 'Rez' (Junior Boys Own)
Francesco Farfa - 'Universal Love' (Serial Killer)
Jussi Pekka - 'The Snack (Cold Cut)' (Wordless)
Thomas Schumacher - 'Heat It Up' (Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten)
Laurent Garnier - 'Crispy Bacon' (F-Communications) 

Your reviews of the mix

Dogman DD, Leeds
Sven Vath is so good I almost want to cry. He used to grace the countrys finest techno club, Orbit, in Leeds, years ago, and clearly hasn't lost his touch, though seems a little less fierce. If only he'd comeback to these shores. Sort it out R1!!

dj gazza - port talbot wales
radio 1 is the best for dance music and its the best radio station that goes to ibiza.

Richard B, Newcastle Under Lyme
OMG how excited am i now, going to ibiza in 3 weeks and these nightly broadcasts are getting me right in the mood:) Favorite has got to be from sander, the guy is a living god! I like jules as well, plays some ace tunes but whats going on with his mixing, sounds like a pair of trainers in the tumble dryer

Yuri, Italy
I am worried your essential mix from La Troya will bring a float of San Antonio beer boys to it next year... Just kidding, it was great that BBC broadcasted live from one of Ibiza most famous night... Yo soy la Troya Asesina...

Ariel Perez, Dominican Republic
Andre Gazzulli rocked, thats the kind of music we need and Sven Vath always hits the spot. Two worthy of listening sets :) Keep it up Radio 1 !! All dj's have to come to DR ! We are waiting for all! (The good ones! :pPp)

Stevie Webster - Perth
Listening to Fergie live @ Meganite just now. Absolutly rockin!! Can wait to do his warm up @ The Ice Factory next Saturday. Happy Dayz:-)

Mark L, Derry
words cant describe how i feel having to hav left the island the nights clubbin are unbelievable and by listening to the essential mixes threw out the week has brought goose bumps across my skin an shivers down my spine wit a slight glimpse of a terar in my eye, wish i had never left, love ibiza......!

Bob Tag - Birmingham (West Mids)
Ashame you only get one week to listen to these wonderful sets! No matter what the the musical genre, you can't beat the Beeb for what it does for 'dance music'. After reading earlier comments I would like to add that although not his greatest fan, I still respect Jules for the passion and love he injects into his style of music. Just bring it on!

Listening now,be there in a month for the closing parties.Beware my white untanned body!!!

bill, new jersey
all these mixes are insane, only beef i have is that tongy did that interview with cox over digweeds set, could have waited till he was done or before, but other than that, keep the illness comin, cant wait for tong/lawler

Timothy Wright Cheshire

Helen in Norfolk
Just listening to the Zane Lowe show...YEARNING to be in Ibiza, we've been apart for too long now! Missing Bar M. And radio one-why haven't I won the holiday to Ibiza with you guys-my entry was fantastic (if not a wee bit desperate)! Loving the tunes Zane...Ibiza really does ROCK xxx

BuNi, Jakarta - Indonesia
yay!, Wicked Set from Cox and Digweed, they are truly legend

Knightrider - Miami
another winning mix. thanks for sharing these. DJ Oliver shone bright at space.

Scott Hamill Liverpool
Last Night at la Troya Dj oliver rocked the house with the crowed going wild and the tunes that where played if you listend to the essential mix you would agree that the night was a hugh success the night kicked off whith two banging tunes then half way through his set layo & Bushwacka life to live got played and the noise level extended if this night is anything to go by where in for a real treat whith this dj ibiza still rocks. looking forward to meganite with fergie and banging techno dj mauro picotto.

DT - Carlisle
Big up to Radio 1 you are awesome, Pete Tong you are the Godfather of Dance and only you can make this happen. As for the sets all of them are awesome and the Cocoon set I am listening to now is amazing Techno is where it is at at the moment no doubt, get it rocking Sven :))))))))))))))

Randy, Dallas
Finally!! A DJ who knows how to put some oomph into a genre of house music that otherwise could be a snoozefest. DJ Oliver's set is fantastic....Yeah, it's all minimal sounding, but hey, he actually can mix it all together competently and keep it going...also, kudo's to Digweed/Cox the other night......

Scott Hamill Liverpool
I love the essential mix and when Dj john digweed came on first to warm up carl cox the place just whent mad.

e - london
Digweed is a superstar, the tracks he played are out of this world. deep and sexy. wish i was there, havent heard him live in such a while!!!

Rowan, SF, Cali.
Thanks R1, sweet music. Pls give Andre Galluzzi his own EM.

Paul, Lancashire
The Judgement Sunday set is bringing back all my memories and reminding me of dancing very stupidly!!! Please make these podcasts then i can keep the memories!!!!

cosmic sandwich - bradford- uk
didnt think much of diggers & cox but latroya was up there with cocoon nice tech house set from dj oliver fergie and mauro piccotto should be good tonight !

Gem, Cumbria UK
I was a cherry popper last night hadnt heard of Dj Oliver but fell in love and therefore blurry-eyed at work today because i couldnt allow myself to go to bed instead danced around my flat like a looney! Thanks for fixin my mid-wk blues Radio One.

DJ Zander // Staffordshire.
In my opinion DJ OLIVER was amazing, from the first track to the very end, he played the purest tracks, his mixing was excellent and i must say, even though im not gay; you couldnt get me to leave La Troya if I was lucky enough to spend my summer on the white island. 10/10.


Daniel in Chula Vista
Listening to these broadcast make me feel like I never left the island!!! The nights at Space and Pacha are like no where else in the world.....

Ste- Auckland
DJ Oliver quality!! John Digweed - like watching paint dry!

Mark in Wolverhampton, UK
I couldn't sleep, so I put the comp on and rolled a ciggy. OMG... Cox and Digweed, on a Wednesday, do my ears deceave me? Marvwellous. You can beat a bit of Mid-week cox (so my missus tells me!)

Carrie, Newcastle
Fab mixes, brings back memories. Was in Ibiza last August n its amazing, can't wait to get back there.

M, Maidstone
Loving this, quality! Was at Space two weekends ago and witnessed Fanciulli and Layo and Bushwacka tear it apart. Awesome. So is this, nice one Radio 1.

ross ashford sutton in ashfield
Heard the sander van doorn set ace, cant wait to get to amnesia for the radio one party on sat night get in

Rah London
Well I got back from Ibiza, certainly have got the post holiday blues big time...The place is awsome and the people are beautiful, managed to drag along my bro and his misses plus a few mates and I can honestly say next summer just can't come quick enough...Miss it already and want to be back there watching the sunset dancing to tunes..It is amazing...Anyone who's not been get yourselves over there..!

Christian in Santa Barbara (Cali)
Just plugging in to listen to Digweed and Cox. Already, I feel I am in the club. Digweed put on an incredible set at Giant Village last month! The EM keeps me company (and sane) during work hours here on the west coast.

cammie paisley
haven't heard digweed play in over a year,still churning out the tunes,what a journey he takes u on!

sheamsham, Liverpool
brillant week of ess mix all round, was a little bit disappointed with cocoon though, everythings went a little bit too minimal......what happen to flat out techno.....was waiting all month to listen to cocoon but i thought cox and digweed was twice as better as cocoon

wills, london
oh god!! i cant believe radio 1 is broadcasting mixes by judge jules. havent you realised how poor the man is?? his tune selection is predictable, cheesy and boring...his mixing sounds like someone falling down the stairs!!! poor old sander van doorn, who is a genius on the decks, only got 30 mins coz radio 1s golden boy wanted to show the world just how pants he is!!! i so wont be suprised if this doesnt get shown, as critism is apparently not allowed on here!!

To Tong and the team: No matter where I am in the world I can tune in and let the Ibiza Vibe wash over my day. All hail the 1's and 2's!!! Thanx

Xavier, Manchester
Deep, thoughtful and chunky these mixes were off the hook. Mixing as you would expect is seamless and the track selection , order and effects makes these mixes classics. Cant wait to get out there. X

The previous two ibiza essential mixes have been brilliant and this one is no exception. Digweed is a machine behind the decks! and Coxy was slammin' as always :oD

Yuri, Italy
John Digweed and Carl Cox must be the best one so far... I am particulary impressed by Diggers, a lot far away from the zzzprogressive stuff of few years ago, proper bangin stuff!!! We'll see if DJ Oliver does better tonight.

Sam Wurthman - portsmouth
All i can say is Coxy is still the main man, one word for him - LEGEND! Wish i was there but will be at Space at the end of month to watch |Coxy rock the place again, will be good to see the new terrece as haven't been there for 2 yrs.

DJ Trax - Milan Italy
Ohhh man, how good to hear the GOD of techno Carlo Cox....... Last night he was in great shape, mixed really well..... an amazing gig....

Paul - Glasgow
Oh my god!!! How good a DJ is Digweed! Seamless mix as you would expect from one of the best with a fine selection of tunes. It just makes me jealous as hell that i can't be in ibiza this year. Can't wait to hear Lawler on friday now.

dave rustigini in uk on the move in my trunk
yet again u have provided us dance party people wat other station can not supply .was in ibiza 1st wk in july great wish i was there will be listing great work tongy judge and many more of u 2 thank .keep the faith and remember music is life.

Kel in San Diego
Listening to this weeks shows takes me right back to the white isle last year...IT'S TORTURE being stuck here and listening to everyone party their asses off in paradise! Next year though - we will be back!!!!

Wayne Stanley Liverpool England
Great mix from carl cox tonight he,s still the best dj in the world, he needs to do a essential mix soon

Jude - Manchester
There's a group of us heading out to Ibiza in a few weeks time. The live essential mix is just the thing to get us all into the Ibiza spirit and give us a taste of things to come. Saw Sven Vath last year at Cocoon, sounds like this year is going to be even better. What a great set. Loving the depeche mode track!! Looking forward to hearing more this week and even more looking forward to flying out there for 2 weeks of fantastic partying!!

Jon Fisk. Croydon
Wow this show is amazing. Pete Tong you are a ledge!! I have just got back from ibiza. You gotta get those pod casts so i can see wots goin in there! :S

Really-the best sound from ibiza! Great to hear the best of 2005!!

Hannah, Christchurch NZ
Loving it. These sets are playing live at midday where I came from, so I'm able to rock out while at work dreaming of when I will one day get there myself :)

jivo, yaxey hunts
first time on line,fell on van doorn looking at the jugde. this man is it & god bless

Kinns, Calgary
This is off the hook, EM and R1 keep up the great vibes and look forward to hearing more great sets!!

chris moll bochum/germany
sven väth set is great and powerful wished you were a tv station and broadcast the incredible atmosphare

chai - vienna
Andre Galluzzi- yay - one of the best i heard in a while... we all here began to shake! merci!!!

e - london
cocoon at amnesia is the best night of the week in ibiza. and it comes right after circo loco. u gotta love mondays in ibiza!!!!!!!

cosmic sandwich - bradford- uk
Wow what can i say any fan of techno who listed to andre galluzzi and sven vath TEARING the roof of amnesia for one of the biggest nights on the island -COCOON will be impresed by what they heard galluzzi plays tech house electro with sprinkles of minimalism a very nice 1 hour set ... but as mr tong said when sven vath got behind the wheels of steel it went up a notch .. not afraid to use vocals almost edging on trance but still keeping it techno he plays big tracks with deep filthy baselines mixed with minimal noises enough to make your head swell when he played Andy catos mix -of francois dubois -blood you could feel the energy being projected from the club to us back home ..... roll on the end of the month when iam there to see richie hawtin.loco dice ,oliver koletzki and pig & dan 10/10 for radio 1

cosmic sandwich - bradford- uk
Last night live @ cocoon was brilliant anrd galluzzi played a quality set for the first hour then the boss himself sven vath comes and it sounded like the roof had been taken off ..cant wait to get out there at the end of aug 1o/1o radio 1 no other way would it have been possible to hear music live from amnesia but radio 1 managed to do it !!!!!!

pip Devon
DJ Dan, Switch & Mr Vinyl 'A Bit Of Needle Damage' This tune was mental that jules plyed @ eden

Luke Ibiza
Just came back from Sven Vath @ cocoon, once again he rocked it. no other party on the island comes close...

Khalid from Los Angeles
Sander's the Man With the Plan. Awesome Set. We need a house set next, get one of David Guetta's Ibiza sets on the show! No one plays better house sets then the french, and this guys the godfather of french house... Tong, love the show, you make my weekend better. Thanks.

Arwel from Anglesey
I was at eden that night got goosebumps all over listening to it all over again. sander van doorn was awsome!. IBIZA!!!!!!!

pete smyth - belfast
1 of the best sets i've herd the judge play, lunar eclipse choon is simply outstanding!!! keep it comin!!!!!

Glenn - Essex
What a cracking set! Wish i was there sounds amazing! Ibiza is the place to be! Judge keep it going! Sander is getting there to! Keep the trance coming Radio 1

Matt, Braunschweig, Germany
Radio Uno (Probably the best dance station in the world)!!! Looking forward to this week, come home from work at 1am and the first thing that gets turned on is the computer. Amazing line up, listening to S van D right now, he´s definately one of the best talents around at the mo. Seems like everyone coming out of Holland knows how to blow your mind. Respect to Radio 1, why not do a whole season on the White Island!!

MIke - Fleet, Hampshire
This Sander Van Doorn mix is immense, really made me wish i was there.

joe, vancouver
Holy moly!!! Let's get some more of this....Above and Beyond for the residency.

Mikey Jay, Midlands
Worth listerning to ova and ova again just to hear the crowd sing the accapella of KOT - Fianlly over Red Carpet - Alright, makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! Awsoooome!

Timothy Wright 17 Chestnut Grove Barnton Northwic
I Thought All Three Essential Mixes Were Great

It seems to be G R E A T as always. BBC Radio 1 Rules!!!!!!

Reggie The Netherlands
missing ibiza great music great broadcast and great things happen keep moving en a grooving to the sound of the baleric beat

Ed, London
I was there last year, and am just about to head out to the White Isle for my second Radio 1 Ibiza week/end. Expecting big things R1, hoping you can match what was a wicked weekend in 2005. If you've not been yet, get your arse out there!

Harald/ Germany, Frankfurt/M.
I have to go but I can´t stop hearing that amazing Garnier mix. Above&Beyond is also 'wow'.

J.C Los Angeles
This is great best memories from Ibiza a few years ago I had the best time, anything can happen there....

Dj PatBee - Montreal Canada
Morillo rules. He can play just about everything and he makes it fit into a nice "light & easy" house/dance set. Not afraid to play old classy and even tacky tracks...and it works

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