Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 23 July

Mr G "E.C.G.'ed (Rekid Remix)" (Rekids) 
Sebo K "Horizons" (Mobilee)
Funky Green Dogs "High Up Dub" (Murk)
Fish go Deep & Mark Sullivan "Wurk (FGD Remix)" (Ork)
Kingpin Cartel "Ghetto" (Pure Plastic)
Sandy Riviera "The Path" (Bassclef)
Henrik Schwarz/Ame/Dixon "Where We At" (Innervisions)
Jon Cutler & Matty Heilbronn "640" (Distant)
Maurizio "M5" (Maurizio)
Rodamaal "Insomnia (Ame Remix)" (Buzzin Fly)
Jerome Sydenham & Dennis Ferrer "The Back Door" (Ibadan)
Mr V "Jus Dance (Quentin Harris Remix)" (Vega)
Akabu "Phuture Bound (Ame Remix)" (Z records)
Karma "Father (Marcus Worgull Remix)" (Compost)
I:Cube "Untitled" (Versatile)
Shed "Well Done" (Soloaction)
Dennis Ferrer "Underground Is My Home" (White Label)
Code 718 "Equinox" (Strictly Rhythm)
Ame "Engoli" (Sonar Kollektiv)
Chateau Flight "Baroque" (Innervisions)
Kym Mazelle "Useless" (Capitol)

Your reviews of the mix

Awesome set. Not been in that sorta mood since Global Underground's "Moscow" set. NZ is sadly lacking any dance music whatsoever, so I have to rely on the likes of the EM and ES. Thumbs up on this effort!!
Gregor, New Zealand

Pete Tong your comments are so perfect, i'am hearing the essential selections only because of your tight british english nice... greets from munich, germany

Finally, a mix free from 'avin it large cheezy ibiza dance floor fillers. This mix is brilliant. Bring on more of the real house sound. More of this please Mr Tong.
Declan, Perth, Australia

This mix is best listened to while lying down at night gazing up at those shiny stars in the sky! Peace xxx
Andrew Watson. Brighton

Seriously! What is this. This show is way better than this. Anyone who knows music knows that it doesn't get much worse than this. Hopefully global gathering will make up for what has been on this year.
Andrew, Colorado

Don't know if Kosta is into hard trance, but for me I thought Kristian's mix was really nice & perfect for peak time. A good mix of old & new. There detroit techno/house sound is a perfect match for all good house music IMO. For those interested as well as Rej they have also done recent classics such as Roy Ayers - Tarzan remix on BBE, Mifune, Where We At, & Remix Of Wahoo's 'Holding On' all on Sonar Kollective. Also a nice remix of Timbuktu due on Ibadan Records.
Ben, London

technically excellent although didn´t properly engage me until about 40mins in. LOVE MR V - one of THE tunes of the summer. Also have a lot of time for the Icube, Chateau Flight stuff coming out too. If anyone can point me to more consistent producers and DJs this year than ame, I´ll doff my cap.

Had seen Ame play at the Electric Chair Summer Riot back in May, they blew up the place and played well past the end of the night, with some steely eyed bouncers coming to close them off. I like their slow burning, jackin' funkin' bleepin, groovin' style. Fits some where in between Digweed and Slam of a couple of years back. Crackin'!
Plato, Manchester

Absolutley the best I´ve heard since a long time. Wowwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! This is the Summer 2006
Smu from Heddesheim

This was very good last night we was having a house party at 1am we turned of the decks and tuned into to the mix iam very impressed house IS SUPPOSED to sound like this nice and deep a bit soulfull and a that deroit / german flavour going on that we all love so much .. i found it quite funny that they didnt put rej into the mix .... didnt bother me mind i jus thought of all the people who will have tuned in to listen to that one tune .... and they didnt play it Must say this is a quality set love it mr v - jus dance -HUGE first time i heard it quality house !! all in all a very good em mix 10/10
cosmic sandwich - bradford- uk

Wicked mix! nice to see 'fish go deep' on there. I remember spending many a saturday at the now legendary 'Sweat' night at Sir Henrys in Cork dancing to those lads.

Can't get any better...awesome set.. Loving it..
Sam Khaldi - Dubai-UAE

A very nice and tight house mix. See it like a warming-up set. After their massive 'Rej' these guys draw my attention and they conviced me of their skills. However, this mix isn't as monsterous an 'Rej'. Check this out if you want some groovy positive energy! Ame keep those massive tracks coming!
Kosta@Amsterdam,The Netherlands

unbelieveably good!!! have become a fan of Ame from this single essmix :)
Ivars, Riga

The show rocks, house mixes can never get any better!
BM Shabani Buxton, Derbyshire

Phat, phat phat!!!! Cannot stop nodding my head to this mix. Funky techy goodness with a bit soul. EM of the year so far.
Ryan Gilbert, Edinburgh

Caught them in the sub club last year - this is a great great great mix! Great.
Murray Cockburn - Edinburgh

Ame's essential mix is the sound of summer 2006. Deep/soulful/techy/minimal all combined together. The best of the year so far and a very hard one to beat!!!!
Yuri, Italy

a good all over dance mix that one has come to expect from djs that live over the water. Vocals well up to par and blended in all the right places. Shame I had to listen to it while in bed. However shall enjoy it again right now. Hasta luego.
Danzdaddy Wirral U. K.

Great EM from two up and coming talents. They get my vote for EM of the Year!! Although the Germans didn't win the World cup this year they sure know how to produce good musical talents!
Russell Doctrove, Hong Kong

another lack luster mix.nothing essential about it or max grahams generic set last week.get it together and give us the edgey proper tunes weve come to expect from this show
leo, miami

this mix is excellent :)
Matthew Roberts from Wrexham

excellent em,seamless mixing,hope d see them back in derry soon!
sean,derry ireland

Some of the tracks seem a bit out of place. But overall, a quality mix. AME are HOT, indeed!
biadjo, sf

Amazing.......sinply amazing
Ry Diggs

Summery mix from the clever duo Ame, thanks Pete for the fresh mint. The type of soundtrack to
Juan Austin Texas

ame ,, sickk

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