Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 02 July
Booka Shade Recorded at BBC Maida Vale

Booka Shade Live Set

'Night Falls'
'Trespass 06'
'Wasting Time'
'Oh Superman'
'Played Runner'
'Mr Shuffle'
'Pong Pang'
'In White Rooms'
'Mandarine Girl'
'Body Language/Cha!'

Booka Shade DJ Set

Booka Shade 'Silk' (Touche)
M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade 'Body Language (Radioslave Remix) (Get
Insomnia feat. Claudio Franco 'Rodamaal (Ame Remix) (Buzzin Fly)
Aphex Twin 'Windowlicker (Trentemoller Remix) (White Label)
Marlow 'Movin (Tanzmann Remix)' (Moon Harbour)
Yello 'Oh Yeah 06 (Booka Shade Remix)' (Gang Ho)
DJT vs Booka Shade 'Queen Lucid' (Get Physical)
Noze 'Kitchen' (Trapez)
Sola Fides '808 Funk' (Le Petit Prince)
Shindoe 'Phunk' (Intacto)
Thomas Schumacher 'Red Purple' (Spielzeug)
James Holden ft Julie Thompson 'Come To Me (James Holden Remix) (Loaded)
Djuma Soundsystem 'Les Djinns (Trentemoller Remix)' (Get Physical)
Jay Haze 'Soul In A Bottle' (Kindisch)
Essential Chrome 'Mika' (Logic)

Your reviews of the mix

Topkat, London
OMG! i've died and gone to heaven, amazing, loved it!

Del, Glasgow
Superb, saw these guys live last year at T in the Park and they stole the show for me then. Gets the hairs of your neck standing on end when Mandarine Girl comes on! Excellent essential mix...and I don't usually like minimal!!

christian caruana - malta

Steven belfast
Smokin... Sockingly good stuuf

Georgie Juarez, Mexico
This guys really rock the house!! one of my favorite em on 2006! Rock on booka shade!!! hope to get to see them one day!!

hugh london
Wicked live set, some of the tunes in there a def worth a purchase, saw them at the fabric night and the soundsystem made the live set sound even better, just a smack in the face!!check 'played runner' and 'trespass 06', the stand out numbers, thought the set may have not as been on the same level as the live set, but MANDY were on after on the night so it got even better,and yes everyone got a bit physical!

YCZ, Atlantic Beach, Florida US
Body! I am much impressed with this new sub-style that has caught on from minimal/tech/progressive. It is reaching a broader demographic acceptance. I am also exicited that they still appreciate analog quality w/ of course a bit o digi. Cheers Pete!

Shane, Fife
Double Ace Wicked!!! Loved it, more twisted house for my long drive home each Sat morning please.

phil da pope wales
i listen every week + i love this weeks set it takes me ages to find some of the tunes to download y cant u have a downloadable section like ur podcasts id b much happier if not just keep bangin the tunes out nice 1

Stuttgart, Germany
I want to see them live!! great set

adrian monaghan scotland
what a great mix. this dj is someone for us bedroom djays to look up to. an exciting and creating djay i loved every minute of this.

ANDY...belfast N.I
im 16 and i loved that set cant wait 2 here deepdish comming up on the decks great stuff!!duno hi ppl can say its boring .nice deep n funky!

Tim, Wirral
Quality all the way through!! Enough tech and electro mixed with the right amount vocals to make it interesting. Nice balance between live and DJ sets aswell. Well done Booka Shade

Rich from Gloucester, you are a plant pot

danielo Santurtzi
great¡¡¡ keep going like this :)

Rory, York
Pretty cool, preferred the live set, especially the live versions of white rooms and mandarine girl but the DJ set was good aswell.

Yuri,Siena Italy
Really amazing....that's great!

Terribile set,more thxs to bbc1 for this work. And more thxs to Booka Shade.

alex - miami
beautiful set! & yes a circo loco EM would be most excellent!!

Twat, Engerrrrland
Whaa a mix, excellent anyone who dosn't rate it should have their ears checked

Andy, preston
rather good.have the body language vol.1 album and that rocks my world

Sam, Merseyside
Rich from Gloucester, you are a plant pot

normeister, cambridge
Pretty good I've gotta say! Kept me interested all the way through, and loved the 'Trentemoller' Aphex remix!

andy rowe,Preston
loved it.Dj set just pipped the live set for me.Stand out artist for me at the mo.get physical is all over it

terry ( birmingham uk )
Live set is spot on..nice and deep minimal tec..Booka Shade top form..

ppl r sayin that it was crap!did they actually listen 2 it!powerful stuff!

Anders, Sweden
How can you say this is boring? I think YOU are boring. Thanks Pete, and of course Booka Shade, for 2 Hours of pure love and harmony.

Greg, Sthlm/London
When you guys (who thought this was boring or rubbish) start going to clubs to hear music like this, rather than in your bedroom... have a rethink about what you wrote! Great production from Booka Shade with a very fluid DJ set! It's a great thing when new sub music genres are created. Looking forward to the Ame mix on the 23rd July.

Ivan Mercado / Dominican Republic
The Dj Set was awesome!!!!

Adi, Birmingham
Loved it! Loved the live set more than the DJ set and was a bit surprised by this. Didn't rate last years M.A.N.D.Y em but this was so much more vibrant and interesting.

Captain Robby, Sydney
Rockin' - I reckon despite previous slagging these German boys know how to rock. Put your hands in the air and reach for the lasers....

Jason, London
I think you will find it is that mix of Les Djinns and it is on Get Physical. Check out the GP website! Awesome mix though!

Charminlgy chunky, round and rich beats from the boys in Berlin. Like alot of other listeners I really enjoyed it, which only goes to prove that they're here to stay for 2006!

Tom, Northants
loving the booka shade EM. any photos from the live set in maida vale on the r1 site? yeah and when will we get a Trentemoller EM...

Ben, Galway
Oooh, boring.

Sjoerd, The Netherlands
Really love their DJ-set. IMO their album "Movements" is certainly one of the best in 2006 so far!

Justin, BRLA, USA
pretty tight all the way around. enjoyed their dj set more though. all in all A- keep it up tong.

kellin g- ft collins, co, usa
badass sets. love the oh yeah remix, one of my new favourites of the summer. cheers!

Andre Reis, Portugal
Oh, for cryin out loud, the Les Djinns is not the Trentemoller remix (Heads mix, IIRC), and it's certainly not on Get Physical. Other than that, very good DJ set! Booka Shade is everywhere these days.

tony Melbourne
absolute rubish.... how can you devote a whole set to this crap!!!???? i love a bit of clever minimal/whatever you call this here and there.... but too BORINGGGGG!!!

A K , dominican republic
live set is are hard as funk and i love it...

Leigh, London
I saw them at fabric and it was pure magic. This ES Mix live set was just as good. Well done Booka Shade

Simeon Sofia ,Bulgaria
Really good 2 hours of music thanks from all the fans in Bulgaria!!!Waiting for more!!!

Scott, Fife
simply superb - quality all the way. more of the same please!

Sjoerd, The Netherlands
Love their work! Their album "Movements" is probably one of the best in 2006 so far. Have to say I like the dj-set more, but still looking forward to see them live @ Mysteryland this year !

Hooper, Wirral.
Wah you guys are west, in my opinion it did more than just delivered, it owned!

rich, gloucester
does anyone know if Booka Shade have any connections with the plump dj's?

wildchild scotland
another"deutschland uber alles" i smell victory great mix top one.pvd next please.

synz, washington DC, usa
this mix is hot. the live set moves right along in the subtle, deep housey way that only booka shade can do. good stuff.

Miguel, Belgium
Loved it... I know some records, didn't know the artist, but loved every moment of it... Reminded me somewhat to the Circo Loco set of last year, although that one was a bit better!!! Will EM be going CircoLoco this year again?

Iain Jones, S. Manchester
It's all about the hi-hats!!!

kevo, peterborough
Nice selection of tunes! Good stuff. More of the same pls R1! When are we going to get Trentemoller on the EM?

Yuri, Italy
DJ set is immense, the live set is poor IMO. But then I didn't like the album so I guess that's it.

paul.b milton keynes
wernt 1 the best mixes thats bin on here i did like the live set they did though that was prety awsome i love mandarine girl and body language theyre quality tunes

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