Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 7 May
Gabriel & Dresden

Gabriel & Dresden with Scarlett Etienne 'Eleven' (Organized Nature)
Imogion Heap 'Hide and Seek (Mike Monday Remix)' (White Label)
Kings of Leon 'Milk (Stretch n Vern Bootleg)' (White Label)
Depeche Mode 'Here Is The House (Gabriel & Dresden Bootleg)' (White Label)
Gabriel & Dresden 'Mass Repeat' (Organized Nature)
Trick & Kubrick feat Valeska 'Easy' (Electrade)
Switch 'A Bit Patchy (Eric Prydz Remix)' (Data)
White Rose Movement 'Alsatian (Phones Gone to the Dogs Remix)' (Independiente)
Gabriel & Dresden Feat Jan Burton 'New Path' (Organized Nature)
Gabriel & Dresden Feat Molly Bancroft 'Tracking Treasure Down (Retrobyte Remix)' (Organized Nature)
Ellen Allien & Apparat 'Jet' (Bpitch Control)
Gustavo Santaolalla 'The Wings (Gabriel & Dresden Organized
Nature Remix) (Verve/Forecast) 
John Tejada 'The End Of It All' (Palette)
Holden & Thompson 'Nothing (Acappella)' (Loaded)
Evermore 'It's Too Late (Dirty South Rework)' (Warners)
Duoteque 'Adyra' (Boxer)
Gabriel & Dresden Feat Molly Bancroft 'Let Go' (Organized Nature)
Booka Shade 'White Room' (Get Physical)
Gabriel & Dresden Feat Jan Burton 'Enemy' (Organized Nature)
Koma & Bones 'Medium Cool' (Bassbin Twins Dub)' (TCR)
Nathan Fake 'Charlie's House (Apparat Remix)' (Border Community)

Your reviews of the mix

Agree that they are better producers than DJs.... also agree that they are probably better when playing and producing trance, but anyone who argues that this isn't a great mix and that these two don't make special tunes doesn't know great electronic music!!
Jer, London

Best Essential mix of the year. Amazing! Gabriel and Dresden are the best.
Felipão, Santiago, RS, Brazil

This mix defines who and what Gabriel and Dresden represent in the dance music industry. Couldn't ask for anybody better to do it up proper like they did :)
Britta, Minneapolis MN

G&D continue to amaze. The best producers in the world right now.
Chris - St Paul, USA

Well...G & D always release great tracks and remixes at the precise moment, which is what makes them very special. This mix was ok...typical G & D, but it contained a lot of different genres, which accomodates various types of listeners. Good job...quite enjoy few tracks. Do
Do....Los Angeles

well just catchin the mix now! got goose bumbs already. game on!
stacey south devon

one word ...Awesome ! ! !
scott - Tenerife

Tasty mix - loved the way he used 'a bit patchy' and the ellen allien tune is sublime
Greg London W1T

Right On! One of the best e - mixes I've heard in a long while.Hope to see you soon in Bogotá.
Magnetic North; Bogotá, Colombia

A very fantastic Mix ! One of the best mix´s this year !
David, Düsseldorf, Germany

The boys have truly peaked...just when I thought that they could do no better than that friggin' off the hook WMC 2005 EM they did one better...Kudos for the tracks "Jet" and "Let Go"...yes...Here's to my vote for the EM of the year...Radio One and G&D right on the money!
Brian in Toronto, CANADA

Was it trance, was it electro-house??? They have personal good tracks since the Motorcycle hit, which was trance; but at this essential mix you can notice that they haven't defined their music genre yet. Between Eric Prydz's remix, Nathan Fake, and their own records, this set sounds not so good. 3 out of 5 because they played plenty of good songs after all...
Armando JaMeS, Mexico City & London

Gabriel and Dresden have always been superb in their DJing and releases. This Essential Mix is no exception.....Quality from start to finish.
Gavin Bellis - London

Hot Stuff! This isn't music, this is pure pornogrophy! EM of the year by miles, so far.
Khalid from L.A., CA, USA

I'm sure these guys are really talented as everyone says, but for me this is just progressive pop music and its not really my thing. can we start getting some listeners' fave dj's on the essential mix instead of pete tong's current buddies?
the kevster, peterborough

A beautiful blissed out mix! Whatever happened to Stretch N Vern? How long ago was their essential mix? Good memories of being younger driving around with the roof off the car lissening to that Stretch n Vern EMix. Cheers Gabriel & Dresden!
Dan, Chester

Well great set of G&D as always, I sure do like their style and the way they open their sets (ie. hide and seek) keep it comin!
Jan, Nertherlands

Well i taped it and listend to it on the sunday afternoon cooking a full english breakfast. I got into so much that i burnt my sausages and when something like that happens it must be good. But am i right to say i found it a little eletronic? But besides that, it was listenable.
Martin Heaps ,Runcorn ,Cheshire

Talented - Refreshing mix from the boys. I have played this mix a good few times already. Happy days!!!
Adam - Essex

was really looking forward to this mix but was rather dissapointed. a few good tunes were outnumbered by mediocre ones. 6/10
top dog, bristol

Its a wonderfull Mix , very Technical , very mental. But i was ... for more Bye .
David From La Serena - Chile

These two guys are something special. When they are behind the decks they can make the crowd move to their beats. Their mixing is out of this world. Only certain djs have a way with the crowd and these guys are for real. This is why I appreciate dance music to the fullest because of djs/producers like them. There is no other that can duplicate their unique style. Nuff Said....
Ross Lopez San Antonio, Texas

there is something wrong with Gabriel & Dresden mix on radio one website, it seems to be mixed with paul oakenfold's last week essential mix

awesome set....hope some day hear it live in argentina
jose luis - buenos aires

Gabriel & Dresden with a so emotional set here!.. deep and quite stounding!.. simply such a nice set of one of the greatest djs couples around the globe!
DJ Migra - Chihuahua MX

excellent mix, what a killer track is tracking treasure down ,see ya.-...
rodhas Queretaro, Mexico

One of my favorite essential mixes so far this year! The track Mass Repeat is amazing!

Gabriel & Dresden are one of the biggest musical inspirations in my life. Most artists who have a had a few hits end up changing styles for the worse and fall off. Gabriel & Dresden just keep getting better. This mix is no exception. Cheers Guys!!!
Brandon Himes, Los Angeles, CA

GABE AND DREZ ... Bringin it like they do best. Some great new tracks that I am looking forward to! Great job!

Great mix and track selection, although it did tail off a bit towards the end.
Tom, Stockport

SENSATIONAL! Gabriel & Dresden are two of my favourite Djs and its fantastic to see them playing an essential mix on Radio 1. Im sure we will be hearing a lot more of Gabriel & Dresden in 2006. They are superb.
Scott; Glasgow

Best Essential mix of the year so far!A funky, melodic journey with many twists and turns!Awesome!
Marc Baz Barron - Isle of Man

A really enjoyable essential mix, loved the tempo throughout and was one of the best of recent times. Well done guys.
Mus Aydin, Sheffield

As Paris Hilton would say... "Lovin' It!" Best mix I've heard in a long time.
Dave in Seattle

Dissapointing to say the least........2 gud songs in 2hours!
Raz East Yorkshire

a bit boring the first hour but class second hour great mix!! Come on munster!!
alan - cork

best mix i have heard in along long time..usually not into this sort of thing, prefer erol alkan tiga but this mix is the best mix of the year without a doubt. some amazing tracks.
neil north east

top class stuff. i love these guys every time there on radio 1 the always rip it up!i hop they come to glasgow soon.keep up the good work radio 1. peace.
dj james slaven glasgow

Ok, I was looking forward to this E Mix, So come sunday morning i began playing it. The first half hr was ok, the next was better and the next was even better than that. I did however, expect alot more from this e mix as their mix from wmc2005 is still one of my favs to date. was ok, but the mixing was appaling. very very very below average! Stevie WOnder could have mixed better!!! 7/10 X
Maxwell, Marbella - Spain!

Very nice Essential, top 3 so far this year. Quality Dance music at it's best. Big Up to Gabriel & Dresden. See you in Malta this Summer.
Supermario Malta

Huge much waiting for G&D's solo album!!!
etienne - Paris

ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING! they own new productions are absolutely beautiful especially Enemy. I listen to their last essential mix about every other day, they're just amazing! it's a shame they dont seem to play too often in the UK but can't wait to see them for the first tim at godskitchen in June.
Dan, Salford

Quite possibly one of the best EM's this year. It is hard to be critical of BBC when they bring names like Oakenfold and Gabriel and Dresdon to the decks. Smooth mixing and wicked selection of records. I will be dancing to this one for quite some time!!!
Iain - Toronto, Canada

Well iv'e got to say i wasn't really impressed with this mix. i thought it would be all trancey, but it really wasn't, well apart from a couple of tracks. most noticeably "tracking treasure down".
Mike M from Hull

Pretty good stuff overall, a bit more proggy house than prog trance as expected though. These boys are damn fine producers and beginning to do good things with the decks now aswell. Onwards and upwards!
Fused, Bristol, UK

one word, Amazing!!!! Gabriel & Dresden do it again, best esstential mix so far!!!!
Gary, Leeds

My pick for Essential mix of the year.
TC from Tallahassee, FL USA

Didn't know what to expect from this mix, but in my opinion it's the best Essential Mix of 2006 so far. Enough said!
Dave, York

The most insiped and dull mix I've heard in years. Part trance/part rock and part words I wont use here! I hate to be harsh cos their such good producers ... Maybe great producers don't make great DJ's, there is a whole world of difference between the two. If it doesn't work out boys there's always a pizza delivery job!
Gonzo, South London

The BEST Essential Mix of the year and possibly of all time!!! What a mix!!! Gabriel & Drseden are amazing. I will vote for this at the end of the year most definetly.
Sam - Liverpool

WOW, what a fantastic mix. Nothing else to say.
Dave, Birmingham

Great mix, good tune selection. I have listened to their new album and i must say, as a fan, am not impressed. Am afraid it just does not cut the mustard!!
Stevie Glasgow

Great Mix! I've seen these guys in Oz! Hope they come back soon!
Robert Young - Melbourne, Australia.

Poor from the duo. Not trancey enough for my liking.
Mark Robertson - Necwastle

This was really good. Reminds me of Sasha/Digweed Essential Mixes of old. A far cry from that horrific James Holden mix a few weeks ago. Job well done!
Andy, Manchester, England

Having G&D back on is a welcome releif. The 1st EM they did I still listen to now. Fantastic dj/producers/remixers. Superb tune selection, brilliant mixing. 10/10, well done guys!
Rob - Stratford

What a fantastic preview for Gabriel's Calgary show in a couple of weeks. He'll be playing to a receptive crowd in the province where Brokeback Mountain was shot. I can't wait for the 'rush to come'.
Lisa-Calgary, Alberta, Canada

what a quality set, i was very very impressed. cannot wait to see them at the gallery in june.
Jin London

this music is very very good!!!! congratulation for mix/plaj and selection records.good bye and good trip!
Alessandro italy,trieste

Great set, love their new track Tracking Treasure Down keep it up!!!
Thomas, Holland

Gabriel and Dresden rule the world this essential mix is by far the best i've heard all year! AWESOME!
Tracking Tunes Down, Manchester

Awesome, GnD are the best in the business. uplifting put a smile on your face music...the best use of vocals so funcky... Hats off once again.
James Pacheco. Melbourne, Australia

The guys are amazing and they keep getting better and better, from track selection to mixing to producing, Much talent these two!!! Can't wait to see 'em here in Texas the 26th, and cant wait for the album to drop!!!
xjoshx Boring, TEXAS!

I'm a big fan of G&D. I loved the mix.
Rob, Sutton Coldfield

As a huge G&D fan, I thought this was a rather mellow set. Not so bad, but perfect for a Sunday morning, rather than something for a Fri/Sat night.
Mo, New York

wow!!!!! what an incredible mix
sarah, chicago

We are so happy to have them this day here in Costa Rica, is a warm night!! with warm people!! in a warm dancefloor!!! the Club Vertigo!! Costa Rica

A stunning set from 2 of the best!
Rob, California, USA

Their essential mix from 2003 was an all time favorite of mine. This one, now three years later, is just as amazing. The mix really shows the evolution of this duo's sound and they've really developed an amazing style. Quality mix right here, possible EM of the year.
Dan from Allentown, PA

quite melodic stuff......however, how many 'electro', 'dirty', 'tong thinks they're cool' house dj's get an airing, when in the real world - musically open minded dj's like pnau, moneyshot, yoda, warren, chicken lips and harvey get pretty much ignored!
uncle bulgaria wimbledon common

Total Fantastisch!!!, They are really really good, they make me remember Blank&Jones, some year ago, really amazing!!!!! Gabriel and Dresden, your are the BEST right now!!! CHEERS
Pablo San, Bogota-Colombia

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