Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 30 April
Paul Oakenfold

Oakenfold feat. Grandmaster 'Flash Set It Off' (Paul Oakenfold Mix) (Perfecto)
Emjay 'Stimulate' (Perfecto)
Unknown 'Unknown Title' (CDR)
Leya 'On All My Sundays (Liam Shachar Mix)' (CDR)
Oakenfold 'Save The Last Trance For Me' (Perfecto)
Oakenfold feat. Pharrell Williams 'Sex N' Money' (Perfecto)
Liam Shachar feat. Kim 'Dust' (CDR)
Oakenfold feat. Spitfire 'No Compromise' (Perfecto)
Liam Shachar 'Orchook' (CDR)
Emjay 'Real High' (Nat Monday Remix) (Perfecto)
Jan Johnston 'Sleeping Satellite' (Kenneth Thomas Remix) (White Label)
Oakenfold feat. Brittany Murphy 'Faster Kill Pussycat' (Roman Hunter Mix) (Perfecto)
Oakenfold feat. Spitfire 'Feed Your Mind' (Roman Hunter Mix) (Perfecto)
Oakenfold feat. Ryan Tedder 'Not Over Yet' (Liam Shachar Remix) (Perfecto)
Jan Johnston 'Obsession' (Kenneth Thomas Remix) (White Label)
Unknown Artist ' Amsterdam ' (Perfecto)
Bad Apples 'Winter Storm' (Paul Oakenfold Mix) (Sound Of The Renegade)
Fred Baker vs. Nyram 'Conformation' (CDR)
Oakenfold feat. Spitfire 'Feed Your Mind' (Liam Shachar Remix) (Perfecto)
Storm & Cyber 'Scacrosanct' (CDR)
Emjay 'Real High' (Perfecto)

Your reviews of the mix

one of the best sets i have heard recently, good to see he has done most of the remixing himself and is not just playing other people's records. other music from him recently i have not been impressed with but this rocks!
rob, london

Oakey: Perfecto Perfection
twins - London

You know what, considering its oakenfold (who has accrewed a bit of a name for him self with his poor mixing and poor tune selection), this mix aint half bad! i skipped through it in 5 mins and there are some pretty decent progressive trance tunes on here! not bad at all!
Alex Evans

A few bad reviews, but i still think its a belter mix. just look at the listings. I can say its gonna be a belter album. party on oakey. see you at global gathering and get back to portlush
Glenn, Belfast

Oh this mix sucks..It is so bad that i have heard it only "n" times.It is on "repeat 1" in my mp3 player..Thank you Paul, thank you Pet, thank you BBC, thank you ALL!!!!!!!Greece loves you men!Chears..
Savvas Greece

The next really fat mix from the one and only trancemaster since last year's queensday mix - he's the best!
Christian, Germany

Absolute Toss! Have a word Paul, this is simply not good enough for the standards you used to set yourself. Where did it all go wrong? Have you forgotton how good Cream was all those years ago?
Gareth, Manchester

Paul open the doors to many other djs, he has a great selection of tunes, but he is not that great. I recently saw him at Coachella, and it was alright. But i check him out, cuz he has some sick tracks.
Joaquin from Los Angeles

Not as good as his old stuff, but still good.
Michael - Los Angeles

Well,I like life and I like Oakenfold!!! Oakenfold-The Best!!! That's all!
ReSkin, Ukraine

what a display show of technics, independantly of the music he plays, the way this man breaks those tracks makes it sound like a journey into outer space... starts really slow but going into 30 mins you start going out of earth, at end you are lost somewhere in saturn , wanting to go further! oakey i love your technics no one breaks it like YOU!! PEACEEEEEEE
Dj shaizen(guillermo reinhold) D.R.

Just listen to first 25 mins, what is this all about? Mixing was terrible, tunes sounded like regurgitated pop, this type of boring commercial music should be left for Ministry of Sound 'Best club anthems ever part 65' CD's to be listen to by spotty teenagers driving round town centres in there mums cars. With so many ground breaking producers and DJ's out there why is Radio one still wanting to play this kind of trash? If you really like 'Dance' music try listening one of the many Internet Radio stations like Ibreaks or Totally Radio, at least you get to hear people that are still in it for the love of good music and not to pay for their next villa in Ibiza. RUBBISH!!!!
Richie F - Brighton - UK

Yo Oakie (I know you read all your reviews) LOL Great set - Loved it - Was great to hear you live again.
Jason And Martyn (The Laser Guys Heaven OZ and the

once in your life something changes you, oakenfold is a very special person for what he has achieved in life, and the millions of people he has embraced. i have travelled all over the world to see this genius and will carry on doing so,much to my wifes annoyance.please enjoy this man whilst you can ,oakey mate you are the gifted one. thanx for giving so much to me for the last 13yrs, i truly love what you have achieved.see you soon
steve in swindon

I have seen oakey several times and this is close but not quite what he used to pull off in the golden days. Nowhere near as good as goa mix, but times change and so has oakey. Still a great mix and king of the djs though.
Darran, Wrexham

i cannot believe how bad this mix is. the tunes with singing are a joke! mix lord of the rings with madonna. i am killing myself laughing just imagining madonna's backup dancers around oakenfold as he "throws down"...
matthew, cambridge

iam really dissapointed,first i had the pleasure of hearing his new album,it is simply crap,sounds soooo dated,OAKIE what happened to u,even the swordfish soundtrack sounds fresher than this,it sounds like it should only be played in LA or something..I LOVE YOU OAKIE but this set and your new album is lacking creativity..SAVE THE LAST TRANCE FOR ME indeed lol!

The nostalgia is strong with this one.
Jake, Cypress Texas

Is strange,Oakey was the one who brought me over to the dream. I loved his older sets, but then he spent to much time playing Hollywod and his style fell apart. ALthough this was a decent mix, I miss the energy.
Peter - Orlando USA

oakey made ibiza happen!he will always be an icon! wanna see you live again very soon mate!
cabsy alloa

Oakenfold 'Save The Last Trance For Me' (Perfecto) Ha. Paul sort yourself out. Quit while your only a huge bit behind

great to hear oakey back on the essential mix,but a bit too comercial for me mate.....we want the old oakey style (era pre 2001)
Gaurav syal, Chennai, India

move over Oakey, Matthew Dekay has your melodic crown!

I have traveled all over the World and I first heard Paul Oakenfold from some Brits that were stationed in Sarajevo during the war. Later I heard him in Miami and Sao Paulo. St. Louis is so remotely isolated from progressive music that this was a gem to listen to. I love the Essential Mix. DO you guys have any t-shirts?
Eduardo Luna, Saint-Louis, Missouri, USA

Excellent... The Godfather of Djing still has it.........

Boring boring Arsenal...
Protein Pony, FInland

Very poor, some of the tracks are very good, but some of the mixing was shockingly bad e.g. I'd do better myself, and I'm crap. Have to say I was very disappointed. When it's your first mix in a couple of years, you think you'd be busting a gut to put together a perfect set. Suggests that Oakenfold's heart isn't in it.
Eoghan O'Meara, Dublin

An insight into the upcoming album... But the mix still screams "Guess Who's Back!!!!"...
Pruthvi.... Singapore

I have all his records and love Oakie as a man might love his wife, but this is something of a curate's egg (google it). It doesn't get going until the last 45 minutes, but if you can stick it out that long it does finally lift off into a thumping slab of wonderment. Shame it takes so long to get there tho.
Will, London

Well, seeing as my last comment was deemed too profane by the moderator, lets just say that this music is very, very poor.
Ben. Éire

Interesting mix, but definitly not the old Oakey from 5 or 6 years ago. No need to be so experimental, stick to what you do best - trance. Bring back the sets with the undeniable classic tracks - the sets that made him number 1!!!!
Em, Sydney

who what a mix the legend is back withn a bang go oake
mo london

The best thing about this EM is reading the reviews. Love or hate him, you can not deny that Oakey creates more banter than any other DJ in the world. Is it a problem that this is a typical Oakey Mix or that it's crammed full of Perfecto Tunes? Not in my eyes it's not. He created trance and still champions that chugging beat that has become so familiar, it's like an old friend who you can call on when the chips are down. He doesn't need to re-invent himself to stay 'In the limelight' because there are a good huge number of people who love what he does and don't want him to change. Nice one Oakey, I'll be front row at Hi-Fi.
Phil B, Oakenfolk, Cheshire, UK

A shameless plug for records Oakey is involved in. Average.
Chris, N East

first off oakey needs a haircut... i actually saw him the other night at coachella. otherwise not bad
Gabe San Francisco CA USA

What better way to promote your own stuff ehh? A nice collaboration of music but i miss his banging trance sets. but hey... The man IS and ALWAYS will be a LEGEND and he knows what he is doing. Top draw Oakey.
Dan, Carlisle

Eagerly awaited and not fully satisfying! Not like his sets of old. Bit patchy, some good tunes in amongst some rubbish to start with. Some of his own production is still good. Not heard Oakey out live for years, but I dont doubt he still rocks it!
Lak, Sheffield UK

this is one of the best set i ever heard from oakie.

well, I think that this set is very good and all people know that oakenfold is a great dj and he is one´s of person that began with this type of music in all world and today for me is one of my favorite dj´s in the electronic scene.
Andres Miguel from Xalapa Ver. México

Some pretty quality stuff, but most really disapointing. Second tune sounds like something you would line dance to. Please Oakey stick too the stuff your best at, Southern sun and good old trance. This new stuff is crap. Your trying to fix something that isnt broke mate.
Ryan from Lancaster

ohhh my good mr. oakey back to be the king of the decks....
george enchinton - las vegas nevada

How can he get away with simply playing records that he has an interest in, shocking.


This is an interesting promotion of Oakeys clever labelsignings and the new album. His legendary mixing means less here, but the acidic breaks-trance keeps you stimulated to the maximum. I'm fed and obsessed but it's not over without compromise... Thanks
Stefan, Sweden

Great to have him back on a true master hope it is not as long till his next show
Ian Inverurie

Awesome as usual :)

Haven´t heard any new mixes of Oakie for about 3 years now because they all started sounding the same to me. I´m glad that I heard this one though, mixing is excellent (as you would expect), what was better is the tracklisting!! Really good tunes, showing that Perfecto is knocking out some stompers. Nice one Paul, even after 20 years you still please. Cheers Matt
Matt Simpson, Germany

If I close my eyes and listen to this mix I can imagine being on the speaker in the courtyard at cream with thousands chanting the legends name. Great mix!!
Craig - Lancaster

He carried out a very good set. Oakenfold is a legend.
Umut - Canterbury

I like it!!Good selection and mix...but not my type
Massi (Portugal)

A great uplifting mix from a legendary dj. Not sure about some of the mixes though
Tom, Stockport

The man is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What more would you expect from oakey, pure genius. Top tunes. Top production. Top mixing. Need i say more. Thanks EM, quality is back with avengence.
Steve, England

Paul hasn't let me down yet and this is no exception. One of Paul's previous essential mixes is what got me into this genre to begin with.
Aubrey; NC, USA

wow, very suppirsed here, I used to love Oakenfold back in his Tranceport days, but as of the last 5 years he has been downhill...BUT this mix really supprised me, first hour is kind of slow, second hour is pretty solid....mixing is solid too....good stuff Oakenfold...

this set was really amazing, keep up the good work.
matt laird , edmonton, canada

I thought this was an interesting mix from oakey, his style has developed of th last few years and there is a selection of breaks tunes, along with housier offerings and some more melodic stuff. The rocky tune hes done with pharrell was really good, above all hes still got the destinctive oakey style and in my opinion he's still up there with the top djs. looking forward to when his new album comes out.
Az, Leicestershire

This essential mix was amazing. Nice to hear Oakenfold on the decks on BBC again.
Olie - Montreal

this mix goes 2 show y hes the best dj in the world,no1 can match oakey,hope 2 c oakey playing again at lush sumtime soon
peter n.ireland

jonsieto, markethill, UK, planet earth

Not worth a listen, by the looks of the playlist.
Neil Scotland

i liked that mix was easy to listen to nothing to special
brendan catney ni

first hour was naff, he wasn't even trying to mix, second hour got better, but to be honest this wasn't one of his best. this is prob the worse EM ever, feel sorry for tong. oakie's not real playing at his best as of l8, dude whats happen'd to you, your mix's used to be excellent

bland or wot,should be pushing things foward,he's stuck in a rut playing is own tracks and productions which lets face all sound the same.If he was starting out now he'd be a no one,pioneer in the early days granted.

Da master, is da master!!! oakey still rocks it!
ed, Ibiza

Nice to hear from Oakey again! Deffinately on form, loving the tunes. Sounds like hes proggressed, yet still the same Oakey. Spot on tho!!!
andy, bournemouth

what a superb mix,absolute quality by the legend himself,not heard a good trance mix in ages,lovin it,lovin it,lovin it!!!!!!!!!!!
dean,south wales

Still spinnin' those same soundz ey oakey? well this week im not complainin, just wish i was hearin' this live. No bad at all. Probably could'nt have mixed a better trance set myself!

oakenfold is still the daddy and tiesto will never take over oakenfold made trance tiesto is just defining it
stephen from bradford

thank you radio1 for bringing OAKEY back to us, what a set...totaly OAKENFOLD at his very best...Every year he gets better and better...The king of trance was on his throne last night.Mr.Oakenfold is truely the greatest artist on earth.
Graham...northen ireland

really nice set!! paul is gonna be in italy next month! fantastic !
dario, treviso (italy)

What a drab essential mix. It was soo boring I fell asleep. Sorry Oakenfold, better luck next time!
Omee Huddersfield England

Tariq a.k.a SuperSonicNinja via Xbox Live

We're both absolutley loving this... Oakey never fails to impress..from what I read, he's not doing as much DJing as he used to, but you wouldn't guess. Wish this mix was on a pod cast!!! come on Radio 1....
Phil and Jo in Manchester

Wow true Oakenfold style this guy never fails to do what has made him the biggest known DJ aroud the world. 2nd hour realy got going the way only oakenfold knows how with his true blend of euphoric trance with so much emotion, I nearly cried, tough driving oakey - now that was amazing!
Gaz Wilcox, Walsall, West Midlands

was loking forward to this half heartedly after seeing the tracklist being basically a all perfecto promotion. Things got worse as I listened opened the mix whihc two out of place tracks and continuosly breaks the mix up and looses the energy with similair tracks. Everything sounds too samey and well dated, with only the Jan Johnston tracks being highlights. Very close to the worst Oakie essential mix ever, average, not too much to shout about.
Jason B W England

Well well Seems like he hasnt lost his ability, does it now! Whatever this guy is up 2 or where ever he dissapears off too, rest assured OAKEY will always ROCK! His production sounds very impressive too, hence all the perfecto tracks on here, which makes a great essential mix. It would be great to see him back here, home in the U.K, for us Oakenfolk! We still crave those moments in a tent, or in a club lost in the music. This guy created the trance sound, which other DJ's are now trying to emulate, but, one simple fact is that you just cant touch Oakey. Overall- terrific Essential Mix!
John Bennett

Yep, nailed another set... Not seen the bloke live, but can't wait until I can play this back and turn it RIGHT up!!! Good times. Thanks R1, you're bloody great! XXX S
Smarty, Chepstow

Oaky at his truly best, tune Jan Johnston 'Sleeping Satellite' (Kenneth Thomas Remix) (White Label) quality!!!!! I'm off to see him down at Canvas London....cannot wait after this ess mix
Paul James Birmingham

Eagerly anticipated mix but bitterly disappointed. Remixed pop from start to finish. A far cry from the legendary Goa mix!
cha Oz

A long time ago i have been a fun of Oakenfold , i know that he wemt in to another world that is far from been a dj but he still have that magic , that
ANOTHER from Mexico

Sounds like his old sound. He's still got it when he wants it, but it doesn't feel the same. Good stuff, overall, though.
Logan SC

Awesome. Still the best in the businesst for me.
Pete, Brisbane Australia

Oaken Oaken!!! a bit diferent, but still Oaken. yeah!! CHEERS
Pablo San. Bogota- Colombia

Many things change yet Oakie still keeps it to his trues...the man that brought me to dance scene still rips it up...cheers to Mr. Oakenfold.
Sasha, NYC

nice to see oakey back on the essential mix. a true legend in dance music!
rj 'play up pompey'

I remember better sets Oky!! but some songs were good...It was nice to listen you again live
Salle...Serbia... Novi Sad

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