Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 23 April
Nic Fanciulli

Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom 'Relevee (DFA Mix)' (DFA Records)
Kirk Degiorgio 'Starwaves (Spirit Catcher's Time Modulator Mix)' (Freerange)
Unknown 'Unknow (Chris Dukenfield Edit)' (Cdr)
Quentin Harris 'Lets Be Young (Julian Jabre Mix)' (Nrk)
Onionz 'Poking U' (20/20 Vision)
Hernan Cerbello 'Summer Emergency' (Cdr)
Dave Robertson & Mike Healey 'Pressure Cooker' (Cdr)
Jay Box & Becker 'Jetlag' (Unknown)
Dave Robertson & Jon Gurd 'The Rendition' (Cdr)
Yoko Haris And Rada 'Ono (Remix)' (Unknown)
Francois Dubious 'Blood' (Urban Torque)
Magik Johnson 'Eastern Lights' (Cdr)
Partial Arts 'Cruising' (Unknown)
Marco Bailey 'Bollox (Gabriel Ananda Mix)' (Unknown)
Hardfloor 'Soulfoul Spirit (Josh Wink Remix)' (Kill Brique)
Sebastian Leger 'Bad Clock' (Intec)
Gabriel Ananda 'Bassmaschinchen (Original Mix)' (Cdr)
16 Bit Lolitas 'Sedana' (Yo)
Satoshi Tomiie 'Tears (3d Mix)' (Saw)
Tiefschwarz 'Damage (Buick Project Remix)' (Fine)

Your reviews of the mix

First time I've heard Mr Fanciulli since the GKGG last year, best set of the festival then, best essential mix of 2006 now.
nle - berkshire

Big up! Great mix! Head bangin' delicious!

Lethal wee mix there Nic. Was in a mates house havin a few beers listening in and was impressed with the tunes and mixing. Keep it up Fanciulli !!!
Owen H, Co. Donegal, Rep. Of Ireland

Radio one essential mixes would be far better if you didnt hear 'RADIO 1' all the way through them... im aware im listening to radio one. good records and nice mixing 8/10
A Music fan: Glasgow

Yeah not to bad, some decent tunes, allritght mixing.....5/10
Chris, N / East

to good nic mate, luv it!, always 110%, thank ya for the rabbits
Jake - Geelong Croatia, Australia

Fanciulli at his best, one of the best DJs technically and great producer aswell
Royce Jenkins

by far the best mix so far this year one i can hear over and over again
paul milton keynes

overall an 8 out of 10 for this... i liked the fact it went across alot of different musical styles. nice work nic
London danny

This mix is second to none, imo...caught Fanciulli a couple times in Miami, and this mix IS the sound of 2006!
Tobywan in Toronto

What's the tune 23 minutes in? Absolutely awesome. Loving those rolling basslines...
Charlie M

Only caught a bit on the way back from a gig but what i heard was quality! Loving: Quentin Harris 'Lets Be Young (Julian Jabre Mix)
Paul Cossey: Norwich

One of the best Essential Mixes I have heard in the last couple of years. Wonderful mixing on top of soulful tracks. Makes me happy!!
Jason Lone Star State!

Whoa! The last time I heard this guy he was playing funky house. It's funny how things change over the years. But hey good on him, this essential mix was rather cool. Not the best, but a million miles classier than the desperate DJs using laptops. Nice bubbly, intelligent and slow building tuneage combined with sum great mixing. SOUNDS LIKE A JOB WELL DONE BOY!
Gonzo, South London

great mix, can't wait to see him live
josh, UK

nothing i have`nt herd before. 5/10
andy wallasey

wicked mix (full and total controll of programing , mixing and just some sheer insane flow)
Maher Daniel montreal

Nick is in the house once again with this essential mix! Very, very, nice! Much props from the U.S!
DJ Tomas (Louisiana, United States)

I thought the selection of music was ok but the mixxes were sick!
Rob, Orange County, USA

Great Mix. I can't get enough of it.

Nic once again delivers his own brand of magic. Class!
Gobo - Wales

Very nice essetial mix one of the best i have already listened =)
Dyve - Brazil

Choice of traccks are good.. Zz

Awesome mix by Nic Fanciulli ! i am up in the sky, such type of Dj Mixes showes the real passion of the music!

wicked mix bro
stana from walsall

this was a damn good mix. this is surely one i'll listen to more than once. i hope he comes back to colorado soon so i can go hear him spin live again.
kelling- fort collins, co, usa

Wicked mix as ever by Nick
fucha elektronikz -bristol, stoke on trent

SICK FUNKY SET ! mon those Hibees! Cheers
Colin in Ontario Canada

best mix since caged baby!!! wicked words cant describe!

fantastic mix as I expected from Nic. This has to be one of the best djs on the circuit at the moment!!
chris teesside england

absolutely brilliant!!!mixing was leathal,i cudnt sleep kept me up all nite!!!id love 2 know wer i could get that music!!!
liam donnelly in n.ireland

I thought the mixing was tight, but nothing special. I enjoyed his tune selection overall six out of ten.
kenny portsmouth


take it from pete tong. if u don't like d&b, i'ts because you're afraid you might like it. i know that the lake of a constant, boring, and easy to mix 4x4 beat is absent. But hey, if you lay off the chuff- chuff and rolls, you might discover the wonderful wotld of music.......
pointman: la

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