Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 9 April

Zombie Nation - 'SumSum' (UKW)
Lontano - 'Sigueme' ( Factor City )
Tomas Anderson - 'Washing Up' [Tiga's Acapella] Bpitch
Tomas Andersson - 'Washing Up' [Washed Out Mix] (Skint / Bpitch)
H-Man - 'GTI' (Giant Wheel)
ADJD - 'Untitled' (White)
LCD Soundsystem - 'Tribulations' [Tiga Acasynthapella] (EMI)
Tomas Anderson - 'Copy Cat'(Bpitch)
Hugg N Pepp - 'Hund' (Dahlback Recordings)
Coldcut - 'Walk A Mile' [Tiga Remix] (Ninja Tune)
Trabant - 'The One' [Williams Remix] (Southern Fried)
Hugg N Pepp - 'Hamster' (Dahlback Recordings)
Gabriel Ananda - 'Untitled' (White)
Madonna - 'Justify My Love' (Maverick)
Aphex Twin - 'Ageispolis' (Warp)
Mattafix - 'Passer By' (White)
Skylark - 'The Lights' (Saved)
Oliver Huntemann - 'Flesh'(Confused)
Delgui - 'Highlights' [Charles Webster remix] (Clone)
Booka Shade - 'Mandarine Girl' [Konrad Troy Heartthrob remix](Get Physical)
Goldfrapp - 'Ride a White Horse' [Serge Santiago remix] (Mute)
Junior Jack feat. Robert Smith - 'Da Hype' [Tiga unreleased unapproved Mix] (White)
Marc Romboy - ' Mo del 1601'(Systematic)
Audio Royal - 'Now Or Never' (Funkhaus Music)
Nemesi 'L'asteroide' [Baldelli & Dionigi remix] (White)
Bauhaus - 'Bela Lugosi's Dead'
DK7 - 'Heart Like A Demon' [DK7 Remix] (Output)
Alex Smoke - 'Never Want To See you Again' (Soma)
Hot Chip - 'And I Was A Boy From School' [Erol Alkan's Extended Re-Work] (Emi)
Oliver Huntemann - 'Orient Express' (Confused)
Howard Jones acapella
Oliver Huntemann - 'Scary Love feat Chelonius Jones' (Confused)
Spacer - 'Frau' [Boyz Noize Remix] (White)
Spoon - 'I Turn My Camera On' (White)
Lontano - 'Gaymania loop' (White)
Tiga - ' Mo ve My Body' [Boyz Noize remix] (White)
White Rose Mo vement - 'Alsatian' [Phones Remix](Independiente)
Whitey - 'Wrap It Up' (Marquis Cha Cha)
The Presets - 'Girl & The Sea intro loop' (White)
The Knife - 'Silent Shout' [Wiliams Remix] (Rabid/Braille)
Tiga - 'Good As Gold' (PIAS)
Sweetlight Feat Etienne Daho - 'Le Grand Sommeil' (Turbo)
Tiga - 'Far From Home' [DFA remix] (PIAS)
The Futureheads - 'Hounds Of Love' [Phones remix] (Unknown)

Your reviews of the mix

...Tiga was one of the first real mover and shaker in the electronic scene in Montreal, threw some of the first underground events, had one of the first and only info lines, stepped up to the Dj plate(s) and won many crowds over the years. He eventually became a recognized name both as a Dj and producer in and out of Montreal... what can I say, the guy has paid his dues and then some; as far dj'ing, I think he's a Montreal Dj talent, and we have tons! Big-ups Tiga for representing us on the BBC!
Nik - Montreal

just what i need. nice one tiga.
Jerry, Regina, Canada

Loved the set brotha!! Thanks for bringing a fresh, unique sound to the wonderful world of house!! See ya at Canvas on the 15th!! Oh and that remix of Coldcut - Walk a mile is actually remixed by Tom Belton!! :)
Will - Miami, FL

mr. tiga : electro rocks ! A+++++
Electro Phenomena (Portugal)

the best dj in the world.. kickin!!! we request less techno in em, because its realy outdated! we want more electro, electroclash, eventually d'n'b! electroooo rules!!
fauno, poland

What an essential mix this has been! Really, Tiga is no. 1! He is coming here in Novi Sad for Exit Noise Summer Festival, can't wait for that! BTW, does anybody have a tracklisting for last week's essential mix (Josh Wink & Mark Farina)?
Alex, Serbia

Awesome mix, this guy rocks
Andrei, US/Romania

Similar to the MTL guy, followed Tiga back in the days of Sona and other underground clubs in Montreal. Haven't liked some of his productions, but really dig his remixes. Haven't seen him in YEARS, but this EM makes me want to go back. And for the people that can't groove to this and yearn for trance. Trance is DEAD. Listen to Tiesto - he plays more house than anything now (depending on the venue). You gotta hear the acid / minimal / techno / electro in a club. That'll make you appreciate it. Pure floor bangers.
Kato, Boston via Toronto

It seems like some of the people posting here are forgetting that the Essential Mix is about exposing the art of the DJ mix. Some mixes are made for the dancefloor, some are made for home listening and some work well in both places. Tiga really gives us a taste of the music that works well in his world of production and DJing. Whatever title you put it under it is original and refreshing. Madonna was hot on the dancefloor at one time for many of today's music lovers and he does not forget that when including her in his mix. Thanks for including Tiga in you coverage of the worlds best DJ's!
JP in Los Angeles, California

i love that radio and i ive to thank "metro dance" radio from Buenos Aires , Arg. it made possibble i know you
ezquiel Argntina

Big respect, from Russia!!! Thank you for your mix.
Dj medium Russia, Rostov-on-Don

wot the hell is this music suppose to be about guys , its not good at all ,it dosnt make anyone move ,, sort it out r1 . its about time u started to get some proper music on , this is not good and nor is minimal , its the sort of tunes that morrisey would make ,,

The biggest, the one and only... he is the MAN.. Since long time ago, special desingned to close down every single summer fest in europe, Thank you Pete, for bringing him to your delicious show!!
Sergio, Madrid - Spain

Never heard of this DJ before - but very impressed. So nice to hear a nixture of different styles coming through. Also very impressed with the Madonna section of the mix - nice and clean. Great stuff and would want to hear more. A +
Ian, Auckland NZ

Pretty good except for that remake of Tribulations.
Bill - CT, USA

Sexor/Tiga's set is unique!! One of the best dj's around!! Shame what he's done with his own album,though!!!!!!!
Nelson from Brazil

legend! what an opening track, absolute stomper! not a big fan of madge but lovin the justify my love, cant believe he dropped it balls a steel! got tad bored after an hour but hey if he's up in shine anytime soon ill be there.
jonsieto, markethill, armagh, n.ireland, UK, plane

Awesome!! I don't see how anyone can listen to this and not have a bil sloppy grin on their face. Tiga is the man!
Andy, Leeds

man this guy is awsomeeeee; great mix for dance all night
george enchinton - las vegas nevada

I used to follow Tiga 10 years ago, when he was Djing in underground parties downtown Montreal. The guy was my favorite. Hehe.. his track at that moment was Da Funk by Daft Punk. It was his signature ;) Anyway... I still think Tiga knows how to play with turntables. His father was a DJ and so he his. I enjoy most of his set when I am listening to them with my headphones, at work. But on a dancefloor, the last few times I saw him recently was sort of disappointing. The guy is now a big big DJ Star/Producer. And his attitude changed with it :( Well Tiga... if you read this : Please put a smile on your face when you are behind the decks ;-P Your are one of the greatest... Vive Montreal!
Tourtiere Tremblay, Montreal

Really sorry but I thought this was really boring. Really good technically but in the end that is no substitute for good music. As i find with a lot of this elctro stuff, the mix did not have any life in it.

well I saw TIGA live in maybe my expectations for this set were placed too high...I definitely prefer TIGA live, but this studio set had it´s highlights too!
sofia, Portugal

Not bad at all - perhaps could have been tighter at times but hey, i'm not on the Essential Mix am i?! I will be, very soon this space :-)
Scott Wilcox (Chelmsford Essex)

Tiga gets more than his fair share of attention.His music is always good, but not groundbreaking, and his remixing is great but somewhat formulaic.Nice to hear him pushing his own sound here though;a solid and EM from Canada, he's looking good for 2006.
Fred, Guernsey

A+, just like i expected from Tiga. my favorite artist since I love techno in belgium.
Chris - The Netherlands

We need mor trance! I am sick of this housey minimal rubbish, get something harder on the essential mix.
South Shields

Awesome! this guy is getting bigger n bigger, looking forward to seeing him next week at digital newcastle!
Vexar - Newcastle

this mix is great as every tiga's one! i'm one of his greatest fan, i follow him in rome, turin, naples and many other locations! btw, i need his 50£ promised to me for voting him into the djmag list ihihihi i'm joking =D
michele, italy

Top notch from Tiga!!
Big M, Essex


Absolute blinder, this man never lets his music down... Should be featured alot more in the UK
Paul - Liverpool

Total class!!!

No complaints here for a stellar mix by that true Canadian, Tiga. Blasting from one end to the other, a strong 120 minutes! "True North, Strong and Free!"
Jonathan - Smack in the middle of CANADA

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