Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

Sunday 19 March
Nathan Fake & James Holden: Border Community


Nathan Fake Laptop Set
(All Tracks By Nathan Fake)

'Glow Hole'
'Bridges (Build)'
'The Turtle'
'Long Sunny'
'The Sky Was Pink'


James Holden DJ Set

Cluster 'Rote Riki' (Spalax)
Depeche Mode 'The Darkest Star (Holden Dub)' Mute)
Motor 'Jizm' (Novamute)
Apparat 'Montreal' (Shitkatapult)
Kate Wax 'Heroine' (Viking Music)
Four Tet 'A Joy' (Domino)
The MFA 'Throw It Back (We Will Destroy You) (Bear Dub)' (Border Community)
Alex Smoke 'Slippers & Slappers' (Vakant)
Crash Course In Science 'Cardboard Lamb' (Press Records)
Petter 'Some Polyphony' (White Label)
7hurtz 'Stokers Motor' (Output)
Holden 'Corduroy' (Border Community)
Black Dog 'End of Time' (Warp)
Solvent 'Science with Synthesizers' (Ghostly International)
Clark 'Frau Wav (Brief Fling)' (Warp)
Black Strobe 'Nazi Trance F*** Off (Holden Remix)' (Crosstown Rebels)

Your reviews of the mix

A refreshing set of beats, thoroughly enjoyed it. A bit deep, mysterious, and underground for me to see live, but awesome to listen too at home.
AJ - Ottawa, Canada

Thank God Essential Mixes like the Border Community one give us the chance to look around us and see that shepherds are still around the electronic music culture :) I'm really happy that Holden & Fake achieved to make some penguins feel dizzy & disturbed for one more time! Can't wait to hear Outhouse in Fabric this Saturday!
Isaac The Greek , Hatfield

Really like the production from both of them, though the mix was really dificult to listen to though, couldn't get into it at all.
Ally, Derby

Loved it! Not you pumping beats, but stylistic tunes. Great for a perfect summers day over here in oz!!
Tony T - Broome Western Australia

What with the audio quality?! It's far from essential! Natan Fake and James Holden... wow! this is good massage!
L E K, Uppsala

Absolutely brilliant. This mix took me away to another planet (a silver one) free from unhappiness, war and bushes. The future for these guys is definitely promising and the sky is most certainly pink.
Tony Montana, Bristol

Best EM in a long while. Nathan's mix is bliss. J. Holden's set is ok. at times i really feel it... other records are long, flat and just plain annoying. on another note, those complaining for the usual 2 hrs of 4/4 should go to a club. it makes for very dull radio listening.
E. Magnuson, Oklahoma City

Why can't people be open minded about things. This was a refreshing change to the usual set heard on the EM. Good to hear something new and differnet. There's more to dance than thumping bass!
Greg - Perth (scotland)

well guys, what can i say. these two are the best in there field. nathan is just so wierd and wonderful and all over the place, so damn good.. and james is awesome, is style may have changed a little, his sound is perfect anyway he has evolved brilliantly. loved the set. a classic one. see you in inverness again soon. thanks guys.
scott langley - inverness

Just listening again and my god Nathan Fake and James Holden are sick!
Jake, Bolton

A mix of beautiful melodies and multi continental train crashes. It was as Bi-Polar as me.
Jonny, UK

You don't need to have banging tunes to have a good mix. It's actually sad to see plenty of people putting down most mixes... why can't you open your ears to other than the usual? keep it up Holden. Fake you are going somewhere. Keep it crazy.
mj. u.s

I LOVE James & Nathan!!! respect
Pierre from Belgium

Nice stuff! Trash house rulezz!

Dunno maybe I'm starved of good DJ's out here in Singabore but I thought it both sets were feckin' brilliant with possibly the edge going to Mr Holden. I'm with birdy from Coventry, if you liked Balance 005 by Jimmy you'll love this stuff as I did. And thank you Radio 1 for providing this 'Listen again' service for everyone around the world.
Quill, Singapore

Nathan fake is either brilliant or shite, sky was pink is brilliant but the rest i'm not so sure about. He should have stuck "out house" in there. That is a majestic tune.
gareth, Black country.

One of the best niightlife radio stations simply amazing
Massimo montreal ,quebec, Canada

Wow... certainly different. I never thought I'd be able to enjoy generaly bassless/beatless music (if you see what I'm saying), as this is so different to most of the stuff I bless my ears with! But it is really good... I don't see the problem with him promoting himself... its a career you know. Not sure I could dance to it... at least not without looking like I've had a few too many....... But quality to listen to once the legs have given up but the ears are still lovin' it. Nice.
Chappers- Liverpool

it really depresses me when people claim that a couple of guys who obviously just use the same plug ins and software as every other dance music producer are the 'cutting edge' of electronic music...WAKE UP!! you are just as clueless as the idiots who complain that this isn't 'bangin' enough!
willie, london

Great to here this stuff on radio 1, influenced by ploygon window maybe?
Jim, Derby

Eiuwwww.... this stuff is thight!
Thorne, Holland

Well, Nathan Fake reminds me a little bit to Aphex Twin... when his music is in a good mood. Excellent essential mix.
Nicolas Agudelo, Bogotá Colombia

already posted regarding this mix but....the essential mix is supposed 2 b about dance music.....can anyone explain 2 me how u would dance 2 this?
Xavier ___~~ Northern Ireland

James Holden has obviously moved on and left me well behind with his music genre. Didn't like it.
regis - Southend

i cannot belive what all these Morons on this reviews page are saying.Nathan Fakes's mix was truly astounding and totally fresh sounding.The guy is a production genius.All these thick retards want John Digweed (yawn) Sasha (Boring) etc essential mix since Alex (another genius) Smoke and the legends that are Coldcut.
Electronic Man UK

I'm used to Holden's classics like 'Solstice' and 'horizons' so this was a bit different. I was a bit disappointed Nathan Fake didnt play the Holden remix of 'the sky was pink'. Still it's the kind of mix I'll appreciate when im in a chilling mood and not wanting to here some banging bass!
Alex: London

No what i expected. but good to listen before going to bed...i meant that in a good way :)
Kunal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I went out two weeks ago and ejoyed nathan fake live...must it felt a bit too experimental for that bunch of clubbers, it sounds nicer here on my laptop.
Carla Barcelona

James Holden & Nathan Fake... the future. Respect.
Someone - Portugal

Fake is a breath of fresh air to dance music being only in his early 20's expect more groundbreaking productions from him. Leftfield music at its best

James Holden / Nathan Fake - I can just imagine the trainspotters are having a field-day, comparing notes and analyzing every single blip and squeak. For the other 99% of Essential Mix listeners - we gave it a listen (3 times over in my case) with an open mind, and still couldn't figure out whether it was a genius with a laptop or a 14yr old with his Casio keyboard playing... I'm all for Radio 1 to air a wide variety of genres - Alex Smoke's mix was pretty good in places and opened my ears to the minimal techno sound. (Shame it wasn't more like Slam though!) But last weeks mix was anything but essential in my opinion. :-(
Kev, Peterborough

This is a great mix - I can see why some people don't like it because it isn't necessarily what you would expect from Holden. At times it reminded me of Aphex Twin or Future Sound of London; it is more ambient than it is club music. Never the less I thought it was top quality and definitely one that I will be replaying again and again.
Rob Francis ,London

Loving it on my laptop on the beach about 75 degrees or so.

soundscapetastic! it doesn't come much more cutting edge than this, though i can't help but think fake & border community are being pushed to the front by mixmag/raio 1/dj mag etc. before they've truly had a chance to strut their stuff. i look forward to seeing them do just that, and this was a great start!
ed, kennington

Well you either like the mix or you dont. Lots of reasons for either or. But to whoever has their finger on the essential mix sound bites and loops, LAY OFF! Same disruptive nonsense year in and year out.
Lone / Oregon US

One word for Nathan fake.... FREAK! The kid is mind blowingly good, i am a producer myself and of the same age, and he just he sykes me so much. Talent! Love the whole mix guys. Keep it up
Kano in Melbourne, Australia

Some of the comments below really fuel my frustration with the 'dance' scene even more. This essential mix was amazing, Nathan Fake, Alex Smoke, James Holden are producing more interesting things than 85% of the last 3 years worth of emix dj's have ever. This is music, I dont listen when some generic fisher price dance retard is doing it (which is most of the time), so why do people listen and then slate electronic stuff, they dont get or have no interest in? Anyway cracking essential mix as was Alex Smokes, the guy is a genius.
The Bounty Hunter

Nathan Fake was as amazing as I expected, such a hot talent for the future, and one that my post-rock snob friends might appreciate too. I want "The Sky Was Pink" at my funeral!
jamesthemonkeh, Reading

I really like Nathan Fake and James Holden, but I expected more from this essential mix. Nathan Fake didn't play his best tracks ('You are here' is my favorite), and he only played very few... James Holden's mix has some nice tracks in it, but the mix itself is nothing special
Vater Unser, Germany

These guys are absolutely brilliant. I loved both sets. I wish Nathans tracks were blended a little better but the production was great as is everything they put out. Border Community and Silver/Secret Planet release great music and some of my favorite tracks. True these guys don't play floor stompers most of the time which probably turns alot of people off. They choose to play quality music thats innovative, creative and something that I'd love to dance to any night and listen to any day.
Mike Dylan - A-town, P.A. USA

This is the best rub-down of aural sleeze I've ever minced! The last jimper track did it for me-you may say static and base, with no feel reference but holden tipped me into submarine elasticiy!
principal, Ayton

The essential mixes this year have been absolutely poor! We've already had the 2 worst essential mixes ever and they were both this year. Ok, this wasn't as bad as the UK Grime and Dubstep special or Armin van burren but it was bad!!! Bring back some quality DJs to steady the ship immediately. Whatever happened to our recommendations at the beginning of this year?? We need quality DJs like Hernan Cattaneo or John Digweed.
David - Liverpool

Listening to this again at work and it defo works now whilst doing some work (honest!), not sure what it would have been like coming home from a club after a night out, would have wanted something a bit more upfront, esp from Holden. But still quality ebm or chill out or what ever muso's want to call this these days! Sweet
Kenny Fresh in Leicester

Why is everybody so anxious for this to be a 'thumping bass' set? There is more than one genre of dance music. . . Hats off to Mr Fake in my opinion, another great set, from who is, quite possibly, the best new talent of 2006 so far. Fake for Pressure!!
headspeath - Scotland

Can't get enough of listening to it, doing work this week... Sublime!
Oli, Bristol

was really looking forward to this e/m, have to say on the night given my state i wasn't impressed. but having tried again during the week it's a definate grower. looking forward to Desyn and 16b next week
ali, devon

James Holden & Nathan Fake (Border Community)... There's Nothing'' Better than that.
Kno - Los Mochis Sin ,Mexico

Very enjoyable and something a little different. Nice to hear a few melodies which seem to have been lost in most dance music recently with the explosion of dirty and minimal house, both of which i enjoy (especially minimal!) All in all a pleasant trip through new, interesting and original music (The polarised opinion shows they are doing something right) I don't think there are many places that you could hear the stuff the essential mix broadcasts. Bring on next week. Demi is awesome!

This was a refreshing change, great to listen to. To all those who wanted "thumping bass lines" or whatever. Why bother listening in the first place? You must have known what to expect!
Pads, Nottingham

I think most of you misunderstand.. Nathan Fake's hr was more like a promotion of his new CD as Pete Tong well said at the beginning.. I don't blame Nathan - try to be objective and see all the aspects..
Panos, Greece

what a unique and entertaining e.m. ...listened to it 3 times (until today)!! thank you!!! mindbubbling!!!! best in 06 so far....
bernard/ germany

Love the intro by Holden! EM has been a bit different lately. About coming back with some slammin' underground house tunes! Keep up the good work.
djpatbee - Montreal, Canada

As interesting and experimental as this may have been, tuning into Radio 1 in the middle of the night I didn't expect to have to listen to Nathan Fake giving himself so much shameless self promotion. There are plenty of shows on Radio 1 and elsewhere that would have been more appropriate for that drivel. I would rather have listened to James Holden play for 2 hours in club where people actually dance. Is that not what the EM is about ? Please no more self promoting producers. Give us some DJ's who can rock a party.
djjc, all over

Its about time the essential mix went a different direction, having trance and house every week can be tiresome, even though i am a great fan of trance, i find it refreshing that experimental electronica djs have come to the fold. This mix was weird as well as wonderful, how about having Boards Of Canada, Bola or Venetian Snares do a EM, I am up for it. Great stuff and makes a nice change too!!!!!
Pankaj - Hounslow (West London)

Border Community is sick. Nathan Fakes mixing was sick and his productions are amazing. Holden's music is just sick. By far the illest essential mix as of late. I hope it's the 16 bit lolitas next weekend in Miami Learn to recognize
andrew in NY

You can't go wrong with anything by either of these 2 guys. Who cares if its not banging techno...close your eyes and your mouth and listen! Or go listen to Oakenfold or Tiesto. They didn't stick with only what worked, they just evolved and experimented. This is some good stuff.
Ninja, Chicago

Good to see music dividing opinion. Most music that people have a deep passion for is hated by the next man, otherwise its POPular music. For the record, i hated this mix. Breaks is really growing at the moment and isnt getting enough airply on R1.
Gary, Nottingham

Both sets were excellent in my opinion, I'm looking forward for nathan fake's upcoming album! I especially liked James Holden's set I've read that he's been experimenting (as he's always been known pushing the boundaries) with the use of different software and custom controllers in his sets, does anyone know what setup he used for this EM? I really do believe that his track selection is everything Holden!
Jean Paul Costa Rica

loved both fake and holden. i hope radio1 will continue to give space to more interesting intelligent dance music such as this an alex smoke who was inspired.

nathan fake and james holden, cant get any better than that, almost as good as alex smokes mix, cant wait to see holden at pressure in a couple of week... more of the same from future essential mixes please.
Allan in Glasgow

This is a fabolous trip!I love fake and holden,they are too HAEAD!(Troppo Avanti!)
Gianluca-Naples Italy

Truly quite bizarre in some places but quality none the less. It's different to EM's of old but it's the kind of stuff that is keeping dance music going. Certainly much better than listening to a dry Tiesto set filled with the type of tunes Sasha used to play years ago! What kind of club kicks out at Essential mix time. If anyone knows please post so I can avoid going there!
Devastatin' Dave the Turntable Slave - London

Not my cup of tea. I think ill put some upbeat music like radiohead on to cheer up after that depressing 2 hours!
Dave - Manchester

PATHETIC,if this is the future of dance music im a hobbit.PS how can radio1 give this airtime, djs are coming onto the essential mix and playing what they think will do,more than going that extra mile and giving us that kick ass feel or party buzz
Topper Belfast

Great set by Nathan Fake, first time I`ve heard of him, and of course Holden is one of the best... looking forward to Desyn next week, thanx Pete Tong....
Yass, Guatemala, Central America

Just saying "Border Community" you'd yould think people would expect an atmospheric, trippy and dark proggy set. That is what Holden / Fake and crew are all about and they are bloody BRILLIANT! Finally this genre and corner of the electronica universe is getting its proper time in the spotlight. to some these ARE storming tunes. . get it , get on, get spcaed. Too strange to lve, to unique to Die, Holden is a master ! Can't wait for his set @ FABRIC! See you in the UK! Wankers!
Giles 246 - Guvernment - Toronto

Fresh sound on the edge, never too late, its not fake but Nathan Fake. The border's sound still echo in your head when you are awake, Holden James will lead us out on the marvellous essential mix.
RIchard SEA

Nice to have something different rather than just the same old trance tunes time after time. A lot of people don't get it, but those who do appreciate!! Smoke was excellent, and now this as well. Onwards and upwards.
Rich, Liverpool

Long time I didn't hear Mr. Fake and I must say it still kicks ass as usual!! Great work! Nice to see James Holden on Essential Mix, one of my favourite DJ in that electro/prog style! Keep up the nice line up... Greetings from Switzerland and hello to Pete!!
Marc - Basel in Switzerland

i have been a big fan of Holdens & the BC label ever since i heard his 'Balance 005 cd back in 03. its great to hear that dance/electronic music is evoling & not just sticking to the same old 4 to the floor conventions. keep it up guys. top stuff!
birdy, coventry

Yawn yawn. Just because some people dont like it like my myself it doesnt mean we're not open to new music. I would appreciate a good chill out set if I heard one (or whatever this is meant to be) but this did absolutely nothing, no melody and about as many random sounds as you could cram into 2 hours. Has put me off seeing Holden at Fabric next week, even if his club sets prove to be much better which im sure they are.
Ferdi, London

2tone norfolk

To those folks saying, this mix was 'arty farty' 'noise', 'dull', id say wise up. Broaden your horizons, and listen to the music for what it is. Its not all about 140 bpm all of the time you know.
Rusty , Northern Ireland

Brilliant!! Loved it.. Come to one central street in Manchester 22nd March to see Nathan LIVE!!! Free entry, just text 07708747871, otherwise it £3 on the door will be very very good..!!!
Steve, Manchester

Yer 'avin a laugh aren't cha? My laptop sounds better launching Windows.
Slim (Bangkok)

does anybody else think this stuff sounds like what sasha was doing when he first started messing around with remixing on the fly and everybody was saying it's shite? i liked the sound then and i like it now
yourname from LA

Thank gawd for the Essential Mix! Not the easiest thing to catch over here, but worth the effort. I liked this mix in particular, I can understand why some of the others above may not have been that into it - especially if your looking for a party mix. However, I love to mix it up now and again and this was really enjoyable. I totally agree that the Holden set seems like more of a studio set than a live DJ set, but that's ok... very smooth sound and nice to mellow out to. Just saw Desyn Masiello here a couple weeks ago and can't wait for his EM set next week. We'll definitely be tuning in from Vancouver! Thanx muchly!
Essentially Mixed in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Listend to the mix 6 times already, cant get enough!!!! Outstanding, the best mixes ever, well almost Alex Smoke just about keeps his title, loving the fact EM is branching out abit. Cant wait till i see both live. P.S What are you going back from a club at 1am!!!
Alex - London

Totally agree with Ryan the set is sublime the way u got all the tracks fitting together in perfect harmony!!!!
Kristian Mackenzie

I really enjoyed last nights essential mix, Nathan Fakes was typically ethereal and beautiful (although i would have loved to have heard a live version of 'Outhouse', surely one of the greatest dance records ever!). James Holdens set was perhaps a bit slow in tempo to start with but still full of new interesting sounds and compositions. If youve ever seen him live you'll know he's one of the most exciting and original DJ's in the world. These guys are real innovators, theyre pushing this beautiful thing that is electronic/dance music forward and if the essential mix isn't the pace to showcase new talent experimenting then where is?
Quentin, Dorset

Frickin' incredible stuff. There is so much talent in these two youngsters. A buddy of mine got me into them and I can't get enough. Thanks for blessing the show with their abilities and sounds. Mad respect to the Border Community label. Much love.
Kirk Leinenkugel...Madison, Wisconsin U.S. of A.

nathan fake is just showing people how amazing u can make music if you dont limit yourself to pidgeon holes, with influences from prog house to idm, he really pushes the boundaries. holden, the legend that he is, will never disapoint. not one of his best sets, but certainly a valid addition to the collection.
djboo in pompey

i am all for listening to new styles and sets of other djs, unfortunately this made me fall asleep, ok not a club set if it was they would of cleared the place, but come on apart from chilling out after a night out what other time could you listen to this,it was all noise and melody,where was the thumping bassline that gets peoople going ? nowhere i hasten to add, i love all genres of music but i have to say this was one of the worst essential mixes i have heard in a long time
julie in warrington

I can´t belive Nathan Fake made it to the Essential Mix...I share Spunout opinion.
Thereminist - Barcelona

Sweet. Fake and Holden showing us that you don't have to resort to the same old tricks and providing 2 hours of genuinely interesting music. I liked most of the BC stuff that I'd heard previously, but this makes me a fan now.
Andrew, Leeds

As much as i like to listen to different styles and genres when a dj plays, Holden'& Fake's set didn't seem to grab me and i find it off putting no disrespect to either of them but i think when i tune in for this program i do like to hear storming tunes and massive floor tunes too. Dissaponinted...
kimmy baxter - liverpool

Yeah I have to agree with a few of the previous comments above, the essential mix has been suffering in the last few weeks and I would go as far to say as most of 2006 thus far. With the exception of Trance Energy and Col Hamilton it has been a very weak soft year. Im going to continue listening in hopes that things pick up with the summer festival season upon us. Pete Tong come to the guvernment it has been a while!
Iain - Toronto

Nathan Fake and James Holden deserve some major respect. They've both proved themselves over the last couple of years with some absolutely amaizing production, and now fantastic sets like the one on the essential mix. I couldn't tare myself away from the radio on Saturday night. At last someone's putting the music back into dance music. Forget the haters, throw them some 'Avit Large' CD's. Thanks Master Tong and radio 1.
Asubu - South London

Amazing. Border Community can't be touched. Good to see the essential mix keeping up with cutting edge and fresh inspiring music. And not just four to the floor average Joe S***! Necton in the house!
casinomonkey - Norwich

Quite simply mind blowing. By far one of the best essential mixes for a long time. nathan fake is one of the best producers to rise from the UK and only in his early 20's must have a great future ahead of him. As for James Holden what can i say that hasn't been said before. The tune selection was 2nd to none. You won't find many dj's playing tunes like that. He's at the top of his game. James is miles away from where he was a few years ago and for the better if you ask me.
James HKFR, Southport

Amazing, exquisite experimental mix from Nathan Fake - blew my mind away completely. Have listened to it at least 5 times already. Unfortunatelly same can't be said for James - was expecting something special from him after hearing Nathan. Especially was a let down to hear him play Black Strobe 'Nazi Trance F*** Off' - a track that far too many djs play at the mo even Tongy!
Greg - London

ave just got to say aswell as much as im open minded about my music the essential mix has went well downhill in the last year and a half what happend to mixes of old sander klinenberg, francesco farfa , guy williams to name a few ,everything just seem's to be tripped out these days and am not liking it at all and a dont seem to be the only 1 with these opinions, cheers

Absolutely painful!
Nick (Somerset)

Nice choice. I was so glad to hear both Fake and Holden in the same EM! Looking forward to their Border Community night in Miami!
RJ In Chicago

Didn't hear the whole thing as every time I turned it on it seemed to be just noise so I turned over after about 5 mins. Holden & Fake have both produced really lush soundscapes & good dancefloor tunes over the past few years and this wasn't what I was hoping for. Sounded more like a toned down 4/4 version of Aphex Twin to my ears....
Dan, Bristol

I was hopeful about this e-mix, just to hear something different, but I wasnt that impressed. Ive been getting into more ambient/down-tempo styles but it sounded like too much was going on in this mix, not enough flow and it didnt really build up to anything.
Johnny, Belfast

Loved these mixes, Fake edging it for me for his soundscape/noise fest. Sounds like IDM from days gone by, one track was Plaid with more linear beats! Holden was also good but, as previously commented, alittle busy in the mix. I also feel this may have been the wrong forum for these musical styles... this type of music used to be tucked away on the One World show when they did their label specials (anyone remember the Ghostly International show - excellent). Saying that, i like the fact it is getting premium airspace but from reading the comments it has completely flown over some heads. i suppose this is R1 attempting to keep up with the increasingly varied 'dance' genre/subgenres. superclubbing is dead, the stars have fallen (oakey / healy / etc & where's coxy these days (a techno hero)). The underground is bubbling again with creativity whether soulful / electronic / weird / whatever. pockets of creativity and they rightly should be aired, not just the people knocking out the 'big choons' & 'bangers'
Maurizio - Ipswich

Nathan Fake and James Holden are ballers. Both mixes were awesome. Its wonderful to hear different music that no one has herd before. Wonderful essential mix!
Isepp, Seattle Washington

Nathan Fake is completely crazy but his music is great! And i always loved James Holden sets! Thanks for a great Show!!!
Dieguin, Buenos Aires - Argentina

Agree to xavier.Last saturday's essential mix was really weird.nothing special or essential.Whats happening boys????
Kaz, Ambleside

its a shame people who post messages in here arent a bit more open minded to new music.
rob, hull

Have to i loved the mix this week. Nathan Fake is deffs making a name for him self, keep it up! As for James Holden what can I say can't wait till you back in Derry absloutly loved the mix, keep it up:)
Marty Bradley, Derry

Dont see why peoople are complaining about the essential mix being experimental. We cant have the same styles week in week out. Nathan Fake is an excellent producer - maybe doesnt make the crossover to dj just as easily though good to listen to.
LG Belfast

James Holden and Nathan fake WOW!! i just love how your so different and adventurous! some beautiful tracks in there and lots of BC new tracks i aint herd! mmmmmmm well impressed! Please come back up to Inverness again! :)
Ryan MacIsaac Inverness

The ess mix aint wot it used 2 be guys,over the past few weeks i've heard some really weird styles of music being played...Alex smoke was way 2 arty and i could'nt believe wot was playing on sat nights mix...that was just 2 hours of noise...starting nowhere and ending up there 2.....James Holden...wot the hell ya at bro! yr styles changed bro and it aint good listening!!!...Radio1 listen 2 the mixes b4 u air them,i know ya gotta air new talent but i gaurantee ya tongy lotsa peeps switched stations 2 hear music thats fitting for that time of night when they just comin back from clubs and still up for it.....X P.S Max Graham is da man, ya gotta get him on,awesome pilot and all his tunes r Essential!!! cio
Xavier ___~~ Northern Ireland

It's nice to hear something a bit wierd and wonderfull after a night working, and wow! what a great portfolio of twisted fx and beautiful noise from the fake camp. I wasn't so into Holden tho ... Too much going on and far too many fx for an after hours mix. A bit unmemorible and programed. Great producer, but maybe not cut out for DJing. Great essential mix overall tho. It's looking good in the next 2 weeks. BRING ON DESYN!
Gonzo, South London

Nathan Fake & James Holden: Border Community Two of the dullest mixes I have ever had the misfortune to listen to. Whatever happened to the stomping tunes James "hold on to your hats" Holden played in days gone by? Truly disillusioned.
Andy - Manchester

Nathan fake was a waste of airtime sorry to say. James Holden wasn't much better. =(
Spunout Seattle Washington

I was totally blown away with Nathan Fake's set last night. Absolutley one of the best essential mix's to date. BTW, we love Pete Tong over here in the states
Psycho In Tennessee

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