Essential Mix

Sat 03.00-05.00

5th March 2006
Alex Smoke

Actress 'Credit Da Edit' (Werk)
Automat 'Prelude III' (Karat)
Shadow Huntaz 'Roar' (Skam)
Basic Channel 'Prescence' (Basic Channel)
Mitchell Akiyama 'Force to Part' (Eat this Record)
DMX Krew 'Mars Memory' (Rephlex)
3MB 'Die Komischen Kuriere' (Tresor)
Alex Smoke 'What Can I Say' (Vakant)
Ricardo Villalobos 'Duso' (Cadenza)
Ricardo Villalobos 'Früh' (Playhouse)
Unknown Wanderer 'Living in Concrete Houses' (Pnuma)
E.O.X. 'Reproduction' (AD Ltd.)
Sleepless Crew 'Spell House' (Dalriada Ltd.)
Hardfloor 'T2 Da C (Claro Intelecto Mix)' (Hardfloor)
Shyza Manelli 'Take it Back' (Tuning Spork)
Onür Ozer 'Envy' (Vakant)
Ricardo Villalobos 'Bahaha hahi' (Playhouse)
Thomas Brinkmann 'Karin' (Ernst)
Matthew Dear 'Good Girl' ( Spectral)
Carl Craig 'Darkness (Radioslave Mix)' (Unknown)
Salif Keita 'Yamore (Luciano Mix)' (Cadenza)
Sleep Archive 'Research' (Sleep Archive)
Audion 'Rubber' (Spectral)
Paperclip People '4 My Peeps (Shot Mix)' (Planet E)
DJ Bone 'The Funk' (Metroplex)
Dirty Hospital 'Krankenhouse' (Rotten Row)
Ark 'Sucubz' (Perlon)
Samim 'House Nation' (Tuning Spork)
Stephen Brown 'I Am Someone' (Transmat)
Arp Aubert 'Actress (Alexander Polzin Remix)' (Mirau)

Your reviews of the mix

smokin! minimal with some weight behind it, a feast of different sounds and much more accessible than you'd expect. lookin' forward to seeing mr smoke live in the near future!
ed, kennington

Brilliant, Top Man. Looking forward to the new artist album this month. Saw him play @ Dogstar in Brixton on Fri, Kept me on my feet!!
Kris, Kent

Well thats not going to win techno any new fans is it mr smoke-no-fire....far too noodly....should have handed the reins to someone like Ewan Pearson to show that it is possible to be minimal and dancefloor friendly...shame, the album's great tho.
evenininin brighton

The leaders of the new sub-genre 'minimal' are still Villabos, Vath and Loco Dice. I'm afraid Alex Smoke isn't quite there yet, up and coming but too interested in 'interesting' bleeps and squeeks instead of what minimal is about, minimal, FUNKY, techno.
Tom- Bristol

Saw him in Notts warming up for Slam a few months back, that night was special and thi mix evoked fond memories of that night, Definetely a big future for the Smokester, roll on 2006
Robin, Notts

This is what I would like to listen now! cool!
Yuhki, Tokyo

great mix alex smoke deliverd an encredibal mix i didnt know about him but he is a true dj. i cant stop listening to the mix :) simply sensational. looking farward for the upcoming EM's and more from mr.smoke keep up the good work :P cheers
nabil - bahrain

this e.m.mix ist the best in 06 so far! deep and funky- i'm lookin forward to mr. holden and mr. fake....these guys are playing the champion sound.....and alex smoke does too..... buk@cologne (we build this city on electronic music!)
buk from cologne again

Fantastic.Best mix since Coldcut earlier in the year,bought his album last year which is superb,and this mix is just as good.More deep,tech,dubby,atmospheric minimilist House Music please...!
Ross, South East

This was OK, but nowt new. It would probably have sounded good in the right kind of club, but didn't really have enough ups and downs over 2 hours for home listening. Always nice to hear a bit of basic channel though.
rob, the north

Good selection and mix. I agree with others, why doe's Mr Tong insist on talking whilst either he's djing or an e-mix is going on. Leave that malarky to the weddings Please....!
Steve Bristol

nice mix mister smoke i will be pleased to hear you @ fuse and sonar see you there big respect
ascagne tongeren belgium

Yeah "PT" tends to talk over the parts you dirty bootleggers want to record thats why! do you think someone who has been involved in dance music and radio for ever does it just to annoy you? you can still enjoy the mix, you just cant record it copy it and rip it off! anyways the mix was alright, werent it! Peace..........

To make up for talking over Yamore, Tongy should have Luciano guest mixing asap.
Ian, Manchester

Very subtle programming, mixing is pretty dodgy but he gets away with it. Boy's gonna be huge.
Cosmo, London

Great mix! Thanks Pete for all the exposure on the new blood. Can't wait for James Holden and Nathan Fake ... This is certainly a very good start for the BBC!
Enrique - Austin, TX

Poor and overrated. Too much hype around some DJs. Although this was better than the abysmal Caged baby.
skahound - ms

Alex this is mix should go by the smoke. That was terrible. I don't like the music selection and i want dance music that is alive. This mix is a snoozer.
Edgar Rivera East Chicago,IN

Awesome mix, truly awesome. Amazing producer anyway, and he definately knows how to construct a set. Forwarding thinking, stripped down techno, the freshest, most exciting sound around atm. Top stuff from Mr. Smoke.
Nick, Telford

I was expecting a fab mix having listened a lot to his last album 'Incommunicado'. He totally came through with the goods. Less is definitely so much more. Less yabbering in the background from PT though would have improved it even more.
Nic ,Sheffield

Not my cup of tea. But not bad to pass 2 hours of the weekend. More breaks djs please.
Dave - Manchester

Alex Smoke is taaking things forward in an interestin manner, new aalbum is unreal and that mix was fookin phenomenal. Capped with Stephen Brown i am someone. SUPERB.
Rob G, Fife

GO GO GO GO! Awesome work Alex Smoke, very good choice of tracks, I love them. Had me like just about EVERY song you played, good work, and come back on the Essential mix soon!
Dean, Canada

Alex Smoke's mix is cracking - deep, weird and wonderful
Howie, London

Good mixng in general, very electro, went ogther very smoothly. Have to say i didnt find my techno in it, just kinda chilled electro. Liebing is techno, not smoke. I reckon smoke would get the crowd goin at DC10 in ibiza, this music is just what they like. Not my kinda music, but happy to listen to it. ed
Ed, newcastle

I agree with Stephen in Manchester, Pete really needs to stop chatting over the mix - it's incredibly annoying - and he usually picks the best track, biggest drop to do it - like he has no idea of the what the music is that's playing at the time.
Freak, Space

GOt better as it went on, thought the first 30mins were too navel-gazing for my liking. IMproved consistently after Sleepless Crew, but there wasn't enough of the funk in this mix to justify the minimalism. Totally agree that Tongy should excercise more vocal restraint..specially over such an emotional track as Yamore
Pete, Camberwell

Great mix!! I saw Alex Smoke at Urban Gorilla @ The Room, Sheffield and can honestly say it was one of the best sets Ive ever heard. The Boys a genius!! The dancefloor was rammed all through his set. I just didnt want him to stop playing! If you get chance go and see this guy in action....
Dan, Lincoln

it were bangin' like some tin pots on sticks in the wind mo' fo'. love it like cheese on toast. respek
friar tuck

total pants one good track, hanging about with your soma mates too long. worst essential mix your giving scots a bad name with a selection like that. c
co bee glasgow

This guy rocked hard on saturday night at Urban Gorilla, Sheffield, and this mix is just as good. Mr. Smoke's gonna go far....
mike clipboard, sheffield


....That was about as essential as taking a cyanide tablet...
Anthony A, Los Angeles

Greatness. Smoke proves you can shake it with a minimal set, unlike many haters say. But WHY on earth did Tong have to speak the story of his life right in the middle of the deepest, most emotional and breathtaking track of this mix? he ruined 'Yamore' and our moods! maybe less blah-blah next time, Pete? please???
Alex, Greece

An excellent mix by Alex Smoke, a name not familiar to me but one I shall look out for in future.
Cate in Dorset

this was class ('',) :D
becca yorkshire

nice mix... the beginning is slow but after its rock's!!!
Stephany Miami

Im from down in Florida.. 1997 dance anthem favorite would be DJ Tatana's Moments. Can I give a shout to Nicholas from Paula... Thank you..
Paula (Tampa Florida)

once the mix moves into the more experimental stuff its fantastic;dark and futuristic intricate rhythms that maintain the groove.pushing things forward.cant wait for the new album.

Top mix.....minimal...with a sprinkling of electro.. Ruined by Pete Tong talking constantly throughout.......we want 2hrs uninterrupted, not Tongy gibbering on about txt numbers Get it sorted BBC!!!
david, London

Bleah! Too much Electro! More Intelligent music please!
(*_*)_Phoenix 'Lo - Italy

Brilliant mix from Alex, great dj as well as a producer. The future is looking bright for this guy. Looking forward to his new album especially after hearing this.
James, England

fan of this guys productions, great tune selections but average mixing. 7/10
chris, north east

havent heard much about this dj, liking this hope theres more to come!
dan lincolnshire

Why do Radio 1 bother to get all these amazing people to come in and do mixes, and then persist in talking all over it! its so infuriating. I'm sure it never used to be so bad. It's like someone renting a film for you that you really wanted to see, and then sitting with you and telling you what the film is about and how they were the ones who rented it for you. Get a grip.
Stephen, Manchester

Very cool mix to listen to whilst working away on my computer on Sunday morning! Arp Aubert 'Actress' a wonderful track to end the mix - Beautiful!
Dee Flannagan - Leeds

Alex, i don't know how you've done it! I started of, not liking this mix, but as the show went on i found myself enjoying the deep smooth miusic, with what i can only describe as vey itelligent mixing. Well done!
Tony D - West Midlands

Alex Smoke delivers a twisted mind trip, best mix ive heard in ages.
Barney, Glasgow

Pure Magic.
Hamish, NYC

Beautiful mix by Mr. Smoke, a true provider of deep comfort. This mix was refreshing with a variety of minimal yet friendly beats. THX for the loop alex!
Martin - Canada

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