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To win tickets online for Eminem's U.K. dates, we asked you to write a letter to Slim, telling him why you deserved to win. Here are the winning entries (if yours isn't here, you aren't going to see Em - sorry.)

Sarah from Aberdeen
Dear Slim,
Please could you fix it for me to see you live. Jim never listened to me when I was 5 years old... I, unlike Stan, have coped with this in a mature way! Still talking about it now that I am 29 should prove that.
Yours... Getting closer to the edge!
Sarahdiva xxx

Helen from Nottingham
Dear Slim,
This is Stan.
I'm alive! You thought I was dead didn't you?
I'm still your No.1 fan.
If anyone deserves to be at your concert it's me. Due to my accident, I haven't been able to get out and about for a while.
You owe me Slim.
Now please please let me have some tickets!

Nicola from Crewe
Dear Slim, if I don't win, I'll sue you for discrimination against 19 year old blonde girls from Crewe.

Joe from West Yorkshire
Dear Slim,
Please give me tickets or I will hold Andy Parfitt hostage, and play the Cheeky Girls all day on Radio 1!

Chris from Hampshire
Dear Slim,
Man I truly am one of your biggest fans on this planet. Forget about those 14 year old girls and those others guys who claim to be your biggest fan, I'm your biggest fan and I'll tell you why. Way back in 1999 I went to NYC for a week's holiday and I went into a record shop and they were playing something truly amazing. It was a new white rapper by the name of Eminem/Slim Shady and I instantly bought it and listened to it non stop. But when I came back to the UK, you're name was nowhere, no one had heard of you yet. It would be another 2 or 3 months before your first single would get released, then as if overnight, you had turned into a worldwide star. And that is why I deserve this tickets, I really was a fan right at the very beginning, I thought that you were talented way before many people in UK had even heard of you. I now have all your albums, even, your Infinite LP, which never got a UK release. I'll leave you with these words. Slim, you rule.
Peace Chris

Layla from Melton Mowbray
Dear Slim, I will listen to Radio 1 religiously for the rest of my life, start a cult and devote a website to all who work at Radio 1 (even the cleaners). If I went to the concert I will not bath/shower or in anyway change my clothes or appearance so I can relive the concert over and over again. I will never argue with any of my family again for the rest of my life I will not sleep until I win a pair of tickets. I will do literally do anything to get my hands on a pair of tickets.

I deserve to win because I am a 17 year old girl who is besotted with you. I desperately need to see you live in concert because my life would be complete. I would die if I didn’t win, because winning this competition would mean so much to me. I think I have failed my AS levels because, ever since Sara Cox announced that you were coming over to the UK to do a tour, I haven’t been able to concentrate at school. I have never won anything in my whole life and because I can’t drive, my parents will only drive me the concert if I win the tickets. If that isn’t a good reason, I have spent hours drafting and redrafting this to keep to the point because I can write a whole book on this. Please don’t take this chance away from me.

Ariane from Chipping Campden
Dear Slim,
I have watched you grow over the last many years, and I would like to say I'm dead proud of you. It would be an honour to come and scream loving thoughts to support you. Take care of yourself for now. xxxx

Amanda from Brighton
Dear Mr. Slim Shady,
Please, Pleease, pleeease gis-us-a ticket to your show. I am planning to take my imaginary dog Manson as I have recently given up on having imaginary friends because they argue too much. Anyhow, Manson has been dying to see you, ever since he found out you were coming to town, he has been frighteningly excitable, and since the tickets sold out, he has been inconsolable (we don't know whether he is named after Marilyn or Charles, he is a confused kind of dog). You're probably thinking I am sad and a little crazy but I assure you I am harmless, well at the moment anyhow. If I don't get one of those tickets it could just tip me over the edge, who knows! I am broke, life is sh*t and it would make my decade.
With love
A sad-arsed b*tch from Brighton and long-time dedicated fan.

Sue from Bedforshire
I am (apparently) fat, forty, frumpy, and totally out of touch with life in general (especially the younger generation). What better way could there be to bond with my teenage daughter than win tickets for Eminem (as long as I don't stand anywhere near her on the day!!)?

Sam from Hampshire
My girlfriend is a female Shady. I've told her I bought her tickets and I couldn't! She's gonna tie me up in her trunk and drive me off a bridge if I can't get them!!! PLEASE, I FEAR FOR MY LIFE!!!

Femi from Scotland
Hey Slim I KNOW I should win! I got sacked for you! While at work, I called for 2 hours non stop, and I wasn't allowed to use my moblie while I was working. I got caught using my phone so many times they said Eminem tickets or your job, well guess who I chose!?! When you played Gig on The Green I couldn't see you either! This is my last hope of seeing you in concert, even if I was standing at the very back and could only see the head full of dandruff belonging to the guy standing in front of me, I would still love it cos I would know you were in the same stadium.
Luv Femi

Carly from Nottingham
Dear Slim,
I'm not your biggest fan yet, but I will be in six months.
I'm expecting my first baby and it was concieved to your album!
This kid ahould come out rapping, as both me and my boyfriend have been mad fans for years.
If that's not a good reason I don't know what is!
Lots of love Carly x

Alastair from Argyle & Bute
Dear Slim,
Your music is inspirational, your lyrics phenomenal, well written, well rapped, well good. Your music transcends generations; it is, without doubt, the best of its genre, for this reason, and the fact your music speaks to me on many levels and has shaped my life for the better, I am trying, wanting, hoping to see your concert.

Without hesitation I would do anything physically possible to join the crowd at Hampden Park, I would climb the most massive mountains, I would swim across the widest, wettest sea, I would walk across the dullest, driest desert, I would do anything, I don’t want these tickets, I NEED these tickets….

Furthermore, I am the biggest Eminem fan ever, I know you will have already heard that by countless people before me, but I am the only one who actually means it. From the bottom of my heart, I am the biggest, best Eminem fan. I have followed the master from the very first record; I have all the albums, all the LP’s, all the Eminem kit you get, and then some.

So c’mon, giving me these priceless tickets makes sense, and you know it.

Stuart from Glasgow
I would shave my boss' head and dye it blonde, whether he liked it or not.
p.s. she is a 60 year old miserable woman.

Matt from West Sussex
To Slim,
I am desperate to see you in concert, so I thought that I would express my need 2 see you by adding my own lyrics to 'Cleaning Out My Closet', so here goes:

Where’s my ticket?…………..I've got no ticket in my wallet.. Here we go
Have you ever needed tickets so bad that you’d cry, I have, I've protested and demonstrated when, Radio 1 gives then away, look at the time, I've only got one week left to win them and I need them bad. All this effort, is worth it when I get to see him. Tempers come from my parents, cos I don’t stop 'bout me going Not taking nothing for granted, but the tickets have to be mine Kicking ass in this rap, giving out and taking no crap From the other entries which try and stop me winning the comp See they can try me, but they'll never figure it out Look at it now, I bet u wish you were me now, Don’t u people, I make your rap look so ridiculous now

I'm sorry Shady, I never meant 2 miss you
I never ment to make me cry
But tonight I'm winning tickets to your concert
One more time
Im sorry Shady, I never meant 2 miss you
I never meant to make me cry
But tonight I'm winning tickets to your concert

I've got some skeletons in my wallet
And I love EM and was prepared to show it
Cos I was up for saving my money just to blow it
Before I had a chance to hear you, not on CD
I just dreamt about meeting you in person, just me
I am 18, and just a couple of months
It's my father's birthday and I can't get him flowers, a bunch,
cause he don’t, I wonder no he hates all things that I buy no, I don’t have n e second thoughts
these tickets are definitely mine.
I look at my self and I couldn’t picture c’in me dying Without c’in Eminem live, with my best mate on my side cos it would be good to go with jim 2 c Eminem and 50cent live but I'm only human, this I’m my only way to win tickets today What I did was stupid no doubt it was dumb I can't believe I gave my last tickets away to my mum Cos I'd almost got killed, I got hit by a car speeding, and was in hospital so had to missed the Eminem show.

I'm sorry Shady, I never meant 2 miss you
I never meant to make me cry
But tonight I'm winning tickets to your concert
One more time
Im sorry Shady, I never meant 2 miss you
I never meant to make me cry
But tonight I'm winning tickets to your concert

Now I'd never dis my own parents just to win tickets to see you
Take a second to think how'd u act if your son was to diss you but put your self in my position see how much effort I've given
watching people win tickets that I only can vision
b*tching people are winning tickets an I’m just eating in my kitchen
Going through the loan system, living off money I've been given
my life I was told if you want somthing so bad, it would be there I grew, and I wised up, but I still believe that it is true, isn’t it?
Ain't that the reason we all have ambitions in life, ma?
So mine's just to see Eminem live after a pint in a bar
But guess what, I am getting older and running out of time
And Em’s growing up so quick, he’ll be out the scene with no rhyme
And I'm getting so desperate now, you should here me, I’m crying
The only way you'll c me, Is at on sat at the Milton Keyne’s mall
See what hurts me the most is I've already had a chance to go
Dam, Yes Matt keep telling yourself that you will win the comp
But how dare you try to take away what you will help me to get
Radio 1 I hope you give me the tickets after all of this sh*t
Chris Moyles, you’re the best, I wish I was you
But guess what?
I’ll feel better if I see Eminem too.

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